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    1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

    Franchise QB. Has all the intangibles you need to succeed. Excellent accuracy, great leader. Lets Talk Numbers.

    TRADE!!!! Houston Trades picks (51, 83)

    2. Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida

    First Off Houston does the deal to trade up and get the best RB or DB that falls out of round 1. Hernandez has excellent hands and great speed. Can make an instant impact in the passing game as he continues to develop as a blocker.

    3. Jermaine Cunningham, DE, Florida

    Cunningham has good speed of the edge, and is good in all aspects as a pass rusher. He will be the future at RE opposite Long.

    3. Ben Tate, RB, Auburn

    Perfect compliment to S-jax. 4.3 Speed at 220 pounds. He is great pass blocker and receiver out of the backfield would be the perfect number 2 back on this team.

    4. AJ Edds, LB, Iowa

    Big tough LB Spags likes 6'4 246. He is a good enough athlete and excels in coverage. Could probably play all LB positions, but will play at our biggest weakness WLB.

    5. Marcus Easly, WR, UCONN

    Homer Pick lol. This kid has a ton of talent extremely fast good size. Give him some more experience and time to develop and he will be a gem.

    5. Derek Hardman, OT, Eastern Kentucky

    One of the better tackles in DII. Could be good depth possibly a future starter at RT.

    6. Clifton Geathers, DL, South Carolina

    6'8 300 DE. Could gives spags the versatility he likes on the D-line. He isn't a finished product, but spags will definately coach him up.

    7. George Johnson, DE, Rutgers

    Good size and athletic. Alot of experience could join the rotation on the d-line.

    7. Adrian Tracy, LB, William & Marry

    Former DE, but will probably move to LB. He could develop into a good special teamer/ Utility LB like Spags did with Chase Black burn.

    7. Van Eksridge, FS, Eastern Carolina

    Great instinctive safety. Could instantly contribute on special teams and be depth at FS.

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    Re: Dont Mock me

    I really don't like trading down 18 spots in the second for a third round pick, I like it even less when I remember that the Panthers traded their 1st round pick this year for the niners second round pick last year. (of course they didn't get a second rounder back, but they are liking it this year I'm sure)

    Also I think we have enough developmental receivers, but hey if its a homer pick I'll let it pass ;)

    Other than that good mock,
    6'8" 300 lbs Clifton Geathers:eek:, dude sounds like a beast. Someone perfect for Spags.


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      Re: Dont Mock me

      Good stuff


      nice picks with hernandez and ben tate


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        Re: Dont Mock me



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          Re: Dont Mock me

          Originally posted by TakeSuh View Post
          I've been trying to figure out who you what in the draft, think you could help me out? You keep such a good poker face

          PS If the rams take Bradford, are you going to change your name or just stop posting here?


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            Re: Dont Mock me

            i know right i am like god at poker you never could tell by my name, if rams dont pick you know who i want, then i am going to throw my remote at my tv and then go tie a doll to my tailpipe and drive around with the doll dragging on the road.


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              Re: Dont Mock me

              also i am a rams fan for carriker is on your team (he used to be my idol until suh came around) i will not stop posting here


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              • 39thebeast
                Lock it up Mock it up
                by 39thebeast
                1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
                Lock it up. Franchise QB. All that need to be said about this guy has already been said.
                Player Comparison: Matt Schaub, QB, Texans

                2. Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona
                Gronk proved he is healthy and ready to go at his pro day. I like him more than gresham because he is a much better blocker, has better hands, and has a much more polished game overall and is just as big of a threat in the redzone.
                Player Comparison: Jason Witten, TE, Cowboys

                3. Jermaine Cunningham, DE, Florida
                Cunningham is an experienced pass rusher. He is alot more polished than any Florida pass rusher who has come out in the recent years. Like Florida ends of the past he is extremely athletic, but he just is a more polished player with better technique. He will immediately share snaps at RE with James Hall.
                Player Comparison: Jacob Ford, DE, Titans

                4. Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State
                He is a good blocker, and good receiver, and a powerful runner. Sylvester Croom our RB coach was his head coach and knows alot about this kid. He could be a great fit backing up S-Jax. It is no secret we coveted Shaun Green this guy reminds me alot of him.
                Player Comparision: Shaun Green, RB, Jets

