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Where to now for Bulger?

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  • Where to now for Bulger?

    Apart from the news about being axed, nothing much has surfaced in the way of buzz around Bulger,

    Is he done as a starter in the NFL? Apart from the Raiders & Bills ... maybe. I'm sure the Browns are kicking themselves coz i would have taken Bulger over Jake.

    Or is he the proven backup for a team like the Saints / Bears?

    My money is on he will sign for a team that he can compete for the starting job.

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    Re: Where to now for Bulger?

    Doubt he's going to Da Bearz as Mike Martz's system is a pass blissful game at the cost of the QB being a constant sack puppet. You've seen Kurt Warner, Marc Bulger, and Jon Kitna as victims of his offensive philosophy. I just hope for Jay Cutler that he doesn't get too much of Martz's love.

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      Re: Where to now for Bulger?

      I agree, I dont think Bulger would welcome a Martz type system after what he went through here.
      I just dont want to see him in the NFC West because, his only 2 good games of the year would be against us.