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  • Offensive Line PRESSURE

    I was a Suh guy, then all the hub-bub sank in and I agree we need a QB. Although Im not sold on Bradfords health reports stating that he is just as likely to injure his non throwing shoulder as the one repaired, but I dont have to be thats Despags job.

    What I find interesting is our Oline.
    Our starting LT took a knee to the head and missed most of the season after injuring his knee early on, yet this year hes just going to step right in and be our guy at LT. He has no experience to speak of at the position so he is basically a rookie imo.
    Our starting RT as of now, is still the mental giant. Mr. Focus easily has the talent to be a top tackle in the NFL, but lacks ANY measure of accountability for his salary or job description. Im sure he is aware we would rather have a 3rd or 4rth round rookie starting in his place, which I'll bet makes him want to play that much harder for us. He didnt even play well in his so called PAYDAY year, again a testament to his knowledge of how things work in the NFL. In this case I HOPE we start a rookie.
    Our LG and C Im ok with, some may not be but to each his own. I like Brown because he is consistent and Bell I just keep hoping hes going to play up to his pay someday.
    Our RG its going to be a competition from my understanding, and I hope Fraley can win the spot, or Greco can emerge.

    The point.
    I wonder which of these guys is the most excited knowing we are about to dump 70+ million on Plastic Sam.
    Talk about pressure, Bulger at least kept getting up until the defense finally broke his leg. I dont see Sam being HALF as durable (his college career) as Bulger. I was NEVER a fan of Bulger but when you look back and kinda laugh about it,That was one TOUGH S.O.B.
    I hope Bradford is as accurate throwing from his ass, because behind this line, even though I think they will have improved with another year together, that is a skill he will have to develop, along with making line calls, reading defenses, learning about hot routes, and of course how to run for his freakin life with all the blitzes a rookie QB will see.

    I hope he does well I really do, but I've been a Rams fan for over 10 years and nothing will change that, but hope is ALL we have EVERY year and this year will be funny to watch in my sarcastic opinion.

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    Re: Offensive Line PRESSURE

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think if this offensive line finds some rhythm, it'll be fine; no injuries and it'll be an above average line. I also don't think they'll be stupid with Bradford either. He obviously will need time to develop and I think if they feel he's the best QB to start Week 1, he'll more than likely be handing the ball off to SJax and another change of pace RB most of the time. This offense doesn't require a QB to throw 50 times a game and fortunately for Bradford, his accuracy will help tremendously with the quick slants incorporated in the WCO allowing him to get rid of the ball quickly. If these variables are played out well by the coaches, I don't see Bradford being a problem, durability wise.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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      Re: Offensive Line PRESSURE

      Heh..."Mr. Focus"?!...Lol!! Bwahahaha!!
      Now THAT'S funny!!


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        Re: Offensive Line PRESSURE

        I like your thread.

        What if some team picks up OT A. Barron. (Buffalo) The Rams will get a 2nd round pick for compensation.
        Who will play RT in Barron's place? Are Rams using Suh, Bradford or McCoy as trade bait to draft a OT in round one of the draft.

        Will Rams match any offer and keep Barron. With nobody trying to sign him for a second round tender are the Rams using this as contract negotiations to sign him long term.

        Nobody knows but the Rams front office.
        RT A. Barron
        RG J. Greco
        C Brown
        LG Bell
        LT Smith

        I like the line as long as there is no injuries. Barron is dependable in staying healthy. His mental mistakes is his only problem. Not bad as a player.

        If the Rams lose OT Barron and draft a rookie to take his place. I hope Bradford sits on the bench for his first year. Let QB Feeley get killed out there.


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          Re: Offensive Line PRESSURE

          well I'm pretty sure we had most of our sacks last year because other teams had 8 men in the box almost all the time. That will probly change this year if we get some other threats besides Jackson, and I think other teams will see that Bradford is much better than Bulger and that it will come back to bite them if they send up 8 men each time.


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          • general counsel
            Please respond to the following conern about Bradford
            by general counsel
            Forgive me if i am repeating a point thats been raised. I have been slammed at work and unable to participate as actively as i have done in this past. I have posted on this topic inside of other threads, but i thought it might be fun to deal with this topic on a stand alone basis.