                5. Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa
                Prototypical RT with a great program pedigree. Powerfull with good size at 6'7 320. Polished run blocker and pass blocker. He could be the RT of the future.
                Player Comparison: Marc Colombo, OT, Cowboys

                5. Rodrick Muckelroy, OLB, Texas
                Smart athletic physical linebacker. He has top notch intangibles to go along with his sideline to sideline range. He is a prototypical WLB prospect, but he definately needs some seasoning especially when it comes to using his hands.
                Player Comparison: Michael Boley, WLB, Giants

                6. Robert Johnson, FS, Utah
                Johnson is centerfielder type of safety with great speed. The Rams need additional safety depth especially if the loose OJ and Dahl has to start.
                Player Comparison: Quentin Demps, FS, Eagles

                7. Seyi Ajirotutu, WR, Fresno State
                Big Physical receiver who is goo blocker on the outside. Ajirotutu is great in jump ball and redzone situations. He could definately use some seasoning. Could he take a roster spot from Burton, Foster, or Kent? Who knows
                Player Comparison: Devin Aromishidou., WR, Bears

                7. Travis Ivey, DT, Maryland
                Devaney and Co wanted to add some size up from Ivey is a mountain at 6'4 341. Struggled with injuries throughout his career, but he isn't lacking in size or talent.
                Player Comparison: Gabe Watson, DT, Cardinals

                7. Adrian Tracy, LB, William & Marry
                Tracey is a DE who will probably convert to LB. He is a hardworker, smart, physical, and has the size and versatility Spags likes in his LBs. He will start of as a solid special teamer, but he...
                -04-05-2010, 08:01 PM
              • RockinRam
                The Rockin Tribute. (Last mock draft)
                by RockinRam
                Well, this is it. Two more days before the draft. We've all been waiting anxiously for the day to come, and now it's in touching distance. Whoever is picked, I will support fully, and hope they turn out well.

                I'm going to keep the mock short for time concerns.

                Trade: Alex Barron to Buffalo in return for their 4th round pick.

                Round 1: Sam Bradford (QB)

                Round 2: Damian Williams (WR)

                Fits our scheme perfectly.

                -Great route runner

                -Great hands

                -Shifty, elusive, and quick

                -Smart, can read coverage

                -Great work ethic

                Round 3: Austen Lane (DE)

                -Great upside

                -Good work ethic

                -Is ferocious

                -Great pass rusher

                -Dominates with quickness and strength and long wingspan

                Round 4: Jimmy Graham (TE)

                -Big target for Bradford

                -Athletic and fast

                -Amazing upside

                Round 4: Kyle Calloway (OT)

                -Blue collar tackle

                -Great technician

                -Sound pass protector and run blocker

                -Good footwork and wingspan

                Round 5: Donovan Warren (CB/S)

                -Day 3 Steal

                -Previously ranked as first-second round pick

                -Stock dropped because of 40 time

                -Very physical corner, will help in run support

                -Great upside

                -Great footwork

                -Can play one-on-one against any WR

                Round 5: Myron Lewis (CB/S)

                -Physical corner

                -Will help in run support

                -Can be an elite press corner

                -Good intelligence

                -Has the ability to jam bigger WRs

                Round 6: Brandon Sharpe (DE/LB)

                -Very versatile pass rush specialist

                -Works on slower OTs with his quickness and agility

                -Can give Spags the option to create different schemes and blitz packages

                Round 7: Greg Middleton (DE)

                -IMO, this is a steal

                -2 years ago, was considered a future elite player due to his 16 sacks as a sophomore

                -Was a phenom, before deteriorating

                -Production dropped for the past two years

                -Has premier strength

                -Has a wide range of pass rush moves

                Round 7: Michael Greco (S)

                -Great upside

                -Will provide good depth and good special teams contributor

                Round 7: O'Brien Schofield (DE/LB)

                -Huge intensity player

                -Great steal for us, was a former 2nd-3rd round prospect before injury at Senior Bowl

                -Is a sack machine, much like Brandon...
                -04-20-2010, 03:45 PM
              • RAMarkable
                RAMarkable's S.O.S. Mock 1.0
                by RAMarkable
                The S.O.S stands for Save our Spags. As it is not much of a stretch at this point to say that the Rams will finish at 1-15 this year, I have used this assumption to arrive at a mock that I believe is reasonable not only for next year but also for the future going forward.

