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  • Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

    I know it really doesn't matter but I was just curious about this. What if Bradford, Stafford, and Sanchez all were in same draft, would people consider Bradford in this class? I know it might be hard to compare but I would just like to get an idea. Would some say Bradford is better choice than the other two, would some say he isn't even in same class, or would he be right there with the other two? On a side note I'm one of a few that probably think that Sanchez is over rated.

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    Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

    Bradford was ranked highed then both last year.


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      Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

      thnx, that is very encouraging.


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        Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

        Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
        Bradford was ranked highed then both last year.
        In some rankings, probably. In others, probably not.

        Since any ranking that included Bradford represented a very early stage in the draft offseason process, I don't think you can really lean on them as part of this discussion. Remember, in January of this year, it was a lock that the Rams would take Ndamukong Suh. A lot can happen between January and April in terms of who gets drafted where.

        Personally, I have a hard time believing that a redshirt sophomore with two years in a Big XII spread offense would have gotten drafted ahead of a junior who displayed elite arm strength while playing pro-style football for three years in the SEC. Sanchez, IMO, would have finished third in that race.


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          Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

          Basically i think it would come down to witch one of Stafford or Bradford fits the team better. Stafford has a cannon arm, where Bradford is a more accurate passer. For us, having a more accurate passer is more important than a cannon armed QB


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            Re: Stafford, Sanchez, and Bradford

            I didn't follow Stafford much, but Sanchez is tough to rank. Even now. He had very little experience in college. Some people had him very high, higher than Stafford, most didn't. The Jets FO worked him out and fell in love. He seems to fit what they are trying to do, but it's still a very small sample size.

            As for whether Sanchez is overrated, I guess that depends on how you think he is rated. I'm very happy with him, but I don't think he's shown too much yet. What he does he does well, he seems smart and seems to learn from his mistakes. OTOH, he's running a limited, run first offense. Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene can't catch a cold, they lost Leon Washington and Chansi Stuckey mid-season and added Braylon Edwards. We'll see how he looks this year with more options (Braylon with a full camp, Leon back, Santonio Holmes and LT) to catch the ball.


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            • Rambos
              Sam Bradford Vs. Mark Sanchez
              by Rambos
              Sam Bradford Vs. Mark Sanchez: Would A New OC Free The St. Louis Rams' QB?

              By Dan Moore - Managing Editor

              Brian Schottenheimer's ready to leave the New York Jets for the St. Louis Rams. Will he give Sam Bradford the same leeway they gave Mark Sanchez?

              Jan 16, 2012 - The St. Louis Rams reportedly settling on Brian Schottenheimer as their next offensive coordinator hasn't just been big news in the Midwest—over in New York(-ish), Jets fans have celebrated Schottenheimer's exit with nearly as much fervor as Rams fans managed when the Cleveland Browns poached Pat Shurmur this time last year. All the complaints wielded against Josh McDaniels at the Edward Jones Dome have been applied at MetLife Stadium—Schottenheimer's playbook is incomprehensible, common-senseless, too pass-heavy and not adaptable enough. It might make you a little cynical about the Rams' prospects next year, but I do have one piece of good news: Sam Bradford is at least as good as Mark Sanchez.

              Sanchez—thrown into the fray early like Bradford—has had better pieces, better teams, and little more going for him, even in his two AFC Championship appearances. In 2009 he was the quarterback we all wished Bradford could be in 2010—allowed to learn on the job thanks to the talent around him, Sanchez made just 364 attempts in 15 games and was not very effective while he did it, finishing his rookie season with 12 touchdowns, 20 interceptions, and a DVOA of -21.9%.

              Things came together in 2010 and 2011, and he's been on either side of average since, taking on more of an offensive responsibility in the process. In 2009 Sanchez (who Wally Pipped current Rams backup Kellen Clemens) made 364 attempts, against 607 rushes from Thomas Jones, Shonn Greene and company. By 2011 Schottenheimer had taken the leash off; this year he threw the ball 543 times, against just 443 (considerably less effective) rushes from Shonn Greene and the change-of-pace-guy version of LaDainian Tomlinson. The Jets were confident enough in Sanchez this year to leave nothing but 41-year-old Mark Brunell between their quarterback situation and the waiver wire.

              It's been a reasonable evolution for the average quarterback, if not the pin-up star New York version, a breed who's permanently doomed to a life of being overrated and over-overrated in turn. But the best part of it has been that Sanchez was allowed to learn the most effective parts of quarterbacking on the job. He's inaccurate and he takes too many chances, but that's because he's been allowed to go for the big play, something that will be increasingly important as the offense becomes reliant on his abilities. It paid off this year, when he and Plaxico Burress somehow combined, at times, to be a plausible end-zone threat.

