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  • Tyler Super-Draft

    :ere is my Draft model with two scenarios (one for DT, one for QB)::

    1.) Ndamuking Suh, DT
    Best Player available

    2.) Jahvid Best, RB
    A possbile S-Jax replacement, but a receiver, 3rd down back now

    3.) Jon Asmoah, OG
    Very good upside, a guy that could play

    Nawa'akoa Misi, OLB
    Ober-talented, and a PLAYMAKER

    5.) Mike Hoomanawanui, TE
    Relentless blocking TE that can add extra push for the run game

    5.) Walter McFadden, CB
    A good upside developmental project

    6.) Dorian Porch, S
    Ball-Hawk, not afraid to hit

    7.) Fill with OT, QB, or WR with upside.

    Here is the second with a QB:

    1.) Sam Bradford, QB
    Potential "Next Great Thing"

    2.) Jared Odrick, DT
    A Pass Rusher to compliment our great run-stoppers

    3.) Zane Beadles, OG
    A great talent ready to plug and play

    4.) Ben Tate, RB
    Greatest RB talent of all time, the guys a freak, and this is possible

    5.) Nate Byham, TE
    A grossly underated blocking TE, knocked Pierre-Paul down

    5.) George Selvie, DE

    Athlete that can make plays at DE or OLB

    6.) Perry Riley, OLB
    A guy that can develop or compete for a job

    7.) Add depth at DE, CB, or S

    Tell me what you think! In the first model I would see us getting Vick, Brown, or Quinn in Free agency. Sorry, Feely's not a starter.

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    Re: Tyler Super-Draft

    I think your first list is just an effort to try and collect as many unusual names as possible.


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      Re: Tyler Super-Draft

      very good but, we do have 2 7th round picks 'case ya didn't know =)


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        Re: Tyler Super-Draft

        Couple of questions.

        You have us getting Asomoah in the first one. Then you have us getting Beadles in the second one. What's the difference here that makes us select Beadles if we select Bradford?

        Same thing for Byham and Hoomanookieduiufusdvhgsjkfd.


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          Re: Tyler Super-Draft

          I thought that it's good to have options as everyone is picky and in both of those scenarios the guys that I have alternated at OG and TE are very good, and similar in style.

          I thought it was a good mock, but maybe I was mistaken?


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            Re: Tyler Super-Draft

            No, no they're fine. No one knows anything more about the draft than anyone else.

            My concern with your scenario B draft is the second round pick. I think Odrick will definitely be picked up in the first round, especially with Indy picking so late this year, although I would love for him to fall to us. Although, now that I think about it, the DT class is pretty deep this year with a lot of first round potential picks, so one of those guys could easily make it out of the first round. Who knows...


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              Re: Tyler Super-Draft

              I agree with the previous post. I'd feel much better about taking Bradford if I thought for sure that Odrick would be available at the top of the 2nd but I don't think he will be.


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                Re: Tyler Super-Draft

                Originally posted by TylerBishop View Post
                4.) Ben Tate, RB
                Greatest RB talent of all time, the guys a freak, and this is possible
                Say WHAT?!??


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                  Re: Tyler Super-Draft

                  Originally posted by shower beers View Post
                  No, no they're fine. No one knows anything more about the draft than anyone else.

                  My concern with your scenario B draft is the second round pick. I think Odrick will definitely be picked up in the first round, especially with Indy picking so late this year, although I would love for him to fall to us. Although, now that I think about it, the DT class is pretty deep this year with a lot of first round potential picks, so one of those guys could easily make it out of the first round. Who knows...
                  Mel Kiper has Odrick sliding out of the 1st in his latest mock. Food for thought.


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                    Re: Tyler Super-Draft

                    haha, I meant Ben Tate may be one of the greatest 4th round talents in recent memory, totally typed it up wrong.

                    He would be worth a 3rd as well.

                    If Odrick wasn't there we could go Jahvid Best, and then DT or OG in 3rd and 4th in the second scenario.


