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Who will be the best QB?

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  • Who will be the best QB?

    Over the next 7-10 years, which of the following do you think will have the most success as an NFL QB?
    Joe Flacco
    Matt Ryan
    Matthew Stafford
    Marc Sanchez
    Sam Bradford
    Jimmy Clausen
    Jake Locker
    Ryan Mallett

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    Re: Who will be the best QB?

    Joe Flacco, with his new receiver core will have 3 monster years until Boldin gets to be a little older. By that time they will have another up and coming receiver and Flacco will continue to be great.


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      Re: Who will be the best QB?

      Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, or Sam Bradford. Possibly Mark Sanchez.


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        Re: Who will be the best QB?

        My ranking would be:


        Sanchez and Flacco might have been flipped last draft.


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          Re: Who will be the best QB?

          Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
          Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, or Sam Bradford. Possibly Mark Sanchez.
          This would be my order


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            Re: Who will be the best QB?

            I'll go

            This is my order for Team success in the next couple of years.

            The best QB over the next 7-10 years is all a crap shoot.
            They all could be Busts.
            They all could be great.

            Nobody knows the future! If somebody did I hope the Rams trade for him or draft him.


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              Re: Who will be the best QB?

              Just by talent around him I would say flacco at this point.


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                Re: Who will be the best QB?

                The guy I think with the greatest chance of consistent success is honestly Bradford. I think the guy will come in and do great things depending on what the the team he goes to does for him as afr as protection and playmakers.

                If he goes here (which I'm just about certain he will barring ridiculous trade offers) I think he will do good things for us. Hopefully we pull off a decent season so DeSpags doesn't get the boot and he has time to work in the same system.

                I actually think Bradford's transition to the Pros will not be on the Matt Ryan level but better than Sanchez and Stafford


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                  Re: Who will be the best QB?

                  So much of a quarterback's ability to be successful depends on the team he goes to. Are you being picked by a team that might have had an off year but has had some recent success, or are you being picked by a team that's been struggling for years now?

                  For instance, Flacco was drafted in the second half of the first round by a Ravens team that, though they were 5-11 the year before they took Flacco, had a record of 28-20 the three years before that. Not a bad situation.

                  Matt Ryan was taken third overall by a 4-12 Falcons team that had an awful season under a first year head coach who quit on them before the season was even out. But in the three years prior to the Petrino disaster, the Falcons were 26-22. They may have been bad in 2007, but it's not as if they were struggling like that for years.

                  Look at Mark Sanchez. The 9-7 Jets traded up for him; they were already a solid team. In 2007, they had a down year (4-12) but in 2006, they were 10-6 and in the playoffs. Again, not a horrible situation as there was some success there to work with.

                  Now look at Matthew Stafford. In the last decade, the Lions have eclipsed six wins only two times. Prior to drafting Stafford, they had ten wins in three seasons, seven of which came in 2007. They have a strong head coach and a new front office team, so they may be able to right the ship. But clearly it's going to be a bigger challenge than these other first round quarterbacks have faced.

                  But you can keep looking back to some other recent drafts, and the trend continues. The Packers weren't an awful team when they drafted Rodgers, and he's been successful. The Giants had a down year in 2003 that allowed them to make a move on Eli, but in the three years prior, they amassed 29 wins. The Steelers were playoff bound with Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddox before a down season allowed them to snag Big Ben. The Chargers are the only team that really bucks the trend, though Brees showed in 2004 after Rivers was drafted but before he played that the team could be successful. Maybe with that said, it's not as much a surprise that Big Ben and Eli have rings while Rivers doesn't.

                  So you look at guys like Stafford or Bradford (if we draft him), and it's plain to see they're entering much different situations. Their situations are more comparable to the 2005 ***** or the 2007 Oakland Raiders than the teams I mentioned earlier. These aren't very good teams, and the NFL isn't set up to allow coaches 4-5 years of failure or mediocrity as they build a winner. You either have to catch lightning in a bottle, or you accept the notion that you may be building a team for the next guy, who may or may not be successful himself.

                  As for Locker and Mallet, we don't even know how their next college season is going to go, let alone where they end up as pros. It's incredibly tough to prognosticate their future success, although I think both of them have the talent to find success in the right NFL situation.

