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  • Atogwe

    Why have I seen nothing pointing towards us resigning OJ? All I have seen is Billy and Spags saying how great a player he is and how they would like to have him back...

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    Re: Atogwe

    Originally posted by thickandthin View Post
    Why have I seen nothing pointing towards us resigning OJ? All I have seen is Billy and Spags saying how great a player he is and how they would like to have him back...
    teams dont usually disclose details about any deals until the deal is confirmed..unless they are a team who has no intention of signing a player, but want to appease their fans by trying to pull the wool over their eyes by making them believe they are atleast looking to be active in attempting such moves.

    if we were a more media followed team, chances are we would have had numerous daily rumours typed up about what we are and arent doing but nine times out of ten they would just be that...Rumours.


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      Re: Atogwe

      alright makes more sense now.


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      • RamFan_Til_I_Die
        Rams need to keep Atogwe, one of most underrated NFL players
        by RamFan_Til_I_Die
        Ross Tucker

        The St. Louis Rams need to do whatever it takes to keep O.J. Atogwe. Normally I would couch that initial statement with the phrase "within reason" but to me the Rams lost that right when they elected not to tender the playmaking free safety June 1 at 110 percent of his franchise player salary from a year ago. They had their chance to make sure they maintained his rights and they passed.

        The Dallas Cowboys, with a need at safety, should make a strong push for Atogwe themselves. He is a clear upgrade and potential difference maker for a team that is desperate to play the Super Bowl in its home stadium. But it isn't just Dallas that should make a run at Atogwe. The Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, and others need to take a long look at him as well.

        A common belief among league followers is that all of the attention being given to Atogwe right now is simply a matter of timing because there really isn't anything else of significance currently going on in the NFL. Though I'll agree that part of the attention is a matter of circumstance, he has toiled in relative obscurity for a horrendous Rams team and that more than offsets his unique early June free agency situation.

        How well-known and highly regarded would Atogwe be nationally if he played for the New York Giants or the New England Patriots? We're talking about a guy that has pretty much been a turnover machine over the past four years. Just ponder his numbers for a minute.

        Atogwe burst onto the scene his second year in the NFL in 2006 with three INTs, five forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries. That's 11 potential game-changing plays in the NFL, where turnovers often can be and are the difference. In 2007 he wasn't able to force any fumbles. No matter, he more than made up for it by leading the NFC with eight INTs while also scoring a touchdown.

        But 2008 was the real gem. Atogwe had five INTs, six forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries including another touchdown. That's 15 turnovers in which he was involved in that year, and the main reason why the Rams elected to franchise him after that season.

        Last year was solid but not as spectacular as Atogwe had two INTs, three forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries before getting hurt in Week 12 and being shelved for the rest of the season. He still is the Rams best defensive player. Yes, Chris Long began to emerge down the stretch and James Laurinaitis was a surprise tackling machine as a rookie. Neither player makes close to the amount of potential difference-making plays Atogwe does. Not by a long shot. That's why the Rams need to sign him if they are serious about winning and improving on last year's 1-15 record.
        -06-12-2010, 09:26 AM
      • RamsInfiniti
        O.J. Atogwe is just not one of the league's top safeties ...
        by RamsInfiniti
        He's one of the leagues top defensive players, PERIOD. Enough said. He's adapted to this system, and now you see his true value ...

        He does it all period, for all angles ...

        He is clearly Spags right hand man, he's always talking to O.J. ....

        Most impressive, O.J. is always tutoring this team's OFFENSIVE players ....

        Incredible man, incredible player ....

        We are blessed!
        -12-05-2010, 07:32 PM
      • AvengerRam_old
        Atogwe: How did we get here?
        by AvengerRam_old
        O.J. Atogwe has never come out and publicly complained about his contract. That does not, however, mean he has been reasonable in his demands.

        Let's review...

        Atogwe's first contract was a three-year deal signed after he was drafted in Round 3 of the 2005.

        In 2007, his rookie contract expired. At that point, Atogwe had become a very productive starter, having finished 2007 with 75 tackles and 8 interceptions. The Rams retained him with an RFA tender of about $2M. They likely did not push too had for a long term deal, given that they were negotiating with Steven Jackson at that time (signed just before the 2008 season).

