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  • Beast 4.0 get ready!!

    1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

    Franchise QB. Has all the tools. Great leader, great work ethic, extremely smart, makes good reads, and pinpoint accuracy. Reports so far is the shoulder is all good, we just have to see him throw to confirm that. I suspect he will be in the top 3 on our board and QB trumps DT.

    2. Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU

    Many are projecting him to be a 3-4 OLB because of the size. He has the speed, burst, relentless, and explosion to make up for the lack of size. The Rams need someone who can get to the QB and it doesn't matter if that is a DE or a DT. Rams have guys like Adeyanju, Hall, and Long who are good against the run so he can focus on pass rushing initially. Long and Hughes will be a great combo in the future.

    3. Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida

    Going to have to get Bradford weapons. Mitchell has great size and speed. He can immediately come in and be a deep threat, but he has all the tools to develop into a complete NFL receiver. Adds down field playmaking ability the size the Rams receiving core needs.

    4. (Traded for Tony Schefler)

    He is on the block not a fit in Denver and he is good value for a 4th rounder. Great hands extremely athletic with good speed. Could be a crucial part of the offense especially with a rookie QB.

    5. AJ Edds, OLB, Iowa

    All around LB isn't overly athletic, but can bring the wood. Great coverage LB. Has the size spags wants in his LBs and could probably play all 3 spots. He will start of at WLB because that's where he needs it most.

    5. Linval Joseph, DT, Eastern Carolina

    Carriker, Scott, Ryan, Robbins Top 4 DTs not spectacular but could get the job done. Joseph has the size of Nose Tackle, but penetrates like 3 technique, something like Fred Robbins in his prime. Adds another rotational piece at DT.

    6. Derek Hardman, OT, Eastern Kentucky

    Small School OT can play at both tackle spots and be good depth.

    7. Van Eksridge, FS, Eastern Carolina

    Playmaking safety not outstanding physically, but is a great football player. Will be quality depth at safety and a good special teamer.

    7. Mike Tepper, OL, Cal

    Can play RT and guard. good depth on the o-line especially if Setterstrom isn't back.

    Free Agents
    O.J. Otogwe, FS, Rams- It all gets worked out and the Rams bring back the playmaker in their secondary.

    Rod Hood, CB, Titans- Vet with a ton of experience in the scheme and is a good press corner. Can start if called, but will be a good nickel behind Fletcher and Bartell

    Mike Bell, RB, Saints- No compensation when signed. Tough physical runner, definately isn't a starter would be a great backup to S-Jax and cut his carry total

    James Hall, DE, Ram- Vet knows system still provides some pass rush and is good against run.
    Danny Clark, LB, Giants- Vet knows system. Vobora is the starter, but he could push him.

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    Re: Beast 4.0 get ready!!

    not sure, i think they should go Best in 2nd if hes their....and in the third....for for Jimmy Graham TE outta miami...


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      Re: Beast 4.0 get ready!!

      Originally posted by ludairv View Post
      not sure, i think they should go Best in 2nd if hes their....and in the third....for for Jimmy Graham TE outta miami...
      Grahm is a nice prospect, but he is going to take time to develop extremely raw. Schefler is great value for a 4th rounder and gives a rookie QB an instant weapon who can contribute at a high level right now. I like Best, great player I just feel that the Rams have way to many needs to go RB in round 1-3. I don't think we have the luxury to go after a backup to a top back in this league that early, thats why I went the FA route with probably the best young guy available.


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        Re: Beast 4.0 get ready!!

        I really like this draft, except do we really need another young up and coming WR? Couldn't we go DT or DE in round 3? Even OT would be nice since we need a new starting RT. HUGE fan of getting Tony Schefler though


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          Re: Beast 4.0 get ready!!

          i gotta say that it is weak.

          we need atheltes like Billy D said.

          I not know if Hughes fits our system.

          Carlton Mitchell is a real reach for someone that won't contribute immediately.

          If you wanna go QB, DE, WR -- why not Bradford, Benn, Selvie, Scheffler, Moats, OL, CB, RB.


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            Re: Beast 4.0 get ready!!

            Originally posted by richtree View Post
            i gotta say that it is weak.

            we need atheltes like Billy D said.

