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Warning: Madden esque trades but 4 the fun of do you think this team could win West?

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  • Warning: Madden esque trades but 4 the fun of do you think this team could win West?

    Let me start off by saying this will never happen...But in the hypothetical make believe world if this team was assembled could it win the West this year?? Below Suh along with a starter at OLB and DE are added to the defense. Also four weapons to the offense that would rank near the top of the NFL at their positions QB, WR, TE, and RB(backup) are added.


    2nd round pick for Brandon Marshall it has been stated recently that they would take less then a 1st round draft pick.

    4th round pick for Tony Scheffler they have been trying to move him this off-season.

    3rd and 5th rounder for McNabb the asking price is continuing to come down and it’s almost certain they don’t want to go into the season with all three of their QB’s. McNabb seems like the one they would prefer to trade because of Kolb being younger and McNabbs contract being higher then Vicks. If McNabb is traded then Kolb would step in and be the starter with Vick as the backup.


    1. Ndamukong Suh 6’4 305
    2. Brandon Marshall 6’4 230 25 (Traded to Denver)
    3. Donovan McNabb (Traded to Phily)
    4. Tony Scheffler TE 6’5 255 27 (Traded to Denver)
    5. A.J. Edds LB 6’4 246 4.62
    5. (Traded to Phily)
    6. Myron Lewis CB/FS 6’2 203 4.4 40
    7. Chris Marinelli OT/G 6’7 300 5.23 40 (leader of team with fewest sacks in PAC 10. Played G and moved to OT)
    7. Adrian Tracy LB 6’3 248 4.76 40
    7. BPA


    Alex Brown DE 6’3 260 31
    “Chicago Bears defensive end Alex Brown had 48 tackles last year and served as one of the team's captains. But it appears the leader isn't long for the Windy City. The nine-year veteran is apparently on the trading block, according to the Chicago Tribune. With the recent addition of Julius Peppers the Bears don't need Brown anymore. The team shouldn't expect much in a trade, because the word is that if a trade can't happen, Brown will just get released.” Five of the last six years he has had six or more sacks. He would be a good stopgap along with Hall at our DE position opposite Long.

    Na’il Diggs OLB 6’4 240 32

    Willie Parker RB

    IMO Vobora, Lau, Fletcher, and J. Smith will all be better in their second years as starters. Karney, L. Robinson Fletcher and J. Smith returning healthy should help alot as well. I think this will also be Longs breakout year he is consistently improving.

    *Note New Players BOLDED

    DE – Chris Long 6'3 265 24, Victor Adeyanju 6'4 284 27
    DT – Ndamukong Suh 6’4 305, Darell Scott 6’3 312 23
    DT- Clifton Ryan 6’3 316 26, Fred Robbins 33 6’4 325
    DE – Alex Brown 6’3 260 31, James Hall 6’2 280 32

    SLB – David Vobora 6’1 238 23, Adrian Tracy 6’3 248 4.76 40
    MLB – James Laurinatis 6’2 245 23
    WLB – A.J. Edds LB 6’4 246 4.62 OR Na’il Diggs 32 6’4 240

    CB – Ron Bartell 6'1 210 27, Myron Lewis 6’2 203 4.4 40
    CB –Bradley Fletcher 6’0 200 23, Kevin Dockery 5’8 188
    FS – O.J. Atogwe 5'11 210 28, Craig Dahl 6’1 209 25
    SS – James Butler 6’3 215 27

    QB – Donovan McNabb
    RB – Steven Jackson 6'2 235 26, Willie Parker
    FB – Mike Karney 5’11 260 28
    TE – Tony Scheffler TE 6’5 255 27, Daniel Fells 6’4 270 26
    WR1 – Brandon Marshall 6’4 230 25
    WR2 – Donnie Avery 5'11 185 25 OR Laurent Robinson 6’2 195 24 OR Brandon Gibson 6’1 205 22
    LT – Jason Smith 6’5 305 23, Chris Marinelli 6’7 300
    LG – Jacob Bell 6'4 295 28,Mark Setterstrom 6'4 318 26
    C – Jason Brown 6'3 320 26
    RG – Hank Fraley 6’3 310 33,John Greco 6'4 315 24
    RT - Alex Barron 6'7 315 27, Adam Goldberg 6’7 320 29
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    Re: Warning: Madden esque trades but 4 the fun of do you think this team could win We

    Yeah, we might be able to win the West with that roster, but only because the rest of the division is so weak. I don't think we'd get far in the play-offs. My main complaint about this would be trading away picks for a quarterback who would probably only play for us a few more years. The Brandon Marshall trade is particularly tempting because he's one of the best in the league and only 26 years old.


