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Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

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  • Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

    If there is one clear indicator that the Rams should pass on former Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford, it is the Rams' history drafting QBs that won that award.

    Doug Flutie:0 TD passes as a Ram.

    Eric Crouch:0 TD passes as a Ram.

    Are you going to tell me that this is mere coincidence?

    Clearly, these examples show that it would be an outright disaster for the Rams to take Sam Bradford (or Tim Tebow, for that matter). If they do, the expected outcome is clear. 0 TD passes for a career?

    How is that going to turn around the franchise, particularly in this time of turmoil and pending disaster over the uncertainty of the ownership issue?


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    Re: Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

    I got really upset when I read the header, but actually ended up laughing. Thank you.


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      Re: Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

      Bernie you clearly dont see the overall plan. Bradford will simply drive the team to the one yard line and then call a QB sneak. He will become the only QB in NFL history to rush for over 200 touchdowns.


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        Re: Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

        I'm sure Jax won't mind him not throwing any TD's. That's more for him to pound in!
        I believe!:ram:


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          Re: Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

          Bernie, you dissappoint me. You should have told us how many regular season snaps the Heisman draftees took for us.

          All this means is that Bradford's baseline is incredibly low! If he takes a frickin' snap, he represents an improvement
          /Pollyanna Brigade


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            Re: Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

            I think he is missing Terry Baker's storied career as a ram. 1st overall pick in the 1963 draft and essential a disaster.

            ramming speed to all

            general counsel


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              Re: Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

              what can I say about this?? well thank you this has changed my mind about Bradford, I can now officially say that Bradford will suck if we take him.


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                Re: Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

                Thats bernies best ever post. Why has this not been spotted.
                The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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                  Re: Rams Heisman History Should Eliminate Bradford From Consideration

                  Uh oh, I think WoW is calling you again. You should go back on and level your lvl 67 dark lightning shadow elf.


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                  • xXsUbLiMeXx
                    Bradford Has Superpower
                    by xXsUbLiMeXx
                    What you may not have known... he flies.

                    YouTube - Sam Bradford's Heisman Moment
                    -04-01-2010, 02:35 PM
                  • r8rh8rmike
                    Bernie: Bradford In Position To Succeed
                    by r8rh8rmike
                    Bernie: Bradford in position to succeed

                    11 hours ago • BY BERNIE MIKLASZ • [email protected]

                    The frequently dispensed idea of 2013 being a “make or break” year for Sam Bradford intrigues me. I suppose this is another example of the reality-TV mentality seeping into sports again.

                    We must have drama and declare everyone an instant winner or a loser, with no room for moderate, reasonable views or nuance.

                    The last time I looked Bradford was a quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, not a contestant on “The Apprentice.” Coach Jeff Fisher will assess their quarterback’s job performance; we won’t see Donald Trump telling Bradford “you’re fired!”

                    I expect good things from Bradford this season. He’ll be surrounded by the fastest and most talented offensive cast he’s had since the Rams drafted him No. 1 overall in 2010. But this is also the youngest group of skill-position players he’s worked with in the NFL, and it will be a challenge to synch all of the rookies and second-year players.

                    With more playmakers and a variety of weapons, Bradford is in position to make more big plays. He should benefit from the enhanced security provided by new left-side offensive tackle, Jake Long. And Bradford should gain traction in working with the same offensive coordinator – Brian Schottenheimer – in successive years for the first time in his NFL career.

                    It’s a big season for Bradford, but not a “make or break” year.

                    I don’t even know what the term “make or break” means. Does Bradford have to be voted to the Pro Bowl or set passing records? Is it mandatory for the Rams to make the playoffs?

                    What would qualify as a “break” year? If the Rams finish under .500, or if Bradford is less than sensational – is he out?

                    Bradford’s salary jumps to $14 million in 2014. So yeah, if he stinks up stadiums in 2013, the Rams will have to reconsider his status as a franchise quarterback.

                    I don’t see that happening. I say that because Bradford, when healthy, has done more than given credit for. He was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2010, and the Rams improved from 1-15 to 7-9.

