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    The news is that Jared Gaither (OT from the Ravens) is available for a high 2nd round pick. In my opinion, he is certainly worth the 33rd pick since he is a proven NFL commodity (something nobody in the draft is) and still just turned 24 (with 28 career starts already). He's massive at 6'9", 340 and can play LT or RT (he was so good he kept Michael Oher at RT when he was healthy).

    I'm sure we would have to sign him to a new deal, and therefore would have a lot of $$ tied up in the OT position. But that is one of the most important positions in the game, and we would have 2 young bookends and a premium postion we wouldn't have to worry about for years, barring injury. Especially since the plan seems to be to draft Bradford, wouldn't it be a great idea to protect him?

    Heck, maybe the Ravens would be willing to take a 3rd/4th rounder and Barron for Gaither?


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    Re: Jared Gaither

    The following is from ESPN's KC Joyner, AKA the Football Scientist:

    Gaither has been a starter for the past two seasons, and in that time his metrics have been nothing short of superb. He has allowed only seven total sacks in 27 games and only one of these was a "one-on-one sack" (defined as when a defender beats a blocker in a one-on-one environment and tackles the quarterback in the pocket within three seconds of the snap).

    That illustrates Gaither's dominant pass-blocking skills, but his run-blocking numbers are also quite notable. Gaither was at the point of attack (POA) on 300 running plays the past two years, and he won his block 255 times, or 85 percent of the time.

    That is a solid number on its own, but his 2009 POA win rate of 89.0 percent is even more noteworthy. To put that total into perspective, consider that in a typical NFL season, fewer than one out of 10 offensive linemen will crack the 90 percent POA win mark. Gaither was on the precipice of that mark last year despite battling injuries.

    Put these two factors together and it equals a truly elite blindside blocker.


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      Re: Jared Gaither

      Nope, we can get a RT in this draft in rounds 4 or 5. Why trade for a LT when we JUST drafted one last year at #2. Maybe they want Barron after they dump this guy? Then we trade him for their 3rd rounder.


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        Re: Jared Gaither

        I think you do it to make a bold move that will definitely improve the team. When was the last time the Rams made a bold move? The Faulk trade? I guess you could argue releasing Warner, but my point is the Rams have played it safe for the better part of the last decade and we see where that has gotten us. Even the guys we take in the draft are so-called "safe" picks, and again, we see how that has turned out. If there was ever a time to make a major move, it is now.

        Sure, we can draft a guy in rounds 4-5, but what are the chances that guy pans out? Pretty low by Rams draft history, and the league as a whole. But Gaither is a near sure bet to pan out since he's already proven himself on the NFL level. And I don't mind that we just drafted Smith, you would have 2 young bookends to build around. And with Smith's concussion, you just don't know how that will play out.

        I realize from our prior history that we won't make this move, I just think it would definitely be a great decision.


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          Re: Jared Gaither

          Firstly, what's your source? And why do the Ravens want to trade him?

          I have no reason not to believe you, so I can see this happening if a number of things were to fall into place.

          I think this depends largely on Sam Bradford. If we take Bradford, I think there's a higher chance we go after him, just because we wouldn't have to worry about finding a QB in round two, as we would if we select Suh.

          Secondly, there needs to be a large difference on our big board between the purported abilities of Gaither and our top ranked player. For instance, if our top ranked player is USC LT Charles Brown, I can see a trade substantiating. However, if our top ranked player is, for example, USC DE Everson Griffen, and and the FO is enamored by him, then they would have cause to pass.

          It sounds like a great scenario for the Rams to me. He already has familiarity with Jason Brown, and it would depend on his willingness to play RT.


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            Re: Jared Gaither

            I hate spending more money on O-linemen, but if Bradford is everything he is cracked up to be, we HAVE to give him protection. Its a must, no matter how much.


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              Re: Jared Gaither

              this makes sense because they like the guy they got last year and the hype surrounding him with the whole movie thing and all, but i believe we already have our left tackle and don't need to use such a high pick there. if i was a team like detroit, kansas city, washington that's picking high and in need, i'd absolutely take the guy i want in round 1 and trade for this guy with my second pick.


