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  • Eagles are crazy !!!

    Report: Seahawks after Kolb, not McNabb
    Kevin Kolb - QB - Philadelphia Eagles
    More team news

    Today - 11:15 AM ET

    Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia reports the Seahawks are interested only in Kevin Kolb, not Donovan McNabb.

    ESPN's Sal Paolantonio had reported the Seahawks were calling "non-stop" on the Philly quarterbacks, though it appears they're only interested in the younger of the two. The Eagles, who still see Kolb as their future, would reportedly require two first-round picks in exchange for him. Seattle does have an extra first-round pick this season, but it's hard to picture them parting with both picks. The Eagles' asking price for McNabb is said to be a first-round pick "plus something else."

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    Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

    Wow that is insane. Mcnabb for a 1st +, they will never get that. The interesting point is that they are even shopping Kolb. But at a price of two 1st, I really don't see anyone jumping on that wagon.


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      Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

      I would KILL to have Kolb as the Rams QB. Kind of like Matt Schaub coming out behind Vick a few years back.


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        Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

        Originally posted by peramoure View Post
        I would KILL to have Kolb as the Rams QB. Kind of like Matt Schaub coming out behind Vick a few years back.
        Kill... maybe but would you give up two 1st rounders for him?


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          Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

          Originally posted by thermobee View Post
          Wow that is insane. Mcnabb for a 1st +, they will never get that. The interesting point is that they are even shopping Kolb. But at a price of two 1st, I really don't see anyone jumping on that wagon.
          if Favre were to retire then i could see them possibly giving up their late 1st and say a late 4th for McNabb..but nobody else giving up a 1st and more.

          think they need a reality check on Kolb.


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            Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

            Wow..well I guess they can ask whatever they want. The Rams could ask for a 1st for Bulger. Doesn't mean they'll get it. Not sure what makes them think they can get asking price for either. And they just paid Vick 1.5 million. They may overplay their hand and end up taking a whole lot less/nothing.


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              Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

              Originally posted by Ramblin` Ram View Post
              if Favre were to retire then i could see them possibly giving up their late 1st and say a late 4th for McNabb..but nobody else giving up a 1st and more.

              think they need a reality check on Kolb.
              Exactly. They also overpriced Vick at a 2nd min, reality check is the right way to go lol


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                Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

                They are truly un-fair requests for an aging and declining vet and an un-proven young QB and as for Vick I don't even understand why they are asking much for him. I though his whole presence there was merely to suck a late round draft pick from someone this year.

                It seems they are playing up the desperation and lack of talent in the draft on other teams and hoping some guys nervous hand shakes enough to hit the 'go' button to make it happen. At least I know the Rams aren't about to pull a stunt like that.


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                  Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

                  If I were the Eagles, I'd ask for both first rounders. What do you have to lose?


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                    Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

                    Originally posted by RebelYell View Post
                    If I were the Eagles, I'd ask for both first rounders. What do you have to lose?
                    Well, in theory they ask for 2 1sts, the inquiring team GM laughs and hangs up and decides to call a different team / draft a QB. Now they have McNabb & Kolb and only 1 can start, when they could have improved their team in this years draft if they moved at least one of them.

                    Teams do overplay their hands in what they ask for. They are not getting a first for McNabb. Also, the Seahawks are more likely going to draft their own unproven QB than give up that package for the Eagles unproven QB.


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                      Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

                      So you think negotiations are going to end this afternoon?


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                        Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

                        They will probly end up keeping at least Kolb and Mcnabb.


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                          Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

                          I see Vick going to Carolina. But Carolina isn't going to give up their 2nd round pick, no way. Stupid Eagles need a reality check. I wonder if this is a sign of desperation from their organization?


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                            Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

                            Man, I remember when the Eagles drafted Kolb...everyone thought they were out of their minds. But when you're in their position, you can afford to draft with 2-3 years ahead of time in mind.


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                              Re: Eagles are crazy !!!

                              Im still 50/50 on Vick with a 5th round pick, never mind a 2nd. Morons need to get realistic.


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                                What's Next For McNabb In Philly?
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Originally Published: February 11, 2010
                                What's next for McNabb in Philly?
                                By Sal Paolantonio

                                PHILADELPHIA -- Will the Eagles trade Donovan McNabb? With apologies to the Brett Favre retirement watch, this is the most compelling story of the 2010 NFL offseason.

