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Carriker to be traded

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  • Carriker to be traded

    Just heard on ESPN Adam Schefter is reporting that the Rams are going to trade Carriker to the Redskins. He is not sure what we will get, but he said Haynesworth is NOT in the deal...

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    Re: Carriker to be traded

    Right now for Carriker I would take a Coke and a smile.


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      Re: Carriker to be traded

      His Twitter says it's done, but as you said, they're trying to confirm compensation...

      Rams traded former first-round pick Adam Carricker to Redskins. Still awaiting word on what the Rams get in return.
      7 minutes ago via UberTwitter


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        Re: Carriker to be traded

        I really hope its more than a 6th rounder at the least. Hopefully a fourth rounder or better.


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          Re: Carriker to be traded

          If Campbell's involved that would be big.


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            Re: Carriker to be traded

            Originally posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
            Hopefully a fourth rounder or better.
            Unicorns and fairytales


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              Re: Carriker to be traded

              On the Redskins message boards (ExtremeSkins), they are saying it's a fifth rounder. Still waiting to hear from Schefter though to confirm this. It's sad because Carriker played out of position with us and I can actually see him doing well in a 3-4 that the Redskins employ. Oh well, another mistake by the old regime out the door.


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                Re: Carriker to be traded

                I would hope its no less than a 4th skins seem to be high on him
                hopefully we can use that to get a 3rd 4th


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                  Re: Carriker to be traded

                  Originally posted by chancelandusa View Post
                  I would hope its no less than a 4th skins seem to be high on him
                  hopefully we can use that to get a 3rd 4th
                  When Santonio Holmes and Ernie Sims can only fetch fifth round picks, if we got a fourth from the Redskins that would be highway robbery IMO.


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                    Re: Carriker to be traded

                    Originally posted by txramsfan View Post
                    Right now for Carriker I would take a Coke and a smile.
                    LMAO. beat me to it TX!!!

                    It's too bad, I had hopes for Carriker. I just hope we get a potential starter in return.


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                      Re: Carriker to be traded

                      ESPN says 5th rounder.


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                        Re: Carriker to be traded

                        wow we are thin on the D-line...


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                          Re: Carriker to be traded

                          Adam just twitted. It's a swap of 5th rounders. The one we got from the Eagles for theirs. If it is true it's a little disappointing we didn't get an extra pick but just moved up some spots in the 5th.


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                            Re: Carriker to be traded

                            Read that we traded Carriker and (Philly's) 5th rounder for their 5th rounder.

                            We got royally screwed here


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                              Re: Carriker to be traded

                              Yeah its been like 4 years and he hasnt done CRAP, but I guess I'm such a homer that I thought he could turn it around. 5th round picks are REAL popular this year and like someone said if Sims goes for a 5th we are'nt getting crap for Mr.Crutch.


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                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Trade Was No Surprise To Carriker
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Trade was no surprise to Carriker

                                BY JIM THOMAS
                                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                                Adam Carriker could see it coming, long before the initial speculation surfaced that he might be traded to the Washington Redskins.

                                "I suppose it's always a surprise when you get traded," the defensive lineman said. "But I know there'd been talks, even before it got out to the media. I knew the talks had gone on, so I wasn't shocked."

                                Rumor became reality last Tuesday, when Carriker was traded to the Redskins. The deal involved only a switch of fifth-round and seventh-round picks by the clubs; the Rams got no extra players or compensation for Carriker, a first-round draft pick out of Nebraska in 2007.

                                The current Rams coaching staff gave up on Carriker even though it saw very little of him on the field. Carriker was just coming back from shoulder surgery when he suffered an ankle injury 10 days into coach Steve Spagnuolo's first Rams training camp last summer. Carriker had just returned from the ankle injury when he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury — requiring surgery — in the 2009 preseason finale.

                                "It is what it is," Carriker said. "I guess they felt like they got a good enough look at me."

                                Carriker says he's excited about the new career challenge that lies ahead in Washington under veteran NFL head coach Mike Shanahan.

                                "We've struggled here the last few years in St. Louis," Carriker said. "No disrespect to the Rams, but all of a sudden I'm on a team that's made a lot of offseason moves. They're being talked about as a contender, and everybody's excited about the team."

                                Carriker spent a few days in Washington last week following the trade. He was back in St. Louis when he spoke with the Post-Dispatch in a phone interview but heads back to the nation's capital this week to participate in the Redskins' offseason conditioning program.

                                He talked to Shanahan for only a couple of minutes while in Washington last week. "They were getting ready for the draft," Carriker said.

