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  • Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati?...

    Right, ive had enough of this Bradford/Suh thing.

    Lets say we managed to trade out of the top pick, somewhere after pick 5 onwards. Who would you select?

    I personally like the look of Bryan Bulaga. Now i could be wrong, but he looks like a mauler. Perhaps his pass protection is better than his run protection, i dont know that much about him. But imagine shifting him to RT. Our line would be solid for the future with Smith Bell Brown Greco Bulaga. Good core of young players, albeit Bell is 28/29. Two young studs at both Tackles and a pro-bowl calibre Center.

    If Bulaga is gone, then Mike Iupati would do nicely.

    Im a firm believer in building from the trenches, this would give us a talented O-Line, with a great future.

    Imagine now if Colt McCoy was there at 33. We pick him, have a great young line to protect him, and let him grow. Now i know we need more targets TE, WR etc. I would actually be really happy with our draft if something like this came about.

    Anyone else agree?

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    Re: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati?...

    Even if we're outside the top five, I wouldn't spend our first round pick on a tackle. I'm a strong believer of building from the inside out as well, but we have our long term left tackle and picking a right tackle that early makes no sense. While yes, we'd have great bookends, I feel it would be tying up too much money in the position while also not fulfilling needs as well as they could be.

    If we trade out of the top five, I'm looking for help on the defensive line still, probably whichever DE we like best, as opposed to DT or WR in the form of Dez Bryant. It's just too high to be picking a right tackle in my mind.
    I believe!:ram:


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      Re: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati?...

      While I agree with you 100% on building a team from the lines out, I just don't think Bulaga and Iupati are the guys to do it with.

      Bulaga looks to me to be a RT only, fine for the Rams, but way to early to pick one. Iupati, in my opinion, has way to much to work on technique wise. I love his aggressiveness, but he has almost zero knee bend which causes him to reach and grab. His arms also tend to get outside the frame of the defenders body. Both problems will lead to a ton of holding penalties in the NFL. He dominated in college on strength and tenacity alone. I love his attitude and he has a TON of raw talent. I just don't like him in the first.


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        Re: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati?...

        Iowa certainly knows how to turn these guys out, but I agree with everyone else's sentiments, in that our OL is not something we should be addressing in the first round this year.


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          Re: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati?...

          Our O-line is good enough as is compared to the rest of the roster that the 1st should really go to a weaker area: That being every other part of the roster. Really the line won't be bad at all if it stays healthy, and turning a good o-line into a great one is tantalizing, too many areas just plain don't have NFL starting players at them to ignore and upgrade a position that isn't as dire.


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            Re: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati?...

            a couple players I would consider would be Derrick Morgan, maybe Eric Berry if they don't want Atogwe for some reason, or Clausen if need be, but Morgan would be my front runner


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              Re: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati?...

              I don't think it is very optimal for us to draft an O-linemen with the first round pick of this draft. I don't think that's what we're looking for in this year's draft.

              Devaney even stated that in this draft, we are going to look for big time players. Players that can score points from far away, players that can sack the QB, and players that can provide a spark, and so on.


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                Re: Bryan Bulaga, Mike Iupati?...

                Could work, he projects as a RT and we do have a need there currently, however I think with the #5-7 pick, we have to draft the BPA.


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                • BarronWade
                  How do you feel about spending a high draft pick on an OL?
                  by BarronWade
                  Hypothetically speaking lets say we win the division with a near .500 record and a 1st round pick between 20-30.

                  Here's an intriguing idea taking an interior lineman. Last year i thought the Rams would go with a nice offensive playmaker but they decided to take an OT in Roger Saffold and make sure Bradford stays protected. I think that is a huge goal of this Devaney/spags regime. So why not go guard with a late 1st rounder?

                  So here is an intriguing prospect:

                  Rodney Hudson OL, Florida state

                  He is playing center this season but played Left guard the previous 2 seasons with 1 start at Left Tackle for the seminoles. He is a 4 pillar player. He can run block and pass block but is better at pass blocking. He is a great leader as well with good stamina to last an entire game and does not have an injury history.
                  -10-09-2010, 05:28 PM
                • Warner4prez
                  Rebuilding a dynasty: The Prez's Mock
                  by Warner4prez
                  Key Resignings: I'm not sure the number of guys that will be eligible for FA but to reiterate what most everyone else has said, I'll give you some of the key returners.
                  1.) OJ Atogwe: Gotta have playmakers in the D-backfield and he's our number 1 guy back there. Almost regardless of the price, pay the man.

                  2.) Cliff Ryan: A rising star as far as DT are concerned and a player that will be a cornerstone in our return to building the fearsome foursome.