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      Re: Warning: Madden esque trades but 4 the fun of do you think this team could win We

      Thats beast mode. Besides McNabb aswell ahaha. Seems amazing otherwise tho. (wishes it could happen)


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        Re: Warning: Madden esque trades but 4 the fun of do you think this team could win We

        Really its hard to argue with the logic that any of the rookies we would draft with those picks would have a greater impact on this team than the players acquired via trade. I think my Brandon Marshall stance is on record here somewhere (its very much pro Marshall ;) )

        Particularly favorable is the fact that Marshall and Scheffler are both still quite young.

        Plausible? No

        Fun? Heck ya


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          Re: Warning: Madden esque trades but 4 the fun of do you think this team could win We

          If we're goin' all fantastical, I would have picked up Peppers and Chester Taylor or FB/RB McClain in FA as well. I also think whoever gets Myron Rolle in the mid-rounds will have an excellent versatile secondary player. Butler is OK but Rolle has huge upside,imo.

          And I'd rather have Weatherspoon as OLB as well.

          Not sure who would have been available in a normal FA to fill the RG spot but neither Fraley nor Greco strikes me as fantasy-perfect options. That interior line is a major key to competing in the NFCW vs the strong front sevens our opponents field in reality. I think that's where the ass-whuppin starts in every divisional game.


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            Re: Warning: Madden esque trades but 4 the fun of do you think this team could win We

            only reason not to is major cap killer


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              Re: Warning: Madden esque trades but 4 the fun of do you think this team could win We

              Originally posted by Alec22 View Post
              only reason not to is major cap killer
              Actually although I give my original scenario about a 0.00001% chance of ever happening it would not be that much of a cap killer IMO. We don't thave very many big contracts on the books. We released alot of big cap hits the last few years and we would save some more money with the release of Bulger. Cap wise I doubt we would be over the cap if there was a cap this year.
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                Re: Warning: Madden esque trades but 4 the fun of do you think this team could win We

                Right now we'd be way under the projected cap if there was going to be one for 2010, but there won't. We don't even know what that cap might be at this point.


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                  Which prospects have the Rams been looking into???
                  by ManofGod
                  I know its too early to speculate, but here is a list of the draft prospects the Rams have spoken with based on various sports entities. Any thoughts????

                  Ezekiel Ansah, DL, BYU (SR)
                  Xavier Brewer, CB, Clemson (EW)
                  Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia (INT)
                  Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall (SR)
                  Jack Doyle, TE, Western Kentucky (SR)
                  Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson (SR)
                  Micah Hyde, CB, Iowa (EW)
                  Josh Johnson, CB, Purdue (EW)
                  Jarvis Jones, LB, Georgia (COM)
                  Robert Lester#, DB, Alabama (SR)
                  Vance McDonald, TE, Rice (SR)
                  Xavier Nixon, OL, Florida (SR)
                  Will Pericak, DL, Colorado (EW)
                  Bacarri Rambo, DB, Georgia (SR)
                  Kevin Reddick, LB, North Carolina (SR)
                  Sheldon Richardson, DL, Missouri (COM)
                  Desmond Trufant, DB, Washington (SR)
                  Conner Vernon#, WR, Duke (SR)
                  Earl Watford, OL, James Madison (EW)
                  Menelik Watson, OL, Florida State (COM)
                  Melvin White, CB, Louisiana Lafayette (EW)
                  Nathan Williams, LB, Ohio State (EW)
                  Sylvester Williams, DL, North Carolina (SR)
                  Blidi Wreh-Wilson, DB, Connecticut (SR)

                  In case you were wondering what the letters in the brackets mean well here is the breakdown:

                  SR - Senior Bowl meeting.
                  EW - East-West Shrine meeting.
                  COM - Combine meeting.
                  INT - Interested.
                  VINT - Very Interested.
                  -02-24-2013, 10:01 PM
                • viper
                  Free Agent Safeties for Consideration
                  by viper
                  From Sporting News here is a list of both free safeties and strong safety free agents for consideration. Anything you can add about particular players would be appreciated.

