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Bulger is Gone, Is Sam the Man?

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  • Bulger is Gone, Is Sam the Man?

    It seems 99.9% likely that Sam Bradford is the guy the Rams will get. Redskins signed McNabb and the Rams, just after, cut Bulger. (Connection? hmmm...)

    So just about everybody who would trade up for Bradford has filled their need one way or another. Bradford has very little leverage now, knowing that he would most likely slip to the Raiders or Bills at #8 or #9. He should sign with he Rams any day now, or risk slidding to a crappy team and getting paid less money.

    But is Clausen out of the picture? For a guy with character issues he has been pretty quiet through all this draft stuff. I dont think I would write Clausen off just yet, because there doesnt seem to be much evidence lately to substantiate the claims of his character issues. And in my opinion, he is just as qualified as Bradford talent wise.
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    Re: Bulger is Gone, Is Sam the Man?

    no Clausen is definetly NOT in the picture, I don't think he ever was (well at least with me he never was). So I'm promising that we will pick Bradford.


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      Re: Bulger is Gone, Is Sam the Man?

      Last year When Pace left it became obvious this year its bulger.

      No Clausen is not in the picture. Too many intangibles questions about him and more bust possibility.


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        Re: Bulger is Gone, Is Sam the Man?

        The flaw of his accuracy seems to come from Golden Tate's amazing ability to catch.

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