                    The 2011 season was a throwaway for the injured Bradford and virtually everyone associated with the franchise.

                    In 2012, Bradford took advantage of the stability and direction provided by Fisher’s hiring. Bradford displayed across-the-board improvement, the Rams rebounded from a 2-14 record and went 7-8-1 for their best finish since 2006.

                    Given the many horrific, lost seasons of Rams football, I don’t think Bradford should apologize for compiling a 14-17-1 record in his two healthy seasons.

                    People say he doesn’t make the team better?

                    When healthy, Bradford has already done that – twice.

                    Bradford progressed more than most realized 2012, establishing career...
                    -05-26-2013, 09:20 AM
                  • Rambos
                    After this performance, is Sam Bradford really worth keeping around?
                    by Rambos
                    By Douglas

                    After this performance, is Sam Bradford really worth keeping around?

                    Sam Bradford went 29/48 for 240 yards and 1 TD. I honestly don't remember seeing all those yards actually made, first hand. But, I'm gonna take the stat sheet's word for it. Admittedly, that was a pretty decent, albeit futile effort. But, what's worse...

                    When he finally did complete a pass for more than ten yards (somewhere near the 8 minute mark of the 2nd qtr.), Bradford proceded to fumble the ball, giving it right back to Dallas on a short field. Not that they needed a short field, as Demarco Murray was determined to run the ball right over Bradford at all costs. Sam Bradford was gashed to the tune of 100 yards, by halftime.

                    Where Bradford and Bradford had been very effective up front the past two weeks, they were absolute turnstiles yesterday. Sam wasn't very good in the secondary, either. As Tony Romo regulary found open receivers, from his comfortable spot in the pocket. Speaking of which... what the hell happened to that trademark Sam Bradford pass rush? Bradford was pushed around up front, and barely got a sniff of Romo all game. Bradford managed only one sack the entire game but, by then, the game was already out of hand. The damage had been done. Sam Bradford had already given up 17 points, en route to 31.

                    Offensively, Bradford wasn't much better. In the first quarter, Bradford was an abject disaster. He had -6 total yards in the first 15 minutes of play. Yes... -6... and ZERO first-downs. Of course, to further the futility, the Rams gave up 6 sacks (just one short of a franchise record). 2 of them went right through Sam Bradford, before he got benched for Sam Bradford, which didn't remedy the situation, at all. Demacus Ware went to town on Sam on one side of the line, while former Ram, George Selvie and others, worked over Bradford on the other.

                    Even when Bradford managed to get the ball out of his hands, there were the dropped passes we thought we had left behind last year ago. I counted at least 6. Bradford had two of those drops, himself. And Sam Bradford did himself no favors in trying to convice Bradford and the coaching staff he's ready to be a starter at WR. And when Bradford wasn't giving up sacks, he was even worse run blocking. The Rams only gained 35 net rushing yards. 20 from Sam Bradford and 16 from Sam Bradford. Starter, Sam Bradford was out with a foot injury suffered last week. Not that he would have contributed much, anyway.

                    Can't forget to mention special teams. The only "special" play was Bradford's 84 yard punt return TD... which was promptly called back for... you guessed it... offensive holding on Sam Bradford.

                    After all this, I'm really starting to question Sam Bradford's contract. I mean, I saw ZERO offensive adjustments from Sam. At least, not until the fourth quatrer, when Bradford finally decided to run...
                    -10-06-2013, 07:38 AM
                  • Nick
                    Ram Bytes: The deterioration of Bradford
                    by Nick
                    Ram Bytes: The deterioration of Bradford
                    16 hours ago
                    BY BERNIE MIKLASZ

                    Good afternoon...

                    No question, Sam Bradford is regressing.

                    Here are his passer ratings, week by week, through four games:

                    Arizona, 100.7

                    Atlanta, 87.8

                    Dallas, 80.2

                    San Francisco, 59.4

                    Bradford’s overall accuracy isn’t as bad as I believed; according to STATS the percentage of his incompletions that resulted from a bad throw is considerably better this season compared to 2012 and 2011.

