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  • I have predicted it

    My mother's friend's son's girlfriend's uncle's nephew's babysitter's boyfriend's dad's boss's butler's cousin's father's niece's sister's mom's husband's friend's is Billy Devaney!

    And, he has just sent me these secret blueprints.

    I will now share them to you.

    To: Steve Spagnuolo
    From: Billy Devaney

    Yo Steve my man! How it been yo? How is the old lady? Well, I am now convinced on who we should draft on April 22nd yo! Check this out! It's off da hook.

    Round 1: Tim Tebow (QB)

    Analysis: Man Stevey! This here Tim Tivo is great quarterback. Tug McShay said so himself! T-bone's accuracyate, strength of arm, and the intrelligence of the QB mind is phenome...feno...great!

    Tom Tebo not afraid to bleed all over new jersey, and I like that in quarterbacks, especially franchise quarterbacks who want to be franchise quarterbacks for der franchise to succeed in the NFL franchise. His quarterbacking is so good, he make Gill Brandy say he look like Troy Aiknam! Timothy is should be our pick for first day of 2012 draft because he deserve to get pick because he bleed alot for himself, the Florida Crocodiles, and for the girlfriend.

    Round 2: Colt McCoy (QB)

    Analysis: I always say draft QB every year. Well thees year I say draft mutltip....meulti...many QBs! This class of QB is deeper than Tiger Wud's affair list! I made a funny! Colt Brenan is mazing QB. He QB so good, he make the Tivo guy look almost not good. But Tivo bleed more than Gerald McCoy so Tivo is better QB. Mccolt Coy is very big QB but people say he not big. Colt is big in heart, but small in bottom and everything eelse. Maybe Col need to tip toe to see over big fatty linemen and RB but so what? Joe Dirt The Montanian did too! McCoy should take some of that HG....EGSI....human growing hormones!

    Plus! The Colt and the Timm should make dual threat QB stystem with 2 QBs on field at same time! Defenses of the other team will be spinning with not knowing anything that will happen!

    Round 3: LaGarette Blount (RB)

    Analysis: So what if Blunt hit a fellow footballer? Players of the football sport are very emotiona....motine...have feelings too! He just wanteded to prove he big strong RB who plow over peple like the Bradnon Jacoby of the New Jork Eagles. That Jacob guy pretty good because he run over the linebackers and the QB and kicker! He run over everybody! Not like that Darbey bub that got backarm clothed lined by the refrerefee. The RB postion need tough runner, and passer, and Lagary provide both of the skills to play the passer and runner because he arm strength is good because he lay the the the the guy out. Stephen da Jackhammerson should love the Blunt because they make lightning fast duet on the field! Lagarrado also beat up some golfer, but the guy now playing at The Masters.

    Round 4: Toby Gerhart (RB)

    Analysis: Toby Gerhart very misunderstood human being. All he want is to be good running back. But his skin color is of very white, and that no good to be running back according to the man. Toby Gerhart is sensitivisational runner who light up the building with his amazing speed of changing directions! He play like black running back but look like white running back! How can this be? He love to play football, and we pick him to be our back up passer for Tebow and back up runner for Garety.

    Round 5: Travis Ivey (DT)

    Analysis: Ivory is big fat man human bear machine! He big bear and he eat the the offensive lineboys for lunch! he can eat Dominon Suh if he wanted to! This big boy can help Baskin Robbins and Cliff Ryan to be better NT because they all have buffets to eat and they share stories about eating to make them all eat more! Eating is good because the body need the energy and the protein and the nutrition viteminerals and the fat and the carbodratys because if no human eat thees then we all cavemen back to early people. Ivan take up huge space! he eat many things so he take up many space because he not tiger woods. he the one that hit tiger wood actually because that Eline woman pay him to and he did great job but dont tell anyone or else he be locked up for long time.

    Round 5: Zolton Mesko (P)

    Analysis: Josh Brown's leg may get tired very often because we punt so much and Donnie Jones is very very bad kickpunter and he not very satisfied so he do no good job. We bring in the Zeus because he big fellow. Big like the linebacker. But not as big as Ivery man. Thees guy resemble the punter Sebation Janiwowski because they both big like linebacker and they have similar name so they similar. Zohan will be very good of the kicking team because no one mess with the Zohan. He big. Big like Janiswowski and big like linebacker. He also can play QB behind Tivo because he bigger than McCoy so he can take damage unlike that BRadford who cannot take shrapnel because he weakling.




