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  • The Rams Win

    This is a scenario that I feel is plausible and fair, and I would find personally to be "best case" given my perspective. As I have said before, I think we can compete in our division immediately if we choose to adopt that mentality now.

    1.) Sam Bradford, QB
    -For better or worse he is gonna be our franchise QB

    2.) Albert Haynesworth, DT + their 4th (For our 2nd and Carriker)
    - Explaination: He is top 5 DT talent in the league, period, and he has got a lot left. He is proven, and I think Spags will get more out of him than anyone else. All signs point to Wash wanting him gone for two reasons. He doesn't fit their new scheme/direction, but Carricker does, and He is not happy there/ Shanny doesn't like him. With a rotation of Haynesworth, Robbins, and Ryan we are set for a while at DT (Spags specialty). * Note: nobody thinks we will stay home with ur 2nd pick

    3.) Ben Tate, RB
    - A phenomenal talent that is projected to be here in the 3rd (although he is rising fast), he has a lot of the strengths that SJAX has, but is a very different back. A great compliment to our running game, and could potentially take the load from Stephen in 2 or 3 years.

    4.) Osi Umenyiora (traded our 4th, 5th, and next years 5th)
    - We know what he is capable of under Spags, he is a pro-bowler. This price may seem steep, but my guess is that they really wanted our 3rd for him. Our 4th would not do it alone, and our 5th doesnt really sweeten the deal much. We have another 4th from our deal with Wash and already ahve another 5th, so we don't lose a round.

    4.) (from skins) Jimmy Graham, TE
    He is on the rise but is likely at this pick. A lot of organizations don't look at TE until the 3rd or 4th. We can all agree he'd be a great pickup, and that we need a playmaker TE for Bradford.

    5.) (not ours) Blair White, WR
    A guy that's on the rise, since the draft is so soaked with talent here we get lucky and he falls to us. Mike Williams may seem tempting, but Bradford and our offense don't need a guy with lots of potential, we need a guy that can make things happen and be there day in and day out. If a guy like Dezmon Briscoe, or Damian Williams was here I'd go there first, but I am sure they will be gone.

    6.) Myron Rolle, DB/S
    Great talent, character, and attitude. A true locker room guy that has, from all accounts, 2nd or 3rd round talent, but his intagibles force him here for a few reasons. He took a year off, and he has other interests. He is dedicated to football for now, and is surely worth our 6th! I know we havn't shown interest in him yet, but neither has anyone else. He will deffinately be here too, as there is talks of him going undrafted.

    7.) Marlon Williams, OLB

    A Big strong OLB with some upside. This guy could bring some serious run stopping power to our D, he could be rotational, or a 3 and out guy if he develops.

    7.) Justin Mincy, DE
    Great guy to develop, and to get snaps, behind Osi. Tons of upside, played in a big conference. Injury + depth at the position in the draft leave him available.

    This is definitely a possibility, I would be surprised if it works out this way, but honestly guys this would be great for us, and I don' think I'm too off-base with any of this. We could be very competitive with this line-up.

    QB: Bradford
    WR1: Avery/Gibson
    WR2: Robinson/White/Amendola
    RB: Jackson/Tate
    FB: Karney
    T: Smith
    G: Bell
    C: Brown
    G: Frailey/Goldberg
    T: Barron

    DE: Long
    DT: Haynesworth/Ryan
    DT: Robbins/ Scott
    DE: Umenyiora/ Mincy
    MLB: Laurentius
    OLB: Diggs
    FS: Otogwye/Dahl
    SS: Butlerl/Rolle

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    Re: The Rams Win

    So....Haynesworth and a fourth=2nd+Carriker, but Osi=4,5,5

    Sorry, but you're way off in terms of value.

    And Haynesworth ain't happening, and should you really want it to? don't pay people $100 mil to behave the way he does.


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      Re: The Rams Win

      ^ I disagree about value.

      Osi's value is very low right now, and Haynesworth isn't as high as it once was (a 2nd and Carricker is a discount). Osi is a problem for NY, they want him gone, but they can't get screwed in doing it. 3 picks will get it done.

      The skins payed the big bucks for Haynesworth, we woudln't have to pay his obscene salary. Also, let me say this in regards to behavior, his behavior has gone this way because the Redskins program has been in such turmoil to this point that there has never been anyone to hold him accountable.
      I think he fits here better than anywhere, and I stand by my previous statement that Spags will get the most out of him.


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        Re: The Rams Win

        Originally posted by TylerBishop
        ^ I disagree about value.

        Osi's value is very low right now, and Haynesworth isn't as high as it once was (a 2nd and Carricker is a discount). Osi is a problem for NY, they want him gone, but they can't get screwed in doing it. 3 picks will get it done.