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                    • Nick
                      Sporting News Updated Two-Round Mock (2/24/05)
                      by Nick
                      MOCK DRAFT: ROUND 1

                      1 (1) ***** Aaron Rodgers* QB Cal.
                      The ***** are desperate to trade down to address their many needs, but no other team wants this pick. Rodgers is a nice prospect but not a no-brainer No. 1 overall pick. He has terrific arm strength and good accuracy, and he would be an instant upgrade over Tim Rattay or Ken Dorsey.
                      Team needs: QB | DE | WR | RB | NT | OT | S | OLB | CB

                      2 (2) Dolphins Cedric Benson RB Texas
                      The Dolphins also could go after a free agent to fill their glaring backfield need and might trade down from this spot. If they stay here, Benson would help them replace Ricky Williams, another former Longhorn, with a powerful and explosive talent.
                      Team needs: G | RB | DT | QB | S | CB

                      3 (3) Browns Derrick Johnson OLB Texas
                      Linebackers were key to the success of Browns coach Romeo Crennel's defense in New England, and Johnson's versatility makes him a solid cornerstone around whom to build. A sideline-to-sideline speedster, Johnson excels as a solid tackler, blitzer and cover man.
                      Team needs: QB | LB | G | OT | CB | S | DE | P

                      4 (4) Bears Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
                      Most teams won't show much interest in trading for one of the top three picks, but this is the spot where a trade could be possible. Picks 4-8 are hot commodities. If they stay here, the Bears would go for the top playmaker.
                      Team needs: QB | OT | WR | RB | G | LB | TE | CB | K

                      5 (5) Buccaneers Carnell Williams RB Auburn
                      Some prefer Auburn teammate Ronnie Brown, but the Bucs' coaches fell in love with Williams while coaching him at the Senior Bowl. If the Bucs sign a free-agent running back, they would look at a wide receiver or trade down to grab an offensive lineman.
                      Team needs: RB | TE | WR | K | G | QB | NT

                      6 (6) Titans Antrel Rolle CB Miami (FL)
                      Rolle is the right choice for the team's secondary -- to either replace Samari Rolle (no relation) or Andre Dyson. Antrel (6-0, 205) is a big, physical corner with the man-to-man coverage skills to succeed in Jeff Fisher's defense.
                      Team needs: WR | OT | CB | OLB | ILB | RB | DE

                      7 (7) Vikings Mike Williams* WR USC
                      (from Raiders) After acquiring this pick from Oakland in the blockbuster Randy Moss trade, the Vikings can groom his big-play replacement. Despite a year off, Williams remains an explosive and dynamic receiver with elite size, strength, hand-eye coordination and body control.
                      Team needs: LB | S | DT | G | DE | WR | QB

                      8 (8) Cardinals Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
                      The Raiders' trade for Moss helps the Cardinals here, who can land the explosive feature back they desperately need with the retirement of Emmitt Smith and Marcel Shipp coming back from a broken leg. Brown is the complete package.
                      Team needs: RB | CB | QB | TE |...
                      -02-28-2005, 12:42 PM
                    • 39thebeast
                      Beast 4.0 get ready!!
                      by 39thebeast
                      1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

                      Franchise QB. Has all the tools. Great leader, great work ethic, extremely smart, makes good reads, and pinpoint accuracy. Reports so far is the shoulder is all good, we just have to see him throw to confirm that. I suspect he will be in the top 3 on our board and QB trumps DT.

                      2. Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU

                      Many are projecting him to be a 3-4 OLB because of the size. He has the speed, burst, relentless, and explosion to make up for the lack of size. The Rams need someone who can get to the QB and it doesn't matter if that is a DE or a DT. Rams have guys like Adeyanju, Hall, and Long who are good against the run so he can focus on pass rushing initially. Long and Hughes will be a great combo in the future.

                      3. Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida

                      Going to have to get Bradford weapons. Mitchell has great size and speed. He can immediately come in and be a deep threat, but he has all the tools to develop into a complete NFL receiver. Adds down field playmaking ability the size the Rams receiving core needs.

                      4. (Traded for Tony Schefler)

                      He is on the block not a fit in Denver and he is good value for a 4th rounder. Great hands extremely athletic with good speed. Could be a crucial part of the offense especially with a rookie QB.

