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  • Another mock draft

    First Round
    Sam Bradford; QB Oklahoma

    I've changed from Suh, and with good reason. This guy has all the intangibles and measurables that you could want. With his shoulder checked out by multiple doctors and his great Pro Day, he is nothing less then a lock for the #1 pick at this point.

    Second Round
    Tyson Alualu; DT Cal

    We still need a dominate pressence on our d-line, along with someone to take a some pressure off of Long. Alualu can be all that and more. Starting all of his game since his sophmore season, the man has been absolutely great in that time, gathering a total of 15 sacks in those 3 years, and 7 sacks in his senior season.

    Third Round
    Ben Tate; RB Auburn

    A great downhill runner who can hit the hole with authority. Tate doesnt dance in the backfield and can block pretty well. This guy is 220 and runs a decent 4.4 40, he can provide the relief Jackson so desperately needs.
    Fourth Round
    Jimmy Graham; TE Miami

    A potential star in the making. Played mainly basketball at Miami until he joined the football team. Great size and hands, still raw but there might not be a bigger steal in the draft.
    Fifth Round
    Mike Tepper; OT Cal

    Tepper probably wont start from day one, but he will eventually. A project RT with good size, he can anchor our RT position for years if he pans out.
    Fifth Round
    Antonio Coleman; OLB/DE

    Can be brought in as a situational pass rusher, and should flourish under spags guidance. With 23 sacks in three years, we can use this man's pressure on the QB.

    For the 6th and 7th round you can fill out the team with your favorite depth player, it's really nothing less then a crap shoot past the 5th.

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    Re: Another mock draft

    I don't think I would select Tyson Alualu at #33. There is a very good chance that he would still be available in the third round.


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    • AlwaysBackwards
      My Mock Offseason
      by AlwaysBackwards
      Hello Fellow Clan Members.
      Here Is My Mock Offseason.

      First Regard These Few Things That
      I'm Assuming Are True and That Also Occur.

      1. Marc Bulger Is Back
      2. Leonard Little, OJ Atogwe, Cliff Ryan, Alex Barron Are Too
      3. Rams Are Serious About Running The Football
      4. Rams Get Thier Franchise Qb In 2010
      5. Rams Sign OLB Derrick Johnson And CB Richard Marshall
      6. DSpags And Co. Said They Need Playmakers On The O!
      7. The JLine Is For Real Just Doesnt Happen This Year! (See JLine Thread)
      8. Randy McMichael Is Not Brought Back

      Now Here's My Mock Draft. Enjoy!

      Round 1. Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
      Reason: No Franchise QB And Clearly Is The BPA And Fills A Need

      Round 2. Jahvid Best RB California
      Reason: Why Waste A 2nd On A QB When Our Franchise Guy Is In Next Years Draft? We Also Need Playmakers And Best Fits That Role.

      (Familiar Colors Aeh?)

      Round 3. Damien Williams WR USC
      Reason: Low Risk, High Reward Kinda Thing. He Has The Potential To Be A Number 1 Reciever And Were Only Giving Up A 3rd Rounder.

      Round 4. Aaron Hernandez TE Florida
      Reason: Rams Have Been Missing A TE Ever Since Ernie Conwell Left! Remember Him?

      Round 5. Brandon Lang DE Troy
      Reason: Rams Need To Shore Up The DE Position And Lang Fits The Bill.

      Now I Know I'm Missing Three More Picks But I Think Rams Will Go BPA From Here On Out!

      Thats Basically It..Thoughts??

      *References and
      -01-10-2010, 08:13 AM
    • MauiRam
      No center in free agency - what then to do?
      by MauiRam
      If we do not land a free agent center capable of starting, in which round should we draft a center? Sixth and seventh round picks are usually developmental picks - not a great place to find a starting center. Thoughts?
      -03-20-2017, 12:17 PM
    • sosa39rams
      Sosa's Godly Mock Draft!
      by sosa39rams
      Free Agency

      Davin Joseph, OG, Bucs - A very good OG that might hit the market. If we can lay hands on him our line would be much better. The line would be solidified.

      Sidney Rice, WR, Vikings - A very tall and talented receiver. He would definitely fit in well here and him and Bradford would be a duo to look out for.


      Round 1: Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri: We all would have loved Julio but I do not think he will drop this far. Anyway, we get a solid youngster to play across from Chris Long which would be a terror. He can develop into something disgustingly special.

      Round 2: Aaron Williams, CB, Texas: This kid has great size and good speed. Some dont think he will fit in as a CB in the NFL so we move him into the SS or FS role where he would fit greatly. 1 more hole filled with a talented player.

      Round 3: Mason Foster, OLB, Washington: This kid is a tackling machine. He has a great work ethic and Spags would love to coach him. He will fit in tremendously and him and James Laurinaitis would make a scary duo.

      Round 4: Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma State: He is an impressive player that would take over the change of pace role. He and Steven Jackson would make a great 1 2 punch. Great value in a later round.

      Round 5: Lee Ziemba, G, Auburn: Take this kid for depth and a possible job. If he outplays Jacob Bell he can say goodbye to that fat contract he signed. Once again some good value in a later round.

      Round 7: Cecil Shorts III, WR, Mount Union: A division 2 player who will be overlooked. A talented kid who did great at the senior bowl. Can be a KR/PuntR and some good depth for WR. If not a starter, a special teams player.