                Therefore I submit the following for your consideration:

                Round 1. Ndamakong Suh DT Nebraska Surprise!! Well, not really. This is about the closest thing to a perfect storm for the Rams as the probable best player in the draft also fills a huge need.

                Round 2. Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri A new 'Spoon to replace the old departed one. Rams continue to strive to beef up their front seven with an athletic playmaker from right in their backyard.

                Round 3. Ciron Black OT LSU A senior veteran of the SEC wars and a 3 year starter. It is my assumption that Jason Smith will move to the left tackle spot (Buh-Bye Baby Alex) and this will open up a spot at the right tackle position. Most likely A. Goldberg will start the season but by week 5 or so expect Mr. Black to grab the job.

                Round 4. Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi State Steven Jackson is on pace for about 350+ touches this year and that is way too much. At 235 lbs. Dixon can hopefully take some of the load off #39 and yet keep the Rams running the same kind of power-based run attack that Spags has said he wanted from the get go.

                Round 5. Sean Canfield QB Oregon State With his excellent senior year Canfield has shot up draft boards and could be a candidate for developmental QB behind Bulger next year. At this point I'd be content to let Canfiled fight it out with Boller and Null and see what happens.

                Well that's it for now. The 6th and 7th rounds will be added to a future mock as we get further along in the process.

                WHAT SAY YE?
                -12-15-2009, 10:37 AM
              • BarronWade
                Here is different perspective on the Rams mock draft!
                by BarronWade
                IMO an OT is a lock for us with the 2nd pick. Before anyone enlarges the word lock just remember i said IMO. Anyway other that the 2nd pick i put together a mock draft that is different from all the mocks ive read. I tried my best to put players that other mocks did not project for us. REMEMBER i am aiming for a different prospective. I just want to know what u guys think about this draft.

                Round 1: Eugene Monroe OT
                Round 2: Jarron Gilbert DE/DT
                i know what ur all thinking but Justin Tuck is a great DL that can play DE and DT which works well gor spags. Did i just say Justin Tuck i meant Jarron Gilbert im always getting those 2 confused.
                Round 3: Rashad Jennings RB
                We just signed Jason Brown so that tells you we are going to run up the middle we get a RB that is 6-1 230 pounds. He is the perfect #2 back. He can catch well and block. He is also durable enuff to take over if Action Jackson goes down. Did i mention Jennings is fast for a guy his size so he can fill in that Change of pace.
                Round 4: Antonio Appleby MLB
                Okay the only one I can recall that has appleby is AvengerRam. Few weeks ago i was picking this guy as our undrafted rookie but as AV put his stock is rising and because we havnet addressed a MLB yet appleby is our guy unless Tyronne McKenzie is there.
                Round 5: Brandon Tate WR
                Okay this guy is not the tall WR we are looking for he is about 6-0. But he is a good return man. He also can leap for the ball to make for the height. THis guy is also good at seperation. So since i did not address it yet here it is a WR that can play the slot.
                Round 6: Graham Harrell QB
                I just dont see why everyone is so high on Brandstater. I think Harrell just needs some coaching. But he makes real good decision and that can pay off in the WCO.
                ROund 7: Victor Toal OLB
                THis guy can add depth at OLB spot. He had 21.5 TFL last year and 12 sacks this guy can get into the backfield.
                -03-26-2009, 01:45 PM
              • sosa39rams
                Final MOCK DRAFT SOSA. V4.0
                by sosa39rams

                Sam Bradford , QB - He proved hes worth the number one pick on his pro day, and will be the new face of the rams.

                Jared Odrick , DT - Since we passed up on a dtackle in the first round and still need d-line help, we take this beast!

                Daryl Washington , OLB - With this young (high motor) man, we grab a talented linebacker and solidify our linebacker corps.

                Ben Tate , RB - We still need a backup RB and a chance of pace for SJAX, and here is.

                Andrew Quarless , TE - We grab our reliable tight end here. Big steal and is talented. Can block, catch, and a redzone threat!

                Danario Alexander , WR - This is a huge steal! Big tall receiver, red zone threat, and received more attention that Spoon before his injury.

                Clifton Geathers, DL - One word for this man. MONSTER!

                Jason Fox , OT - Nice depth and could battle for starting tackle spot.

                Trindon Holliday , KR/PuntR/WR - Amazing returner, great speed, good depth.

                A.J Jefferson , CB - Good depth.

                LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS!...
                -03-31-2010, 04:19 PM