            This is not a knock on bradford. He has the physical tools to be an excellent nfl qb. Many have questioned his durability. I am not going to debate that point because i think that before the rams invest over 40 million, they are going to satisfy themselves that he is healthy and no more likely to reinjure his shoulder than if he hadnt been hurt the first time. As an aside, a family member of mine practiced with Dr James Andrews and has educated me on injuries of this type. He tells me that these surgeries have a very high rate of success in most cases and there is every reason to believe that bradford will be as good as new. Thats not a guarantee of course, its just a matter of the odds from an objective and educated third party.

            What worries me is the lack of track record of bradford under pressure. In his huge year, bradford played entire games without a pass rush getting into his area code, let alone his face. In the national title game vs florida, with guys in his face, he looked pretty mortal to me.

            As all of you know from listing to my ranting over the last two years in defense of marc bulger, my mantra of the qb position is that no matter how good you are, you cant throw from flat on your ass, which is where marc bulger has been time and time and time again. What makes a great qb is a combination of his own skills and the weapons around him, starting with an offensive line.

            Mike Martz, like him or hate him, has had as much success with qb's as anyone alive. Martz says that leadership, accuracy, toughness and brains are the key to the qb position. There is a minimum required arm strength, but martz said time and again that arm strength is overated and i agree with that. I think the qb is like the president of the usa. He gets too much credit when things go well, and too much blame when things dont go well.

            Reasonable people can disagree on this topic, but i continue to contend that if you put peyton manning behind the rams offensive line, we would for sure improve, but i dont think we would be anywhere near a winning team because our offensive line has been a joke for years and there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the offensive line will be any better pass blocking wise this year than its been in the recent past. Sure jason smith may get better, but who knows? Peyton Manning, with pass rushers in his face looks mortal and that is with ten years of pro bowl experience. Bradford has no track record in that area. This also explains why i put so little stock in his pro day performance. What does it really mean that he looks great when no one is rushing him. Ryan...
            -04-05-2010, 03:09 PM
          • dave626
            Or O line, how do you feel about it?
            by dave626
            As of right now, with no other additions ( except maybe a 5th or 6th round depth pick),how do you feel about it? Im thinking it will be something like this
            LT= Smith
            LG= Bell
            C = Brown
            RG= Haley/Greco
            RT= Barron

            Barron, as much as it pains me to say it, is BY FAR our most durable player (on the line) and CAN block when hes not daydreaming of basketball. He usually shuts down the opposing teams best pass rusher when lined up against him, and has perfect size and good ability. Spags has to find a way to get into his head and help him with focus.

            Haley, is solid imo and should really push Greco for the RG starting spot. If Greco ends up starting then Haley would be great depth at Center and the guard spots.

            Brown, is a GREAT center and should be a good leader for us again this year.

            Bell, well some like him some dont, I think he solid at pass blocking but needs to buff up a little to improve his run blocking.

            Smith, I hope he can take the LT position this year and not look back. Last year was a tough one for all of us and I hope he can adjust his game to the NFL and be the pick we all hoped he would. I like his run blocking, he seems to be solid except for some footwork issues that I think he will get ironed out.

            Setterstrom,Trautline,and whoever else Im forgetting, Im hoping will give us decent depth although if we have to test that depth like we did last year we're in trouble.

            Id like to know what you guys think, Im pretty optimistic about this group providing most can stay healthy. I think we have some real talent on this line and hope that for the first time in MANY years our O line could be a strength for our team but, only time will tell.

            GO RAMS!!!
            -03-26-2010, 08:15 PM
          • RockinRam
            Why I think Sam Bradford should be our guy
            by RockinRam

            First off, I am not an Oklahoma Sooner fan. On the contrary, I am a UT (Texas) fan, which makes it quite of a surprise that I like Bradford so much.

            Now let's get down to business.

            In this opinionated argument, I'm not going to harp on Suh. I'm going to stay closely to Bradford.

            Okay, first point.

            Devaney and Spags are trying to remake this franchise into their own philosophy and dynasty. In order to do that, they need a "fresh" start. And by fresh start it means setting the future for the most important position the field. The QB. In this perspective, ignoring everything else, Sam Bradford comes in to this team giving the Rams a new identity. It's the start of a new decade, and it should be the start of a new decade of Ram's football. We ended the last decade on a horrible note, stats wise, and it's time to start anew. Bradford coming in gives us that fresh start. No matter what people say about Suh, a fresh QB gives fans and the organization a much needed rejuvinator than a DT would ever give.

