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  • The Shock Mock

    Here is an interesting take given all the latest Washington trade-up talk:

    1: (4th overall): Jimmy Clausen, QB and Albert Haynesworth, DT (from WASH)

    2: Jahvid Best, RB

    3: Eric Norwood, OLB

    4: Marshall Newhouse, OT

    5anario Alexander, WR

    5: Brody Eldridge, TE

    6: Erik Lorig, DE

    7: 2 BPA's (way to hard to tell)

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    Re: The Shock Mock

    Interesting to say the least. Never will happen in a million years though. Thats a lot of green to be handing out.


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      Re: The Shock Mock

      I like it but if the skins wanted bradford that much i'd say make them eat 1/5 of hayneswoth salery a bit to much for a great player who has an attitude problem IMO

      as our skins ?friend? who posted on another thread said we have plenty of money to throw around $BRING IT$ "GO RAMS" RAMS 2010 SEE YA THERE


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        Re: The Shock Mock

        That's a great point about Haynesworth.


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        • sosa39rams
          Best mock guaranteed!
          by sosa39rams
          FREE AGENCY:

          Alex Brown, DE, Bears -> Solid starter, and veteran.

          Na'il Diggs, OLB, Panthers -> Also a solid starter and veteran.

          TRADE: Our 3.01 and next years 3rd to the Broncos for WR Brandon Marshall.

          Adam Carriker and our 5.24 for Albert Haynesworth.


          1.01 -> Sam Bradford, QB -> He is the new face of the St. louis Rams.

          2.01 -> Jermaine Gresham, TE -> Bring him here to start, and because him and Bradford have chemistry.

          4.01 -> Austen Lane, DE -> Pass rushing specialist.

          5.01 -> Kyle Calloway, OT -> Could come in here to be a starter or depth.

          6.01 -> Chris Brown, RB -> Very quick and great depth. Could be our backup.

          7.01 -> Danario Alexander, WR -> Great receiver, hopeful starter.

          7.19 -> A.J Jefferson, CB -> Good depth.

          7.49 -> Trindon Holliday, KR/PuntR/WR -> BEAST!

          -04-06-2010, 05:35 PM
        • txramsfan
          Mock Drafts
          by txramsfan
          I love mock drafts. There about as reliable as military intelligence. They are fun, I know however, every year it seems we have a daily mock of a mock of a mock from a mock to a mock that is a mock draft.

          Good luck to all the mockers.
          -04-11-2007, 10:10 AM
        • AvengerRam_old
          Don't mock the mocks...
          by AvengerRam_old
          As we head toward the offseason, allow me to make a polite suggestion...

          Be kind to your fellow mockers.

          I'm certain of two things. First, we're going to see a lot of mock drafts posted here. Second, some of them will cause you to think "is that guy CRAZY!!!!"

          Feel free to critique mock drafts. Do so in strong terminology. Express your exuberance and passion. Don't hold back.

          But... try to avoid banal commentary like "that mock is horrible" or hyperbole like "that's the worst mock ever."

          The goal is to get a lot of opinions out there and to analyze them, not to simply shout people down.

          Or, you could always just go with this...

          -12-17-2013, 07:13 AM
        • Guest's Avatar
          My "alternative" Mock
          by Guest
          when I do a mock, I always try to "think outside the box" and throw a few different ideas in to how picks could go. Anyway, here's my first mock:...
          -03-26-2005, 09:34 AM
        • thoey
          The Huddle's Mock
          by thoey
          I hope this is how it goes......
          -04-05-2012, 10:27 AM