                  3.) Gary Gibson: Showed promise as a rotational player in the absence of Adam Carriker early in the season should be cheap to keep and depth on the D-line is a key to Spagnulo's approach.

                  4.) Craig Dahl: Played well enough to keep a back up job while James Butler was injured, makes a solid special teamer and did well as a situational blitzer.

                  5.) Mark Setterstrom: O-line will likely be an emphasis in FA and pre-season so keeping Setterstrom makes sense as he can start and perform at an NFL level already.

                  (I'm sure there are more that we'll keep, these are just the key mentionables)

                  Free Agency: The uncapped year could be a detriment to acquiring young FA's this team will need, but these are a few players that I'm hopefull the Rams will pull in.

                  Chris Gocong (OLB): The Rams will be on the prowl for a legitimate playmaker to help shore up long runs. Gocong comes from that Philly D that already shares the genes as Spagnulos' system, and is a pretty solid pass covering LB as well.

                  Aaron Kampman (DE/OLB): Had a rough season that ended in injury after the Pack switched to their 3-4 format, but could be on the way out. Packers have plenty of LB depth already with Chillar, Matthews, Hawk et. all.

                  Jerious Norwood (HB): Speedster to come in and spell our prized back SJ39. Hope to see him make it over because I'm sure the Rams would rather spend picks elsewhere.

                  Tony Scheffler (TE): McDaniels is casting off as many of his malcontents as he can, so hopefully the asking price won't be too steep to grab up a solid pass catching (not dropping) TE.

                  The Draft: Much has already been made about this years draft and it's only January. Plenty will happen in the coming weeks and months, but this is just an initial look at what could shake down.

                  Pick 1 (3rd): With the 3rd overall pick The Rams select QB Jimmy Clausen Notre Dame. I truly believe that Suh will be a great player, but I also believe that The Bucs will give almost anything to get to him, including both of their 2nd round picks. With 5 picks in the top 3 rounds, we could fast track some rebuilding and still make a few solid moves.

                  Pick 2 (33rd): Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri. The Rams steal a great player at the top of the 2nd from their hometown school and a guy who will start straight away. With a possible LB corps of J-Lau and Gocong, we've got a fierce gang.

                  Pick 3 (35th):
                  -01-17-2010, 07:23 PM
                • dave626
                  Or O line, how do you feel about it?
                  by dave626
                  As of right now, with no other additions ( except maybe a 5th or 6th round depth pick),how do you feel about it? Im thinking it will be something like this
                  LT= Smith
                  LG= Bell
                  C = Brown
                  RG= Haley/Greco
                  RT= Barron

                  Barron, as much as it pains me to say it, is BY FAR our most durable player (on the line) and CAN block when hes not daydreaming of basketball. He usually shuts down the opposing teams best pass rusher when lined up against him, and has perfect size and good ability. Spags has to find a way to get into his head and help him with focus.

                  Haley, is solid imo and should really push Greco for the RG starting spot. If Greco ends up starting then Haley would be great depth at Center and the guard spots.

                  Brown, is a GREAT center and should be a good leader for us again this year.

                  Bell, well some like him some dont, I think he solid at pass blocking but needs to buff up a little to improve his run blocking.

                  Smith, I hope he can take the LT position this year and not look back. Last year was a tough one for all of us and I hope he can adjust his game to the NFL and be the pick we all hoped he would. I like his run blocking, he seems to be solid except for some footwork issues that I think he will get ironed out.

                  Setterstrom,Trautline,and whoever else Im forgetting, Im hoping will give us decent depth although if we have to test that depth like we did last year we're in trouble.

                  Id like to know what you guys think, Im pretty optimistic about this group providing most can stay healthy. I think we have some real talent on this line and hope that for the first time in MANY years our O line could be a strength for our team but, only time will tell.

                  GO RAMS!!!
                  -03-26-2010, 08:15 PM
                • rNemesis
                  Our draft success sucks!!! Pls read this!!!
                  by rNemesis
                  All this latest draft talk has left me puzzled. I'm going to get like Jim Rome . Here's what Im burning on:-

                  1) DE/DT/ the whole d line- We all know what Suh could and would bring to this team. I dont know if I brought this up before,but Little (35) and Hall ( 33) might now be here next year. IF THEY AREN'T,and we drafted say, Ndamakong Suh, we would have NO ONE TO play right end and no one to help Long on the left when he is NOT in the game. IS THIS NOT A BURNING CONCERN FOR THIS TEAM? I want a decent pass rush next year if nothing else. As a matter of fact, why cant this team have at least ONE GOOD SURE PRODUCT next year ( eg good o line or a good pass rush or good playmaking WR or a lockdown corner or something)? I know it DEFINITELY wont be all because we have too much holes to fill, but we can at least have ONE good thing RIGHt?

