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  • Rams Mock Draft

    1. Sam Bradford, QB - At the beginning of the process, I was definitely a Suh guy. I still think Suh may be the BPA. But the positional value difference and the glaring need for a QB puts Bradford over the top. His pro day just sealed the deal.

    2. (33rd pick) Brian Price, DT - Thought to be a 1st round pick but his stock is slipping, which would be a good thing for the Rams after passing on the DT's at the top of the draft. Is a very tough kid that the Rams can put at the 3-technique next to Ryan. Playmaker with 23.5 TFL's and 7 sacks last year.

    3. (65th pick) Joe McKnight, RB - I thought of going with Jahvid Best at #33, and I still think that would be a great pick. But if we pass on an RB in the 2nd, that need must be addressed quickly. McKnight is very versatile and could line up in the slot as well as serve as S-Jax's back-up.

    4. (99th pick) Dekoda Watson, LB - May not fit Spags' mold as he might not be quite big enough, weighing 226 at his pro day. But, he ran a 4.4 at said pro day and can be the playmaking, weakside OLB

    5. (132nd pick) Kyle Calloway, T - Rams need to draft a T to groom for the inevitable departure of Alex Barron after the 2010 season, preferably a RT type as Jason Smith slides over to LT. If Calloway is gone, go with Sam Young. Both have great size for the right side.

    5. (155th pick) Tony Moeaki, TE - With Fells slated to start, Rams could definitely use some help for competition/depth. This draft is stocked with similar size/speed pass-catching types, I think Moeaki will be the sleeper to fall this far.

    6. (170th pick) Danario Alexander, WR - At this point in the draft, it's worth the gamble on the injury proned, but talented WR that would give the Rams WR corps a different sized weapon.

    7. Jeffrey Fitzgerald, DE

    7. (2nd most irrelevant) Cody Grimm, SS

    The Rams need to have a good draft this year. Obviously a team that has picked 2nd, 2nd, and 1st the last 3 years has a ton of holes that can't be filled with one draft. Based on this year, I'd expect the top targets in the 2011 draft will be WR, DE, and perhaps OLB and secondary.

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  • The Optimistic Lamb
    The Optimistic Lamb's Mock Draft
    by The Optimistic Lamb
    Version 2.0

    1.1 Sam Bradford- QB
    In my mind, Suh is still the better player. But Bradford has all the tools, smarts, and character to become a franchise QB. The draft is very deep in DT and a steal at #33 is very possible.

    2.1 Brain Price- DT
    Price is big, explosive, and a little nasty. Plays with a lot of passion and has to be double teamed. Has lots in common with Dorrel Scott. Supposedly a top 15 pick, but in reality the 2rd tier DT's are all tied for 2nd and it comes down to what is a "fit". Most of the teams at the bottom of the draft are 3-4 defenses while Price is strictly a 4-3. He just has to slide by the Colts and Saints to be home free.

    3.1 Dorin Dickerson- WR
    Dickerson is 6'2, 226lbs, runs a 4.4, and can catch deep balls. What is he doing playing TE? He looks to me like a big WR like Dez Bryant, or Demaryius Thomas.

    4.1 AJ Edds- OLB
    Edds isn't a sexy pick like Sean Weatherspoon, but he is a big LB at 246lbs who excels in coverage. He is polished, smart, durable, and rarely makes mistakes. Could play WLB or SLB. To me, he fits right in with Voborra and Laurinaitis.

    5.1 Myron Lewis- CB/FS
    A CB projected to be a FS in the NFL because of his lack of speed. Some debate over what round Lewis belongs in, I've seen him as high as the 3rd and as low as the 6th. But Spags seems to have a place for these "tweeners" and after letting go of Jonathon Wade, we could use some depth in the backfield. We'll see how the situation develops on draft day.

    5.32 Chris Marinelli- OT
    A blue collar O-lineman who has the respect of his team. Is very tough and durable and should be a very good back up with potential.

    6.1 John Conner- FB
    At 241lbs, Conner plays mean old school football. Is very good in pass protection and will sacrifice himself to take out LB's on the run. Seems to play with reckless abandon and grit. Was a walk on who became team captain. Is also a special teams star.

    7.1 Jeromy Miles- FS
    Another big fast DB. 6'2, 210lbs, runs a 4.5. Nothing more than a good depth pick.

    7.19 Trindon Holliday- KR
    A star kick returner for LSU. One of the fastest guys in the draft, why not pick him if he's available?

    7.47 Who cares? There isn't an 8th round for a reason...
    -04-01-2010, 03:24 PM
  • TylerBishop
    Talent Infusion Mock Draft, assuming Fisher and Trades
    by TylerBishop
    I won't go over FA stuff, or re-signings, I will leave that for further analysis. This is about getting value and impact out of our picks.

