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what do you guys think?

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  • what do you guys think?

    swap 1rst round picks with washington
    we get Jason Cambell and a 3rd-4rth round pick.Hes tendered at a 1rst and 3rd but this would be there chance to get Bradford.
    we would have the 4rth OA pick and a 3rd or 4rth from washington.

    trade Carriker and our 3rd round pick to chiefs, even throw in a 5th if we have to.
    we get Glen Dorsey.

    The starting QB is problem is solved, and taking a DE with the extra pick from washington would solve the D line problem.

    and we would still have the 4rth OA pick, our 2nd, 4rth, and maybe both 5ths 5ths , a 6th and I think 2 7ths to fill in holes.

    Cambell has proven he is solid, even on a crappy team.

    so what do you think

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    Re: what do you guys think?

    eh in a word, no! Only point in trading down is to get Clausen

    if your idea panned out, who would you pick in the 1st then?