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  • Draft Day mock

    Well, Draft Day Is finally upon us and it's getting tense. Here's my wishlist:

    1.01 Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

    Yes, I know that Sam Bradford is more likely but this is my mock, so there! Clausen has improved every year in college, has proven that he can play through injury and is used to having poor protection and limited talent around him. Bradford may have more upside but Clausen looks a safer bet to me; either way, we get our quarterback of the future.

    2.01 Everson Griffen, DE, Southern California

    Apart from Chris Long, we have nothing at defensive end as far as long-term starters are concerned. Little and Hall are in their thirties, while the other guys are rotation- calibre. Griffen has all the ability in the world; if Spags can whip him into shape, he could be a beast.

    3.01 Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State

    Na'il Diggs has been brought in but he is over thirty and isn't the long- term solution at weakside linebacker. Watson is small but has a great motor and gives one hundred percent every down; add him to Laurinaitis and Vobora and we have the makings of an excellent young linebacking corps.

    4.01 Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa

    With the future of Alex Barron still up in the air, abd Jason Smith likely to switch to the blind side soon, we need a viable right tackle for the future. Calloway could well be the answer.

    5.01 Dennis Pitta, TE, Brigham Young

    Daniel Fells looks a decent enough tight end but we need more options at that position. Pitta is a good route runner and has excellent hands; he could be a steal.

    5.04 Daniel Te'O-Nesheim, DE, Washington

    More depth at defensive end. Could be much better than that, too.

    6.01 Major Wright, SS, Florida

    Depth at safety; could be a steal if we can motivate him.

    7.01 Corey Peters, DT, Kentucky

    More situational depth at defensive tackle.

    7.19 Shawn Lauvao, G, Arizona State

    More depth on the offensive line.

    7.47 Simoni Lawrence, LB, Minnesota

    A flexible player who can cover any hole in the linebacking position.

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    Re: Draft Day mock

    I really like Calloway in the fourth!


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      Re: Draft Day mock

      i think if we trade down to 7 with the Browns..we take Clausen..but not 1st overall. i am not in the camp who think he will be a bust..just think that because we likely could get him after trading down we should take that route..and i think he`d have a better career if not taken 1st overall anyway...if we stay 1st overall its gotta be Bradford or Suh for me.

      Everson Griffin..depends who is left to pick at that point..and if we have traded down with the 1st pick..if we haven`t and Gresham or McCoy(if we dont go QB with the 1st pick) are still on the table i hope we stay at 2.1. if they aren`t then i hope we trade a possibility we could still take the likes of Griffin a few spots lower..or pick somebody else just as good at a different position.

      Dekoda Watson looks a good player..but as you pointed out he`s quite small..i think that will count against him..someone like Thaddeus Gibson or A.J Edds i think are more Spags kind of OLB`s..

      Dennis Pitta i like a lot..the only thing that puts me off him a little is that he`ll be a 25 year old Rookie..tho that is probably why he`ll go lower than his play deserves.

      Kyle Calloway..i`ve always liked in every mock ive seen him in..really hope we can get him in the draft...think he could turn out to be our Jon Runyan.

      no faults with the later picks really.

      none of the picks in the entire mock do i have a problem with as wether they`ll be good players..just the fit with our schemes and where they should be taken.


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        Re: Draft Day mock

        Thanks for the comments.

        Ramblin' Ram, I just can't understand the logic which dictates that Bradford is worthy if the number one pick but Clausen isn't. Sure, I can see where you're coming from, but it doesn't really make sense: if you believe that we need a QB and that Clausen will be the best QB in this draft (as I do), then surely he has to be taken first overall. I have no problem at all with Suh- it's just that a great QB is worth more than a great DT.

        As for the OLBs you mention in round three, I think that Gibson is a classic "tweener" while Edds made my shortlist but is more if a strongside linebacker. Vobora has done well there, so a WLB is what we really need. Navorro Bowman would be an intriguing possibility if he slipped that far.


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          Re: Draft Day mock

          i think Bradford is better than Clausen..not by much,but he is IMO. that`s why i`d take Clausen in a trade down because you`d get Clausen+ a couple of picks..i`d prefer that to just taking Bradford outright but between taking Bradford or Clausen with no extra picks..i`d take Bradford.

          i think with the LB`s you thinking of them in the conventional sense..i don`t think Spags thinks about weakside and strongside tho...sure you gonna need someone on the "strongside" who is capable of working his way through the extra traffic that often finds its way on that side of the field..but i think Spags likes all of the front seven including both OLB`s to be able to fill multiple roles..e.g. with the LB`s being more for Run support,Containment etc......he`s not looking for light and quick conventional weaksides...he could have just kept any one of Pisa,Spoon,Draft etc...if he wanted to do that..or traded for Ernie Sims.

