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  • Attending NFL Draft

    New to the forum here. Just looking to find a place to see if anybody else is actually attending the draft. My buddy and I are flying to NY the Wednesday before the draft and plan on being in attendance for the 1st round on Thursday evening. Can't seem to find anybody on the Post Dispatch forum that is attending.

    Also, did anybody attend in 2009? That was the first year they started handing out those wrist bands the night before the draft. Looking for insight on how that worked out. Did you have to wait long for the wristband? Did the wristband guarantee you a seat the next day? Did you have to wait in line the next day if you had the wristband? Any insight is appreciated.

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    Re: Attending NFL Draft

    Unfortunately im not going to the draft. Make sure you cheer ridiculously loud every time Goodell walks onto the stage before a Rams draft pick.


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      Re: Attending NFL Draft

      I wouldn't mind going but I have class early on Friday
      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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      • BEER
        Where will you be draft day?
        by BEER
        Just wondering what some of you do for draft day. Me, myself I go out

        with the same friends, about 15 to 20 to a local bar "Capones" and watch usually the first two rounds. Why only two? Im too drunk and my wife
        has to pick me up. Anyways we have been doing this for ..... Id say the last 5 years.
        -04-08-2009, 05:27 PM
      • chucknbob
        Anybody ever go to the draft?
        by chucknbob
        A couple of friends and I are thinking about going to the draft this year. Our problem is that we're 5 hours away, and I'm not sure how the whole "wristbands" thing works. Can somebody explain how it works? I'm not sure I could get to Chicago before 8:00 Wednesday night and I don't know if I could get a band for thursday that late.
        -02-08-2015, 10:13 AM
      • txramsfan
        Draft Day...what do you do?
        by txramsfan
        Seriously, I tried last year to watch the draft. Thought that it might be relaxing after a strenous tax season. However, I found myself longing for the guy who painted little trees in the corner because the bushes needed friends. That's how boring I thought this "draft coverage" was. So, how do you make it enjoyable?

        This year, it's golf. You know, they should make one of those ESPN commercials about me when I'm going to be fixated on my phone while the draft is on. Then, when the Rams draft Sigmund Freud in the first round and I sling my putter across the green in disgust it will make a perfect Verizon highlight moment.
        -04-04-2008, 12:32 PM
      • Guest's Avatar
        When does the draft talk start?
        by Guest
        Just wondering.
        -12-26-2004, 07:59 PM
      • Alec22
        The Draft
        by Alec22
        Guys, the draft is tomorrow......
        -04-21-2010, 12:01 PM