                                Eagles coach Andy Reid has said all the right things -- almost. So has McNabb. And that's the problem. This time of year, it's not what they say that counts but what's going on behind the scenes and how you read between the lines.

                                Philadelphia is the only team in the NFL with all three quarterbacks on its roster going into the final year of their contracts. Teams are calling, wondering who's available, who's not and what the Eagles would want in any potential trade.

                                The Eagles' front office is listening. But here's the kicker: The Eagles, according to multiple league sources, have so far told teams that both McNabb and his primary backup, Kevin Kolb, are not available.

                                Now, does that mean the Eagles won't trade McNabb? Definitely not. Most league insiders believe the Eagles are just posturing right now, trying to determine the market and how to proceed. If the team says publicly or privately McNabb is on the trading block, its bargaining position would tank.

                                Among the teams that have talked to the Eagles, according to multiple sources, are the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Rams and Buffalo Bills. The latter two teams are believed to be interested in Michael Vick, who told Reid in his exit interview in January that he wants to be traded to a team that will give him an opportunity to start. Reid promised him nothing, team sources say.

                                Teams have showed varying degrees of interest in all three quarterbacks, but McNabb is the key. He has said he will be back and wants to be back. But is that necessarily the case? He often makes snide remarks about being underappreciated by both the fans and the media in town. That's nothing new. Former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski faced the same thing. Many big-media-market quarterbacks who don't take the team to the promised land of Lombardi face that kind of relentless scrutiny and rancid doubt.

                                Publicly, Reid left the door open on a McNabb trade -- if only ever so slightly. Reid at first said that McNabb, 33, would be back in an Eagles uniform in 2010 and reiterated that it's his call to make -- despite the recent shake-up of the team's front office. (General manager Tom Heckert was allowed to leave to take the same job in Cleveland, while Howie Roseman was promoted to take his place.)

                                But on Jan. 11, when making his final comments about the 2009 season to the local media, here's what Reid said that could be interpreted as he left himself an out:

                                "I was asked if Donovan would be my quarterback next year, and I said yes," Reid said. "That's what I'm...
                                -02-11-2010, 10:18 PM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Reid Is About The Only One Who Wants To Keep McNabb
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Report: Reid is about the only one who wants to keep McNabb
                                By MJD

                                According to a report this morning at, there's a bit of friction within the Eagles organization about whether they should trade or keep Donovan McNabb.

                                It seems they're getting a lot of offers for the veteran quarterback. Head coach Andy Reid wants to keep him. "The Eagles' brass" wants to move him. In their words:

                                There are many interested teams out there, but right now the Eagles are not accepting any offers yet.

                                Sources tell Fox 29's sports department that the Rams are not one of those teams, contrary to some reports.

                                But we're also being told that trading McNabb is not going to be easy because internally the Eagles' brass wants to move him but Andy Reid does not.

                                My first thought is to give some free advice to the brass, whoever that might be: Listen to Andy Reid. He's the one on the field, seeing what works and what doesn't. He's the one who sees the quarterbacks working every day. He knows what's going to win you games, if indeed that is your objective.

                                If you're looking to save money, get younger and rebuild, fine. But if you want to win football games, listen to your football guy.

                                If true, it makes for an interesting little situation, not only in terms of what happens this offseason, but all the way through 2010. If there is significant friction, and Reid stands firm with McNabb, you've got to think that the "brass" might tie Reid and McNabb's fortunes together, based on their performance next season.
                                -03-05-2010, 04:33 PM
                              • dgr828
                                The Philadelphia Story: Rams will 'Fly Like An Eagle' to 'LINC' up in Phily opener
                                by dgr828
                                The 2008 Rams may have their chances to start the season 1-0 as they will travel to Philadlphia to challenge the Eagles (September 7, 2008 / Lincoln Financial Field). In order to do this, the Rams need to take of the business at hand through the Draft, Free Agency, Traing Camp and Signings.

                                THE STORY OF PHILADELPHIA

                                This is the 75th season in the National Football League for the Philadelphia Eagles (1933-2008).