            I not know if Hughes fits our system.

            Carlton Mitchell is a real reach for someone that won't contribute immediately.

            If you wanna go QB, DE, WR -- why not Bradford, Benn, Selvie, Scheffler, Moats, OL, CB, RB.
            I dont think he ever said that. He did say we need playmakers. People who will score from far out and sack the QB. I think Mitchell and Hughes fit the bill.

            How does Selvie fit the system if Hughes doesn't. Selvie hasn't done anything in a while and is smaller and slower not anywhere near Hughes. Benn is drastically overhyped just look at his career TD total even when his QB played well he didn't score alot. He is just as ready to contribute as Mitchell is


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              Re: Beast 4.0 get ready!!

              Generally a good mock: I'd also go QB (although I prefer Clausen), then DE (whoever drops from the first round) in the first two rounds; Scheffler for a fourth is a steal. I can't see Edds dropping as far as the fifth, though, and I'd like to see us draft him, Watson or Bowman (should the latter drop that far) in the third round.

              Can't complain about your later selections (all good depth guys in positions of need) or your Free Agency acquisitions at all!
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                Re: Beast 4.0 get ready!!

                Originally posted by 39thebeast View Post
                1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
                2. Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU
                3. Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida
                4. (Traded for Tony Schefler)
                5. AJ Edds, OLB, Iowa
                5. Linval Joseph, DT, Eastern Carolina
                6. Derek Hardman, OT, Eastern Kentucky
                7. Van Eksridge, FS, Eastern Carolina
                7. Mike Tepper, OL, Cal

                Free Agents

                O.J. Otogwe, FS, Rams
                Rod Hood, CB, Titans
                Mike Bell, RB, Saints
                James Hall, DE, Ram
                Danny Clark, LB, Giants
                I am not big on Hughes in the second and I am not sold on how good Bradford will be (I am more sold on Suh and Dez Bryant). I do think its a good draft and especially after round 3. If we did not draft Hughes I would also try to resign Little for one more year along with Hall and draft DE next year.

                I like your draft but here are three other rounds 1-3 I like more.

                Favorite Option:
                1. Suh DT
                2. McNab QB (Trade to Phily)
                3. Carlton Mitchell WR
                4-7 your draft (replace your DT with OL or DE)

                Second Option:
                1. Dez Bryant WR (Might be able to trade down and get him)
                2. McNab QB (Trade to Phily)
                3. Chris Cook CB 6'2 212 4.46 40 (Good size and speed and can play CB or S)
                4-7 your draft (replace your FS with OL or DE)

                Third Option:
                1. Bradford QB
                2. Demaryius Thomas WR 6'3 230
                3. Chris Cook CB
                4-7 your draft (replace your FS with OL or DE)
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                  Re: Beast 4.0 get ready!!

                  I am a huge proponent of drafting a guy like Jerry Hughes for the Rams but you can get that sort of talent in the 3rd and 4th rounds usually. I like Jan Jorgensen in the 5th or 6th. In the 4-3, Hughes is a part time player and a 2nd rounder is a massive commitment for a guy you really don't see being a starter. That's why he's a 2nd round prospect as a 3-4 OLB. Still, I love the idea of getting slightly undersized speed rushers in the later rounds. I think that model is highly under utilized in the NFL. Look at Leonard Little as a perfect example. He was drafted in the 3rd without really any DE expectations because he'd been moved to MLB at Tennessee.
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                  • 39thebeast
                    Beastly off season
                    by 39thebeast
                    Free Agents
                    O.J. Otogwe, FS, Rams- Top 5 FS in the league lock him up

                    Darryl Tapp, DE, Seahawks- Anyone else remember that 3 or 4 sack performance he had against us a couple years back? Tapp is a really good pass rusher mired in a deep rotation that has Patrick Kerney. For his size it is surprising how good he is against the run and athletic enough to get a good pass rush. Wont be overly expensive and will give you bang for your buck. He will start at RE so Long can play LE

                    Tony Schefler, TE, Broncos- Great receiving TE he can even split out and play some WR. 6-5 great redzone target. Look at his stats he wont get as big of pay day as some think

                    Brandon Johnson, WLB, Bengals- 6'5 243 former DE, perfect Spags LB.