    Cleveland trades us both their firsts for ours along with a 3rd and a 2nd and 3rd next year. They need a QB they are talking about Seneca Wallace competing for the job next year...seriosuly, Pat knows that means his job will be on the line. They will go get RG3 with our pick, Pat has already said he loves him (that may be hyperbole, but who knows).. they need a QB and we will sell them one.

    Only going to round 4, includes 6 in the top hundred!

    Pick #1 1st round (Tra: Clev - 4 overall) - Justin Blackmon, WR
    -An elite WR talent we can only achieve here in the draft

    Pick #2 1st round (Tra: Clev - 22 overall) - Alfonzo Dennard, CB

    - A starting day 1 talent that is said to be able to play inside and outside. He can start in Nickel and Dime packages, and Lord knows we need that depth for CB #1 and 2. He will likely be a starter you can win with by year 2.

    Pick #3 2nd round ( 34 overall) - Kelechi Osemele, OG/OT-
    - A top-tier elite talent at G or T, a day one starter
    . A guy who can be a top 5 at his position by year 2. Built in the mold of Mike Iupati.
    Pick #4 3rd round (67 overall) - Ronnel Lewis, LB
    - former first round candidate, was forced out due to injury last year. Assuming he shows at the combine that he is healthy, he is a great candidate here because there enough guys in front of him now to have him fall to us here. He is a great athlete that can play ST and contribute in 2012 in the starting lineup.

    Pick #5 3rd round (Tra: Clev 79 overall)- Marvin McNutt, WR
    - A guy projected as a developmental #1 receiver. Has displayed that he can make exceptional plays, and create separation against top talent.He can play rotationally day 1, and develop into a guy that can play consistently by the end of the season.To me he is the kind of guy the Steelers draft in this position that turns into a superstar. watch his game film, I can't believe the guy isn't projected higher (likely Iowas fault)

    Pick #6 4th round (99 overall) -
    Kevin Zeitler, OG/OC
    - listed as a guy who could be a "gritty starter" year one. A phenomenal run blocker that must develop pass-blocking, and is said to have skill set to do so. A guy we can use for inside depth, and to fight for starting time.
    -01-07-2012, 07:15 AM
  • onslaught11
    My second mock draft
    by onslaught11
    Let's get to it.

    1. Chris Long DE UVA - No question about it. I really hope he is there.
    Other pick: Vernon Gholston

    2. Gosder Cherilus OT BC - I really want Chris Williams here but he will be gone before then. I also would like Brandon Albert also but he will be gone. Anyway if we take two UVA players one after another then I would be considered playing favortism. Other pick - Kenny Phillips (if he drops)

    3. Earl Bennett WR Vandy - Most polished receiver in this draft. Has some speed. Ran 4.48 at the combine. Need someone for the 3-4th WR spot.
    Other pick - The Hawk WR Cal (<hawk sound> <hawk sound>)

    4. John Greco G/OT Toledo - Versatile and could be very good. I just seem to like him. He will be a guy who will impress.
    Other pick - Tony Hillis OT Texas (if he is there)
    Mike McGlynn OT/G/C/LS Pitt - So versatile. High effort guy.

    5. Brian Johnston DE Gardner-Webb - High effort guy. Small school sleeper. Reminds me alot like Brian Robison. Team him up with Chris Long and you will have two versatile guy who can play 4-3 DE and drop back on certain time to 3-4 OLB.
    Other pick - J. Lehman LB Illini - High effort tackling machine. Not greatest athlete but he is a baller.

    6a. Mike Cox FB GTech - Need someone whose only job is to blast open holes for JPL.

    6b. Frank Okam DT Texas - I think he will be here. He was once a first round prospect who just plain underachieve. When he wants to he dominates. Just need to light a fire under his butt. At 347 lb, he can be a true NT if and/or when the Rams line up in a 3-4. If not a 6th round is not a big waste.
    Other pick - Bobbie Williams S Bethune-Cookman - Small school sleeper prospect.

    7a. Jack Ike CB Wisconsin - Sad story. Tore up his knee preparing for the combine. I will take a flyer on him and stash him away on IR for this year. He will compete for the #2 or #3 CB in 09.

    7b. Fernando Velasco C Georgia - Raw prospect. I think he will surprise and be one of the better center from this draft. Not saying much because this C class is very weak.

    ** I would stock up on OL in this class because it is a very good and deep class for OT.

    ** I would probably not get a S from this class or a late rounder because this class blows. If a couple of junior declares next year, I would wet my pants and take a safety in the 1st round in 09.

    -03-12-2008, 08:39 AM
  • Warner4prez
    Rebuilding a dynasty: The Prez's Mock
    by Warner4prez
    Key Resignings: I'm not sure the number of guys that will be eligible for FA but to reiterate what most everyone else has said, I'll give you some of the key returners.
    1.) OJ Atogwe: Gotta have playmakers in the D-backfield and he's our number 1 guy back there. Almost regardless of the price, pay the man.

