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Just some thought .. about the draft

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  • Just some thought .. about the draft

    As many of us, I have been reading the threads.. Go Suh, GO Sam... Sam hates the rams..but we don't have proof.., were gonna trade for Big ben, were gonna trade with the browns, etc etc..

    I think perhaps there is a realization we should all atleast distantly see.. Bradford or Suh.. they will most likely be a large improvement over what we have.. I started off in the SUh corner hard and strong.. but Bradford is growing on me not because of any arguements on the board but because people who have real experience in the NFL are being sold too.. Infact the only thing making me nervous about bradford is him not wanting to sign before the draft, .. and that has nothing to do with him but everything to do with his agent.. they are about money and that is what takes these kids into training camp hold outs not the players,(we'll bernie wanting him kinda makes me vote suh but that's just bias).. Anyway at this point I guess I really want to just ask all of us fans.. can we really get upset with either pick?? either way I embrace who we pick as a ram and if I can embrace hill, kennedy, mad mike's project trung.. How could I not embrace either of these..
    2nd... Has anyone else wondered perhaps if the browns and steelers may be talking about the trades to help us not get bradford? If I was them I would making trade talk because it would be the only angle there is left to play in the sam sweepstakes.. anyone who watches football at all right now knows we are 90% bradford bound.. so I say ignore the rumers if you want bradford so the media gets no feedback and the news die's as quickly as it is fabricated..

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  • Bing69
    What if we pick Suh, where does Bradford go?
    by Bing69
    Just as the title says. If we go Suh at no.1, where will Bradford land? Lions, Bucs, Redskins, Chiefs have their QB. Unless the skins pick him then sit him behind McNabb for a year or he could fall to the Browns.

    Now i know the chances are Bradford is our guy, but for the purpose of this, where do you think he would go if we didnt pick him??
    -04-18-2010, 12:08 PM
  • realchamp11
    If we cant sign Bradford..
    by realchamp11
    IMO if Bradford and his agent are going to be difficult when it comes to signing him, i think we should take Suh and trade for Jason Campbell. This would also save us money and we would have a known solid starter at QB not a rookie with some questions. Personally i would rather go this route than drafting Bradford because we get two for sure starters day one
    -04-06-2010, 11:47 AM
  • clarasDK
    So how many changed their minds since the end of the regular season?
    by clarasDK
    There is a lot off back an forth on taking DT or QB with our first pick.

    At the end of the season I had a clear feeling that most would want Suh, but now many want Bradford. So did you change your mind and if yes why?

    Until now Bradford has not done much do rise his stocks, only a good interview and maybe gaining some weight. Suh had a VERY good combine so he has done nothing to decline his value.
    I wanted Suh then and I want him now
    I wanted Suh then but I want Bradford now
    I wanted Bradford then but want Suh now
    I wanted Bradford then and I want him now
    I want somebody else
    -03-15-2010, 03:18 PM
  • AvengerRam_old
    Don't be that guy
    by AvengerRam_old
    Eventually, each of us will have to decide who we favor: Bradford or Suh/G.McCoy. We can only take one of these guys, and a choice will have to be made.

    If you find yourself in the Suh/.G.McCoy camp, that's fine. They are Blue Chip prospects at a premium position.

    If you decide that Bradford is the way to go, that's also fine. He is the concensus top QB in this draft.

    But, whoever you choose, don't make your point by needlessly tearing down the other player(s). I'm starting to see this on other boards... posters who support Suh/G.McCoy with over the top critiques of Bradford that make him sound like the second coming of Ryan Leaf... Bradford fans who are trying to convince everyone that Suh/G.McCoy are overrated players with high bust potential.

    Don't be that guy.

    These are all solid prospects and one can make a reasonable argument for any one of them (even G.McCoy - though I personally see Suh as vastly superior).

    This is NOT and easy decision. Even if it makes you feel better to argue that it is... it isn't.

    Seriously... don't be that guy.
    -03-23-2010, 09:06 PM
  • AvengerRam_old
    Sam Bradford is the true "Wild Card" for the Rams first choice.
    by AvengerRam_old
    Last year at about this time, I suggested that, by the time the draft rolled around, Mark Sanchez could be on the Rams short list of players to select with the second pick in the draft. Many scoffed and, truth be told, even I was a bit uncertain with my prognostication. Of course, in the end, Sanchez rose from late first round prospect and became a top 5 pick on the strength of his workouts and interviews.

    I can see a similar scenario occurring with Sam Bradford.

    Last year, before Bradford decided to return to Oklahoma, many had him rated as a potential first pick in the draft. Then, as fate would have it, his season was scuttled by a shoulder injury.

    Now, he is still considered a top 10 pick by most, but there are question marks.

    So here are the "what ifs."

    What if the doctors say he is fine and that there should be no long term impact from his shoulder injury?

    What if he impresses at the Combine and/or his individual workouts?

    What if he presents as a confident leader in his interviews?

    If these things happen, the Rams very well could decide that the time is now to take a chance at drafting a potential franchise QB.

    If that occurs, there will still be decisions to make. The Rams could, of course, simply select Bradford first. Alternatively, they could smokescreen a desire to take Ndamukong Suh and try to trade down. The logical trade partner would be Tampa, who likely would covet Suh, and would not take QB with the first choice (having spent a first round pick last year on a QB). Such a plan would not be foolproof, though. If, as some have speculated, the Redskins want Bradford, they could trade up with Detroit and take him at #2, thereby leaving the Rams to take who? (G.McCoy? Clausen?).

    I'll leave the trade issue out of the analysis for now and simply say this.

    Right now, I see Suh as being a prospect who is extremely likely (say 75%) to be an impact player at a very important position.

    Right now, I see Bradford as being a prospect who has a decent chance (say 40-50%) to be an impact player at the MOST important position.

    With those odds, I go with Suh (absent a great trade offer).

    But if Bradford's stock rises, and I start to see him as having a better than 50% chance of being a franchise QB... then the choice becomes very difficult.

    Bottom line: we're in the first lap of a multi-lap race. Its way too early to call the winner.
    -02-02-2010, 08:03 AM