              Both quarterbacks were coddled their rookie seasons. Sanchez sometimes barely seemed there on offense behind the bruising his running backs...
              -01-21-2012, 02:52 PM
            • eldfan
              Are the Rams moving Sam Bradford up their draft board?
              by eldfan
              Are the Rams moving Sam Bradford up their draft board?
              by VanRam on Feb 9, 2010 1:56 PM CST in 2010 NFL Draft

              Here's a little more insight for the discussion of whether or not the St. Louis Rams will be looking to draft a quarterback when Christmas in April arrives.

              The issue of the Rams drafting a QB is inextricably linked to the discussion of no-so-consensus first overall pick Ndamukong Suh and the Detroit Lions, who pick behind the Rams at our usual number two spot. This latest information comes from a post centered on the emerging meme of whether or not Oklahoma DT Gerald McCoy is a better DT than Suh. Blah, blah, blah...expect lots more of that as the weeks go by. Now, let's get the grist of this post. From a post today at, the online outlet for a consortium of Michigan newspapers:

              In talking to a couple of well-informed folks from St. Louis last week at the Super Bowl, two interesting points came up.

              The first is one that I've been talking about for awhile -- that Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, once he proves his injured right shoulder is OK -- could move into that No. 1 spot. The Rams are desperate to replace Marc Bulger, who is not in the team's long-term plans.

              That shouldn't be much of a surprise. Last year, Bradford, coming off his Heisman-winning campaign, would have been considered by many the top player available in the draft, certainly the top QB. He's throwing again and is said to be ahead of schedule on rehabbing from his shoulder injury. Bradford will not participate in drills at the Combine, but he is predicted to be ready to go for Pro Day at OU, which should happen sometime in March. Ok, now, back to the Rams and why the idea of drafting a QB isn't such a far out possibility.

              The other interesting piece of information was that the Rams had considered drafting USC quarterback Mark Sanchez with the second overall pick last year. The Jets trading up to No. 5 and taking Sanchez was considered a reach so the Rams would've taken plenty of heat for taking Sanchez at No. 2 -- which is why they didn't. But after the rookie performance by Sanchez, it appears the Rams -- who took tackle Jason Smith -- made a mistake.

              Remember, the Rams had some offers to trade down; the terms just weren't acceptable enough for GM Billy Devaney to pull the trigger. Supposedly, Devaney made a 2010 first round pick a precondition of any trade at last year's draft. Regardless, we kind of already knew that the Rams were interested in and considered drafting Mark Sanchez last year, but the notion that taking some heat for using the second pick was a reason never entered into the conversation. How much of a concern was it? I'm not surprised that the issue played into their decision, but I still tend to think that ultimately the team realized just how badly they needed to address the offensive line before they invested in another QB....
              -02-09-2010, 12:36 PM
            • AvengerRam_old
              Bradford vs. Recent Rookie Starting QBs
              by AvengerRam_old
              Here is how Sam Bradford compared to some active QBs who started a significant number (9 or more) games as a rookie:

              Bradford 590
              P.Manning 575
              Ryan 434
              Flacco 428
              Stafford 377
              Sanchez 364
              Clausen 299
              Roethlisberger 295
              Freeman 290

              Comments: Think of this as the "degree of difficulty" category. As hard as it is to be a rookie starter, its even harderwhen you have to throw ball more than 30 times per game, as Bradford and Manning did (Bradford broke Manning's rookie record). Big Ben had it relatively easy, as his efficiency ratings will show.

              Bradford 354
              P.Manning 326
              Ryan 265
              Flacco 257
              Stafford 201
              Roethlisberger 196
              Sanchez 196
              Freeman 158
              Clausen 157

              Comments: Bradford's number is another rookie record.

              Completion Percentage
              Roethlisberger 66.4
              Ryan 61.1
              Bradford 60.0
              Flacco 60.0
              P.Manning 56.7
              Freeman 54.5
              Sanchez 53.8
              Stafford 53.3
              Clausen 52.5

              Comments: Given Bradford's high number of attempts, you might excuse a lower completion percentage. While he threw a lot of short passes (most of the players on the list did too), his percentage is admirable.

              Passing Yards
              P.Manning 3,739
              Bradford 3,512
              Ryan 3,440
              Flacco 2,971
              Roethlisberger 2,621
              Sanchez 2,444
              Stafford 2,267
              Freeman 1,855
              Clausen 1,558

              Comments: That's a lot of 8-9 yard completions to get to the second highest yardage total in league history.

