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Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next For Rams?

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  • Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next For Rams?

    04.09.2010 2:10 pm
    If Bradford goes No. 1, what’s next for Rams?
    By Roger Hensley


    QUESTION: The Rams obviously found a gem in the second round of the draft last year with LB James Laurinaitis. Assuming the team selects Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall pick in a couple weeks, what position do you think they will pursue most aggressively in the second round?

    They have so many needs it’s impossible to be specific about what they’ll take at the top of round two. Presuming the Rams will draft QB Sam Bradford with the 1st overall pick, they’ll be on the lookout for any number of positions with the first choice of the second round. It depends what’s there. They could go for a wideout, defensive end, tight end, guard, offensive tackle, cornerback, outside linebacker. Hell, they need everything.

    The Rams have so many needs, at so many positions, they will have incredible flexibility at the top of the second. Whether it’s defensive end, defensive tackle, cornerback, linebacker or wide receiver, they should trust their board and take the best player available. But keep this in mind, too. With a full day between Rounds 1 and 2, the first pick of the second round will be highly coveted by teams re-stacking their board. This could be a prime opportunity to trade down and pick up extra picks in what’s shaping up as a deep draft in the middle rounds.

    They could go for a number of positions in the second round; they have many holes to fill. If Mizzou linebacker Sean Weatherspoon is still available, he’d be a solid, and logical, choice. That would give the Rams a LB corps of Laurinaitis in the middle, Diggs on the strongside (presumably) and Weatherspoon on the weakside. Pretty solid, at least potentially.

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    Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next Ror Rams?

    Jermaine Gresham is a 1st round talent, if he's there snatch him up! if he's not there and Demaryius Thomas is there snatch him up! but if there's noone that we really want we should just trade down pick up maybe a first next year like the seahawks did.


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      Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next Ror Rams?

      jahvid best!!!! /// or Arrellious Benn //// Jermaine Gresham ///


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        Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next Ror Rams?

        I know its going to be difficult because there is probably going to be a guy or two that I really want to be a Ram at the top of round 2, but the best option seems to be a trade, and I have no doubt with the gap in days there's going to be plenty of trade suitors...I guess it comes down to how good the offer is.


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          Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next Ror Rams?

          As unfortunate as last year was, it put us in the best position for possibly one of the strongest draft classes in many years. No matter where we end up picking in the second round, there's sure to be plenty of talent to help restock the cupboard, so to speak. I'm looking forward to see how it pans out.


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            Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next Ror Rams?

            If we take Bradford with the #1 overall, I believe we will trade our #33 overall for more picks. The top pick of the 2nd rd is akin to a late 1st rounder. That, and the fact teams will practically have an extra day to re-stack their boards, will have the Rams' phone ringing off the hook.

            The Rams have so many needs that dropping down a bit in rd 2 won't prevent them from getting a solid player. It now appears the possibility of trading the 1st overall pick is very slim, as there just aren't enough suitors that can really offer adequate value.

            My feeling is there is about a ninety percent chance that it will not be the Rams selecting at the top of rd 2 if Bradford is our #1 pick ..


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              Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next Ror Rams?

              If we draft a quarterback in round one, then I don't think we pursue any position "aggressively" in round 2. With any luck, there will be first round talent waiting for us at some position of need. I wouldn't assume that we're going to trade the pick, though. For one thing, if we're looking to trade back because we figure we can still get a good player later, odds are that other teams are thinking the same thing. There is also the issue of making it worth our while. Let's say that a guy like Jermaine Gresham is still on the board (I think he'll go in round one but just for the sake of argument), will an extra third round pick or something really be worth passing on him? A team would just about have to offer next year's first rounder for the deal to be good for us. That is unless a player is involved. I could see a player for pick trade involving Marshall or Haynesworth or some other disgruntled star.


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                Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next Ror Rams?

                Haynesworth is too old for me to make that trade. Marshall I would probably go ahead and do that one however. I'm also wondering why we're so keen to trade the 33rd however. People underestimate the power of an impact player versus the bargain player. Give me an excellent player over two good players. I want the guy who can be a difference maker, not two guys who just start.


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                  Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next For Rams?

                  Well if Rams draft QB Bradford #1. :|

                  I hope the Rams draft DE Carlos Dunlap with the second pick.

                  Then weapons with the third (TE Jimmy Graham or RB Ben Tate) and fourth (RB Deji Karim or TE Dennis Pitta) pick.


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                    Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next For Rams?

