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  • last years draft

    We only had one player that provided sustained production (J. Lau).

    1. Jason Smith (Even-This year will tell us)
    2. James Laurinatis (A+)
    3. Bradley Fletcher (Even-This year will tell us)
    4. Darrel Scott (Trending upward good pick in the 4th)
    5. Brooks Foster
    6. Keith Null
    7. Chirs Ogbonnaya

    The 5th-7th might fill in as backups but none of them do I see as having the upside of full time starters in the future IMO. I do think 1-4 have the potential to all be above average starters. I would like to get a few more imediate impacts out of this draft then we did last year.

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    Re: last years draft

    This is one of the reasons I could see a better / faster turnaround than some fans want to admit. Scott didn't play much and he was inconsistent when he did. Fletcher looked pretty darn good when the injury hit. Smith barely played for a variety of reasons. These guys can step in and make major contributions this season.


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    • Goldenfleece
      Rams Draft in Review...
      by Goldenfleece
      1. Jason Smith, LT, Baylor – Making a statement about the attitude they’re looking for, the Rams picked up a light-footed and athletic tight end turned tackle with top notch intangibles and loads of upside. The thinking here seems to be that although his technique still needs work and he will have to adjust to playing out of a different stance, Smith can be coached out of his flaws and possesses many other qualities that can’t be taught. Between Smith and Monroe, Jason might be the more fun to watch with his reputation for driving defensive players out of the picture, but time will tell whether he turns out to be the better blocker. In essence, the Rams opted for a growth stock over a blue chip.

      2. James Laurinaitis, MLB, Ohio State
      – Rumor has it the Rams were actually trying to trade up to land their linebacker of the future. They stayed put, but still landed a tough, smart field general for their defense. Although his work-out numbers are not eye-popping, this is an exemplary case of a guy who just plays good football. Over the course of his career, he was voted best linebacker in college football one year and best defensive player another.

      3. Bradley Fletcher, CB, Iowa – The first surprise of the day for the Rams, and arguably the biggest surprise from the team in several years, Fletcher is a physical cornerback with good size to speed ratio. Scott Wright listed him as the 14th ranked corner in the draft. Others were less kind. For example, the Sporting News’ draft preview had him ranked 31st among corners, which placed him outside their top 200 prospects overall. This was particularly unusual because the Rams took a player who had previously pled guilty to drunk driving, despite recent comments that any brushes with the law could get a player taken off their list. Now I’m not saying he’s a bad player or a bad kid for that matter, but given the talent available at other positions of need, one can’t help but wonder whether the Rams staff thought he was that good or that our depth was that bad. That said, if the team thought he was the best talent on the board and didn't think he'd last another round, they did the right thing to take him where they did.

      4. Dorrell Scott, DT, Clemson - Now this was probably a much more predictable move. Depth on the defensive line seemed to be an area of concern, and Scott will help fill the void as a guy who can line up on the nose and still provide some pass rush. He didn’t quite live up to the expectations that made him a preseason Outland Trophy candidate prior to his senior year, but there were reasons why people had those expectations in the first place. His potential makes for good value here.

      5. Brooks Foster, WR, North Carolina –
      Many Rams fans thought the team would draft a reliable possession receiver to play opposite the speedy Donnie Avery. Not...
      -04-27-2009, 06:11 PM
    • evil disco man
      2009 Rams' Draft Picks Highlights
      by evil disco man
      Please add any that you might find.

      Jason Smith
      YouTube - Jason Smith, OT, Baylor Highlights

      James Laurinaitis
      YouTube - James Laurinaitis Ohio State LB Highlight Video
      YouTube - James Laurinaitis Ohio State LB (Animal Highlights)

      Bradley Fletcher
      YouTube - Bradley Fletcher - St. Louis Rams - Draft Video Profile

      Darell Scott
      Dorell Scott, DT - Yahoo! Sports - Truveo Video Search

      Brooks Foster
      YouTube - Brooks Foster
      YouTube - Brooks Foster North Carolina vs Notre Dame

      Keith Null
      (none found... yet)

      Chris Ogbonnaya
      YouTube - Chris Ogbonnaya Texas vs Missouri
      YouTube - Chris Ogbannaya Charges the Buffs
      -04-28-2009, 09:41 PM
    • Bar-bq
      Scott Wright grades the Rams 2009 Draft Class
      by Bar-bq
      Here's Mr Wright's article, available on, released recently. He's now gone through all 32 teams and assigned each one a grade. We did pretty well!...
      -08-16-2009, 06:18 PM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Rams Rookie Roundup
      by r8rh8rmike
      Rams Rookie Roundup
      Monday, January 18, 2010

      By Nick Wagoner
      Senior Writer

      After an offseason roster overhaul, the 2009 Rams had a decidedly youthful feel to it.