    Analysis: A Lion wouldn't cheat, but a Tiger Wood! Hahahahah made a funny.

    Round 7: John McEnroe (EVERYTHING)

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    Re: I have predicted it

    Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
    Well thees year I say draft mutltip....meulti...many QBs!

    So what if Blunt hit a fellow footballer? Players of the football sport are very emotiona....motine...have feelings too!

    Round 7: John McEnroe Jr. (EVERYTHING)

    OK I'll give it to you I laughed
    Also Hell ya on the Johnny Mac pick.


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      Re: I have predicted it

      Johnny Mac is sensational tennis player and should convert to football no problemo.


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        Re: I have predicted it

        Good stuff make it so


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          Re: I have predicted it

          Hahaha...are you drunk my man? Draft parties aren't until tomorrow!


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            Re: I have predicted it

            Is Nadal predicted to be gone by then? I'll bet Sampras could be had as an undrafted FA.


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              Re: I have predicted it

              Originally posted by berg8309 View Post
              Is Nadal predicted to be gone by then? I'll bet Sampras could be had as an undrafted FA.
              Oh no no no. Nadal is never going to be drafted. His knee is too much of a question mark. His production is going down.

              And Sampras is a future hall of famer! He's going #2 overall, behind Bradford!

              I don't know about that Federer guy though...he seems mighty scrawny...;)


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                Re: I have predicted it

                Originally posted by Warner4prez View Post
                Hahaha...are you drunk my man? Draft parties aren't until tomorrow!
                Geaux Saints! :eek:


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                • denverram
                  Big 12 QB's
                  by denverram
                  We have 3 of the best College QB's in the nation in the Big 12, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford and Chase Daniells. Will any of these QB's make a good pro? I think the Rams are in a fine position to take one of these guys, sit him behind Bulger for a year or two and then let him play. Bulger is coming to the end and all though I like him, I think we can get better at that position and I would rather get someone and develope him then draft whoever is available at the time.

                  I know we have OL issues but I think we need to look at 2 of these because thay are fantastic! Daniells and McCoy are both mobile enough to move(Bradford not so much) and escape which is key in today's NFL. We then look at O Line in the 2nd and 3rd round.

                  I know McCoy is just a junior but I think he will probably come out.

                  What says the clan?

                  -10-07-2008, 02:45 PM
                • dave626
                  Highly mobile QBs
                  by dave626
                  It would seem our Gm has an eye of these types, if there is any truth to the rumors we have interest in both Vick and/or Johnson.

                  I ask you guys, what QBs in the draft play this style using high mobility to make plays along with there arm,and in what rounds do you think they will go.

                  Carriker this is the year!
                  -02-23-2010, 02:20 PM
                • ManofGod
                  Top 5 Senior QB's
                  by ManofGod
                  According to Mel Kiper Jr., the top 5 senior QB's are as follows:

                  1. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
                  2. Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
                  3. Dan Lefevour, QB, Central Michigan
                  4. Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati
                  5. Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State

                  I believe a few of you may be suprised by this order, and whether you are a fan of his Kiper or not, he does seem to have acces to what many NFL teams are looking for when it comes to the draft. Now this draft order is current (1/8/10), and of course we will have to wait until the combine to see who's stock falls, who's rises, and who simply falls off of the face of the earth.

                  Now since we have the #1 pick in almost every round, baring a monumental improvement by these five men, they will all be available in the 2nd round for us & if necessary the 3rd or 4th. Now I know many of you are Pike fans, and some of you favor McCoy or Lefevour. Some of you even believe in the magic that is Tim Tebow (as I do), but we obviously need to look towards our QB of the future. I believe we start Bulger this season for many reasons most notably being financial, but we do need to start grooming the successor.