                      5. AJ Edds, OLB, Iowa

                      All around LB isn't overly athletic, but can bring the wood. Great coverage LB. Has the size spags wants in his LBs and could probably play all 3 spots. He will start of at WLB because that's where he needs it most.

                      5. Linval Joseph, DT, Eastern Carolina

                      Carriker, Scott, Ryan, Robbins Top 4 DTs not spectacular but could get the job done. Joseph has the size of Nose Tackle, but penetrates like 3 technique, something like Fred Robbins in his prime. Adds another rotational piece at DT.

                      6. Derek Hardman, OT, Eastern Kentucky

                      Small School OT can play at both tackle spots and be good depth.

                      7. Van Eksridge, FS, Eastern Carolina

                      Playmaking safety not outstanding physically, but is a great football player. Will be quality depth at safety and a good special teamer.

                      7. Mike Tepper, OL, Cal

                      Can play RT and guard. good depth on the o-line especially if Setterstrom isn't back.

                      Free Agents
                      O.J. Otogwe, FS, Rams- It all gets worked out and the Rams bring back the playmaker in their secondary.

                      Rod Hood, CB, Titans- Vet with a ton of experience in the scheme and is a good press corner. Can start if called, but will be a good nickel behind Fletcher and Bartell

                      Mike Bell, RB, Saints- No compensation when signed. Tough physical runner, definately...
                      -03-09-2010, 08:46 PM
                    • RamDez
                      Barry Waller - Draft thoughts
                      by RamDez
                      Obviously, the best of the best available in the 2005 NFL draft Saturday have been identified, though there is a wide difference in opinions about where to rank them after intense scrutiny over the last four months. Unfortunately, teams will only have a chance to take two or three of the top tier players, depending on their draft position and number of top 40 picks.

                      Nonetheless, teams know the real mark of a successful draft will be finding the athletes in the second third and fourth tier of the top 200 available players that will make their teams and contribute, and hopefully compete to be starters now or in the future.

                      Each year in my three plus decades of in depth draft analysis, I make my own list of the players I would like my team to draft at some point, and here is my 2005 “wish list” by possible round where these players are projected to be taken, through round four. I am leaving out those players nearly certain to be gone by the time the Rams begin drafting. Some players may not fit Rams needs and thus are almost certainly not going to be taken by them, but wherever they go, I feel they will be great value picks.

                      ROUND ONE

                      WR - Mark Clayton
                      TE- Heath Miller
                      OT - Khalif Barnes
                      DE- David Pollack
                      S- Thomas Davis
                      CB- Marlin Jackson

                      ROUND TWO
                      QB-Jason Campbell
                      QB Charlie Frye
                      RB J.J. Arrington
                      OT Ray Willis
                      OL Logan Mankins
                      C- David Baas
                      C-Jason Brown
                      DE- Justin Tuck
                      DT-Mike Patterson
                      DT Jon Babineaux
                      LB-Odell Thurman
                      CB Eric Green
                      S Josh Bullocks

                      ROUND THREE
                      RB Marion Barber III
                      WR Reggie Brown
                      TE Kevin Everett
                      OL Michael Roos
                      OL Adam Snyder
                      OL Nick Kaczur
                      C-Richie Incognito
                      LB Adam Seward
                      LB Robert McCune
                      LB Matt McCoy
                      LB Michael Boley
                      CB Corey Webster
                      S-Oshiomogho Atogwe
                      S-Sean Considine
                      DB-Vince Fuller

                      ROUND FOUR
                      RB Frank Gore
                      Rb Alvin Pearman
                      WR Vincent Jackson
                      TE Adam Bergen
                      OT Chris Colmer
                      OT Anthony Alibi
                      G Dan Buenning
                      G C.J. Brooks
                      DE George Gauss
                      DE Tyler King
                      LB Jonathan Welsh
                      CB Kelvin Hayden
                      DB Dustin Fox
                      CB Antonio Perkins
                      LB Matt Grootegoed
                      CB Stanford Routt...
                      -04-23-2005, 12:23 AM
                    • HUbison
                      Who are those guys?!?!
                      by HUbison
                      I bet we could field a team of 22 with players on the Rams active roster, and even us Rams fans couldn't recognize the majority of names. Here we go:

                      QB - Tom Brandstater
                      RB - Quinn Porter
                      FB - Ben Guidugli
                      WR - Nick Miller
                      WR - Mike McNeil
                      TE - Stephen Spach
                      OT - Mark LeVoir
                      OG - Bryan Mattison
                      C - Tony Wragge
                      OG - Kevin Hughes
                      OT - Tom Welch

                      DE - Eugene Sims
                      DT - Jermelle Cudjo
                      DT - Darell Scott
                      DE - CJ Ah You
                      LB - David Nixon
                      LB - Josh Hull
                      LB - Justin Cole
                      CB - Nate Ness
                      CB - Chris Smith
                      S - Brian Jackson
                      S - Marquis Johnson

                      All of these guys were on the Rams active roster this year, and while the D-line has some level of familiarity, there aren't many household names there.

                      Mike McNeill? Tom Welch? Nate Ness?
                      -02-11-2012, 09:30 AM
                    • GroundDog39
                      Jeff Fishers draft history so far.?
                      by GroundDog39
                      It originally came from Yardmarker, written by Dave Stoessel. Im sure Fisher had some input over the years, but Im not clear of how much.?

                      Jeff Fisher's hits, round by round, from 1995-2010:

                      1st Round: QB Steve McNair(1995), RB Eddie George(1996), DE Kenny Holmes(1997), WR Kevin Dyson(1998), DE Jevon Kearse(1999), LB Keith Bullock(2000), DT Albert Haynesworth(2002), S Michael Griffin(2007), RB Chris Johnson(2008), WR Kenny Britt(2009).

                      2nd Round: CB Samari Rolle(1998), DT John Thornton(1999), CB Anre Dyson(2001), S Tank Williams(2002), DE Travis LaBoy(2004), DE Antwan Odom(2004), T Michael Roos(2005), RB Lendale White(2006), DT Jason Jones(2008).

                      3rd Round: WR Chris Sanders(1995), CB Denard Walker(1997), T Zach Pillar(1999), RB Chris Brown(2003), DT Randy Starks(2004), WR Damian Williams(2010).

                      4th Round: OT Jon Runyan(1996), WR Derrick Mason(1997), LB Peter Sirmon(2000), WR Justin McCariens(2001), DB Vincent Fuller(2005), T David Stewart(2005), LB Stephen Tulloch(2006), C Leroy Harris(2007), LB Gerald McGrath(2009), DB Alterraun Verner(2010).

                      5th Round: DT Gary Walker(1995), G Benji Olsen(1998), DB Donnie Nickey(2003), G Jacob Bell(2004), RB Javon Ringer(2009).

                      6th Round: DE Robaire Smith(2000), G Justin Hartwig(2004), TE Bo Scaife(2005), DB Jason Mccourty(2009).

                      7th Round: C Kevin Long(1998), DE Carlos Hall(2002), C Eugene Amano(2004), CB Reynaldo Hill(2005), CB Courtland Finnegan(2006).

                      The Misses:

                      1st Round: CB Andre Wolfork(2003), CB Adam Jones(2005), QB Vince Young(2006), DE Derrick Morgan(2010).

                      2nd round: DE Anthony Cook(1995), DE Bryant Mix(1996), T Jason Layman(1996), WR Joey Kent(1997), WR Tyrone Calico(2003), TE Ben Troupe(2004), RB Chris Henry(2007), DT SenDerrick Marks(2009).

                      3rd RoundB Rodney Thomas(1995), CB Torey Hunter(1995), LB Terry Killens(1996), T Scott Sanderson(1997), S Dainon Sydney(1998), TE Erron Kinney(2000), DE Byron Frisch(2000), TE Shad Meier(2001), LB Rocky Calmus(2002), CB Rich Gardener(2004), WR Courney Roby(2005), WR Brandon Jones(2005), WR Paul Williams(2007), TE Craig Stevens(2008), TE Jared Cook(2009), DB Ryan Mouten (2009), LB Rennie Curran(2010).

                      I hope he can do a better job, finding some star power in St Louis, than he did in Tennesee? But he still did a very admirable job at Tennesee, considering the lack of stars in his teams.
                      -02-25-2012, 10:16 AM