        Last year, Atogwe became a UFA. Again, Atogwe was coming off a fine seaso (85 tackles, 5 interceptions,6 forced fumbles). The Rams tried to sign him to a long-term deal, even before the season ended. Ultimately, the Rams retained him with the franchise tag and paid Atogwe nearly $7M.

        I think its fair to say that, at that point, both sides were gambling. Had Atogwe accumulated similar stats in 2009 to those he had in 2007 and 2008, he might have made the Pro Bowl, and he'd clearly command elite FS money.

        Instead, Atogwe had a somewhat down season, and finished the year on injured reserve. He is now coming off two offseason surgeries.

        Given these circumstances, the Rams did no wish to tender Atogwe a sum that would lock him in, as doing so could result in paying $7M to a player who might not even be 100% healthy. Instead, the Rams made a low tender and retained a right of first refusal, hoping to sign Atogwe to a long term deal.

        Those efforts have, at this point, failed, and Atogwe is now a UFA.

        So... who's to blame?

        I'd say, nobody is. Both sides have behaved in a rational manner, applying varying degrees of risk aversion.

        In hindsight, I think one could argue that Atogwe waited too long. He should have signed a long-term deal in 2009 when his value was at its highest. Now, if he is seeking the kind of money he would have received then, he might not only be pricing himself out of the Rams' market, he might also be eliminating several other teams.

        I do think there is a reasnable middle ground that makes sense for both sides, but I don't know if they'll meet there. If not, I'm not going to blame anyone. I'll just wish Atogwe luck and hope the Rams find their answer at FS on the current roster or among the remaining FAs.
        -06-02-2010, 09:25 AM
      • thermobee
        OJ Atogwe
        by thermobee
        Any news about OJ? I still hope we resign him at a decent rate per year or get something significant in return.
        -04-18-2010, 10:05 AM
      • r8rh8rmike
        Atogwe Hopes To Be Back After Release From Rams
        by r8rh8rmike
        Atogwe hopes to be back after release from Rams

        Saturday, February 19, 2011

        Even with his release Friday by the Rams, safety Oshiomogho Atogwe says he hasn't closed the door on a possible return to the team.

        "My agent and myself have established a really good negotiating relationship with them, so were we to do something again (with the Rams), I don't believe it'd be a difficult task," Atogwe told the Post-Dispatch. "Because there's no bad blood there. We should be able to get something done."

        The only problem for several years has been agreeing on Atogwe's value in terms of a multi-year deal. Rather than pay an $8 million roster bonus that was due Atogwe on Monday, the Rams released the six-year veteran.

        "It's disappointing to be back in this situation, again," Atogwe said. "Not being able to actually be set at this point in time in my career it's disappointing."

        The relative security of a long-term contract has proven frustratingly elusive for Atogwe, a third-round round pick out of Stanford in 2005.

        "I'd say it's frustrating along the lines that I haven't been able to feel at home since my rookie contract," Atogwe said. "Where you say, OK this team wants me for the long haul, for the long term."

        Atogwe was franchised following the 2008 season, then in a wrinkle of the uncapped year, reverted back to restricted free agency following the 2009 season. As for this offseason, there's no doubt that the current labor impasse between players and owners, and pending lockout, have caused teams to be more conservative financially.

        "Yeah, it has been difficult," Atogwe said. "I think that's why it's very important for us to really get a CBA done, in place and secure, so that other guys won't have to go through a similar situation as myself. And that the teams can really move on in paying their bills and grow for the long term. But for me it's definitely frustrating. I'm thankful that I still have peace throughout this, knowing that it's going to work out the way it's supposed to."

        Because he is a released player, Atogwe is free to sign with any team immediately. However, if there is no collective bargaining agreement by March 4, no veteran players even released players such as Atogwe can sign new contracts at that time.

        So Atogwe has a 13-day window to shop the market, but he plans to wait until there's a new labor agreement before doing so.

        "I would say I'm just going to take this time to let God speak to me and go from there," Atogwe said. "I am going to wait till the market opens and then go from there."

        Besides the $8 million roster bonus, Atogwe was due a $3.5 million base salary with the Rams in 2011, meaning he would have been...
        -02-19-2011, 01:58 PM