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    When I look at LaGeratte Blount, I see a talented player with some character concerns and a fair amount of talent. I think that we should consider him in the fifth round for several reasons.

    1) He would provide us with the #2 back that we've been looking for, and he could step in for a game or two and start if Jackson gets hurt. He's a bruiser of a back, and we could use him on third and short situations amongst other things.

    2) He would bring a great versatility to our running game. We could keep defenses guessing by going with a two back set as they wouldn't know who's getting the ball. He could also play spot duty at full back so he could fill in for Karney or lead block in a two back set.

    3) He's a second round talent who has fallen to fifth round consideration because of his character concerns. However, I don't think that the concerns are as bad as some people make out. Don't get me wrong, I think that the Boise State incident was disgusting and there was no excuse for it, however I think his problems lie with controlling his emotions rather than off-field incidents. He would be in a good situation in St. Louis as SJax could take him under his wing and really help him develop as both a running back and a person. Also, I think that he's smartened up after the Boise State game, as he now knows that there will be severe consequenses for his actions (he wasn't even expected to play college ball again, let alone get drafted).

    Overall, I think that he would be a steal in the fifth round and that he would be in a good situation to really develop and mature here in St. Louis. What are your thoughts on him?

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    Re: LeGarette Blount

    If he's there in the fifth and we have not drafted a RB yet, I would not mind picking him up


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      Re: LeGarette Blount

      I dunno he can't be very smart...punching a guy with all those cameras around?? what are you thinking guy?

      Hopefully after he slips in the draft he'll come into the nfl with a chip on his shoulder and smartens up. I think a 5th rounder for that talent would be worth the trade-off of character flaw, but with spags' whole four pillars thing I doubt it...the four pillars is probably good for such a young team tho....


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        Re: LeGarette Blount

        What does that say to the rest of the team? We are willing to make an exception if you're good enough?

        Team integrity above all. Go Rams!!!


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          Re: LeGarette Blount

          Originally posted by The Optimistic Lamb
          What does that say to the rest of the team? We are willing to make an exception if you're good enough?

          Team integrity above all. Go Rams!!!
          DeSpags have come out and said that they are willing to overlook some things when drafting players as they know that people do dumb things when they're young (and older, for that matter). Blount's problems occured a little while back and I think he has been showing remorse about it. whether that's enough to fit in the exception range, I don't know, but I think he has a chance.


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            Re: LeGarette Blount

            The fifth round is ideally where I'd have us drafting a back as well (1 Bradford, 2 BPA-DE/DL/CB, 3 Curran/Worilds/Edds/Etc, 4 Graham/Gonzalez/Dickson, then a RB2), if he or Tate are there, they're definitely worth consideration, imo

            edit: for the record, I'm cool with rolling this year with Avery, Robinson, Gibson, Amendola, and Foster - I want to see what we have here when they're together, and hopefully healthy for an entrie season.
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              Re: LeGarette Blount

              In regards to the four pillars comment, I think what Spags is trying to do is a great thing, but now lets see if it works. If Blount falls that far in the draft snatch him up. Let him then come into an environment where high character standards are placed on him, and see if he buys into the culture. Everyone deserves a second chance and no oe should be completely written off because of their past. I dont condone what happened by any means, but sometimes having a culture of high character means that you need to reach out to people that need to learn to build their character. Just my feelings on it maybe I am too nice. Don't forget I believe he was mentored by Tony Dungy after the accident. If he can find something good him in the Rams sure could.


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              • harrydog
                Evan Royster
                by harrydog
                What do you think of Evan Royster if he slips to the 5th or 6th round? If he had entered the draft after his junior year he was projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round but he decided to return to Penn State for his senior year. Since Penn State was starting a freshman at QB teams really keyed on stopping Royster so he didn't get a lot of yardage early in the season and it hurt his stock. Plus he was told to bulk up in the off season and it really hurt his quickness early on. Later in the season he got back to his normal playing weight of around 212 and did much better.
                He's probably not going to be a featured back in the NFL but I think he'd be a solid back up. He's a good blocker. He has good acceleration and great vision. He also has good hands catching passes out of the backfield. He's been durable and consistently productive. I think he'd be worth a shot.
                -04-11-2011, 05:47 PM
              • C-Mob 71
                Phil Loadholt
                by C-Mob 71
                This kid is massive and I think he could be a force in he running game from the right tackle spot. Of course the only problem is his character concerns. I think we need to have a good long discussion with Loadholt, make sure his head is on straight and that he realizes drinking and driving can not be tolerated. I believe the big boy would fit in perfectly for what our offensive plans are.

                From what I can tell he was arrested on [I]suspicion[I] of DUI and an open container, can anyone elaborate on that, because if he didn't really get a DUI is it really big enough deal to drop him off our board?

                Also for you draftniks, is it likely we can get him in the third?
                -04-15-2009, 06:24 PM
              • Goldenfleece
                Another many days til the season starts?
                by Goldenfleece
                Okay one trade here. I'm arbitrarily picking KC as the team we trade with. They need a DT, Haloti Ngata is on the board, and they trade us a first, third, and some pick next year to move up. Since my first pick is Carpenter, who is expected to go somewhere in the 20s, it could work just as well if we traded to any of a handful of teams in the teens or early twenties.

                First Round (20th overall from KC): Bobby Carpenter, OLB Ohio State - We get a big SLB (6'3" 254) who plays the run well, excels at the blitz, and makes plays all over the field. Pass coverage is considered to be one of his strengths. He has also lined up with his hand down at DE before to blitz. He does need to work on getting off blocks faster, and he gets criticized for sometimes overpursuing. He also does not have the top end speed of Manny Lawson or Ernie Sims, but overall he has great physical tools and is a safe bet because he has already demonstrated the abilities we need at the position. To put it another way, some other first round linebackers may (or may not) have higher ceilings than he does, but I'd say he has a higher floor.

