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Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

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  • Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

    Would you trade the first overall pick to the Steelers for Big Ben? KFNS had a small discussion about the rumor. I was wondering if any of you guys would do it ?
    Im too much on the Bradford bandwagon to look at it objectively, and of course it will not happen . In my opinion that would be a kick in the nuts to the 4 pillars.

    GO RAMS!!!

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    Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

    Hell No. Roethlisberger is one of those second tier "franchise" quarterbacks. His success or failure is very much predicated on the parts surrounding him as opposed to his personal skills. When you combine that with his paucity of brain cells (for both natural and head trauma reasons), we should not unload the pick for him.
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      Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

      I was wondering how long it would take for someone to float this idea.

      My answer: Hell no.


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        Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

        Yup, he's exactly who we need taking Jason Smith, et al, out for beers after the game....


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          Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

          I'll second Av's wonderful statement: Hell no. As it was already said, he's a second tier QB that, while young and having two rings, has a history of off the field issues.
          While I do believe that he would be a good franchise quarterback for us, he's just not worth the overall number one, when you look at other quarterback's values. I'd try giving next year's 1st or our second this year.
          I believe!:ram:


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            Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

            I'll give them a 3rd rounder and a bag of potato chips. No way is the Steelers getting our 1st overall.
            Aim high Willis, Aim High!


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              Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

              I won't comment on whether I would do it, because its irrelevant. But I really believe Ben will have learned his lesson, and quit messing with all the skanks. This will all be forgotten in no time.


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                Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

                Ben likes to hold on to the ball and pump fake a minimum of 19 times before throwing. I kid, but he does pump fake and hold on to the ball a lot, which makes him get hit a lot. Sooner or later that will take its toll.

                Not to mention the fact he is not a consistent franchise QB. He's either fantastic or pretty bad. He didn't win that first superbowl, his defense did. He did a little, but really, he was pretty awful.

                I doubt he'd be worth the headache, and I'd be a bit concerned about his long-term health with how long he holds the ball.


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                  Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

                  Not good enough to me, too old for my taste, way too high an asking price, hasn't learned from mistakes, too much drama. I can't believe they'd even roll out the idea that we'd give the number one overall pick for a 28 year old, sex addicted, hit magnet. He averages in the top 5 in sacks taken every year..HELL NO


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                    Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

                    I'd also pass on Cant-Haz-Berger


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                      Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

                      I'd pass on Walrusberger.. PUH-LEASE.... Not a four-pillar player, has a truckload (less than Marshall) but you get the idea. The only exception is a 3rd and/or a 5th round pick. ;)

                      ♪ R.I.P. Nujabes ♫


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                        Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

                        A young proven winner for a guy that hasn't even played 1 down in the NFL?

                        I'd do it in a heartbeat!
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                          Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

                          Big Bens Big Ben will get him in trouble one day. I would prefer if the head on his shoulders did the thinking for him both on and off the field. The QB is often looked at as the leader of the team. IMO if there was one area I would prefer not to take on a person with off field issues it would be QB. The QB needs his teammates to have faith in him to lead the team more so then any other position.


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                            Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

                            I wouldn't give up the 1st OVR I might give up some later picks and some players but not the 1st.


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                              Re: Big Ben trade for 1rst OA pick

                              I was looking through the people I follow on Twitter and someone posed a question similar to this to one of the NFL media "experts." I think it was to Adam Schefter, but it could have been to Chris Mortensen or Peter King. Anyway, the response given by Schefter was that there was a better chance of the Rams selecting him (Schefter) with the first overall pick than there was of this happening.


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                                The Rams should trade down with every pick
                                by evil disco man
                                If I was in the war room running the Rams draft, I would simply trade down with every single pick, eventually accumulating the entire fourth round and selecting an entire new roster. I don't know why they don't just trade down and get extra picks every time, it's so easy. I can't believe they didn't think of that. Much better than reaching on a player that fits the system.


                                -04-27-2008, 01:39 AM
                              • TKnight39
                                The more I think about it, I want the Rams to trade its #2 pick!
                                by TKnight39
                                I honestly don't think anyone from this years draft will save this team. Bulger isn't going anywhere for at least another year and the best we might do is 8-8. (not saying that I don't want the Rams to go all the way next year)

                                I say trade out of this pick, grab someone else's 1st and 3rd along with next year's 1st (so we can have 2 #1s next year when it will be a QB happy 1st round).

                                Do you even think Spags and co will consider this???

                                -01-23-2009, 03:09 PM
                              • BernieM
                                The Rams' asking price for the No. 2 pick should be obvious
                                by BernieM
                                I don't get why people are suggesting that the Rams trade the second pick for lower picks in the draft. That makes no sense. Why would the Rams want picks that are WORSE than the one they already have. It makes me wonder if John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt are still running the show when people suggest things like that.

                                Its obvious that the only pick more valuable than the second pick is THE FIRST PICK!


                                The only problem is that the Colts won't trade the first pick because they want Andrew Luck, who was already determined to be this year's first pick back in December (and given that the Rams have Sam Bradford, they obviously don't want that pick!)

                                So, what's the solution?

                                Again, it should be obvious.

                                The Rams should trade the second pick in this year's draft for the FIRST pick in next year's draft. That would be an upgrade.

                                Too bad they don't call me for advice when they're confused by simple issue like this.

                                -02-28-2012, 04:23 PM
                              • LARAM
                                Another draft trade down rumor......Disturbing
                                by LARAM
                                I listened to some ESPN analyst, talk about how Chicago loves Darren McFadden to the point, that they may be willing to trade up to get him.

                                This scares me.....With other rumors of Dallas and Oakland wanting him, in order for Chicago to possibly get Mcfadden, they might possibly have to trade up to at least the #3 pick or even #2. This could be a possibility, and I hate to say it, but it isn't all that crazy sounding. I guess alot depends on what Miami does as well. I guess if a trade like this happened, we would all be blindsided.

                                I am totally against a trade back to the 14th pick, but what would be reasonable compensation if something like this happened? How could something like this benefit the Rams, and what type of strategy would we use for our picks.

                                I just think it's absolutely crazy to trade back this far, and I know this is all speculative, but jeez, What kind of deal would it take for the Rams to move back that far?
                                -03-26-2008, 07:44 PM
                              • Bald_81
                                Hindsight is a (you know what). Do you make this trade?
                                by Bald_81
                                Prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, it was speculated that the Steelers were shopping Ben Roethlisberger. He was suspended for six games for the upcoming season (later reduced to four), which might've been the impetus for wanting to trade him. One team they made an offer to was the Rams. The rumor was they offered Roethlisberger (and possibly additional picks) for the #1 overall pick in the draft and the Rams declined.

                                Let's say they included their 1st rounder (18th overall) as part of the package. We could have drafted someone like Maurkice Pouncey, Demaryius Thomas or Dez Bryant.

                                So, with the benefit of hindsight, what would you have done?

                                I know, I know, you can use hindsight in a vast majority of situations. But I thought this one was particularly interesting because the decision, which was obviously paramount at the time, would have such a big impact on the direction of the franchise....
                                No, I still would've picked someone other than Bradford
                                No, I still would've selected Bradford
                                -09-10-2014, 01:30 PM