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                Re: Jared Gaither


                It's all over the internet if you google Jared Gaither. Apparently his work ethic is in question. But sometimes you have to swing for the fences, you know? Personally, I think NFL teams place a little bit too high of a premium on draft picks as opposed to current, proven commodities. Like us getting Faulk for a 2nd rounder or Anquan Boldin going for what, a 4th? Like there would be a comparable player to Boldin in the 4th round? Insane.

                Since we can't post links, go to, Jason LaCanfora reporting on the rumors...
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                  Re: Jared Gaither

                  There are alot of questions about his work ethis which means if he don't keep himself in good shape and keep working at it he could decline in a hurry. I don't see OT this year being as big of a need as QB, #1 WR, TE, DE, OLB. We have Smith in his second year and we have Barron as the other OT with Goldberg and Greco who could back them up. Its not ideal but its not as big of a need. Next year it could be if Barron is no longer with the team. With all that said I would be willing to give up our 3rd rounder in a trade to get Gaither but not our 2nd rounder. Us giving up a second rounder is like some of the lower order teams giving up a 1st rounder. We are just 1 pick away from the first round just like our 3rd rounder is only 1 pick away from the second round (might be doable to trade if no takers on the second round).

                  How about this draft (Unlikely but my ideal ):
                  1. Bradford QB 6'4 235
                  2. Brandon Marshall WR 6'4 230 25 years old (trade to Denver our 2nd)
                  3. Jared Gaither OT 6'9 340 24 years old (trade to Ravens our 3rd rounder)
                  4. Jimmy Graham TE 6'6 260 4.56 40
                  5. Greg Hardy DE 6'4 281 4.8 40
                  5. A.J. Edds OLB 6'4 246 4.62 40

                  Sign: Alex Brown DE and Willie Parker RB

                  Trade: Barron for some new footballs.
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                    Re: Jared Gaither

                    if he is putting up great stats why question his work ethic.. Charles barkley never went to practice... literally never and say what you want he was a sweet forward


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                      Re: Jared Gaither

                      Here's a "report" on this:

                      NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora was on the Around the League desk Monday, offering up some of the latest chatter hes hearing on trades.
                      • Multiple sources have said Ravens LT Jared Gaither is drawing interest and a second-round pick could get the trade conversation started. Gaither, a restricted free agent, was tendered with a first-round pick by the Ravens. Watch the Redskins, La Canfora says, especially if they pass on an offensive tackle with the No. 4 overall pick.
                      The problem with a guy like Gaither is that he's going to expect to be paid like a LT, and we're already paying Smith as one.


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                        Re: Jared Gaither

                        Some risks are smart, while others aren't so smart. I don't want that valuable of a pick being used on another tackle with a questionable work ethic. We need some skill players and that's a prime position to get one in.


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                          Re: Jared Gaither

                          If we didn't draft Jason Smith last year, I would totally jump for Gaither. His frame is like a clone of Johnathan Ogden. Massive linemen like them don't grow on trees.

                          There are questions about his work ethic, but he is already playing like a premier tackle.

                          As of right now, I wouldn't want him. We would have to pay too much just for a right tackle.

                          If he was for trade last year, I would prefer to get him over Jason Smith. A high second rounder for a franchise OT instead of the #2 overall pick. Plus, Gaither's size is a huge plus over Smith.

                          But for now, I'd pass. Unless they're willing to give him to us for our 3rd and Barron.


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                            Re: Jared Gaither

                            Originally posted by bigtiger737
                            if he is putting up great stats why question his work ethic.. Charles barkley never went to practice... literally never and say what you want he was a sweet forward
                            One example does not make the rule. Barkley was not a 340 pound OT that has collisions every time the whistle blows. Had Barkley been in better shape maybe he could have played longer as well. The lack of work ethic for a guy that is 340 pounds is concerning seeing how he could gain more weight and then be rendered useless. Guys that are that big and do a poor job in conditioning can hurt themselves or deterioate in a hurry. With that said I would gamble a 3rd rounder but not earlier since we still have two OT's that should be at least adequate this year IMO.
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                              Re: Jared Gaither

                              Imagine having 2 amazing tackles? WOW!