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Do you Mizzou fans remeber...

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  • Do you Mizzou fans remeber...

    ....David Overstreet Jr?

    I had the pleasure of having a conversation with him yesterday. I saw him wearing his Mizzou shirt so I had to ask if he was a Rams fan, to which he laughed and said "No!.."

    He said they're going to have to take Bradford now that Bulger is gone..Jokingly I told him we may still take Suh and he certainly didnt disagree with my wish..

    Anyway, hes very down to earth and is the one that let me know about Brandon Marshall being traded and laughed when I said as long as he didnt go to the

    I didnt ask him anything about his days in the NFL or anything, but he did mention he would play for ANYBODY! He laughed again when I told him we needed him out there with us lol..

    He certainly isnt a fan of Clausens as he said he's been to a few of his games(a friends little sister attends Notre Dame) and doesnt think ANY other qb in this years draft matchs Bradford skills, which of course I agreed..

    Hes still doing well for himself, as hes the owner of a marketing group down here in San Antonio..
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