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If a big WR is wanted, we should wait for 2011 Draft

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  • If a big WR is wanted, we should wait for 2011 Draft

    If we do indeed draft Bradford, he's going to need fast, tall, consistent, explosive, or playmaking receivers. Or all of them.

    We have a fast receiver in Donnie Avery.

    We have a consistent receiver in Laurent Robinson and Keenan Burton.

    We have an explosive receiver in Brandon Gibson.

    We have a playmaking receiver in Danny Amendola.

    What we're lacking is a big, tall receiver. A Randy Moss-Andre Johnson type of mold.

    And I believe if we want one, we should wait till the 2011 draft.

    For the 2010 Draft, we should grab a solid tight end for Bradford. A consistent, able to catch in traffic, big redzone target for him. Gresham is a possibility.

    But, I don't really find any tall standout WRs in this draft. There is Demaryius Thomas, and Danario Alexander. That's it.

    For the 2011 Draft, here's some WRs we should look at:

    *Note that the projected rounds aren't accurate because it doesn't count for their production next seasno.

    A.J Green [6'4, 190lbs.] Georgia *Top 5 pick

    Julio Jones [6'4, 210lbs.] Alabama *Top 7 pick

    Michael Floyd
    [6'3, 220lbs.] Notre Dame *Top 7 pick

    Jonathan Baldwin
    [6'5, 225lbs.] Pittsburgh *Top 15 pick

    Devier Posey
    [6'3, 205lbs.] Ohio State *Round 2 pick

    Terrance Toliver
    [6'5, 210lbs.] LSU *Round 2-3 pick

    Chris Owusu
    [6'2, 200lbs.] Stanford *Round 2-3 pick

    Derrell Johnson-Koulianos
    [6'1, 205lbs.] Iowa *Round 2-3 pick

    Greg Little
    [6'3, 215lbs.] North Carolina *Round 3-4 pick

    Ronald Johnson
    [6'1, 185lbs.] USC *Round 3-4 pick

    Austin Pettis [6'3, 200lbs.] Boise State *Round 3-4 pick

    Ryan Whalen
    [6'2, 205lbs.] Stanford *Round 3-4 pick

    Armon Binns
    [6'4, 200lbs.] Cincinnati *Round 4-5 pick

    DeAndre Brown
    [6'6, 230lbs.] Southern Miss. *Round 4-5 pick

    Leonard Hankerson [6'3, 215lbs.] Miami *Round 4-5 pick

    In the first 5 rounds, there are 15 big/tall receivers to be projected to be drafted. That is a huge number.

    If we are picking in the top ten next year, I would desperately hope one of the Triumvirate drops to us.

    If we are picking in the middle, Jonathan Baldwin is an amazing choice. He is underrated.

    The rest are solid, middle round picks.

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    Re: If a big WR is wanted, we should wait for 2011 Draft

    Originally posted by RockinRam View Post

    In the first 5 rounds, there are 15 big/tall receivers to be projected to be drafted. That is a huge number.

    Until the combine when half of these guys stink and the other half meausre 2 inches shorter


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      Re: If a big WR is wanted, we should wait for 2011 Draft

      Well I'm biased, and I would be interested to see what he runs in the 40, but Austin Pettis is a beast, if he runs anywhere near 4.4-4.5 I don't see any weakness in his game, if so, I think he is at minimum a 2nd rounder.


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        Re: If a big WR is wanted, we should wait for 2011 Draft


        That fella is a man among boys right now. I'd love for us to grab him.


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          Re: If a big WR is wanted, we should wait for 2011 Draft

          Originally posted by shower beers View Post

          That fella is a man among boys right now. I'd love for us to grab him.
          Yeah, he's a big, tough guy. Reminds me of a more physical version of Larry Fitzgerald/Anquan Boldin.


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          • thatguy
            2011 Draft
            by thatguy
            What positions do you think the rams will draft in the first 3 round or so assuming they have a top 5 pick?. If Robinson and Gibson don't show some potential for the future I think A.J Green should be the pick in the 1st round. In the 2nd round I think the rams could go for a DE if they aren't committed to selvie or maybe even a OLB. If the rams don't find a back up RB in FA they will pick a RB in the 3rd because the first 2 rounds seem a bit high to draft a back up. Then the rams could use a high pick on a RB the next draft.
            -08-29-2010, 06:02 PM
          • RockinRam
            Our #1 Receiver in the 2011 Draft?
            by RockinRam
            In the upcoming 2010 draft, the current receivers projected to go in the first round are:

            Damian Williams (USC)
            Brandon Lafell (LSU)
            Dez Bryant (Ok. State)

            (Golden Tate and Arrelious Benn might have a chance of sneaking in)

            That being said, do we address our WR need this year, and not grab a franchise QB, or grab a franchise QB in the first round, and try to get some talent later in the draft?

            Well, we may have found the answer. In the 2011 draft, there are three juniors who have immense talents, great size, great hands, and terrific athletic ability.

            They are:

            A.J Green (Georgia)
            Michael Floyd (Notre Dame)
            Julio Jones (Alabama)

            All three of these guys were five-star recruits coming out of high school. All three of these guys have great size.
            They all had great freshman years.

            Green is almost 6'5, 190lbs.
            Floyd comes in at 6'3, 220lbs.
            Jones is at 6'4, 215lbs.