                  2) O LINE- I dont care about anything what was said about how good or bad this line is, but it would seem to me that in 2009 it was BELOW AVERAGE at best. Some of us say it was pretty good? HOW IS THAT? We gave up 44 sacks ( 25th worst in the NFL) and 98 hits ( 30th worst I think). THAT IS HORRIBLE. It is and you know it. There is no sugar coating it. I am sick and tired of hearing about injuries. yes they exist, but how much longer are we gonna keep getting injured. YOU know what ticks me off about the line situation? In another thread we mentioned Jason Brown in a thread called "HOW BAD IS THE OFFENSIVE LINE" Well, someone brought his durability into question, and I totally agree. He missed almost half of last season, never really impressed me, and got a concussion that most considered " mild". Jacob Bell has not shown greatness yet, Alex barron is a bonehead, and Jason brown was the only real SOLID link on the line. Cogs was also good, but who wants that attitude?

                  and the thing is, how can you expect to bring in a Sam Bradford if we havent even shored up the O-line? TOTAL NONSENSE I WOULD NOT DO THAT IF I WERE DEVANEY. as a matter of fact, how can you expect to play at a high level in this league if your line is not as great as a Colts, Pats, or New Orleans line ( all these teams had league lows in sacks allowed in 2009; near the top)

                  3) QB- We by now should have nothing but respect for Bulger, his leadership qualities, poise, and toughness. We should also know by now that he wasnt exactly the greatest decision maker/improviser in the pocket. I wouldnt mind at all if he is the starter in 2010, but I really dont think that would be best for this franchise. Our QB status is up in the air at this point, with no parachute landing nowhere in sight. But I do NOT hate Bulger. He did everything he could with the little weapons he had around him. That being said, its probably best to move on.

                  4) LB - OH this one puzzles me greatly! I saw the article on another thread talking about potential rams draftees for the LB...
                  -03-16-2010, 05:46 PM
                • RockinRam
                  Offensive Guard Upgrade?
                  by RockinRam
                  Is it time for an offensive guard upgrade? And not the LG. I think Adam Goldberg is a great-back up, but we need a long-term starter at RG, someone who is bigger and can give the interior a push alongside Jason Brown.

                  Goldberg is decent in pass-protection, but I find that he struggles getting a solid push in the run game. That's why John Greco is substituted in a lot of times to help give the o-line a bigger, stronger blocker.

                  However, John Greco still isn't a starter, and one must then question his pass blocking, which may be the reason why he isn't starting.

                  I think it's time to draft a big, mauler-type guard who is a bulldozer in the run game and a capable pass blocker. Steven Jackson needs more room to show his full running capabilities, and a stud RG can help this.

                  Here are some candidates that we could potentially draft:

                  Mike Pouncey 6'5 330 (1st-2nd round)

                  Pouncey has elite size and strength for an offensive guard, and he destroys defenders in the run game. Gets good upper and lower body drive However, he lacks great athleticism, and his pass blocking although capable, has room to improve. Pouncey has the potential to be a very solid lineman in the NFL.

                  Gabe Carimi 6'8 320 (2nd round)

                  Carimi is Wisconsin's left tackle. However, his raw-ness and lack of elite athleticism may require him to transition to right tackle or guard in the NFL. Uses his size to manhandle people in the run game, and uses his long arms and quick feet while pass blocking. Can get to the second level consistently. Him and John Moffitt create probably the most menacing duo in the NCAA.

                  Marcus Cannon 6'6 350 (2nd-4th round)

                  Massive size and superb strength. Has really agile feet, and usually gets to the second level while run blocking. Shows good hand use. He is surprisingly quite polished as a blocker, and can kick out to tackle if needed. However, he lacks killer instinct, and needs to improve his knee bend. His love for football is questionable. (Not sure if the last part is true.)

                  Ben Ijalana 6'3 320 (3rd-4th round)

                  Looks like a man among boys on the field. Has long arms and great feet, which he uses very effectively in pass blocking. More of a finesse blocker than a true mauler in the run game, so his best fits would be at LT and LG. However, if he improves his strength and run blocking, RG may be a good fit.

                  John Moffitt 6'5 320 (3rd-4th round)

                  Strong, blue-collar blocker who is polished both in run and pass blocking. Alongside Gabe Carimi, the two anchor a menacing Wisconsin offensive line due to their size, strength, tenacity, and work ethic. John Moffitt reminds me of a better, stronger, and more polished version of John Greco. He isn't the best knee bender and lacks agility, and needs to improve in these...
                  -11-14-2010, 10:30 AM