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This could be the most exciting Rams draft

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  • This could be the most exciting Rams draft

    With the new format being three days now it really benfits the Rams with the #1 overall pick in each round. The Rams have Bradford likely pegged at #1 overall (I still like Suh but Bradford is just as deserving). The first round intrigue will be if Cleveland wants to trade up and get him or not and if the Rams want to trade back into the first round for a player they like. If Cleveland does trade up it will make the rest of the draft interesting. What players will be at #7 and who would we take? If the trade happened we would likely add another second and third rounder as well. That would give us two high second rounders and two third rounders. That would give us four picks on the second day. Having the 1st pick in the second round makes it interesting and will keep us on the edge of our seats as players are falling day 1 of the draft there is a chance of us trading back into the first round for a player that falls (we tried it with J. Lau last year but he still fell to us). If we stand pat with the second rounder we will have a full day for trying to work out a deal for either more picks or more picks and a player. Say Cleveland don't trade with us in the first, passes on QB in the first, and Colt McCoy is on the board in the second round after we took Bradford in the first. Cleveland may decide to trade up to our spot to get McCoy possibly giving us one of their three third rounders as well as their second. The fourth round of the draft will start on day 3 with our selection. It again gives the Rams a full day to work out a deal after teams restack their draft board. It might be an ideal chance for us to trade our fourth round pick for a proven NFL player. Maybe even package our fourth round pick with a guy like Barron or Carriker in trade.
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    Re: This could be the most exciting Rams draft

    we shall see! like you said, it should be exciting...



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    • chiguy
      Would you trade...
      by chiguy
      next year's first round pick for another one this year?
      -04-26-2006, 06:43 PM
    • timsum1283
      2nd round trade
      by timsum1283
      so with the new format of the nfl draft, there will be a lot of down time between the 32nd pick and the 33rd. as someone previously mentioned that gives a lot of time for teams to be wheeling and dealing for 2nd round picks. If u are Billy D, what does it take for u to trade pick #33? players? picks?

      this is just me spitballing but every year the denver broncos seem to make a lot of draft day trades (and always seem to draft a rb). do u think if given the right situation they would be willing to trade Brandon Marshall or next year's 1st for the Rams 2nd this year? if so would u make that trade?

      it's likely that a player with first round talent will drop to round 2 like Best, Tate, Kindle, maybe even Mays/Dunlap. IMO if a player like Weatherspoon isn't there I would really like to trade down in round 2 and pick up some extra picks down the road. would you be interested in trading it for more picks/players or would u rather be content with staying at spot #33?
      -03-15-2010, 09:57 PM
    • Shan the Ram Man
      If Rams trade pick #33 in round 2 for? What is it Worth?
      by Shan the Ram Man
      The last couple of years I've watched the NFL draft. The announcers have said, the first pick in round two on the second day of the draft is worth a bunch. It is like starting a whole new draft over again.

      If Rams trade the 1st round pick and get either Browns or Redskins 2nd round pick in this years draft. The Rams will be picking early in round two anyway with there pick.

      First option, Would Ram fans be happy trading pick #33 for a first round pick next year.

      Second option, trade down for more draft picks.

      Third, for a player and maybe a future pick.
      -03-08-2012, 12:56 PM
    • AvengerRam_old
      What would it take to trade back into Round 2?
      by AvengerRam_old
      Looking at the Trade Value Chart, there are a couple of possibilities:

      Package both 3rd round picks (#71, #92) for a second round pick
      The Rams two 3rd rounders are worth a total of 367 points. This equates to a second round pick in the range of pick #52-55.

      Package a 3rd (#71) and fourth (#113) round pick for a second round pick
      These picks are valued at 303 points, which equates to a selection at the end of the second round, around #59-61.

      Use future draft picks
      I would not even consider putting one of the Rams' two 2014 first round picks on the block at this point, but I might consider a deal that includes a Day 2 2014 pick if it meant getting one of the top safeties remaining (Cyprien, S.Thomas).

      Anyone like any of these options?
      -04-26-2013, 09:46 AM
    • Tony Soprano
      Idea: The Rams involved in 3 way Trade
      by Tony Soprano
      Okay it's my idea and not a Rumor.

      1st Part of Trade
      Denver trades us the the 29th pick of the third round and the 29th pick in the 4th Round (They have 3 fourth round picks) in exchange for

      St.Louis's 13th pick of the third round. In essence, Denver gives up one of their many 4th round picks to move up 16 slots in the 3rd round.

      2nd Part of Trade

      St.Louis trades both their 4th round picks (theirs and Denver's 29th) and their first round pick (#11) for Detroits first round pick (#9).

      With the 9th pick of the Draft, St.Louis selects Michael Huff from U. of Texas.

      Why it'll work
      Detroit has NO (ZERO) 4th round picks. GM and coaches hate sitting out rounds and watching their coveted players go off the board. Detroit will have a presence
      in the fourth round with 2 picks and still get a player that fits into the value
      system and scheme in Detroit. DENVER - Denver has THREE 4th round picks and they're bunched together. The Rams get the best corner and/or safety in the draft and gets one the biggest impact players in the draft.

      I don't have one of those value charts and I didn't consult one. I just used horsesense, sometimes Horses are wrong.

      -03-30-2006, 12:12 AM