          Vobora, whilst he`s been a pleasant surprise..i dont think he`s a lock to be starting at this point and may never be a career starter..only J-Lau is a LB who would start on a good team and if we want to be one..we gonna need an upgrade at both OLB positions,unless the decent Vobora evolves into a lot better player than he is at this point..could happen i guess..but i think theres OLB`s in this draft who will be better.
          i think if we started the season today..Vobora would play "weakside" with Diggs at "Strongside"...i don`t see Vobora as having a true position as yet..just one who can in a pinch play all LB positions.


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            Re: Draft Day mock

            Not a lot of Offensive play-makers, which Devaney said was what they were looking for, but this could be more realistic. It is a more conservative (minus Clausen) approach.

            BTW, you're either spot on about Clausen or dead wrong. I'm convinced he will be really good, or the second coming of Ryan Leaf.


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              Re: Draft Day mock

              Originally posted by TylerBishop View Post

              BTW, you're either spot on about Clausen or dead wrong.
              You heard it here first! ;)


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                Re: Draft Day mock

                That's an interesting perspective on the role of linebackers in Spags' system, Ramblin', and it's certainly something which will be interesting to watch this season. The set-up does require some flexibility from the LBs, which is why Diggs has been brought in and why Lawrence would make sense as a long-term option in round seven.

                Tyler, I've gone for positions of need this season, especially with Griffen and Watson. While it's true that we could use more playmakers, we have a young group of wide receivers and I hope that one or two of them can really make a name for themselves in 2010. If nobody establishes himself as a true number one receiver, we can acquire one in the first round next April. A back- up to Jackson can also be drafted next year, while Pitta should be an immediate improvement at tight end.


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                • sakl18
                  Sakl18's Mock Draft
                  by sakl18
                  Here is my Rams mock draft as of 08/02
                  • 1.01 - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska - Enough said.
                  • 2.01 - Jahvid Best, RB, California - An explosive runner who would be the perfect complement for SJax, keeping him healthy and extending his career by several seasons. Also brings a much needed home run threat to the offense.
                  • 3.01 - Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan - A developmental QB with a good arm and great mobility. Has tremendus potential and will take the helm of the offense in 2 or 3 years.
                  • 4.01 - Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale - A monster of a tackle with surprising agility. Has the ability to start immediately at right tackle and be a dominant force on the right end for years to come.
                  • 5.01 - Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami - Converted basketball player with great height and agility. Has the potential to be the next Antonio Gates.
                  • 5.24 - Dekoda Watson, OLB, Florida State - An athletic freak with a great work ethic and tremendous upside. Could possibly gain the starting role opposite David Vobora.
                  • 6.01 - Devin Ross CB, Arizona - Has a surprising amount of potential for a late round pick. Will provide much needed depth at CB.
                  • 7.01 - O'Brien Schoefield, DE, Wisconsin - A great pass rusher who was a projected 2nd or 3rd round prospect who tore his ACL at a Senior Bowl practice. He may have to be placed on IR for his first year, but he has the potential to be a dominant edge rusher.
                  • 7.19 - Guard depth.

                  Let me know what you think, and don't hold back on any criticism.
                  -02-08-2010, 03:29 PM
                • Dr. Defense
                  Dr. D's Mock Offseason
                  by Dr. Defense
                  This is based on the premise that we have a capped year. Let me know what you think

                  Releases/Allowed to walk-
                  Alex Barron
                  Randy McMichael
                  Kyle Boller
                  Sam Gado
                  Kenneth Darby
                  James Hall
                  Jonathen Wade
                  Paris Lenon
                  Ruvell Martin
                  Jordan Kent

                  OJ Atogwe
                  Clifton Ryan
                  Leonard Little
                  Daniel Fells
                  Mark Setterstrom
                  Gary Gibson
                  Craig Dahl
                  Larry Grant
                  David Vabora
                  Chris Massey
                  CJ Ah You

                  Free Agent Signings
                  Ray Edwards- He made a name for himself in the playoffs. His contract is up and he will probably be looking for some big bucks. As much as they would like to keep him, Minnesota can't keep that much money invested in their defensive line.