            Second point

            We are trying to run a West Coast Offense. And by what that means, we are not going to be consistently running huge pass plays, pass plays that require 50 yard bombs. We are running a timing offense, backed by a ground and pound running game led by Steven Jackson.

            And Sam Bradford would excel in our offense. Why you ask?


            1) Bradford excels in the short and medium pass routes. His accuracy in these departments are spot-on elite, and he has enough zip to be solid in the WCO.

            2) He knows how to develop timing with his receivers. That is why the 2008 Oklahoma offense was so prolific. Bradford's timing with his receivers was insane. He is an amazingly smart QB who has great touch, feel, and timing to win in the NFL.

            That is why he would succeed in our offense. A WCO is based on timing between the QB and WR, and Bradford would wreck havoc once he gets the timing down with our young WR's.

            Third point

            More of why Bradford is a close to perfect fit for our scheme.

            Bradford is not a gun-slinger. That's been determined. He has above average arm strength, but he is by no means a Derek Anderson-Jamarcus Russell type QB.

            But that's better for Bradford. You know why?

            Because I would take a precision QB over a gun-slinging QB anyday of the week.

            Let's compare Bradford and other similar QB's (For example a young Marc Bulger) to a sniper. A sniper is patient, he doesn't make foolish decisions. He intelligently picks his target, and once he does, he delivers to his target with precision and timing. Snipers excel.

            Quarterbacks like Derek Anderson and Jamarcus Russell are gun-slingers. They can be compared to a shotgun. Shotguns aren't very...
            -03-25-2010, 08:22 PM
          • 39thebeast
            How much faith do you have in our current tackles
            by 39thebeast
            According to Billy D Barron will play LT and and Bell will play RT. Barron arguably had his best year when he played LT when Pace went down. The Rams run game would be better suited to having 2 bigger physical guards next to Brown like Cogs and Grecco. Its probably not the best we can, but it is certainly a better run blocking line up than last year, and maybe better all around depending on the development of the young guys.
            -03-10-2009, 04:29 PM
          • DistantRam
            Offensive line 2009
            by DistantRam
            With what five starters would you like to see the Rams open the season? Many people want to see a franchise left tackle taken in this month's draft, in order to replace Orlando Pace and because they feel that Alex Barron simply isn't good enough. However, there are plenty of people who want us to draft Aaron Curry in the first round- does that mean that we grab the best remaining OT in round two or do we trade back into round one to select someone who may slip a bit, like Michael Oher or Andre Smith?

            I'm going to assume that we can't negotiate any trades and that we have to pick where we currently are in the draft.

            That being the case, I'd go for Curry in the first round and one of Laurinaitis, Beckwith or Brinkley in round two. I really think that our linebackers are the weakest part of our team, Will Witherspoon excepted, and we have a chance to make our LB ranks the best in the league for many years to come in this draft.

            Add to that the fact that both Monroe (injury record) and Jason Smith (weak legs and iffy technique) have the kind of doubts about them that make you wonder if they're real blue chip tackle prospects and I'd go against selecting our franchise tackle of the future this year. Barron has played well enough when he has replaced Big O in the past and the 2010 draft will have players like Russell Okung, Trent Williams, Ciron Black and (if he comes out a year early) Bryan Bulaga as viable LT options.

            I'd like to see us give Roy Schuening and John Greco their chance; both were considered good value in last year's draft and have had a year of experience in the squad. Greco played well when he came on, while Schuening didn't feature but was plagued by niggling injuries. All of the draft sites said that Schuening was a real rough, tough, guard- the type of player the new regime is apparently very keen on developing. We are a young team building for the future, so let's give these guys a go.

            Jacob Bell can stay at left guard: he simply isn't big enough to play tackle and he should do much better with Jason Brown to his right than he did with the hardworking but hapless Nick Leckey at centre.

            We still need a back-up centre (we should be able to get one in round three or even later, if necessary) and I'd like to see Richie Incognito traded (the fact that we can't find anyone interested in him surely speaks volumes- who wants a player who denigrates the fans, gives away loads of penalties and has a discipline problem.... apart from various Clan Ram members, that is?) and Mark Setterstrom back in the fold after his injury.

            When all's said and done, I'd like to see us enter the 2009 season with this OL in place:

            LT: Barron
            LG: Bell
            C: Brown
            RG: Schuening
            RT: Greco

            We'd then have Goldberg and Setterstrom as experienced back-ups and we could either draft a back-up centre and guard in the later rounds or acquire...
            -04-13-2009, 01:35 AM