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  • Albert Haynesworth

    What about getting Albert Haynesworth for the rams?

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    Re: Albert Haynesworth

    What about responding to the other post exactly like this that already exists?


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    • Dave2oo2
      Albert Haynesworth might be available???
      by Dave2oo2
      On Mike and Mike, they talked about Albert Haynesworth having a meeting with Mike Shanahan on Wednesday. It is expected that he is going to be cut after the meeting. I really don't like the guy and think we are set on defense, however...... We play the type of defense that he likes to play in and can be a huge power house (he could be our Suh). I think he is going back to Tennessee but do you think we take a chance on him to help us get into the playoffs?
      -12-07-2010, 10:51 AM
    • ZiaRam
      Everybody wins in Haynesworth trade
      by ZiaRam
      The Redskins did the right thing in dealing away Albert Haynesworth — this was addition by subtraction. The Patriots did the right thing — buying low on a uniquely skilled player (the Patriot way).

      Its a win-win.

      Redskins players and coaches were desperate for the Haynesworth saga to end. The circus had to leave town, and for the Redskins to get anything for a player with Haynesworth’s past, was due to take home another $5.4 million and was not a fit, is a victory.

      And who better than Bill Belichick to round Haynesworth into shape and cull something for him? This is a desperate player who, when motivated, can do All-Pro-type things. This is it for Haynesworth, similar to when New England acquired Randy Moss (or the drafting of Ryan Mallett).

      I dare say Haynesworth toes the line in New England and Belichick smartly finds nickel packages and matchups for him to be useful. The Pats badly need a pass rusher and this could certainly help.

      I like this trade all the way around
      -07-28-2011, 03:37 PM
    • sosa39rams
      Albert haynesworth
      by sosa39rams
      The Redskins offered DT Albert Haynesworth in trade talks for Donovan McNabb, according to league sources.
      Haynesworth, who clashed with coaches in Washington last season and has not made a good first impression with new coach Mike Shanahan, is someone who could be had in a trade, and he was offered to the Eagles.
      Other coaches said that they expect the Redskins to continue attempts to move Haynesworth, who is bucking attempts to play nose tackle with Washington playing more 3-4 now, according to sources. Haynesworth just received a $21 million bonus at the start of the month, and his salary would make dealing him very difficult.
      The Eagles had no interest in him outright, according to a source, and thus the subject of how much of the bonus payments and salary the Redskins would absorb in a trade did not come up. When the Redskins brought up Haynesworth they offered no financial stipulations, according to the source, but had the Eagles shown interest that matter may have come up.

      You guys interested in picking him up? Offer a nice trade something like Alex Barron, Adam Carricker, and a fifth round pick.
      -04-05-2010, 09:01 AM
    • eldfan
      Albert Haynesworth on Redskins' expectations: 'Oh, this is the Rams, we're gonna come
      by eldfan
      Albert Haynesworth offered a blistering assessment of his Washington Redskins after they lost to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

      Haynesworth said the Redskins underestimated the Rams and expected they could collect an easy win in St. Louis.

      Said Haynesworth, via The Washington Post:

      "We didn't focus. You know, we kind of expected 'Oh, this is the Rams, we're gonna come in here and just beat 'em.' But they're an NFL team too. They get draft picks just like we do and they prepare just like we did. And we just kind of let them off the hook. We spotted that 14 points, gave them a little bit of confidence, thinking they can play with us."

      The Rams won 30-16 for their first win of the season and just second in their last 29 games. It was the first NFL win for No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford, the Rams' QB.

      The Redskins left St. Louis with a 1-2 record that was identical to the Rams'.

      MORE HAYNESWORTH: Says contract doesn't make him 'slave' to Redskins

      Haynesworth was asked if the Redskins overlooked the Rams. He said:

      "I mean, you've got to look at their record and you've got to look at the team, and you think they've got a young quarterback and their line's been giving up a lot of sacks. And you might not think you're letting 'em off the hook or, 'Hey, it's just the Rams,' but it's got to be in your mind. Because you look at their record, you look at the young quarterback, look at how the line played before, giving up nine sacks before this game, and things like that. So it's little keys that probably make you think that way."

      -- Sean Leahy
      -09-27-2010, 06:53 PM
    • majorram
      Haynesworth to the skins
      by majorram
      Wow what a suprise 7 years 100 mil, how the hell do the skins every year sign these players..........

      -02-27-2009, 10:56 AM