                                The eagles won the last 3 games of the 2007 season to finish 8-8.

                                QB Donovan McNabb missed most of last season with injuries.

                                RB Brian Westbrook lead the Eagles in rushing (1,333), receptions (90) and TDs (12).

                                Eagle resign TE L. J. Smith, cut DE Jevon Kearse and LB Takeo Spikes.

                                Philadelphia holds the 19th pick in the 2008 Draft. (Reports have them shopping CB Lito Sheppard)

                                Rams will meet up with ol' friend WR Kevin Curtis. The Eagles were active in trying aquire WR Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald and are now looking into Chad Johnson.

                                The Eagles are coached by Andy Reid who's had off-the-field drug related issues involving his sons the past year. Reid a 2 times coach of the year has a winning percentage of .621 .

                                Eagles have a Strong RT in John Runyan. QB A. J. Feeley did a good job of filling in for an injured McNabb. Noticibles on the defense Asante Samuels, Brian Dawkins and Omar Gaither.

                                The Eagles will play on Thanksgiving day for the 1st time in 20 years, when they host the Arizona Cardinals.

                                Just a few thoughts on the Rams openning day opponent, though a bit early, Now is the time to prepare for the start of the new season.

                                Do the RAMS dare go into Philadelphia and take out the Eagles?

                                It Can Be Done! GO RAMS!
                                -04-20-2008, 04:20 PM
                              • txramsfan
                                Philadelphia no shoo in
                                by txramsfan

                                An ominous omen for a season with all the potential to fulfill promises, or an excuse for frantic Eagles fans to fret?

                                Whether or not the sore right shoulder of Donovan McNabb proves to be a serious injury, the Eagles are hopeful McNabb can carry their offense in 2004. And after three consecutive failed attempts to journey beyond the NFC title game, the Eagles know any trip to Jacksonville is contingent on McNabb’s health.

                                Andy Reid says he’s not worried. Even after a pair of organized team activities in which Jeff Blake was the team’s No. 1 quarterback (No. 2 QB Koy Detmer recently underwent knee surgery), Reid believes nothing that happens in June can hinder the team in January. Always spinning positives, Reid told the media the injuries to the top two quarterbacks allowed them to get Blake the prescribed number of reps.

                                Sure, there is a lot of white space on the calendar between today and July 30, when veterans report to Eagles training camp, and we’re a full three months clear of the Eagles-Giants season opener. But the pressure of three failed bids to win the NFC title continues to build. If the Eagles’ window of opportunity is to remain open, Philadelphia has to show its fans the promised land.

                                The Eagles have broken from their usual financial strategy of spending only on their own emerging, under-30 stars in the offseason. The additions of impact free-agent talent that includes DE Jevon Kearse and WR Terrell Owens cost the Eagles $26.3 million up front, two players who haven’t played a full season in either of their last two. But their impact could be profound, and it must be for the Eagles to realize their Super Bowl dreams in Jacksonville. Owens’ presence should benefit the offense twofold. Obviously, he gives the Eagles a much-needed No. 1 target. With Todd Pinkston and James Thrash serving as McNabb’s top options in years past, Owens is a major upgrade. With Champ Bailey out of the division, McNabb should never enter a Tuesday film session fretting over a divisional matchup with Bailey. The best corner in the division is probably second-year Cowboys LCB Terence Newman unless Will Peterson comes back at 100 percent for the Giants.

                                Without the aid of an elite cornerback, every division foe should be expected to provide help in the form of a free safety or extra defensive back. Banking on steady double-teams on Owens is a major reason the Eagles are so amped about their running game. With a tremendous line of run blockers, expect breakout seasons from Correll Buckhalter and Brian Westbrook. Buckhalter has the build of an every-down back without being considered an upper-echelon runner. Reid and offensive coordinator Brad Childress plan to continue a rotation at the position, using scatback Westbrook as a change-of-pace back and do-it-all type. Reno Mahe...
                                -06-18-2004, 08:52 AM
                              • socalramfan
                                Does McNabb deserve the contreversey?
                                by socalramfan
                                The Eagles QB is constantly talked about and hated on a lot of times does he deserve to be hated on? Or is at all TO's fault?
                                -12-14-2005, 10:16 PM