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Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford

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  • Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford

    Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford - ESPN Video - ESPN

    Gruden is going to have a 'QB Camp' with the top prospects including Bradford, Clausen, McCoy and Tebow. It's going to be airing on ESPN on April 15th at 7 PM. Definitely looks interesting and I appreciate Gruden because he is definitely someone who tells it how it is, as evident in this video. Should be an interesting feature leading right up to the draft.

    BTW, I'm aware of the no links rule, but there is really no other way I can embed the video or direct everyone to it without posting it.

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    Re: Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford

    No links!!!!

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      Re: Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford

      Never seen that segment before. Hope Chucky does that with all the top QBs before the draft. Extremely cool. I hope Sam took onboard what Gruden was saying about protecting himself.


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        Re: Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford

        OT: What's up with the "no links" rule. Most other sites demand links so posters can't get away with making carp up....

        I think Sam's getting the message.."slide baby"...Gruden can sure communicate.
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          Re: Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford

          Gruden called him the worst sliding qb he has ever seen. I can see Gruden really pick every part of these guys games apart. Telling Bradford to snap his head quicker,how not to take a direct hit to protect himself. Bradford does the Rams no good if he gets hurt.
          Aim high Willis, Aim High!


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            Re: Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford

            I liked his constructive criticizm.


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              Re: Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford

              The moderating staff has viewed and approved the link. Therefore, the thread has been restored.

              In the future, if you have a video that cannot be embedded into the board and has to be accessed by outside link, it would be beneficial to PM it to a moderator to make sure it's okay to post prior to posting it.


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                Re: Gruden's QB Camp: Sam Bradford

                Thanks for clarifying, Nick. I was just confused because the other thread with the link to Suh's video was still up.


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                • RedskinsFan01
                  Shanahan's comments on Bradford
                  by RedskinsFan01
                  Hey rams fans. Last night I was watching our locally aired The Mike Shanahan Show here in DC and he was asked about Sam Bradford. Heres what Shanny had to say on your new QB (Im paraphrasing):

                  -Bradford is the type of QB that only comes around once every 10 or 15 years.

                  -Shanny was asked if he had the #1 overall pick would he have taken Sam Bradford and Shanny's response was "Absolutely, hes that talented."

                  -Asked what he liked about Bradford Shanny said he reads defenses well, has a strong arm, very accurate and can make every throw. Feels the pressure nicely, basically everything you look for in a championship QB.

                  Just thought id share since this was only aired on local DC TV.
                  -09-26-2010, 09:59 AM
                • NJ Ramsfan1
                  Sam Bradford: The Truth
                  by NJ Ramsfan1
                  We've beaten this topic to death. This board seems to have many who think the guy is terrible (which is laughable), but also has numerous apologists who are always looking to justify bad QB play. Today was an excellent example of why simply looking at statistics (which on paper are great) is not an adequate barometer of a guy's performance. Let me be the latest one to add my two cents in the hopes of lending some needed perspective to the argument.

                  If Sam Bradford can be summed up in one paragraph, it's this: He mirrors the inconsistency that characterizes the rest of this football team. Today was a perfect example of seeing both the good Bradford and the bad Bradford in the same game. He fumbled a snap which led to a score. He threw a pick 6. He overthrew an open Givens in the 2nd quarter for a sure TD. This is simply too much self-inflicted damage for a team to overcome. He also threw three TDs, involved many different receivers and led a spirited, if unsuccessful comeback. Like I said- INCONSISTENT. To become an upper echelon QB, he must eliminate his propensity for the critical error while building on the strengths that got him to where he is today.

                  I think anyone thinking or hoping Bradford is someday going to be on a par with Brady, Manning, Brees, Roethlisberger or Rodgers needs to recalibrate their expectations. If getting a guy like that were easy, EVERY team would have one. This is certainly not to say Sam Bradford cannot be a winner in this league or become a top 10 QB.

