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  • Scratch Scheffler off your list...

    National football post

    The Philadelphia Eagles acquired linebacker Ernie Sims from the Detroit Lions as the Denver Broncos sent tight end Tony Scheffler to the Lions with an undisclosed draft pick heading to Denver, according to ESPN.

    Scheffler's trade isn't surprising considering he has been on the trading block for a while and he clashed with coach Josh McDaniels.

    Sims didn't fit the Lions' new defensive scheme, but he fits perfectly in Philadelphia

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    Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

    Sims in Philly is going to be scary. I can only envision him breaking someone in half there.


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      Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...


      Same thing will be and with Osi.


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        Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

        So Scheffler goes from being a back-up in Denver to... being a back-up in Detroit behind first round tight end Brandon Pettigrew. The Eagles get Sims and fill a hole with a quality player for a reasonable price.


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          Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

          Why did Detroit make this trade? They have lost a good linebacker for a back up TE, it really doesnt make sense!


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            Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

            There goes Linehan, collecting tight ends again


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              Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

              Originally posted by tomahawk247 View Post
              Why did Detroit make this trade? They have lost a good linebacker for a back up TE, it really doesnt make sense!
              If Sims doesn't fit the Lions' defensive scheme, then he isn't going to be a good linebacker for Detroit...


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                Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

                well..i guess we won`t have to worry about who to pick 1st overall next year...

                being a Rams fan can be hard ..but its a sunday stroll in the park compared to what the Lions fans go through...respect to them for not drowning themselves in Lake Michigan.


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                  Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

                  Broncos got very little. There is a reason why Philly has been so good for so long, say what you will, Sims for a 5th rounder is an awesome deal.


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                    Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

                    Well that came out of left field.


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                      Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

                      i'd have given up a 5th in a heartbeat for sims or sheffler..obviously deals like that aren't likely to happen for us right now, and if guys like this are going for 5th-rounders in this draft we aren't getting anything for guys like barron or carriker.


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                        Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

                        Can't say that I'm not frustrated. We have two fifth round picks. If they are seen as so valuable we had better draft some good qality rookies with them! In my opinion, Scheffler or Sims are better than anyone we will get in the fifth. Of course, all my woes will be alleviated if we can bring Osi in, hopefully for a fifth, that seems to be market value


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                          Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

                          Let's not think that the offer for Sims was on the table for every team. With 32 other teams, we're not going to get every guy as has been said before. Does Sims even fit our scheme?


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                            Re: Scratch Scheffler off your list...

                            Sims doesn't seem like a fit here he is to small. If Pisa didn't fit in here, Sims would either practically the same players.

                            I can't say I'm not disappointed on not being able to land schefler for such a low price. You win some you loose some lets move on


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