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    With the draft just hours away, here are a few fearless predictions on the festivities.*

    I predict…

    …Tim Tebow will be drafted by a team with poor ticket sales before Colt McCoy comes off the board, but Colt will get a chance at a starting gig before Tebow does.

    …No defensive end will be taken before the 10 slot, but by the end of day one, more 4-3 DEs/3-4 OLBs will have been picked than any other position.

    …The Raiders will once again surprise the world, this time by making a very reasonable pick who didn’t wow scouts at the Combine. Or Jason Pierre-Paul.

    …Neither Jermaine Gresham, nor Sean Weatherspoon will make it out of the first round.

    …Even on draft day, we won’t be able to escape the Brett Favre retirement talk.

    …There will be more players drafted in the first round from Oklahoma schools than from schools in any other state, and it will be the first time that has happened in a very long time.

    …At least one team will deal a future first round pick to get back into the first round or to the top of round two.

    …Gerald McCoy will be the most entertaining interview of the night.

    *All predictions are subject to change prior to, during, or after 4/24/2010.