            Some think A.J Green is the next Randy Moss, albeit a little bit slower. This guy catches everything that comes his way. Made Stafford look amazing in 2008. Also works the other way, as Green had a good QB to throw to him. Put up great numbers his freshman year. Will jump up and fight for every ball. Big target in the endzone. Very smart player.

            Michael Floyd can make the difficult catches. Good, tough runner after the catch. But, he's more fragile than Green or Jones. Starting receiver over Golden Tate this year, but was knocked out because of injuries. This guy will make big plays consistently.

            Julio Jones is the toughest of the bunch. Has nice bulk, and he can carry multiple defenders while running. Will also catch almost any ball. Was toted as the best receiver behind Michael Crabtree last year.

            Although not very credible or very accurate yet, all three of these guys are projected to go in the top ten in the 2011 draft.

            If we decide not to get a true #1 receiver this year, we should keep a close eye on these three.
            -11-15-2009, 09:21 AM
          • MauiRam
            Are you bored? Rams Land Clowney, Mosley, and Yankey in Draft Simulator
            by MauiRam
            Rams Land Clowney, Mosley, and Yankey in Draft Simulator

            By Anthony Bafaro
            December 20th 2013

            Hello friends. Podcast addiction has kept me from the keyboard for quite some time, but I was recently inspired by Rams Addiction loyalist, Cesar Noel, so I decided to take to the typing. He introduced me to a new addiction on Tuesday nightĖa 2014 NFL draft simulator.

            Sorry, Iím not giving you the link to the simulator until the end of the article. I canít force you to read this epic narrative, but if the only reason you came here was to use me as a gateway to the mental masturbation machine, youíre at least going to have to scroll through it all first, because, well, Iím kind of a dick.

            First off, a brief description of the simulator. You can pick any team and run its draft based on current draft position. You can make trades, but itís somewhat limited. When youíre on the clock, you CANNOT propose trades; you can only accept or ignore offers made to you. No negotiating; take it or leave it. When other teams are on the clock, you can propose a trade to that specific team, no others. Again, no negotiating. They either accept or reject the trade, and if they reject it they immediately trade with another team or draft a player. So if you need the deal to go down, you better pony up enough picks to make sure it happens on the first try.

            Last thing before we get started. As you all know, free agency comes first. For the sake of this exercise, the free agent moves I manifested in my head went as follows:

            I cut Cortland Finnegan, designated post June 1st, which saved $6M.
            I cut Harvey Dahl, which saved $4M.
            I re-signed Rodger Saffold (to play guard, of course).
            I went hard, and signed Jairus Byrd to play FS.

            Iíll get into this more once we get closer to free agent time, but I think Jairus Byrd is the single most important free agent target for the Rams this offseason. With him, they have a stud, ball-hawking, free-roaming center-fielderĖa piece that I believe takes this defense from enigmatic to elite, regardless of what else is added. Without him, they almost have to draft Clinton-Dix. Nothing against Ha-Ha, but being handcuffed to a player who could go top-ten, but might be 20th in terms of BPA, seriously limits your draft-day flexibility.

            I really donít want to spend 500 words defending whether or not these moves are financially feasible, so Iíll try to keep this concise.

            The Rams have about $12M in dead money coming off the books, but most of that will be consumed by pay raises for several key players (Sam Bradford, Chris Long, Jake Long, and Jared Cook). The money I saved with the aforementioned cuts essentially represents the total cap space I have to work withĖat least right nowĖbut keep in mind Kevin Demoff is a contract boss.

            Demoff isnít big on big...
            -12-20-2013, 08:45 AM
          • macrammer
            What should expectations be for a first round draft pick at WR?
            by macrammer
            We have all been waiting for the Quick experiment (2nd round pick, small D2 school) to gain some much needed production. The upcoming draft is supposedly WR strong. I have read on this site that it is too much to expect a first year guy to really blossom at WR. Takes a few years. So, if we do draft a WR in first round, is there anybody out there that will be the number one guy from outset in anyone's mind? Can we get by without a true number 1 and what looks to be quite a few 2's and 3's.......
            -02-21-2014, 03:08 PM
          • AvengerRam_old
            My view of the 2011 draft is evolving.
            by AvengerRam_old
            As the Rams continue to show improvement, I find myself moving away from a "hole filling" mentality and towards a "BPA" approach for the 2011 draft.

            That's a good thing. The reason perennially strong teams remain in contention is that they have the ability to focus on simply obtaining talent, rather than constantly filling holes (potentially at the risk of "reaching.")

            I do have one fairly obvious caveat to the BPA approach, though...

            Wide receiver.

            The Rams need to put a premium on the WR position when considering its draft options. The reason is equally obvious. When you have a rising star QB like Sam Bradford, you want to give him as many weapons as possible.

            So, if there is a clear cut first round WR on the board when the Rams pick, I think that's where they have to go. Right now, I see only three players who fit that definition: A.J. Green, Justin Blackmon (if he declares early) and Julio Jones.

            After those three, there is a fairly long list of WRs who I'd give a Round 1/2 grade to: Michael Floyd, Jonathan Baldwin, Leonard Hankerson and Ryan Broyles top that list.

            So, if the Rams are unable to get one of the "Big 3" WRs with their first pick, I'd go with a modified BPA approach in making the first selection. Essentially, it would be the BPA among the following positions:

            RB, WR, TE, DE, DT, OLB, DB

            Or, stated another way, any position other than QB, OL, FB, MLB, K and P.

            Of course, FA could change all of this, but that's a discussion for another day.
            -12-03-2010, 11:05 AM