                    The main issue is Bradford’s terrible accuracy when under pass-rush pressure. To varying degrees, all quarterbacks have to operate with onrushing defenders in their face. Some deal with it better than others.

                    According to Pro Football Focus, Bradford has been under pressure on 38.3 percent of his dropbacks this season, and that’s the 11th-highest rate among NFL starters.

                    The last two games have been especially brutal, with the Cowboys and ***** combining for 11 sacks, five hits and 24 hurries on the Rams’ QB.

                    And the numbers make it clear that Bradford is doing a poor job of getting the ball to his receivers when confronted with the pass rush.

                    According to Pro Football Focus:

                    When Bradford hasn’t been pressured this season, he’s completed 85 of 119 passes (71.4 percent) for 801 yards, seven TDs, three interceptions and a fine passer rating of 98.8.

                    But when Bradford is pressured, he’s completed only 22 of 63 (35 percent) for 294 yards with no TDs or INTs and a passer rating of 50.6.

                    Pro Football Focus rightly adjusts the accuracy rating to account for dropped passes and intentional throwaways.

                    In the adjusted accuracy rating under pressure, Bradford’s completion rate of 48.1 percent ranks 28th among that 30 quarterbacks that have taken at least 50 percent of the snaps.

                    Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer isn’t giving Bradford much if any help with his consistently dreadful play calling and appallingly bad game plans.

                    The offensive line has been overrun in the last two games, and Bradford has been victimized by too many dropped passes (15 in four games.)

                    Bradford has no running game to work with; the Rams are on pace to set a franchise record for fewest rushing yards per game in a season. And judging from what we've seen through four games, this team doesn't have a legitimate starting NFL running back. Not even close.

                    But the rationalizations only go so far.

                    Quarterbacks have to step up and make big throws even as the large and hostile invaders close in to deliver punishment.

                    I went to Pro Football Focus to look at the adjusted accuracy ratings of the 10 quarterbacks that have encountered a higher percentage of dropbacks under pressure than Bradford this season.

                    Here are...
                    -09-28-2013, 05:06 AM
                  • RamsInfiniti
                    A statistical breakdown of Sam Bradford, and what it means ...
                    by RamsInfiniti
                    Here's something I put together on Bradford:

                    Pass Attempts - 234, ranks 3rd in NFL - This shows the coaches have confidence in Bradford to handle the offense from day one. There are probably less than a handful of rookie QB's in history who have done this.

                    Pass Completions - 133, ranks 7th in NFL - For an accurate QB, the attempts and completions ranking should be about equivalent. Bradford has missed some easier throws this year, and has been the victims of some drops.

                    Completion % - 56.8%, ranks 28th in NFL - Bradford's completion percentage is poor for a WCO. Again, he has missed some easy throws, and he'll work hard to correct this. His accuracy is his strength, but timing is crucial to this offense, and it takes a young QB awhile to get this. Bradford is FAR ahead on the rookie curve, and I look for him to be a 65.0% career passer.

                    YPA - 5.80 YPA, 30th in NFL - In this offense, directly related to the completion %. When Bradford gets to be a 60.0% passer, his YPA will be much higher, around 6.5 or so.

                    TD - 7, ranks 15th in NFL, 3.05 TD% - The TD percentage is a little low, and this points to redzone offensive struggles. This is a nonissue.

                    INT - 8, ranks 2nd in NFL, 3.38 INT% - While the INT number seems high, it's fairly decent given the number of attempts. He INT% is better than Alex Smith, Eli Manning, Brett Favre, David Garrard, Shaun Hill, Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Hasselbeck, and Jason Campbell.

                    Sacks - 14, ranks 4th in NFL, one sack every 17 attempts - This number is overinflated because Bradford has run out of bounds 3 times for negative gain to yield a sack. He also gave up two sacks against SD on the roll out for which he should have thrown it away. Overall, Bradford is getting time to throw and is not being punished.
                    -10-19-2010, 08:59 AM