    2.) Cliff Ryan: A rising star as far as DT are concerned and a player that will be a cornerstone in our return to building the fearsome foursome.

    3.) Gary Gibson: Showed promise as a rotational player in the absence of Adam Carriker early in the season should be cheap to keep and depth on the D-line is a key to Spagnulo's approach.

    4.) Craig Dahl: Played well enough to keep a back up job while James Butler was injured, makes a solid special teamer and did well as a situational blitzer.

    5.) Mark Setterstrom: O-line will likely be an emphasis in FA and pre-season so keeping Setterstrom makes sense as he can start and perform at an NFL level already.

    (I'm sure there are more that we'll keep, these are just the key mentionables)

    Free Agency: The uncapped year could be a detriment to acquiring young FA's this team will need, but these are a few players that I'm hopefull the Rams will pull in.

    Chris Gocong (OLB): The Rams will be on the prowl for a legitimate playmaker to help shore up long runs. Gocong comes from that Philly D that already shares the genes as Spagnulos' system, and is a pretty solid pass covering LB as well.

    Aaron Kampman (DE/OLB): Had a rough season that ended in injury after the Pack switched to their 3-4 format, but could be on the way out. Packers have plenty of LB depth already with Chillar, Matthews, Hawk et. all.

    Jerious Norwood (HB): Speedster to come in and spell our prized back SJ39. Hope to see him make it over because I'm sure the Rams would rather spend picks elsewhere.

    Tony Scheffler (TE): McDaniels is casting off as many of his malcontents as he can, so hopefully the asking price won't be too steep to grab up a solid pass catching (not dropping) TE.

    The Draft: Much has already been made about this years draft and it's only January. Plenty will happen in the coming weeks and months, but this is just an initial look at what could shake down.

    Pick 1 (3rd): With the 3rd overall pick The Rams select QB Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame. I truly believe that Suh will be a great player, but I also believe that The Bucs will give almost anything to get to him, including both of their 2nd round picks. With 5 picks in the top 3 rounds, we could fast track some rebuilding and still make a few solid moves.

    Pick 2 (33rd): Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri. The Rams steal a great player at the top of the 2nd from their hometown school and a guy who will start straight away. With a possible LB corps of J-Lau and Gocong, we've got a fierce gang.

    Pick 3 (35th):
    -01-17-2010, 07:23 PM
  • 39thebeast
    Pre Bowl Mock draft
    by 39thebeast
    Free Agents
    O.J. Otogwe, FS, Rams- Gotta bring him back. One of the better play making safeties in the league

    Thomas Howard, OLB, Raiders- Great LB, fast(plays for all Davis what do you expect) big hitter, decent pass rusher. Where he excels in comparison to other LBs is coverage. As a former safety he has the size and speed to perfectly match up against TE's. Rams don't know how to cover TE's so this will help. The Raiders don't know what they are doing so his stats have gone down playing more on the strong side. He is a pure WLB and would be a good compliment to Lauranatis.

    Tavaris Jackson, QB, Vikings- He has got potential, mobility for the system, and has learned to make better decisions. He is starting right now if Brett Farve was a decisive person. Are the Vikings still 11-2? Maybe

    Tony Schefler, TE, Broncos-
    Really underutilized in Denver, will lower asking price. Ton of talent as receiver exactly what the rams need in the red zone and passing game in general.

    Zach Strief, OT, Saints-
    last thing the Rams want to do is spend another boatload of cash on another offensive lineman. Strief great size 6'7 325 cheaper option who could surprise at RT. Goldberg really played his best at RG he will start their for now.

    Karl Paymah, CB, Vikings-
    Bigger more physical corner spags wants. Can start until Fletcher comes back then be a really good nickel

    Leonard Little, DE, Rams
    - Brought back cheap 1 year deal, provides a pass rush until a younger guy develops.

    1. Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska-

    Beast what can I say. A line with Long, Ryan, Suh, and a RE. Great young defensive line, with the potential to be dominant.

    2. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

    Mobil, great leader. He will definately need some time to transition from the spread to a pro style offense. Might not have the arm, but he has the intangibles to be a good QB.

    3. Danario Alexander, WR, Missouri

    Big receiver the Rams currently don't have. 6-5 with great hands and is definately a threat in the red zone. Beastly local Mizzou boy. Adds another element to what our other young guys offer.

    4. Danny Batten, DE, South Dakota State

    After raiding the big 12 from its best players the Rams go to South Dakota State. Batten one of the best pass rushers in D II. Future at RE and will instantly rotate in as a pass rusher. With Long, Ryan, Suh if Batten develops. Dare I say it fearsome foursome part deux?

    5. Vladimir Ducase, OL, Massachusetts

    Plays LT at Massachusetts, but would probably play guard or RT in the pros. 6-5 330 he is a behemoth. Great run blocker and good in pass protection. Probably would be the future at RG since Goldberg is only signed through...
    -12-15-2009, 10:26 PM