                    Jerious Norwood, RB, Falcons- Devaney drafted this guy because he is explosive in all aspects of the game. Because he is an excellent receiver he and S-Jax can be on the field at the same time. His injuries and inability to run inside will hold him back from getting a huge pay day, but also make him perfect for a complementary role behind S-Jax. After getting trucked by S-Jax Norwood can run by you with his 10 to 15 touches a game

                    Karl Paymah, CB, Vikings- Good size, good tackler, and pretty good in coverage. Could play RCB until Flethcer is healthy then move to the nickel.

                    Zach Strief, OT, Saints- 6'7 330 4 career starts small sampling becuase Saints are deep on the line. I think our line has improve drastically and we need some continuity to take it to the next lvl. LT Smith, LG Bell, C Brown, RG Goldberg/Setterstrom, RT Grecco/Strief.

                    Restricted Free Agents
                    Clifton Ryan, DT, Rams (Tender)
                    Craig Dahl, S, Rams (Resign)
                    Mark Setterstrom, OG, Rams (Resign)


                    1. Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame-

                    Has been the best QB in college Football. Accurate with and above average arm, but what I like are the intangibles. Tough as nails, great leader, cool under pressure, and he is at his best in the 4th quarter.

                    2. Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame-

                    We need a number 1 guy why not Jimmy Clausen's favorite target right now. Alot of people would prefer a bigger guy but there is no one better when the ball is up in the air. He has the best hands in the draft and he goes up and grabs everything. Pretty good size 5-11 195 and does alot of damage after the catch. He has had only 1 game without a TD, 2 not over 100 yards receiving.

                    3. Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke-

                    Good size 6'5 305, extremely athletic, and strong. Recorded six sacks last year, but has been banged up this year. Coming back from injury has a had a sack in the last 2 games. Perfect fit at UT in this system. A little raw, but Spags system and the heavy rotation he employs will help him develop

                    4. Micah Johnson, LB,...
                    -10-31-2009, 09:17 PM
                  • 39thebeast
                    Who need the combine beast 3.1
                    by 39thebeast
                    Free Agency(Uncapped Year)

                    O.J. Otogwe, FS, Rams- Great Playmakers are hard to find you have to keep them when you have one

                    Ben Watson, TE, Patriots- Hands are iffy at times, but when he does hold on he is a playmaker. He wasn't really used in the pats system, but we could really use him here.

                    Lito Sheppard, CB, Jets- With a huge Bonus coming Sheppard will be released. He isn't the player he was when Spags was coaching, but he will get a shot here. He will step in until Fletcher is good to go then he will move to the nickel.

                    Chad Pennington, QB, Dolphins- Cheaper version of Bulger.

                    Antwan Barnes, OLB, Ravens(RFA)- Ravens are deep at LB, and at times weren't high on Barnes, so they'll let him go. Barnes is hard hitter and good pass rusher and would be a good fit at SLB.

                    Zach Strief, OT, Saints
                    There RT Stinchcomb is signed long term. They will focus on retaining Bushrod and Jamal Brown their 2 options at LT. Strief is a massive Tackle and could come in to compete with Grecco, Settersttom, and Goldberg for the 2 spots on the right side
                    1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

                    This picks could still be Jimmy Claussen, but IMO Bradford and Clausen are really close right now so i'll switch it up. Bradford is accurate and extremely intelligent. he has the height and leadership qualities you look for in a good QB. He hasn't faced alot of adversity, but where he can really make headway is in the interview room.

                    2. Brandon Lafell, WR, LSU

                    6'3 'Big physical receiver with good hands. He isn't the fastest guy but he is physical, a good route runner, and has great body control. He doesn't have the upside of Arrelious Benn or Demaryius Thomas, but he has the same physical style and he is much more polished as a receiver. His greatest strength is his redzone ability where he uses his length and body control to win battles in the endzone.

                    3. Lamar Houston, DT, Texas

                    DT is this Drafts deepest position. Houston is a legit second round prospect, but the deep draft pushes him. Houston specializes in penetration and sacking the QB one of the weakness of our current DTs. Spags will use his rotation to the fullest extent to maximize the talents of all our young DTs.

