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A Ram Mock with no trades - 3/10

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  • A Ram Mock with no trades - 3/10

    1.) Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska 1
    2.) Colt McCoy, QB Texas 33
    3.) Thaddeus Gibson, SSLB Ohio State 65
    4.) Ben Tate, RB Auburn 97
    5.) Riley Cooper, WR - Florida 129 (5th)
    6.) Clay Harbor, TE Missouri St 151 (5th)
    7.) Barry Church, SS/WSLB - Toledo 160 (6th)
    8.) Brandon Carter, OG Texas Tech 192 (7th)
    9.) George Johnson, DE Rutgers 210 (7th)

    Have at it!

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    Re: A Ram Mock with no trades - 3/10

    i think i like it. really like Suh, Harbor, Church, and Carter. The buzz is that Cooper will be going in the early 3rd round so i'd be surprised if he was still there. i like the idea of addressing OLB in round 3 but not a big fan of Gibson. Tate is also a solid pick so this draft seems to do a great job of addressing needs and priorities. great job!


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      Re: A Ram Mock with no trades - 3/10

      I read Riley had a lcadasical attitude at either the senior bowl or the combine workouts and I' hoping he drops because of that report.
      The whole mock is hopeful but I did try to slot guys where they might be going.
      Each year there are a bunch of guys who go where you'd never think.
      Thanks for the kind words.


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        Re: A Ram Mock with no trades - 3/10

        I'm not sure where Gibson is going to go. He played the same position as Vernon Gholston and also had a monster combine not unlike the same Vernon Gholston. It remains to be seen if teams will be hesitant because of these similarities. The third round seems like a good landing spot, but we're drafting him to play LB? Seems strange to me.

        edit: just checked out his dimensions. listed at 6'2, 240. That could work at LB. I think 3-4 teams will have their eyes on him first though.
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          Re: A Ram Mock with no trades - 3/10

          I would love that draft. But I think the rams are gonna go with bradford with the first overall pick.


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            Re: A Ram Mock with no trades - 3/10

            He's listed with the OLB's in Pro Football Weekly's Draft issue along with this summary:
            **Athletic, sleek-bodied, tight-skinned college DE who projects to OL ina "30" front or a pass-rush specialist in a "40" front [ I think that's what Spags runs - generally speaking ]
            Rangy unrefined talent with upside. Possesses bust potential.**

            #8 OLB

            Was tammate of Laurenitis'. Ram braintrust would have to be confident he can make the transition form DE to SSLB.