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First 4 Rounds'll Look Something Like This Ideally

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  • First 4 Rounds'll Look Something Like This Ideally

    Round 1. Ndamukong Suh/ Sam Bradford

    Depending on whether offense is taken first, who slips and
    Round 2. Ryan Mathews HB/ Demaryius Thomas WR/ Carlos Dunlap DE/
    Brandon Graham OLB/ Sergio Kindle OLB

    Dependent on first 2 rounds...
    Round 3. Mardy Gilyard WR/ Dexter McCluster HB / Best QB available/ Best
    OLB available/ Best Safety available

    Round 4. Most likely O-line (OT) or Defensive Secondary (CB)

    Gets more and more vague But I think the draft'll follow a similar concept. Maybe not these exact players, but the basic idea.

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    Re: First 4 Rounds'll Look Something Like This Ideally

    Second round has to either be an OLB or a WR. We have no OLB cuz Lenon left. But if a WR with real value falls to #33 I think we would go that route. To me the second round belongs to either Golden Tate or Sean Weatherspoon.


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    • FestusRam
      Obvious Round 1 Selection but 2?
      by FestusRam
      Ok, my vote is for Suh round one. Thats an obvious pick you cant pass up

      But round 2? I see many people wanting to acquire Alexander and i agree and disagree with it both.

      The reason i agree is, he is very talented receiver with great size. He would fit exceptionally well into the West Coast O. I've seen him catch screens many times and just break them for 50+ yards.

      However, I feel like if we acquire another WR this off season it should be a veteran. Not another rookie. I dont beleive the rams will draft him in the 2nd but I honestly don't know. What do you think about it?
      -01-26-2010, 10:05 AM
    • DJRamFan
      DJ's War Room
      by DJRamFan
      Ok all you draftniks, i've set up my position analysis based on reports from and I've put it on a spread sheet (Excel).

      I'd like to take 2 CB's, 2 S's, 1 WR, 1 OT, 1 C, 1 ILB, 1 OLB. in tentative order...

      Round 1: CB
      Round 2: S
      Round 3: WR
      Round 4: OLB
      Round 5: CB
      Round 6: ILB
      Round 7: OT
      Round 8: S
      Round 9: C

      Most mock drafts have us taking either Josh Reed (WR- LSU) or Derek Ross (CB-Ohio State). However, If Josh Reed is available i will take him in Round 1, if he is not, i'd like to take possibly Sheldon Brown (CB - South Carolina). TSN said Ross is good, but has too much baggage, i'd like to stay away from another Lawrence Philips.

      Post your thoughts now....

      Here is my breakdown (the link may not work, but it will if you copy and paste it)
      -02-15-2002, 02:39 PM
    • sntlouisrams
      Which option would you rather?
      by sntlouisrams
      Which option would you rather? Out of these three options
      Option 1

      ROUND 1 QB J.Clausen

      ROUND 2 WR G.Tate

      ROUND 3 WR/RB/KR D.McCluster

      Option 2

      ROUND 1 DT N.Suh

      ROUND 2 LB S.Weatherspoon

      ROUND 3 C K.Wilson

      Option 3

      ROUND 1 QB S.Bradford

      ROUND 2 TE J.Gresham

      ROUND 3 RB J.McKnight

      There are all your choices people 1,2 or 3 just have a go

      Also add comment in below so that I can evaluate...
      Option 1
      Option 2
      Option 3
      -02-17-2010, 07:09 AM
    • Bar-bq
      Round 2: Bang for your buck?
      by Bar-bq
      It appears concensus that the Rams will try to fill one of two holes with their first round pick. Those are offensive line (via Jake Long) or defensive end (Via Chris Long or Vernon Gholston). I've been pondering strategy for round two since the release of Isaac Bruce, and the apparent release of Brandon Chillar, and what's occured to me is this.

      We will still have three significant areas of need at pick number 33. They are SLB, WR and either OT/DE. Kinda obvious, huh?

      But where it gets complicated is finding "bang for your buck". That is, a player who fills a need with value that co-incides with where you're picking. And it appears we may be spoilt for choice.

      So my question is this; depending on how we choose in round 1, where do your priorities lay in round 2? That is, in order, what positions do you want drafted according to who is projected to be available?

      If we choose OT, we still have a glaring need at DE, which has to skyrocket to the top of the round 2 priority list, IMO. We could still find a decent player available then and there with a guy like Ellis, Groves, or Jackson. Then you have to look at the strong likelihood that there's a solid wideout avialable, and our lack of depth in the slot. A guy like Tavares Gooden has been mentioned a bit as a candidate in the Pro Day thread, and he could find himself a candidate to replace Chillar here, too- though Devaney has reported to be high on Culberson.

      However, if CL or Vernon Gholston ends up a Ram, then you have a whole new ballgame to play. The wealth available at WR may be the best option, but it's neck and neck with insurace at OT, IMO. Again, Gooden remains a posibility.

      So my positional big board for round 2, as of today, looks like this, depending on the player we draft in round 1.

      If we draft OT, in round 1, my preference is as follows.


      If we look at DE in round 1....


      Your thoughts?
      -03-06-2008, 11:16 PM
    • GoRams1
      I Change My Mind-- No WR In The First Round!
      by GoRams1
      First of all, I'm all for Justin Blackmon if we take him in the 1st Round (I'm an OK State Homer).
      But I cant see Spags going WR in round 1. I say we take this guy... Von Miller.

      YouTube - Von Miller Butkus Award Winner 2010 Highlights
      -01-05-2011, 07:17 PM