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  • Haynesworth Update

    Due to his frustration with a potential move to nose tackle, Albert Haynesworth is reportedly hoping to be traded during the NFL Draft.

    The Washington Post cites "two people in the organization familiar with his situation." Haynesworth is skipping voluntary minicamp this weekend and will only report to mandatory minicamp in June. Despite Mike Shanahan's comments to the contrary, we fully expect him to be available for the right price next week. The Titans, Lions, and Rams are the most likely trade partners. Apr. 17 - 3:17 pm et


    Draft day trade, i would think wash would be ok with the rams 3rd (essentially a 2nd) and financial consideration

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    Re: Haynesworth Update

    ZOMG!!!!! Bradford, Demyrius Thomas, Hanesworth, Osi, Scheffler, AJ Edds!!!! AHHHHHHHHH


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      Re: Haynesworth Update

      Why trade for haynesworth when we can have SUH, a 10 time pro bowl and hall of fame dt!!!! Roflcopters!!!!


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        Re: Haynesworth Update

        (even tho i want suh #1)

        We could draft bradford, d.thomas, haynesworth, scheffler, Osi, (next years 4th) 5th 6th 7th etc.

        Not a bad draft....

        And yes, this will never happen


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          Re: Haynesworth Update

          In all seriousness, I would love to grab Haynesworth for a mid-round pick. Due to the money owed him and his regression last year, as well as his attitude problem, I wouldn't be willing to give up the 2nd pick tho, and prolly not a 3rd either. Not sure Washington would accept less, but with his high cap hit (assuming the cap comes back next year) I'd rather have the cheaper younger talent.


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            Re: Haynesworth Update

            If I'm Washington, I'm not taking less than a second for him unless it's packaged with a future pick as well. And if I'm the Rams, I'm not sure how much I want to give up for a guy with (1) attitude/character concerns and (2) who probably isn't going to be an every-down DL for me.

            Redskins DC Jim Haslett says Haynesworth will play all across their DL, not just at nose tackle. So maybe he can live with that. I just don't know if, with only four picks in this draft and a number of needs on offense, the Redskins can afford to part with their best defensive lineman at a reduced cost.


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              Re: Haynesworth Update

              I have a feeling if we were to end up with Haynesworth it would be at the cost of a 3rd plus a swap in position of either 1st or 2nd round picks. I could live with that even though his contract is Insanely overpriced. I don't think I'd drop a 2nd on him simply because he has really only been dominant 1 season and was "Guud" not exceptional during other seasons.


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                Re: Haynesworth Update

                Update: Shannahan states that Haynesworth will not be traded, and Haynesworth is still on the Redskins roster. More as the story develops... :o


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                  Re: Haynesworth Update

                  I don't really want haynesworth.. our D is young and I think he would leave a bad impression on them.. the skins can keep em for that outrage of a price


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                    Re: Haynesworth Update

                    As for the contact - haynesworth was just payed over 20 mill, making his contract much more reasonable tho the rams would prob have to give fin considerations for him, he wouldnt be as overpriced as advertised.


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                    • LARAM
                      Albert Haynesworth....Discussion only
                      by LARAM
                      With the sudden Albert Haynesworth events occurring with the Washington Redskins, would the Rams organization as well as rams fans be receptive to any idea of a trade and or acquiring this player.

                      Factors to consider in a trade as well are Marc Bulger, Jason Campbell, as well as draft positions in the 2010 draft. It is obvious Albert Haynesworth has not lived up to expectations in Washington, so could they be looking for a way out of this huge contract? He certainly appears to be very unhappy in Washington

                      I am in no way wishing for the Rams to blow 100 million on this guy, but is there any combination of events that could occurr for Haynesworth to become a Ram.
                      -12-26-2009, 02:51 PM
                    • sosa39rams
                      Albert haynesworth
                      by sosa39rams
                      The Redskins offered DT Albert Haynesworth in trade talks for Donovan McNabb, according to league sources.
                      Haynesworth, who clashed with coaches in Washington last season and has not made a good first impression with new coach Mike Shanahan, is someone who could be had in a trade, and he was offered to the Eagles.
                      Other coaches said that they expect the Redskins to continue attempts to move Haynesworth, who is bucking attempts to play nose tackle with Washington playing more 3-4 now, according to sources. Haynesworth just received a $21 million bonus at the start of the month, and his salary would make dealing him very difficult.
                      The Eagles had no interest in him outright, according to a source, and thus the subject of how much of the bonus payments and salary the Redskins would absorb in a trade did not come up. When the Redskins brought up Haynesworth they offered no financial stipulations, according to the source, but had the Eagles shown interest that matter may have come up.

                      You guys interested in picking him up? Offer a nice trade something like Alex Barron, Adam Carricker, and a fifth round pick.
                      -04-05-2010, 09:01 AM
                    • Action_Jackson
                      Trade with Redskins
                      by Action_Jackson
                      What do you think the Rams would need to give up to get Jason Campbell and Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins?


                      Does anyone think this is a possibility of this happening?
                      -04-06-2010, 03:21 PM
                    • general counsel
                      Trade 33 for haynesworth
                      by general counsel
                      Can anyone out there honestly tell me that there is a single player left who is more talented or a better fit than haynesworth, to say nothing for the fact that albert is a proven nfl player, albeit with some risks, but more risks than any of the alternatives?

                      I would trade the 33 for haynesworth in a second. Fans can fall in love with prospects all they want. I just dont see any player left in the draft that has a chance to make anywhere near the impact of haynesworth.

                      ramming speed to all

                      general counsel
                      -04-22-2010, 10:15 PM
                    • Dave2oo2
                      Albert Haynesworth might be available???
                      by Dave2oo2
                      On Mike and Mike, they talked about Albert Haynesworth having a meeting with Mike Shanahan on Wednesday. It is expected that he is going to be cut after the meeting. I really don't like the guy and think we are set on defense, however...... We play the type of defense that he likes to play in and can be a huge power house (he could be our Suh). I think he is going back to Tennessee but do you think we take a chance on him to help us get into the playoffs?
                      -12-07-2010, 10:51 AM