                  With that being said my fellow clam members, who from these 5 men would you want behind center as the #2 or #3 QB(provided that we move Null up to #2, or pick up another free agent in the off-season)?
                  -01-08-2010, 12:34 PM
                • AvengerRam_old
                  The Thing That Worries Me Most About The Second Tier QBs
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  First, let me define my terms. Right now, I have the QB "tiers" as follows:

                  Tier 1 (First Round Prospects)
                  Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
                  Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame

                  Tier 2 (Second/Third Round Prospects)
                  Colt McCoy, Texas
                  Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan

                  Tier 3 (Fourth/Fifth Round Prospects)
                  Tony Pike, Cincinnati
                  Levi Brown, Troy
                  Jarrett Brown, West Virginia

                  Tier 4 (Sixth Round or later)
                  Everyone Else

                  Note: Before we get off on a tangent, let me say that I am aware that there are many who have Tony Pike in Tier 2 and Tim Tebow in Tier 2 or 3. Let's just agree to disagree on those.

                  Now... here's my worry...

                  Where do you value the Tier 2 QBs?

                  At this point, I feel as though Colt McCoy and Dan LeFevour would both be reaches at pick number 33. However, I also think there is a very good chance that both will be gone by pick number 65.

                  In a perfect world, the Rams woudl trade from pick 33 to a pick in the middle of the second round, get McCoy or LeFevour, and obtain an extra pick in the process. But what if such a trade is not available?

                  My fear is that the Rams pass on the Tier 1 QBs in Round 1, pass on the Tier 2 QBs at pick No. 33, and then find themselves at the top of Round 3 with the choice of going with a Tier 3 QB or "Door Number 2" (Bulger, Boller, Null, ???).

                  If the Rams share this concern, it could push them towards taking Bradford first. However, that would the wrong reason to take Bradford. If they think he's worth the first pick, then they should take him. Taking him because of need is very risky.

                  Its issues like this that make me glad I'm not the GM.
                  -03-03-2010, 10:15 AM
                • Ramsong
                  Ramsong Mock 1.0
                  by Ramsong
                  I never think it's too early for mocks, and even though they are usually ridiculous speculation, I think it's fun and generates some debate. So here goes:

                  Round 1: Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska - Whether or not we pick #1 overall...Whatever it takes to get this guy, we must do it, even if it means trading up to get him. He is a freak of nature. On top of that, he's intelligent, articulate, a superb athlete and fits the 4 Pillars to a tee.

                  And we can't be afraid to draft another DT despite Kennedy, Carriker (playing out of position), Pickett etc. and their results.

                  I think he would instantly make Ryan, Long, Lauranitis and Company a better and potent front 7. Starter from day 1.

                  Round 2: Dez Bryant, WR OK State - This one is iffy because many feel he is a top 10 talent, but he just may slip into the top of the 2nd with the NCAA suspension...Just might put off some NFL execs.

                  We need to be drafting BPA available regardless of position, because we are desperate for playmakers on BOTH sides of the ball. Bryant just happens to fit a need as well. Big, fast, strong. There have been some questions about his hands, but that's something that can be coached.

                  Alternates here (if we go WR) include Golden Tate, ND / Brandon LaFell, LSU / Damian Williams USC & Aurelious Benn, ILL (who was hurt by the wacky offensive system at ILL and lack of a productive QB this year.)

                  Round 3: Tim Tebow, QB Florida - OK, before you start ripping me, please hear me out. By round 3, Bradford, Locker, Claussen, McCoy will all probably be gone. Tebow may as well, but if he is there at the top of round 3, you almost HAVE to take him.

                  I keep hearing about his mechanics and delivery. Trust me, these are things that can be fixed at the NFL level, at least with the right coach.

                  One thing you can't fix, is the desire and will to win. This guy has that in spades. He is the type of guy that will put a team on his shoulders and absolutely carry them to a win. When was the last time we had that at Rams Park?

                  His footwork is not an issue, as he is very mobile and athletic. I want a guy like this on my team, the perfect example of BPA and great value at the top of round 3.

                  QB alternates here include Dan LeFevour (another favorite), Tony Pike and Zac Robinson. A deep class for QBs.

                  Round 4: Toby Gerhart, RB Stanford - This guy is a stud, and may fall to the top of round 4. He would be the perfect compliment and ultimate replacement for Jackson. Bruising runner and good pass catcher, plus the dude can block. He also throws the ball well.

                  Options here at RB include Noel Devine, but I think round 4 is a little high for Devine because of his size. He would be a great change of pace back though.

                  Alternate picks would be DE and OLB - BPA.

                  Round 5.1: Roddrick Muckelroy, OLB Texas
                  Round 5.2: Alex Carrington,
                  -12-12-2009, 01:38 PM