              P.Manning 26
              Bradford 18
              Roethlisberger 17
              Ryan 16
              Facco 14
              Stafford 13
              Sanchez 12
              Freeman 10
              Clausen 3

              Comments: Bradford did a fairly good job putting the ball in the end zone despite few big YAC plays.

              Interception Percentage
              Ryan 2.53
              Bradford 2.54
              Stafford 2.65
              Flacco 2.80
              Clausen 3.01
              Roethlisberger 3.73
              P.Manning 4.87
              Sanchez 5.49
              Freeman 6.21

              Comments: You have to like seeing Bradford near the top of this list.

              Passer Rating
              Roethlisberger 98.1
              Ryan 87.7
              Flacco 80.3
              Bradford 76.5
              P.Manning 71.2
              Sanchez 63.0
              Stafford 61.0
              Freeman 59.8
              Clausen 58.4

              Comments: Yards per attempt pulled Bradford's rating down, but 4th out of 9 for the guy who had the most pass attempts (and, in all likelihood, the words receiving corps) is not bad at all.

              In all, the numbers don't lie. Sam had an extremely good rookie year. A historic year, in many respects, for a rookie QB. Factor in the poor WR corps, injuries at TE, young OTs, and you have to conclude that Sam has the potential to be one of the top QBs in the NFL with a little time...
              -01-03-2011, 03:14 PM
            • AvengerRam_old
              Sam Bradford is the true "Wild Card" for the Rams first choice.
              by AvengerRam_old
              Last year at about this time, I suggested that, by the time the draft rolled around, Mark Sanchez could be on the Rams short list of players to select with the second pick in the draft. Many scoffed and, truth be told, even I was a bit uncertain with my prognostication. Of course, in the end, Sanchez rose from late first round prospect and became a top 5 pick on the strength of his workouts and interviews.

              I can see a similar scenario occurring with Sam Bradford.

              Last year, before Bradford decided to return to Oklahoma, many had him rated as a potential first pick in the draft. Then, as fate would have it, his season was scuttled by a shoulder injury.

              Now, he is still considered a top 10 pick by most, but there are question marks.

              So here are the "what ifs."

              What if the doctors say he is fine and that there should be no long term impact from his shoulder injury?

              What if he impresses at the Combine and/or his individual workouts?

              What if he presents as a confident leader in his interviews?

              If these things happen, the Rams very well could decide that the time is now to take a chance at drafting a potential franchise QB.

              If that occurs, there will still be decisions to make. The Rams could, of course, simply select Bradford first. Alternatively, they could smokescreen a desire to take Ndamukong Suh and try to trade down. The logical trade partner would be Tampa, who likely would covet Suh, and would not take QB with the first choice (having spent a first round pick last year on a QB). Such a plan would not be foolproof, though. If, as some have speculated, the Redskins want Bradford, they could trade up with Detroit and take him at #2, thereby leaving the Rams to take who? (G.McCoy? Clausen?).

              I'll leave the trade issue out of the analysis for now and simply say this.

              Right now, I see Suh as being a prospect who is extremely likely (say 75%) to be an impact player at a very important position.

              Right now, I see Bradford as being a prospect who has a decent chance (say 40-50%) to be an impact player at the MOST important position.

              With those odds, I go with Suh (absent a great trade offer).

              But if Bradford's stock rises, and I start to see him as having a better than 50% chance of being a franchise QB... then the choice becomes very difficult.

              Bottom line: we're in the first lap of a multi-lap race. Its way too early to call the winner.
              -02-02-2010, 08:03 AM
            • dgr828
              Rams should let Bradford hold the clipboard for awhile
              by dgr828
              Its not the same as Mark Sanchez with the New York Jets, who was thrown into the fire as their starting QB, right away as a rookie.
              The Rams should treat their #1 draft pick and future franchise quarterback with kid gloves, for starters, literally.

              Sam Bradford is sure to be chomping at the bit to get his NFL career going and already with his mere presence has caused a QB controversy for the Saint Louis Rams.

              The Detroit Lions selected a QB with their #1 pick a year ago and started him right away as a rookie with , more or less, disasterous results.
              Matthew Stafford under center for a team that lost to the Rams last year, is much different than Mark Sanchise taking over a well equipt Jets team.

              The Rams may want take a different approach than the Lions, who started their QB right away with no support.

              If Sam Bradford were a Jet he would be the 'Bradchise'.

              but he's a Ram, a team desparately trying to regain its identity. Until they find it, its probably best that our old 'Uncle Sam' holds the old clipboard for at least the start of the regular season. ITS AJ ON OPENNING DAY!!!
              -05-22-2010, 10:34 PM