                    I will be very annoyed if the Rams do trade down but in the process miss out on some first round caliber talent. I would prefer to take a guy at the top of the second like we did with Laurinaitis.

                    Of course, that does depend on the deal we get from the trade, and who is available


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                      Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next For Rams?

                      Jahvid Best i hope. He is amazing.


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                        Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next For Rams?

                        Originally posted by lostsoul View Post
                        Jahvid Best i hope. He is amazing.
                        As much as we need a solid backup for SJ, I think we can get one later, and we have too many holes to fill to spend the 2nd on a backup. This year's second can easily be a starter, so we should use the 2nd to fill a position where we need a starter.

                        Why miss out on a starting caliber player so we can fill a backup position?


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                          Re: Round Two: If Bradford Goes No. 1, What's Next For Rams?

                          I pray everyday gresham drops to the second... i dont think he makes it past cinci tho...
                          Im all for the rams waiting on a rb in the later rounds, rbs are a dime a dozen now anyways... pick up Mcknight or mcluster in the third either would be a good change up to action


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                            If the Rams take Bradford, the player I'm hoping falls to the second round is...
                            by AvengerRam_old
                            For me its Demaryius Thomas.

                            Bradford could use a big, fast WR to throw to. Thomas may need some route running work, but his size/speed ratio, toughness and big play ability provide unlimited upside.

                            (Oh... and to preempt any wise guys who might respond... let's keep this realistic. I'm sure we'd all like to see Suh fall to the Rams in Round 2, but the likelihood of that happening is about the same as the likelihood that I will be selected).
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                            At this point I don't want it to happen but let's say the Rams do end up selecting Bradford. How does that change the rest of the draft for us? At what point do we address defense? Is there another offensive player that would be irresistible for us in the 2nd round? Who would you like to see us take among the players that will most likely be available at #33 and #65?
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                            Excited for.. Friday?
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                            I think it is almost a foregone conclusion that we're getting Bradford. I used to worship the draft Saturday, sitting around all day watching through round 4 or so.

                            But man, is our pick valuable this year. Imagine last year, holding a high 2nd round pick.. and having 5 minutes to make a decision on a deal.

                            Can you IMAGINE how our phone will be ringing if someone slips? What is Weatherspoon, or Brandon Graham, or Golden Tate or somebody is sitting right there, just like the Ray Mauluga or Laurinitis was last year, or Devin Thomas the year before.

                            We could have SOOO many offers if a coveted player is there, and a WHOLE DAY to wait for the best one. I, for one, am excited about Friday draft resuming and being at the top of the 2nd round. For the first time being a bad team in the 2nd round might be very, very, very lucrative.

                            What do you guys think?

                            -04-20-2010, 05:20 PM
                          • RamsSB99
                            This could be the most exciting Rams draft
                            by RamsSB99
                            With the new format being three days now it really benfits the Rams with the #1 overall pick in each round. The Rams have Bradford likely pegged at #1 overall (I still like Suh but Bradford is just as deserving). The first round intrigue will be if Cleveland wants to trade up and get him or not and if the Rams want to trade back into the first round for a player they like. If Cleveland does trade up it will make the rest of the draft interesting. What players will be at #7 and who would we take? If the trade happened we would likely add another second and third rounder as well. That would give us two high second rounders and two third rounders. That would give us four picks on the second day. Having the 1st pick in the second round makes it interesting and will keep us on the edge of our seats as players are falling day 1 of the draft there is a chance of us trading back into the first round for a player that falls (we tried it with J. Lau last year but he still fell to us). If we stand pat with the second rounder we will have a full day for trying to work out a deal for either more picks or more picks and a player. Say Cleveland don't trade with us in the first, passes on QB in the first, and Colt McCoy is on the board in the second round after we took Bradford in the first. Cleveland may decide to trade up to our spot to get McCoy possibly giving us one of their three third rounders as well as their second. The fourth round of the draft will start on day 3 with our selection. It again gives the Rams a full day to work out a deal after teams restack their draft board. It might be an ideal chance for us to trade our fourth round pick for a proven NFL player. Maybe even package our fourth round pick with a guy like Barron or Carriker in trade.
                            -04-17-2010, 12:43 PM
                          • Varg6
                            The 2nd Round...
                            by Varg6
                            With Best, Gresham and Weatherspoon off the board, I can't help but think we should trade the 33rd pick for more picks and try to give Bradford some more help.

                            -04-22-2010, 08:02 PM