      Round 7: Anthony Gray, NT, Southern Miss: A bigger kid. We need some beef in the middle of the line and he could be some good depth.
      -03-02-2011, 07:43 PM
    • Tampa_Ram
      Tampa Rams New Year Mock v1.0
      by Tampa_Ram
      Usually I have a midseason mock and at least one or more after that before the season ends but have been busy with work and to be honest, quite lazy this year. But with time off from work and refreshed decided to do it up.

      Not gonna go over who we re-sign and who we release, we already know the major players who we should keep and get rid of. And yes, re-sign Bradford to 2 year, $20mil.

      As for picking up FA's, never really get well into that, especially since the Rams never pick up who I am even close to predicting. So not really going to go into FA at this time. Maybe in the next mock I will dive into that beast.

      The Raiders center seems a common pickup for us(so doubt we get him). That DT from the Lions is another common one, and seems a good possibility if Langford is dropped.

      Enough of that nonsense, lets get to the good ****!!!!!

      The Draft:

      First, were gonna start off with a trade!!! yes a trade!!!! I knew thatd get your interest back into my rambling!!!! Muahahahaha!!!......ok, im done...moving the trade!!!!!

      At this point it doesnt matter who we trade with or why, but for a good reference point, we are trading from #10 back to.......#23? Sound good? no? I dont care if you dont like, my mock remember?

      So what do we get for the trade back? A latish 2nd round pick and a 4th to recoup part of what we lost in the Barron trade.

      Now these are our picks have to use.


      now to the selections!!!

      Marcus Peters
      6'0 198lbs
      A cornerback? A cornerback who got kicked off his team? What the hell is this ****?? Calm down guys!!! jeeze!! I don't trust JJ, and not 100% sold on Tru just yet. Gaines is a baller.
      Physicality and athleticism regularly stood out against top competition. Among his best attributes is recognition, as Peters plays the receiver very well, turning back toward the ball as the wideout does and frequently knocking the ball away or intercepting it. Peters' aggression is just as evident in his tackling. Whether it be against a receiver or coming up in run support, he is a physical hitter who looks to intimidate opponents.

      Ty Sambrailo
      Offensive Tackle
      6'5 315lbs
      Played tackle but will be moved inside to Guard. Sambrailo has the length and footwork to remain at tackle but his girth and aggression also project well inside. Has the lower-body agility and attitude to thrive against pro rushers.

      *I havent studied the O-line prospects to much so far, so not sure who I really like the in late 1st/2nd+ rounds.

      Cameron Erving
      6'5 308lbs
      Say hello to our new center. Versatile athlete who has transitioned from the defensive...
      -01-02-2015, 02:52 PM
    • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
      Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft
      by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
      Round 1: Ndamukong Suh DT: The House of Spears, will improve the entire defense if he can live up to even half of the hype he has garnered. Excellent strength that can increase, intelligent, uses hands very well, playmaker at DT.

      Round 2: Sean Weatherspoon OLB: Side line to Sideline defender, can make things happen, can come in and start immediately and compliment JLau tremendously.

      Round 3: Dexter Mccluster RB/WR: PLAYMAKER, I'd consider trading back up into the second round to acquire this guy... is one of those guys that can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball, excellent agility and quickness, sick juking moves and change of direction skills, can be utilized at receiver, runningback, and special teams. Could be the Rams utility man. WARNING: Stock on the rise after performing excellent so far at Senior Bowl, could very likely go higher.

      Round 4: George Selvie DE: Once considered one of the best pass rushers in college football, he has taken a fall from grace after greatly under performing this past season. Great Size and burst off the edge with good speed. Likely a steal this low and could quite possibly go higher.

      Round 5 #1: Jimmy Graham TE: About as tall as it gets in the NFL. Converted basketball player with potential off the freakin' charts. Fast, Quick, Agile due to all that basketball learnin'. Good ball skills and run after the catch ability. Would be a project at Tight End but Daniel Fells can be serviceable in the meantime and If this guy can reach his potential we have Kellen Winslow/Antonio Gates Hybrid on our hands that's taller. If he's there TAKE HIM.

      Round 5 #2: Danario Alexander WR: Great Size, outstanding leaper, very productive with run after the catch ability. Plays stiff sometimes and apparently has trouble getting in and out of his cuts. Doesn't seem to ahve the acceleration wanted for the position. could be a great Red zone threat and legit receiver with some more coaching. Injury History.

      Round 6: Ciron Black RG/RT: Was highly touted before this season. Was a highly durable 4 year anchor on the line for LSU. Big (6'5 322) with good strength and a great run blocker. I'd move him inside as he has trouble with speed rushers and his strength is not at the tackle position IMO. Was seen by some to have been a first second round pick but has watched his stock plummet after under achieving and could possibly fall to us here. Would be great value at a position of need.

      Round 7 #1: Legarrette Blount RB: Physical Downhill punisher, Has good speed to break one. Draft stock plummeted due to Boise State incident and character concerns. Physical Specimen with great size. Has steal written all over him.

      Round 7 #2: BPA

      Now of course this an ideal draft with an outside chance of happening. Will update accordingly. This is all assuming the Rams stay with the picks they have now and don't gain any additional o...
      -01-27-2010, 09:17 PM