                    4. AJ Edds, OLB, Iowa

                    One of the best cover backers in the draft. All areas of his game are polished and he is the physical heavy hitter spags likes in his LBs. He is ready to start instantly at WLB especially on this team.

                    5. Lindsey Witten, DE, UCONN

                    Witten is a pure pass rusher who needs to polish the rest of his game, but he has a ton of upside. He will start of as a situational pass rusher and will have time to learn behind...
                    -02-02-2010, 09:09 PM
                  • Nick
                    Nick's Top 50 Prospects for Day 3 of 2014 Draft
                    by Nick
                    Not every one of these guys would be great fits with the Rams at first glance, but I think we're approaching the part of the process where they'd be good value and maybe could find a role.

                    There are some really intriguing prospects on this list, so I'm confident the Rams can still find some solid contributors on Day 3.

                    Nick's Day 3 Top 50

                    CB Keith McGill
                    -4.4 speed and 6'3" size, worth taking a shot on that combo.

                    OT Cameron Fleming
                    -Massive size and power as a drive blocker, could play inside at guard or be tried at RT.

                    WR Martavis Bryant
                    -6'4" with 4.4 speed. Better athlete than a football player but could develop.

                    CB Pierre Desir
                    -Division II standout that held his own at Senior Bowl. Average timed speed.

                    DT DaQuan Jones
                    -Big force on the inside. Not a Rams need anymore but value is there.

                    WR Bruce Ellington
                    -Smaller slot receiver with excellent hands. Rams have Tavon, but Ellington carries Day Two value IMO.

                    LB Carl Bradford
                    -Hybrid DE/LB with athleticism to handle coverage. Could be a good Gregg Williams blitzer.

                    LB Telvin Smith
                    -Lanky WILL who needs to bulk up but has good instincts and closing speed.

                    OT Tiny Richardson
                    -Looks the part but needs technique work. Boudreau could challenge him.

                    DT Kelcy Quarles
                    -Long arms and good upper body strength (27 reps), could factor into DL rotation.

                    CB Bashaud Breeland
                    -Timed speed left a lot to be desired, but is fluid and will mix it up against the run.

                    LB Jordan Tripp
                    -Football smarts and character give this guy a chance to become a WILL contributor.

                    OG Dakota Dozier
                    -Wrestling background and good finisher, needs technique work.

                    FS Brock Vereen
                    -Brother is Patriots RB Shane. Doesn't have ideal length but is fluid with good awareness.

                    QB Aaron Murray
                    -Bit of a game manager but great intangibles. Exactly what you look for in developmental back-up.

                    OG David Yankey
                    -Once considered 1st round prospect, gets the job done though a bit lumbering.

                    FS Ed Reynolds
                    -Good sized, zone defender. Not as athletic as you like but can find the ball.

                    CB Marcus Roberson
                    -Former Day 2 prospect that's slipped, solid size but underwhelming timed speed.

                    LB Christian Jones
                    -Great size and versatility, needs to work on instincts.

                    WR Kevin Norwood
                    -Solid size, could become a decent possession target.

                    DT Daniel McCullers
                    -Massive inside stuffer, could remind Fisher of Albert Haynesworth with his size.

                    LB Shane Skov
                    -Worth considering to provide depth behind Laurinaitis.

                    TE Arthur...
                    -05-10-2014, 07:50 AM
                  • 39thebeast
                    Beastly Draft 3.0
                    by 39thebeast
                    Free Agency
                    Barry Cofield, NT, Giants- Probably won't be cheap adding one of the best run defenders in the NFL, but at 27 Coffield is well worth it. He knows the system and has excelled in the system. He has some pass rush ability and will keep lineman off of Lauranatis and... Keep reading for the other LB

                    Mike Sims-Walker, WR, Jaguars
                    - good size 6'2 200 nice speed and hands still young with plenty of upside. Needs to stay healthy could be anywhere from 1-3 on the depth chart

                    Fabian Washington, CB, Ravens
                    - Ravens have a ton FA CBs. Washington has good size for the system and starting experience. Will be the nickel until Jerome Murphy is ready for that role

