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  • How excited are you?

    Not to be off topic, or even have a useless thread, but how excited are you?

    Were about 4-5 days away from the draft, and the tension/excitement is building up.

    I just remembered that anything can happen and we can choose anyone! Not to stick to just one person.

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    Re: How excited are you?

    i am excited because I see this draft as a major step forward in the rebuilding of the Rams and the schedule comes out Tuesday and then the 3 day draft,lots to talk about by the end of the week, it should be fun.


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      Re: How excited are you?

      Super stoked for the draft, however not stoked that it will take an entire extended weekend to get through. I doubt my girlfriend will be excited either.


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        Re: How excited are you?

        Extremely excited, I've been ancy over the draft for about 2 months now, so close! Also, irritated it will take three days. I like the 2 day format better, but honestly I think it should be one day.


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          Re: How excited are you?

          I am so excited that I have decided to take the day off and stay up all Thursday night to watch the draft (you can add 6 hours to the east coast time then you will have the time here in Denmark).


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            Re: How excited are you?

            i`m looking forward to it a lot...i like the new of the few NFL changes in recent years that i have liked.
            also with the new format this year, even if it does not in the end make any difference to whom we select,how many picks will make our picks more sought after by other teams...which can`t be a bad thing.
            it means we`ll have to wait three days to know our entire draft class..but well..once its over we gotta wait 4 months before anything else exciting on the playing field front occurs so we might aswell make the most of the draft weekend...and embrace the fact that the drama is longer than in the past.


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            • BEER
              Where will you be draft day?
              by BEER
              Just wondering what some of you do for draft day. Me, myself I go out

              with the same friends, about 15 to 20 to a local bar "Capones" and watch usually the first two rounds. Why only two? Im too drunk and my wife
              has to pick me up. Anyways we have been doing this for ..... Id say the last 5 years.
              -04-08-2009, 05:27 PM
            • theodus69
              Draft in the evening?
              by theodus69
              Well i'm a little thrown by this new concept. I used to look forward to lounging on Sat morn and drinking beer and watching things unfold. Now it's in the evening and if you got kids , it's gonna interfere with that and the fact we all gotta work the next day. So.... My question is what are the new draft plans and rituals going to be wiith this new time frame ? Hope we do well ,but let me know your thoughts. For once i was going to watch Sat morn cause i will be on swing shift...................Well that ain't goona happen now. I work 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm......Sucks!!!!!!!!
              -04-21-2010, 09:57 AM
            • tomahawk247
              For me, its already draft day!
              by tomahawk247
              Its about 3.10 in the morning in sunny UK, and ive got 14 hours to wait till the draft, but at least its getting closer!
              -04-28-2006, 07:11 PM
            • Bruce=GOAT
              What time is the draft?
              by Bruce=GOAT
              Sorry to start a new thread for this, but in central time, what time does the draft begin and end on Saturday.
              I plan on having a marathon drinking binge that day and just wanting to get my day planned out in advance so as to get enough sleep and eat prior to it.
              -04-25-2006, 09:56 PM
            • Bar-bq
              Don't Believe The Truth
              by Bar-bq
              Clannies, take it in.

              Sit down, grab a blade of grass, hopefully some air, and maybe some orange quarters that Avenger's mom (I really feel like I'm selling out writing it with the 'o' in the middle ;)) prepared for halftime. For the season is finally upon us: In less than one week, we'll have a new protoge', hopefully two or three, to gush over, admire or despise. Tis the season for an excitement that only the NFL draft can bestow, to paraphrase, it's Christmas in April.

              Now is about the time where message boards are ablaze with speculation, smokescreens are rife and sports-bloggers are more than earning their keep. Typically, now is about the time of year when it's easy to get a little swept up in the pre-draft boondoggle. You're going to see posters come out of the woodwork citing sources you've never read, claiming to be in the know about things we've been debating for months. The beauty of the internet is that everyone is effectually an amateur expert. Last year, we had posters who were 70% sure Glenn Dorsey was the pick, others were lobbying for Chris Long and some were holding onto hope that the pick could be traded.

              I'd like to issue a caution: take everything you read from now until the time that Goodell announces our pick with a grain of salt. Mock drafts will be abundant, published both by regular punters and those who make a living out of them. I'd encourage you to have faith in your own opinion, because for the next six days, those bloggers can be no more correct than you can. With that being said, there is a fine line between having the temerity to predict Mark Sanchez as our pick and having the naivety to vehemently disagree with anyone who advocates otherwise.

              For the next week, you'll see a lot of posters get excited, posting more and more frequently, often with less and less substance. In that respect you can probably treat the next week as some sort of Groundhog Day, in that you will see the same posts repeated with different titles and by different users on a very frequent basis. Over the last few weeks, I've found myself posting less because of this. We have, as a collective, taken the draft from almost every conceivable angle we can without the assistance of further sensationalised speculation. In this day and age, it is becoming harder and harder to be original.

              That's not to say we can't do it. That's not to say that we don't have a plethora of innovative posters chomping at the bit to say their piece. It just means that for the next week, innovation will likely succumb to sensationalism, originality will be replaced with repetition and the truth will become harder and harder to believe. But the aim of this post is not apathy, and I don't think reform will suffice. I guess I'm hoping that this will serve as a reminder that not everything that one thinks, nor every expert opinion one reads is worthy of objectifying on-screen, especially if it's the...
              -04-20-2009, 01:42 AM