        The skins payed the big bucks for Haynesworth, we woudln't have to pay his obscene salary. Also, let me say this in regards to behavior, his behavior has gone this way because the Redskins program has been in such turmoil to this point that there has never been anyone to hold him accountable.
        I think he fits here better than anywhere, and I stand by my previous statement that Spags will get the most out of him.
        Explain why Haynesworth's contract will magically disapear.


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          Re: The Rams Win

          What I was saying is that Haynesworth's value is too low, his contract does decrease his value though. Osi at this point, is not worth a 4,5,5, I was saying that Osi is worth a 3rd or 4th, only, not three picks.

          And I get you're point about his behavior, but bottom line, if he has those character issues, at all, you don't use that much cap space on him, even if he is a very good player. Spags might diminish this, but with this type of player there is always going to be the flare ups, and particularly for us, a losing team at this point, losing always seems to cause this sort of behavior (see T.O. for example).

          Bottom line, if you are going to pay that much, I want the whole package, and that includes character.
          Last edited by Guest; -04-20-2010, 08:54 AM.


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            Re: The Rams Win

            You could be right, but I think when you evaluate the alternative solutions we get a better player with Haynesworth (if we could get him at that price), and think it's worth being a little risky now, it's not like we are winning a lot of games. Also, you could be right about Osi.

            As far as Haynesworth contract, the skins have payed a very large amount of his guaranteed money already, that's why so many teams are interested in him now (explanation given). We would end up with a much more suitable situation.


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            • BarronWade
              BarronWade's mock off-season
              by BarronWade
              So right now we are 0-7 and this is the way i think our off season will go down

              First: Pat Shurmur is released (finally). Giants RB coach Jerald Ingram fills that spot hopefully he can do something.

              Second: Bulger reconstructs his contract to keep his job as Rams starter (for now).

              TE Dan Fells about 3-4 yrs.
              Receiving TE can help if we cannot get a good receiver in the draft. Even if we do Fells is a good 2nd catching TE like Shincoe was in NY.

              OG/C Richie Incognito about 1-2 yrs
              At this point we do not need to create a whole at Guard. So we get cogs for the short term and find a suitable starter in the next yr or 2.

              DE James Hall 1yr
              I think Little will either retire or spend one more year elsewhere. So we need a veteran leader and Hall has played well for us.

              DT Cliff Ryan 4-5 yrs
              Give me 1 reason why we wont re-sign our best DT that is only 25 right now.

              DB John Wade 1 yr
              He is a restricted free agent so we will obviously tender him if someone else wants him they give us a 1st rounder. or 3rd depending on how much we tender him.

              S Craig Dahl 2-3 yrs
              pleasant surprise for us.

              OJ Atogwe 2 yrs
              I think if we cannot re-sign him we will just put the franchise on him then he will negotiate a deal for about 2 yrs and see the direction of the team.

              Key Depatures:
              DE Leonard Little (see james hall)
              OG Jacob Bell (i dont see him reconstructing his deal which will get him cut)
              TE Randy McMicheal (good riddance)
              OT Alex Barron (penalties aside he is having a good year; i think we low ball him and some team gives him big bucks and a long term deal because of his size and talent. )
              OLB Paris Lenon (why would we resign an average 32 yr old.
              QB Kyle Boller (he could not protect the Boll)
              DE Victor Adeyenju (we kept on keeping him inactive i dont think spags likes him)
              RB Ken Darby (not as good a blocker as last year)

              NOTE: For all of you that think we can sign Breaston or Moore: why would young receivers destined for a good future come to the Rams that have QB issues?

              Key Arrivals:
              DT Barry Coefield
              This is a popular one because the G-men have depth on DL and Coefield will start with the Rams. He has conections with Spags.

              LB Chris Gocong
              He has connections with spags. He is a big LB. THe eagles just got spoon so they probably wont keep him. Your probably thinking why would he switch to OLB and come to the Rams. This will be the guy we give alot of money/ incentives to. He will be our "major" FA acquisition.

              WR Dominik Hixon
              unlike us the Giants have young receivers that are all flourishing and Hixon may be dropped in favor of Smith, Manningham and Nicks. We are in need of WRs and...
              -10-29-2009, 04:20 PM
            • 39thebeast
              Beast 4.0 get ready!!
              by 39thebeast
              1. Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

              Franchise QB. Has all the tools. Great leader, great work ethic, extremely smart, makes good reads, and pinpoint accuracy. Reports so far is the shoulder is all good, we just have to see him throw to confirm that. I suspect he will be in the top 3 on our board and QB trumps DT.

              2. Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU

              Many are projecting him to be a 3-4 OLB because of the size. He has the speed, burst, relentless, and explosion to make up for the lack of size. The Rams need someone who can get to the QB and it doesn't matter if that is a DE or a DT. Rams have guys like Adeyanju, Hall, and Long who are good against the run so he can focus on pass rushing initially. Long and Hughes will be a great combo in the future.