                    Rams FA's: Gibson, Goldberg, Amendola (ERFA), Vobora(RFA), Grecco(RFA), Foster(RFA), Chamberlin(RFA), CJ Ah you (RFA)

                    1. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama- Great upside and physicality. Has all the tools and is constantly improving. Great fit in the system reminds me alot of TO

                    2. Bruce Carter, OLB, UNC- Could be a first rounder if he didn't tear his ACL. Sideline to sideline speed great athleticism with marginal production. Like Jones he will be a better NFL player than NCAA player. Instant starter at WLB

                    3. Will Rackley, OG, Lehigh- Under the radar prospect. Mauler the Rams need at RG. Would start instantly

                    4. Derricke Locke, RB, Kentucky- Track speed blazing fast. Runs with great vision and has great hands. Perfect compliment to S-Jax

                    5. Ricky Elmore, DE, Arizona- Hard Working pass rusher, with decent size, and a nice array of moves. Will compete with all the other young developing Rams rushers to be the future RE.

                    7. Chris Culiver, DB, South Carolina- Fast DB can play FS and CB. My hunch is Butler gets cut and Culiver would be the 4th safety

                    7. Allen Bradford, RB, USC- Big RB decent speed. Could probably play a little FB and special teams and would be our 4th back this year and a possible compliment to Locke in the future
                    -02-16-2011, 03:26 PM
                  • 39thebeast
                    Beastly draft 3.0
                    by 39thebeast
                    Free Agency
                    Chad Greenway, OLB, Vikings- Member of my FA big 3. He is one of the best 4-3 OLBs in the league he is very instinctive and excels at stopping the run. He has improved leaps and bounds in terms of coverage and blitzing making himself a great 3 down LB.

                    Justin Blalock, OG, Falcons- 3 of the Falcons 5 starting linemen are UFAs and I think Blalock will be the odd man out. Devaney drafted Blalock out of Texas in the second round so there is some familiarity there. He is a big mauler the rams line needs at 6'4 330. Goldberg moves to the bench as the 6th lineman. Another guy to consider is Arizonas Deuce Lutui.

                    Josh Wilson, CB, Ravens- Fills a huge hole at Nickel back until Jerome Murphy is ready for that role solidifying the Rams secondary. Fabian Washington and Chris Car Baltimores other FA CBs will also garner some consideration.

                    1. Julio Jones, WR, Alabama- Even with Justin Blackmon going to school I think he will still be here unless he runs a 4.2, The only other team I see picking him before us is the Skins, but I think they will go QB. I know alot of people aren't sold on Jones, but he is the most physically gifted WR in the draft, but also has top notch intangibles and is tough as nails. His hands improved this year even though he was playing with a broken hand most of the year. His route running improved and he got more separation. He is big play threat however you want to use him and that is what the Rams need. Other players I would consider Aldon Smith and Akeem Ayers

                    2. Muhammad Wilkerson, DT, Temple- This DT class is stacked. Wilkerson has Fred Robbins size at 6'5 305 and production to go with it 70 tackles 11.5 tackles for loss and 9.5 sacks his junior season. Robbins can shift to the nose with Gibson and Scott coming off the bench. Marvin Austin will also be considered.

                    3. Demarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma- Best receiving back in the draft, has great speed, good size, and can pass protect. The perfect compliment to S-Jax and would be a good successor.

                    4. Kelvin Sheppard, LB, LSU- Sheppard has played all LB positions at LSU has good size, can blitz, cover and has good range. Would instantly be in the mix at WLB for the Rams.

                    5. Ricky Elmore, DE, Arizona- James hall is coming off a great season. George Selvie played well for a 7th round rookie. Spags loves his pass rushers and he will continue to develop young ones. I think Selvie will fill Ah-You's role because he is a UFA and Elmore will take Selvies old snaps. Elmore good size 6-5 260 had double digit sacks for Arizona.

                    7. Weslye Saunders, TE, South Carolina- He's got some character issues, but he is one of the more talented and well rounded TEs in the draft and in the 7th round not allot of risk. 4 pillars yes, but the Rams have built a strong nucleus with high character rising stars and also have strong veteran presences. He would
                    -01-14-2011, 06:28 PM