                                But he'll been reunited in Washington with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, who was Rams coordinator for two of Carriker's three seasons in St. Louis. "Coach Haz is a good coach," Carriker said.

                                In Washington, Carriker will play end in the Redskins' 3-4 alignment, which is considered a more natural position for him than defensive tackle in the Rams' 4-3. But But Carriker took mild offense to being typecast as a 3-4 end only.

                                "I played nose guard here (in St. Louis) my first year and did well at that," he said. "Sometimes I'd play nose guard, (3-technique) defensive tackle, and end all in one series. That happened against San Francisco. You didn't know where you were lining up until...
                                -04-26-2010, 10:38 PM
                              • shower beers
                                Rams trade Carriker to Skins
                                by shower beers
                                This is coming from a few twitter sources and rotoworld:

                                Reports differ on the return. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says the Rams will receive a fifth-round pick while's Adam Caplan reports the Rams will send the fifth-rounder they acquired from Philly to the Redskins. Former Rams coach Jim Haslett has been pushing to be reunited with Carriker since he got the Skins' coordinator job a couple of months ago. The addition of the former No. 13 overall pick makes it much more likely that Albert Haynesworth will be dealt in the next few days.
                                -04-20-2010, 12:36 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Carriker not playing
                                by RamWraith
                                Adam Carriker did not make the trip to Foxborough according to Fox Sports. I guess that makes him out today, not questionable.
                                -10-26-2008, 07:51 AM
                              • MauiRam
                                Adam Carriker on the road to recovery
                                by MauiRam
                                By Nick Wagoner

                                Senior Writer
                                In putting the finishing touches on a solid rookie campaign, the normally reserved Adam Carriker couldn’t help but let his emotions get the better of him.

                                Carriker had started the whole season, working as a valuable cog in a defense in which he played every position on the line. Suddenly any joy he had been able to take from his first season work vanished, replaced by the stinging pain in his bent back shoulder.

                                “I’m not going to lie,” Carriker said. “I was pretty livid. I was like ‘Are you serious?’ I go the whole year, I don’t know how many plays I played and then the last game of the year I get hurt. I was really upset.”

                                t was the second play of the game against Arizona on Dec.30, the season finale and Carriker’s last chance to make a strong first impression. As per usual for the defensive tackle, Carriker was taking on a double team.

                                Carriker tried to get off the blocks but felt his shoulder moving in the opposite direction of the rest of his body. Finally, the shoulder popped and Carriker found himself in a great deal of pain.

                                Carriker did his best to play through the pain, finishing the first half and playing the early portion of the third quarter. By then, it had become clear to Carriker and the coaching staff that he was no longer effective and simply trying to tough it out. A quarter and a half early, Carriker’s rookie season ended abruptly.

                                When Carriker arrived back in St. Louis, he met with the medical staff to determine the severity of his injury. The verdict? A torn labrum in his shoulder that would require six months of rehabilitation.

                                In other words, from the time Carriker had surgery in the middle of January, he wouldn’t be able to return to the field until training camp in July at the earliest.
                                At least, that was what the doctors ordered. But judging the progress Carriker has made in the past four plus months and the fact that he’s doing some individual work at this weekend’s minicamp, there’s a strong chance Carriker will not only be ready to go in time for training camp but could be at full strength.

                                “I think it is amazing how fast he has recovered,” coach Scott Linehan said. “Generally, with an injury like that, it is four to six months before you can do anything. I think in this case he could probably be able to play a game if we had to play one. I said it was youth but I think a lot of it has to do with work ethic and want. That guy has been busting his butt since the end of the season to get to where he is at. It has really paid off.”

                                Indeed, Carriker has attacked his rehab with the same voracious appetite that helped make him the Rams’ No. 1 pick in 2007. Soon after his surgery, Carriker wasn’t able to lift his arm above his shoulder without the help of someone else.

                                Within a few weeks, his range of motion...
                                -05-11-2008, 04:33 PM
                              • Nick
                                More Nuggets on Rams/Carriker
                                by Nick
                                According to, both Scott Linehan and Jim Haslett were present for Nebraska's pro day to watch Adam Carriker, who weighed in at just over 290 pounds. After running another impressive forty (though to be fair it was on a favorable track), Carriker was put through a number of defensive line drills, some of which he had never done before. Reportedly, he looked great.

                                Again, according to, the Rams love Carriker's ability as well as his character and personality. But they feel he is capable of playing at defensive tackle and has the ability to comfortably add as much as 35 pounds to his frame.

                                -03-09-2007, 09:56 AM