              3. Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida

              Going to have to get Bradford weapons. Mitchell has great size and speed. He can immediately come in and be a deep threat, but he has all the tools to develop into a complete NFL receiver. Adds down field playmaking ability the size the Rams receiving core needs.

              4. (Traded for Tony Schefler)

              He is on the block not a fit in Denver and he is good value for a 4th rounder. Great hands extremely athletic with good speed. Could be a crucial part of the offense especially with a rookie QB.

              5. AJ Edds, OLB, Iowa

              All around LB isn't overly athletic, but can bring the wood. Great coverage LB. Has the size spags wants in his LBs and could probably play all 3 spots. He will start of at WLB because that's where he needs it most.

              5. Linval Joseph, DT, Eastern Carolina

              Carriker, Scott, Ryan, Robbins Top 4 DTs not spectacular but could get the job done. Joseph has the size of Nose Tackle, but penetrates like 3 technique, something like Fred Robbins in his prime. Adds another rotational piece at DT.

              6. Derek Hardman, OT, Eastern Kentucky

              Small School OT can play at both tackle spots and be good depth.

              7. Van Eksridge, FS, Eastern Carolina

              Playmaking safety not outstanding physically, but is a great football player. Will be quality depth at safety and a good special teamer.

              7. Mike Tepper, OL, Cal

              Can play RT and guard. good depth on the o-line especially if Setterstrom isn't back.

              Free Agents
              O.J. Otogwe, FS, Rams- It all gets worked out and the Rams bring back the playmaker in their secondary.

              Rod Hood, CB, Titans- Vet with a ton of experience in the scheme and is a good press corner. Can start if called, but will be a good nickel behind Fletcher and Bartell

              Mike Bell, RB, Saints- No compensation when signed. Tough physical runner, definately...
              -03-09-2010, 08:46 PM
            • Bald_81
              Bald_81's Post-Senior Bowl Rams Draft
              by Bald_81
              (1-14) Julio Jones, WR, Alabama
              We'll obviously know more after the combine comes and goes, but as of now this looks like a virtual lock -- barring an 'elite' prospect dropping into our laps. There is also the threat that a team could trade up ahead of us (Detroit looks like a logical target), but since I won't be projecting trades the Rams get an immense blend of both need and value at #14. I wasn't high on Jones prior to the season because he had always been plagued by drops and inconsistency, however, he was able to put it altogether this season while playing through injury. He is physically ready to play from day one and should not be a liability in run blocking like most rookies would.
              Secondary Options: DE, DT, OLB

              (2-47) Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech
              The Rams have repeatedly come up short in the past with the goal of finding a formidible back up for Steven Jackson. It is becoming much more pertinent to find his compliment especially with Jackson approaching twenty-eight years old. Had Williams not gone through an injury-plagued season, we would not even be in a position to draft him this late. A projected first round pick coming into 2010, he has excellent vision and suddeness with his cuts, has great balance and is an underrated receiver out of the backfield (his low reception total is misleading). Turning only twenty-one in February, he can be groomed as our future lead back and showed the ability to carry the load in his freshman season. In the case he is gone by our pick, an alternative would be Shane Vereen from Cal who could possibly be had in the third round. Either way, I see RB getting addressed in the second or third.
              Secondary Options: DE, DT, OLB

              (3-79) Jurrell Casey, DT, USC
              Fred Robbins was a god send last season and might've been one of the most underappreciated players on the team especially after losing Clifton Ryan. The Rams have a bunch of ordinary players but no stand outs. Darell Scott has yet to flash anything that shows he can be counted on going forward and although both Jermelle Cudjo and Gary Gibson did a formidable job, there is still a need for influx of talent and depth at the position. Casey might not get this far but if he does I believe the Rams have a talent on their hands. One of the lone brightspots on the USC defense last year, Casey shows the ability to uphold the point of attack and shed blocks when getting into the backfield. He struggles with awareness and dissecting plays at times but that can easily be coached from a great defensive mind like Spagnuolo.
              Secondary Options: DE, OLB, CB

              (4-TBD) K.J. Wright, OLB, Mississippi State
              After Na'il Diggs (a stop gap, at best) went down with injury, our LB corps really suffered. Vobora and Chamberlain did their best to hold down SLB and it was a constant turnstile all season between Grant and Kehl at WLB. Besides Laurinaitis, there is far from an entrenched starter...
              -01-30-2011, 05:29 PM
            • TylerBishop
              Most Likely Mock Draft
              by TylerBishop
              Here is my 5 round mock based on Devany and Spags track record and what they like.

              I would take Julio Jones in the first round if I could, but I think between the Browns, Bengals, and Redskins there is no more first round WR talent left, we will have to look for FA to fill this need.