                  Chase Blackburn- Effective linebacker for the Giants. Wouldn't surprise me to see Spags go back to his old team again and dig into the talent pool.

                  Malcolm Floyd- A crucial key to our offense that we have been missing. A big physical wide receiver that will make for a good red zone target. More importantly he is a veteran.

                  Tony Scheffler- Had a falling out in Denver. Time for him to start over again in St. Louis. Gives us a real threat from the TE position for the first time in a while.

                  Rd 1- Ndamukong Suh: Don't need to say anymore

                  Rd 2- Colt McCoy: I am not worried about his "shoulder injury". He just took an awkward hit on his throwing arm, he probably just pinched a nerve. As long as he is throwing by the combine I am not worried. I think he is the perfect quarterback for us. We are running a west coast offense consisting of short and medium range passes. Without a doubt Colt is the most accurate quarterback when it comes to those passes, so why not take him?

                  Rd 3- Dexter McCluster: To be successful we are going to need to keep Jackson healthy. To do that we need a quality backup. Enter Dexter. A quick agile change of pace back who can bounce it outside and turn on the burners.

                  Rd 4- Jared Veldheer: Small school prospect with a lot of upside. Big strong and physical. All the things that Spags is looking for. Plug him in RT and you instantly have two young bookend tackles that can open up some lanes.

                  Rd 5- Jon Jerry: You want to get bigger and more physical in the trenches you say? Well they don't get much bigger and physical then Jerry. 6-5 350lbs of nastiness. Surprisingly quick and agile for a man of his size.

                  Remaining Picks: BPA
                  -01-25-2010, 08:23 AM
                • 39thebeast
                  Mock offseason? Ya you heard right we are that bad
                  by 39thebeast
                  1. Jake Locker, QB, Washington-Cannon Arm, but he isn't gun slinger he makes great decisions. Most athletic QB and if we are still running the WCO his athletic ability will be great with all the roll out passes. He and Clausen both play in pro style systems and their stats are surprisingly close even though Clausen has superior talent and a much weaker schedule. Huge upside and you can tell by his day and night improvement in his mechanics. Bradford season ending sugery...

                  2. Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois- Gotta give the young guy some weapons. Big physical fast explosive with good hands, but other WRs have overtaken him because of Juice Williams horrible play. Ton of young recievers gotta hit on at least 2. Gibson, Avery, Robinson, Burton, Foster, Amendola and now Benn. He may still go in the first, but if he does there will be other options like LaFell (LSU), Williams(USC), Williams(Syracuse) and to lesser extents Demaryius Thomas (Georgia tech.)and Golden Tate(Notre Dame).

                  3. Linval Joseph, DT, Eastern Carolina- 6'6 320 the kid is huge, but he is a great interior pass rusher. Will instantly get reps in the rotation and might eventually start next to Ryan if Carriker can't get healthy.

                  4. John Jerry, OT, Ole Miss- 6'5 350, huge and strong as an ox, even with his long arms he put up Ole Miss record setting bench press numbers. Excellent run blocker, but raw in the passing game. We will bring him along slow guys like Trautwein, Young, and Goldberg will get the first shot.

                  5. Ben Tate, RB, Auburn- Versatile guy and is the perfect compliment to S-Jax. Doesn't have explosive speed, but he is a good runner and pass catcher.

                  5. Vladimir Ducase, OG, Massachusetts- Big Strong guard 6'5 330. Fits the mold the new line we are trying to build. Could be starting sooner than later.

                  6. Jefferey Fitzgerald, DL, Kansas State- Spags loves his D-line man and he wouldn't have his stamp on the draft without coming out with at least 2. Fitzgerald is versatile can play End and tackle. Played excellent opposite Chris Long while at Virginia before he left the team and Transferred to Kansas state. He could eventually take James Hall's role

                  7. Van Eskridge, S, Eastern Carolina- Versatile safety can do a little of everything. Could be the 4th safety and a special teamer

                  7. Austin Lane, DE, Murray State- Great pass rusher from small school, a project practice squad bound, but could pay dividends eventually.

                  Free Agents

                  Aaron Kampman, DE, Packers- Its clear Spags wants to spend less on LBs and more on the D-line. Long Moves over to LE and his sack totals and the performance by the rest of the line will go up because Kampman will draw attention and also get his sacks. It wont hurt the Rams to add some experience.