                  You're DeSpags, do you target any of these players, plan on drafting your safety(s) or promote one of our current players?

                  It should be noted that some of these players may not be available do to the current status of unresolved CBA. Players that would normally be free agents after four years after they were drafted by their original team may be locked up for two additional years or until a new collective bargaining agreement is in place.

                  1. Eric Weddle, 26, Chargers. The team wants the Pro Bowler back badly, and for many reasons. He always has been a good tackler at 5-11, 200, and in the past two years he's developed into a big playmaker (two interception returns for touchdowns). At his age, we haven't seen his best yet.

                  2. Donte Whitner, 25, Bills. Buffalo is catching a break because without a new CBA, Whitner is restricted, and he was just offered a tender for the 2011 season. Although Whitner doesn't offer much against the pass, he's like an extra run-stopping linebacker (140 tackles in 2010).

                  3. Dawan Landry, 28, Ravens. Ed Reed gets the flash for the interceptions, but playing next to him Landry has been a steady strong safety, complementing what Reed. Durable at 6-0, 210, he'll remain a fine starter elsewhere.

                  4. Danieal Manning, 28, Bears. Manning thrived in his first year as a starter at free safety and doubled as an effective kickoff returner. He just rejected a three-year, $6 million deal to stay, and Chicago must hope the CBA again makes him a restricted free agent.

                  5. Michael Huff, 27, Raiders. It took a while for the seventh-overall pick of the 2006 draft to find his grove, but he enjoyed a bit of breakout with 94 tackles, four sacks and a second consecutive three-interception year. It will be tough for Oakland to bring him back because he'll draw plenty of interest.

                  Old guy for a young team
                  • Quintin Mikell, 30, Eagles. In eight seasons, he quietly has been an all-around producer, playing the run and pass equally well. More impressive is how he has become a leader on one of the league's most consistent defenses.

                  Rebound potential
                  • Gerald Sensabaugh, 28, Cowboys. Last season was a disappointment because of coverage lapses that led to some big pass plays. Still, his production -- 71 tackles, 10 passes defended, five interceptions, two sacks -- can't be ignored.

                  One-trick safety
                  • Bernard Pollard, 28, Texans. He's a name everyone knows after Tom Brady's knee injury in 2008, and in Houston the past two years he remained a relentless hitter. Although he has improved in coverage, he should be looked at more as a pure run-support player.

                  End of the line
                  • Bob Sanders, 30, C...
                  -03-04-2011, 06:48 AM
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                  With Apologies to Don Henley
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                  (To the tune of "Dirty Laundry")

                  A remedy for the offseason blues
                  Just give me something, a little piece of news
                  Tell me who the Rams will choose,
                  I have draft day longing.

                  Will the bubble round 1 prospect,
                  Last ‘till Round 5?
                  Will a fast rising small school kid,
                  In the big league thrive,
                  For sleepers and the ones who dive,
                  I have draft day longing.

                  I want War Room information.
                  Is that trade dead yet?
                  All the members here at ClanRam,
                  have a running bet.
                  Is it our turn to select yet?
                  I have draft day longing.

                  Which team will trade up?
                  Which team will trade down?
                  Which team will trade up?
                  Which team will trade down?

                  The dirty little secret,
                  most league source tips are lies.
                  You’d think after all of these years,
                  we’d be a bit more wise.
                  But we’re drawn to this like swarms of flies.
                  We have draft day longing.

                  Which team will trade up?
                  Which team will trade down?
                  Which team will trade up?
                  Which team will trade down?
                  Which team gets an A?
                  Which team’s fans will frown?
                  -04-10-2013, 01:56 PM
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                  What do you get when you mix Mike Florio and Sir Mix-a-Lot?
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                  Let this be a warning to all those trolling for "inside info" at such marginal sites like PFT.

