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Rams #1 Pick question

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  • Rams #1 Pick question

    If the Rams pick Bradford, which is more than likely possible, do they directly pick him at #1 or do they trade down since Suh is the real #1 pick and then proceed to select him?

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    Re: Rams #1 Pick question

    I don't see a plausible trade-down scenario that would yield Bradford. In all likelihood, they'd have to stay in the Top 3, as the Redskins would likely take Bradford at #4 if he was still there. I don't see why Detroit or Tampa would pay the price to trade up.


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      Re: Rams #1 Pick question

      I'll go with trading our first pick to Tampa so..
      1. We don't have to pay a Stafford contract to a risky boom-or-bust QB
      2. We get the possibility of extra picks or veterans on our pocket that can plug in some holes on the ship

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        Re: Rams #1 Pick question

        I would like to trade down... but I don't see it happening. I see us having to stay at #1 b/c noone will want to trade with us.


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          Re: Rams #1 Pick question

          IMO here's how it would have to go down for us to get any value for Suh.

          Prior to the draft we have internal discussions with the Bucs making sure they really want Suh and would be willing to trade for him to bypass Detroit. (also means the Bucs have to believe the Lions will draft Suh- or even McCoy, and not Okung given the chance)

          We draft Ndamukong Suh with the first pick.

          The Lions draft McCoy with the second ( if they draft Okung this could blow up in our face, as the Bucs would sit steady and draft McCoy)

          The Bucs then draft Bradford and we swap the rights of the players right then and there, ala manning for rivers deal.

          This prevents the Redskins from trading up to number two and stealing him from us.

          Very risky moves by several teams, so I don't see it happening. If we want Bradford, imo, we have to take him at numero uno.


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            Re: Rams #1 Pick question

            There is no reason for the Bucs to trade up because if they stay where they are and the Rams take Bradford, then they get one of the two top DTs