                  O.J. Otogwe, FS, Rams
                  - Self explanatory

                  Tony Scheffler, TE, Broncos
                  - Finally...
                  -10-04-2009, 07:55 PM
                • RAMarkable
                  RAMarkable's S.O.S. Mock 1.0
                  by RAMarkable
                  The S.O.S stands for Save our Spags. As it is not much of a stretch at this point to say that the Rams will finish at 1-15 this year, I have used this assumption to arrive at a mock that I believe is reasonable not only for next year but also for the future going forward.

                  Therefore I submit the following for your consideration:

                  Round 1. Ndamakong Suh DT Nebraska Surprise!! Well, not really. This is about the closest thing to a perfect storm for the Rams as the probable best player in the draft also fills a huge need.

                  Round 2. Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri A new 'Spoon to replace the old departed one. Rams continue to strive to beef up their front seven with an athletic playmaker from right in their backyard.

                  Round 3. Ciron Black OT LSU A senior veteran of the SEC wars and a 3 year starter. It is my assumption that Jason Smith will move to the left tackle spot (Buh-Bye Baby Alex) and this will open up a spot at the right tackle position. Most likely A. Goldberg will start the season but by week 5 or so expect Mr. Black to grab the job.

                  Round 4. Anthony Dixon RB Mississippi State Steven Jackson is on pace for about 350+ touches this year and that is way too much. At 235 lbs. Dixon can hopefully take some of the load off #39 and yet keep the Rams running the same kind of power-based run attack that Spags has said he wanted from the get go.

                  Round 5. Sean Canfield QB Oregon State With his excellent senior year Canfield has shot up draft boards and could be a candidate for developmental QB behind Bulger next year. At this point I'd be content to let Canfiled fight it out with Boller and Null and see what happens.

                  Well that's it for now. The 6th and 7th rounds will be added to a future mock as we get further along in the process.

                  WHAT SAY YE?
                  -12-15-2009, 10:37 AM
                • sdobbers
         Ram's Mock
                  by sdobbers
                  Has anyone seen the WalterFootball mock draft? Here is what they have for the Rams so far (4 rounds):

                  **Note: There are additional comments on the webpage about picking Jimmy Clausen first. I just chose to include the most recent one though, because otherwise it would take up way too much space.

                  Round 1: St. Louis Rams: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
                  JAN. 19 UPDATE: I was pleased to see that Mel Kiper has Jimmy Clausen ranked No. 4 on his 2010 Big Board. It's nice to know someone at ESPN knows what they're talking about.

                  If Clausen is considered the fourth-best player in this class, he has to be chosen here (just like Matthew Stafford was picked No. 1 despite being third on Kiper's 2009 Big Board). Ndamukong Suh projects as a great player, but you don't pay defensive tackles No. 1 money - especially if you don't have a franchise quarterback. If the Rams do this, they would be committing the same error Daniel Snyder was guilty of a year ago. And you don't want to group yourself with him in a football discussion.

                  In business terms, drafting Suh over Clausen would be like giving the best IT guy ever a 7-figure salary when you don't even have a CFO. That computer whiz could be the best IT guy in the history of the planet (i.e. Suh being compared to Reggie White), but devoting all of your resources to him would eventually force you to file for Chapter 11. On the bright side, you'd never have a single computer virus!

                  Round 2: St. Louis Rams: Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri
                  The Rams traded Will Witherspoon to the Eagles, so their current starting weakside linebacker is Paris Lenon. It doesn't get much worse than that.

                  And by the way, this is exactly why the Rams need to draft Jimmy Clausen. If they wait on a quarterback, their options here will be Tony Pike (spread shotgun system guy), Jevan Snead (the next Kyle Boller) and Colt McCoy (a poor man's Kyle Orton).

                  There's a reason that excluding Kevin Kolb (who hasn't played enough to make a determination), only two Round 2 quarterbacks panned out this past decade - the quarterback position is so important, that if a guy isn't a first-round prospect, he either has at least one very glaring flaw, or numerous things wrongs with him.

                  Round 3: St. Louis Rams: LaMarr Houston, DT, Texas
                  If the Rams pass on Ndamukong Suh, they'll look to make multiple upgrades to the defensive line in Rounds 2-4.

                  Round 4: St. Louis Rams: Austen Lane, DE, Murray State
                  The Rams had 25 sacks on the year, and no one had more than 6.5. Aside from drafting Jimmy Clausen first overall, St. Louis' greatest priority is upgrading the defensive line.

                  What do you guys think?

                  (This is NOT my mock draft.)
                  -01-21-2010, 02:28 PM