                Second Round (46th): Anthony Fasano, TE Notre Dame- I wanted to go Pope or Lewis on this pick, but I convinced myself they'd be gone by this point. Of the top five, Fasano is the most complete tight end because of his blocking abilities. He has pretty good size, good but not great speed, and he has good hands. The knock on him, is that he isn't the incredible specimen that some of these other guys are. He still posted a very respectable 40 and was one of the more productive pass-catching tight ends last season. Given the abundance of receiving weapons in our offense, I think the TE's blocking ability ought to be a real consideration, as he could help with the protection and running game along with upgrading our receiving options.

                Third Round (77th): Maurice Jones-Drew, RB/KR/PR UCLA - This guy put up a 28.5 yard average on punt returns. If it was much higher, the other team might as well not bother kicking. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in speed, quickness, change of direction skills, and power. He's only 5'8" but weighs 207, so he has some muscle packed on there. The Fisher signing reduces his value to us as a third down back, but it has to be tempting to take a player with this kind of ability. Most of the recent mocks I have seen have him going just a couple picks after this, but he could go earlier.

                Third Round (85th from KC): Orien Harris, DT Miami - He's a solid run-stuffer with enough quickness he could develop into a decent pass rusher as well. He has had some injury issues and needs to be more consistent, but he will provide good depth to the line. Miami tends to churn out some decent NFL players. One thing I like about him is his versatility. If he can develop his pass rushing skills a bit, he would be an excellent...
                -04-16-2006, 12:00 AM
              • Dr. Defense
                Quick little mock
                by Dr. Defense
                Figured I would try my hand at one of these. Don't think it's too far fetched. Let me know what you think.

                I am also assuming that we will add a rb and de in FA

                Round One- Julio Jones WR. Best wide receiver on the board when we picked. It was painfully obvious that Sam needs some deep threats who can stretch the field. Our receiving core is a bunch of guys that we have bundled together to make something work, but it won't function together for much longer.

                Round Two- Mark Herzlich OLB. Everyone thought he was going to be a first round talent or perhaps even a top 10 talent when he got drafted. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with cancer. He has made a recovery however and is moving forward. Some people will say that he's not the same player and that he will never be. However given the fact that we knew how he played and that he could return to that form again, it is well worth the risk. Even if he does not return to his previous form, he will still be a solid player.

                Round Three- Kendrick Ellis DT. Let's face it, our line is aging and Fred Robbins won't be with us for that much longer. So why not replace a mountain with a bigger mountain? Would be a monster in the run game and a disruptive force in the pass game. Could go before this, but his character concerns will prevent that. How he does in interviews will really determine where he lands on draft day.

                Round Four- John Moffitt OG. You want a mauler in the run game you say? I give you John Moffitt. At 6'4 323lbs he is quite a large man. He comes from a system where running the ball is an important part of the game. I think he will suffice very will to fix our OG and running between the tackle problems.

                Round Five- Pierre Allen DE. After stepping of the light of Ndamukong Suh, he posted a solid set of stats. Nothing really about him is flashy or impressive. All around solid player. For him it's all about potential. He could turn into someone who plays like a first round pick or become a rotational guy. With Spags history of defensive lineman i think the first option may be a reality.
                -01-30-2011, 04:19 AM
              • sosa39rams
                Mock Season, Gentlemen
                by sosa39rams
                Let's throw something together:

                Round 2 - Chris Godwin, WR, Penn State: Godwin's my guy. He's WR4 on my board and can do it all. Good speed, one of the best hands in the class, creates separation on his routes, has the best contested catch ability of any wideout in this draft, and is young too. He's going to be a heck of a pro WR.

                Round 3 - Tim Williams, OLB, Alabama: This would be a dream scenario for the Rams. Williams is an elite pass rusher right out of the gate and is actually good versus the run too. He's a top 10/15 talent in this class no doubt. The catch? Well, he got arrested for having a gun as well as weed. Also, he's admitted to failing multiple drug tests in college even though he never got caught. Wiliams is certainly a risk, and in a draft where we don't have a 1st rounder, it's tough to take this chance, but for a team starved for pass rushing help at OLB, Williams is the perfect solution. Specifically if he can stay clean.

                Round 4 - Eddie Jackson, FS, Alabama: Here's the second member of the crimson tide. Jackson was being talked about as a first round prospect all year, and for whatever reason he's slipped out of it ever since breaking his leg in season. He missed the rest of the year, and he's even had an ACL tear years ago. Now, Jackson is super talented. He's a rangy FS who can play centerfield and has a nose for breaking on the ball and finding it. Not only that, he's good at scoring TD's, and he can play nickel CB as well as he's done that before.

                Round 4 - Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson: I'm not sure if Leggett will be available here, but it'd be a dream if he was. He's a terrific athlete who needs to learn how to block much better. Outside of that, he's an athletic guy who can stretch the seams very effectively and can be a valuable receiving weapon right out of the gate for Goff and the Rams. Higbee and Leggett can form a good duo at TE.

                Round 5 - Ejuan Price, OLB, Pitt: Price will probably slide this far because he's an older prospect with some injury history as well, but man he's a great player. He can play the run and pass effectively. He's a very small player at 5'11, and many compare him to Elvis Dumervil for that exact reason, but Price is a terrific player who gives us more help at OLB and can provide an impact from day 1.
                -04-14-2017, 01:56 PM