                  I give you... I MAKE UP FACTS (to the "tune" of Baby Got Back - and yes, I had to look up the lyrics):

                  I make stuff up, and I often lie
                  Stay vague so they can’t deny
                  With an unnamed source, there is no remorse
                  You can just say what you want
                  Right or wrong, they can’t call your bluff
                  Who cares, no pub’s enough
                  Some complain but I’m not caring
                  ‘Long as at my site they’re staring
                  Oh baby, I wanna be in the loop
                  And be a fixture
                  Some people try to warn me
                  But Fox radio interviews make me horny
                  Ooh, with Dan Patrick I’m in
                  He says he wants to be my friend
                  Well, use me, use me
                  I’ve evolved from net geek groupie
                  Now I’m prancing
                  And agents I’m romancing
                  I’ll get.. yet…
                  A PFT logo on my Vette
                  I’m better than magazines
                  Saying journalism is the thing
                  Take an average fan and ask him that
                  They prefer hype over facts
                  So net-Fans (Yeah!), net-Fans (Yeah!)
                  Do you crave a rumor mill? (Hell yeah!)
                  Then log on, log on
                  Log on to PFT
                  I’ll make up some facts!
                  -04-15-2009, 06:57 AM
                • sakl18
                  Sakl18's Mock Draft
                  by sakl18
                  In this mock, I wanted to focus on adding playmakers on both side of the ball. I realize that I didn't address DT, but I suspect that Fishead will add another DT via free agency. It also wouldn't surprise me if Amendola ends up going to New England for their second round pick. In that case, that pick would turn into a defensive tackle. Any feedback, regardless if it's positive or negative, is appreciated.

                  1.6 - Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State
                  6'1, 207 lbs, 4.45 40
                  • Constant source of big plays
                  • Ridiculous production
                  • Good hands
                  • Polished route runner
                  • Tremendous YAC
                  • Strong work ethic
                  • Has ability to go up for ball
                  • Has been compared to Terrell Owens

                  Assuming Blackmon is there, he will be the pick. He instantly becomes the Rams go-to number one receiver.

                  2.1 - Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech
                  6'4, 215 lbs, 4.36 40
                  • Elite size/speed combination
                  • Displays good concentration; rarely if ever drops ball
                  • Great deep threat
                  • Good body control; can make acrobatic catches
                  • Very raw route runner

                  The Rams double up at wide receiver. Giving Bradford weapons is paramount, and Stephen Hill has the potential to be an elite receiver. Paired with Blackmon, the Rams could have the best one-two punch at receiver in the NFL in a couple years. Hill is a tremendous deep threat, and can do one thing this team lacks: make plays

                  2.6 - Kelechi Osmele, OG, Iowa State
                  6'6, 333 lbs, 32 bench reps
                  • Longest arms at combine
                  • Athletic for size
                  • Powerful run blocker
                  • Quick feet
                  • Has a nasty streak
                  • Can play guard or right tackle
                  • Good reputation as teammate and leader
                  • Durable and experienced

                  Osmele will help do the other most important thing for St. Louis - keep Bradford on his feet. He's a mauling run blocker who can open holes for Jackson, and has the potential to swing out to right tackle should Jason Smith continue to struggle.

                  3.2 - Lavonte David, OLB, Nebraska
                  6'1, 233, 4.65 40
                  • Great speed
                  • Tremendous instincts
                  • Fantastic tackler
                  • Great in run support and coverage
                  • Playmaker
                  • Strong 3 down backer who can blitz

                  If it wasn't for his height, Lavonte David would be in contention with Zach Brown as the top OLB this year. As it is, he could be a tremendous steal in the third round. He has sideline to sideline speed and fantastic instincts. He can play on all three downs and just makes plays, which this defense badly needs. Oh, and the player he most often reminds people of? Derrick Brooks.

                  4.1 - Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State
                  5'10, 222 lbs, 4.44 40. 28 bench reps
                  • Incredible strength for a running back
                  • Strong downhill runner
                  • Has good, but not breakaway speed
                  • Very quick
                  • Great acceleration; gets
                  -03-18-2012, 12:44 AM