                  I said early this season that we will be able to more accurately assess Bradford as a QB at the end of NEXT season- when he has hopefully had a 2nd injury-free year under the same O-Coordinator and Head Coach. I have not wavered from that opinion.
                  -12-16-2012, 02:15 PM
                • r8rh8rmike
                  Round Two: What NFL QB Does Sam Bradford Resemble?
                  by r8rh8rmike
                  What NFL QB does Sam Bradford resemble?

                  By ROGER HENSLEY
                  Friday, December 31, 2010 6:50 am

                  THE WATER COOLER:

                  From what you've seen of rookie QB Sam Bradford this season, which current or former NFL quarterback would you say his skill set most closely resembles?

                  JIM THOMAS:

                  He played at Oklahoma, he wears jersey No. 8, and he has a similar frame and similar accuracy. The comparisons to Troy Aikman (who finished his career at UCLA) are too numerous to overlook. So I guess we can expect three Super Bowl titles, too, eh?

                  BERNIE MIKLASZ:

                  Matt Ryan, the Atlanta quarterback. Both guys are tall and strong and accurate. They have similar body types. They have a similar demeanor. They aren't extroverted or flashy on the field. They aren't theatrical. Though personable as men and charismatic as athletes, they seem to have an aversion to self-promotion. They're all about putting the team first and that's a major reason why both became respected team leaders as soon as they took over as rookie starters. You can tell right away that they're calm, confident and in command. Nothing ever seems to bother them. They epitomize what quiet strength is all about.

                  BRYAN BURWELL:

                  He reminds me a little of Joe Montana for his nimbleness out of the pocket, and Troy Aikman as a big man in the pocket with great accuracy.

                  BILL COATS:

                  Bradford reminds me somewhat of Joe Montana, with his ability to throw accurately on the run. I also think his calm demeaner is reflective of Montana. Now, if Bradford could just win a bunch of Super Bowls, like Montana did...

                  JEFF GORDON:

                  He has always modeled himself after Troy Aikman and that is a pretty good comparison. Sam might be even better on the move than Troy was. Of course, he still must prove himself in the big games to measure up -- and he has a big opportunity to further define himself Sunday.

                  KEVIN WHEELER (Host of "Sports Open Line" on KMOX):

                  He reminds me of Peyton Manning. I thought so when he was playing at Oklahoma, I said so on-air in the lead-up to the draft and I've seen nothing since that would change my mind. They're about the same size (Manning is 6'5" 230 and Bradford is 6'4" 228), they're both accurate passers with strong arms and most importantly they're intelligent leaders who make things look easier than they really are.

                  That's not to say that I think he'll wind up doing what Manning has done over the years. He could but that's an awful lot to expect. Bradford has a long way to go to get to Manning's level but the rookie season Bradford is putting together is one of the best of all-time certainly makes it feel like anything is possible. Anything, that is, if he is surrounded by the kind of playmakers the Colts have had during Manning's career...
                  -12-31-2010, 11:24 AM
                • Rambos
                  Strong performance by QB Sam Bradford
                  by Rambos
                  He threw for 275 yards and two touchdowns for a rating of 104.1. He also had a couple of big time drives late in the game, more signs of progress.

                  IF a receiver to remain nameless would have lined up in the right spot, Sam would have had another deep ball of over 50 yards, in six games. That one was good for 80 as we all know. Sam would have been over 300 yards, with a win. He did have another big fourth quarter.
                  -11-11-2012, 11:26 PM
                • GroundDog39
                  Andy Dalton V Sam Bradford.?
                  by GroundDog39
                  I just thought Id post something I seen on the PD board, comparing the two's numbers at this point last year. Talk about neck and neck.

                  Dalton Bradford
                  Att 415 - 474
                  Comp 245- 286
                  Pct 59.0 - 60.3
                  Yards 2,883- 2884
                  TD's 18 -17
                  Int 12-12
                  Rating 82.1 - 79.1
                  Record 7-6- 6-7
                  -12-17-2011, 11:23 AM