                  But long story short, all of these guys have talent. If they didn't, they wouldn't be first round quarterbacks. But it takes more than talent to be successful at the next level, and a large part of having a great career is spending that career surrounded by other talented players. If we assume Bradford comes to the Rams, I think he has the potential to be very good if he can stay healthy, but we also have to surround him with pieces to work with - a better backfield rotation, more weapons at receiver and tight end, a more consistent offensive line, a better defense that not only stops the opposition but creates turnovers and more opportunities for the offense.

                  Meanwhile, you've got guys like Flacco or Sanchez who not only have the tools but entered into a situation where they have talent around them on both sides of the ball. With that in mind, I think they'd be the frontrunner for this question, with Flacco taking the lead because he's simply been better so far than Sanchez has, and the Ravens have made it a priority to surround him with talent while trying to keep up a strong defense. Plus, I think they're better situated in their division than the Jets are in the AFC East.

                  So my answer would probably be Flacco.


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                    Bradford surrounded by so much talent

                    I like Bradford, but my concern is that he was surrounded by so much talent that he will have a tougher time transitioning to the NFL where the talent gap will be smaller. Seems like QBs who faced tougher times in college (e.g. Flacco and Ryan) make a better transition as they don't rely on wide-open receivers and are used to throwing under pressure.


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                      Re: Who will be the best QB?

                      I had to go with Sanchez. He's got a great line for the most part in their prime. He's got a pretty good #1 with Edwards and a solid #2 with Cotchery. His TE is only in his 3rd year I think? So if they keep their line healthy and deep, he's got a step or two against his competition.


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                        Re: Who will be the best QB?

                        I think Bradford will be the best. He has a lot of things to look forward to, and I think that accuracy overpowers strength any day.

                        He has enough strength to make all the necessary throws in the NFL. So with that said, I think he can emerge into a star.


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                          Re: Who will be the best QB?

                          Joe Flacco, with his new receiver core will have 3 monster years until Boldin gets to be a little older. By that time they will have another up and coming receiver and Flacco will continue to be great.
                          If he ever starts looking for Clayton too....
                          Last edited by AvengerRam_old; -03-22-2010, 10:14 AM.


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                            Re: Who will be the best QB?

                            Best QB in the next decade ... i choose the Qb with the best team. Flacco.


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                              Re: Who will be the best QB?

                              I get the notion that you pick the guy with the best talent around him, but in 2 years that could change quite a bit.


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                                -03-24-2009, 03:03 PM
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                                Bucky Brooks
                                Leader on and off the field
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                                On the field, he has all of the physical attributes that you look for in a quarterback. He has a strong arm and flashes the accuracy to make the requisite throws. He combines those skills with excellent instincts, awareness and football intelligence. His steady development is a byproduct of his work ethic, which also sets the tone for his teammates.

                                Vic Carucci
                                This is Sam's club
                                Each of the candidates could be capable of being a top-notch franchise quarterback. Ryan is the most accomplished, but Freeman has demonstrated that he might very well have the most overall physical talent of the group. Nevertheless, my pick is Sam Bradford. It isn't just his talent, which is immense, or his tremendous football intelligence and instincts. It's because Bradford managed to make all of his assets work to his and the Rams' advantage as a rookie.

                                Elliot Harrison
                                Bradford is the real deal
                                Believe it or not, I'd take Sam Bradford. Yes, even over Ryan. While the latter gets so much credit, the fact is the Falcons haven't won anything with him yet. But unlike say, Tony Romo, Ryan doesn't get criticized at all for the lack of playoff success. That said, I think Ryan is the best player of the group now, but Bradford has the potential to be the very best down the road. What he was able to accomplish with a bunch of wide receivers most fans had never heard of and tight ends whose names you can't spell or pronounce was phenomenal. Steven Jackson's back is hardly ever healthy, either. Basically, Bradford did a lot by himself, and didn't whine. There's no one that covers the league that isn't impressed with the guy, and for good reason. Arm strength, maturity, leadership ... he has the right amounts of all of it.

                                Pat Kirwan
                                Favoring the Falcons' young passer
                                If you asked me to pick a quarterback based...
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