              I used multiple scouting reports, projections, and recommendations to make these. I hope you like what I've put together.


              1.) JJ. Watt 6'6 290 DE

              - A beast, was talked about as a Heisman candidate. His stock keeps rising, and he is the most athletically gifted of all the DE's left on the board. I like him better than Clayborn and Kerrigan because of his versatility. He could play DT in the Ah You role, or takeover for Hall this season or next. He will play day one and make a idfference and thats what its all about. We like him because of versatility and intangibles.

              2.) DeMarco Murray 6'1 212, RB

              - This a hard pick to make, but Murray is such a talent. Injury concerns, and durability raise questions, but luckily we don't need a feature back. We need a helper, someone who can catch passes, block, and burn it down the field to give Sjax a break. Hanferson is tempting if he's here, but if we address WR in FA like I am assuming we have enough deph there. TOo me, if we go defense round 1 (which we should if Jones isn't there), we need to upgrade offense in some way at #2. There are no guards left worth this pick, or WR's. We like Murray because he has good connections with Bradford, and has great intangibles.

              #3 Mark Herzlrich 6'3 247, OLB
              Pray the guy lasts to this spot (all predictions says he will, due to his medical concerns). He is a first round talent, and a guy who can play day one. Very physical, can rush the passer, and stop the run, weaker when dropping into coverage, but that's not what Spags is most concerned about. heard he has a mean streak, which is exactly why Spags drafted Saffold. WE like him because of great character, ability, and upside.

              #4 John Moffit 6'4 317, OG
              Great guard, projects as a NFL starter. Guy plays hard has good charater, and is from a place where they manufacture good linemen. More of run blocker (not what McDaniels likes), but I doubt McD likes Goldberg either. An upgrade for sure. Here's what scouts said about him at the senior bowl.
              "During team drills, Moffitt's strength and balance made him the toughest draw for any defensive tackle. Moffitt blasted holes at the first level and showed better agility in the open field than expected. At times, the former Badger was blocking 15 yards downfield, including on a screen to Marshall tight end Lee Smith when Moffitt locked onto Virginia Tech cornerback Rashad Carmichael and rode him out of the play entirely". - Rob Rang,

              #5 David Carter 6'5 305, DT
              A beast who dramatically improved his stock at the...
              -02-01-2011, 11:49 AM
            • RamsFanSam
              RFS: My 2010 Draft Needs Analysis
              by RamsFanSam
              I have watched the Rams struggle this season as most of you have, and have studied various aspects of the team from one game to the next. This has led me to several conclusions including what positions we are likely to draft and in which round. Remember, this is merely speculation, and I may be wrong. Hopefully, some of you will use this opportunity to discuss this, and maybe, just maybe, we can have a real discussion without usage of the word "sucks" in any form.

              Round 1: Wide Reciever. Scream all you want about cornerbacks and quarterbacks, our corners are NOT the worst in the league, and neither is our QB...not even our backups. Our wide reciever corps, however, is not only thin, but is lacking a true threat. Robinson is, or should I say was, our best WR, but he was never looked at as a true threat. We need a Henry Ellard, an Issac Bruce. Once we get this, our offense will improve by 50% before he ever hits the field.

              Rd. 2: OLB. Right now, it's the "Son of Animal show". Laurinaitis is doing great at his position, especially for a rookie. Without Spoon, he is working basically by himself, with backups on each side. We need to find a big, fast, bruising linebacker to improve our front seven.

              Rd. 3: Offensive Lineman. We need a guard/tackle. Chances are, Barron will be gone next year, Smith will be on the left, and ????? will be on the right. Bell is okay at LG, but OK isn't good enough. We need someone who can move like a ninja that eats a side of beef at every meal - raw - to shore up our OL and open holes for SJ.

              Rd. 4: Running Back. We can't expect Seven to carry this team all season long and be ready to do it again next year unless he has someone helping him. If we had another RB, someone that did the things he can't do - avoid the defenders instead of running over them, sneak around a tackle instead of breaking them...then we could have a real tandem at RB, and our opponents would have a hard time covering both of them.

              Rd. 5: Cornerback. We are thin there, but this is one position we can wait 'til later to fill. Why? Well, if our front seven are solid enough (and I think they could be next year), the secondary will be just that - secondary. Add to this a POTENT offense that scores points, which the three above additions can make - and the secondary becomes almost... tertiary. Of course, we'd be going after a vet CB in free agency, so this will help a lot.

              Rds 6 & 7: BPA, because we have need for the best available. Argue that

              This won't fill all the holes, and no, it doesn't include a QB. I still think Bulger is good for at least one more year, and we also have this neat little thing call free agency we can use to fill spots.

              I open the board to discussion. :helmet:
              -10-26-2009, 05:35 PM