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  • Moderator Mock Draft***Help I'm On The Clock***

    Ok everyone I have the Rams first pick in the 2nd (#33 overall) round of the draft. If you were in my shoes who would you draft? You have to go to the Mod Mock Draft to see who has already been selected. Please don't throw me the name of someone that's been drafted already. There are still teams picking ahead of me so if you want to give more than one name (1a,1b,1c etc) that will work.

    Some other ideas could be ....well we drafted Bradford so let's go Defense. Or maybe go best player available etc...
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    Re: Moderator Mock Draft

    I would consider Jermaine Gresham, Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas, or Jahvid Best.


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      Re: Moderator Mock Draft

      Player name~Position~School Name~One good attribute

      Jermaine Gresham [TE] Oklahoma

      Would give our newly acquired QB from the Mod mock draft a huge target to throw to.

      Golden Tate [WR] Notre Dame

      Playmaking, explosive receiver.

      Demaryius Thomas [WR] Georgia Tech

      Huge, able to leap over defenders type of receiver. Has lots of upside.

      Jahvid Best [RB] California

      Fast, speedy and quick RB that would compliment Jackson well.

      Damian Williams [WR] USC

      Has elite route running, something that would fit our WCO perfectly.

      Vladimir Ducasse [OG/OT] UMass

      Huge mauler that would shore up our right side and open up lanes for Jackson.

      Jared Odrick [DT] Penn State

      Would be a great pass rusher in the inside, allowing our DEs to have less pressure.



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        Re: Moderator Mock Draft

        If Jermaine Gresham is there I would snatch him up unless I was offered a decent trade. If Gresham was not there, I would probly go with the best DT available.


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          Re: Moderator Mock Draft

          Jared Odrick, Lamarr Houston, Everson Griffen, Demaryius Thomas, Arrelious Benn


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            Re: Moderator Mock Draft

            Only 3 more picks until I'm up with the RAMS pick #33 overall. Some of the players that have been suggested for this pick are no longer available.

            The pressure is mounting!!!!!
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              Re: Moderator Mock Draft

              I would pick Gresham as long as his knees aren't a long term issue.


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                Re: Moderator Mock Draft

                Bradford could use some targets. Gresham or Tate.


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                  Re: Moderator Mock Draft

                  Guys... look at the selection thread. Demaryius Thomas and Golden Tate have already been taken.


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                    Re: Moderator Mock Draft

                    C'mon people I'm on the clock......:helmet:
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                      Re: Moderator Mock Draft

                      I think that I'd go with Jahvid Best if you want to go offense, and Everson Griffen if you prefer to draft a defender.


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                        Re: Moderator Mock Draft

                        Pick Gresham


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                          Re: Moderator Mock Draft

                          I have 5 players that I'm looking at:

                          Jahvid Best (RB)
                          Everson Griffen (DE)
                          Jermaine Gresham (TE)
                          Tyson Alualu (DT)
                          Jared Odrick (DE)

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                            Re: Moderator Mock Draft***Help I'm On The Clock***

                            Gresham please...

                            He's a brick wall and will help Bradford's transition into the NFL immensely.


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                              Re: Moderator Mock Draft***Help I'm On The Clock***

                              Go J. Best


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