      As one of the three youngest rosters in the league, opportunities were abound for young players at every position to make a difference, especially members of the 2009 NFL Draft class.

      And almost to a man, every member of that seven-man class made an impact on the field at some point or another.

      Most general managers hope to find a couple of starters and some role players in each draft but at various times, five rookie Rams started games. Some made greater impacts than others but almost all showed some promise that they can and will make a bigger difference well into the coming years.

      OT Jason Smith – First Round, No. 2 Overall

      Entering the draft, the Rams had placed a high priority on bolstering the offensive line. They did it in a big way, adding the top rated tackle on the board in the form of Smith.

      After a training camp spent learning the ropes, Smith emerged as the team’s starting right tackle in the season opener. Smith provided the Rams a physical presence on the right side and was one of those opening the hole for running back Steven Jackson’s game winning touchdown against Detroit.

      Although he has been hampered by knee and head injuries, Smith has made progress in his time on the field and figures to be a bedrock for the offensive line for many years to come.

      IN HIS WORDS: “Obviously the more you do something, the better you get at it,” Smith said. “As a team, we want to play hard, play physical and play together. I am just one piece of the puzzle. I just know that to go out and get better as an individual will help the team. I’m a guy that is always about we and not me.”

      THEY SAID IT: “He’s doing a nice job,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said. “I listen for little things like in the huddle he is calling the down and distance. For a rookie to be aware of that every play, that’s impressive to me. He is vocal. He is a confident guy so we kind of hang our hat on that right now.”

      MLB James Laurinaitis – Second Round, No. 35 Overall

      Perhaps no rookie in the league, let alone on the team made a greater impact in year one than Laurinaitis.
      Laurinaitis became the first rookie since Pisa Tinoisamoa to lead the team in tackles and Laurinaitis set a rookie franchise record for tackles in a season.

      Laurinaitis moved into the starting lineup early in training camp and hasn’t vacated the position while playing through his share of bumps and bruises. He doesn’t figure to leave that role anytime soon and has established himself as a cornerstone player for the franchise.

      IN HIS WORDS: “That’s one thing you will find out about me,” Laurinaitis said. “I am a perfectionist...
      -01-18-2010, 11:59 AM
    • rams_man13
      Re-Do The NFL Draft Your Way
      by rams_man13
      Using the picks as they have fallen, how would the Rams have drafted if you were making the calls. With the players on the board at each pick, who would you have gone with?

      1.02- Jason Smith- OT

      He's a big agile LT who fills a big need and an important position on the football field. He's a great prospect and should take over at LT after Barron walks away a bust for the Rams. In the incredibly off chance Barron proves himself as a good LT, I think with some coaching, he could be a great RT.

      2.03- Rey Maualuga- MLB

      I know that there are questions about his coverage and his ability to play 3 downs. It's all false. He is an impact player and a big time force on the defense. He garnered all that attention, despite sharing the spotlight and putting up the numbers competing with 2 other stellar LB's. Laurinaitis is a solid pick and fits in nicely with Spags system, where he will be Antonio Pierce: productive, solid and unspectacular. Still, when you have a chance to get a defensive leader who strikes fear in the hearts of an offense, you take him.

      3.02- Jarron Gilbert- DT

      He is a stellar athlete (he can jump out of a pool and land on his feet). He also has enough of a frame that he can put on some extra weight and be a force rushing the passer or stopping the run. If not, they could use his athletic ability on the DE rotation.

      4.03- Austin Collie- WR

      I like his game. He'd be a nice compliment to our speedy guys. He's a slower, possession guy.

      5.24- Duke Robinson- G

      Are you kidding me? This guy was a late first round/ early 2nd talent just days before the draft. He's a big, big man and would be an eventual starter for us, as early as this year. He'd probably be my favorite pick of the draft.

      Round 6 and 7... it's a crap shoot, I trust our Front Office.

      Anyway, that's the route I would have gone. I think we improve our lines and front 7 a TON with those big 4 picks. Also, I think we get a WR that is different from the ones we have right now.
      -05-05-2009, 04:57 PM