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Ridiculous, but awesome, trade rumor

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  • Ridiculous, but awesome, trade rumor

    Sorry I had to post this, it was just too appetizing.

    Per Rotoworld

    "The Charlotte Observer passing along draft "buzz" that the Redskins might offer Albert Haynesworth, LaRon Landry, and the No. 4 overall pick to the Rams in exchange for the No. 1 selection.
    We have no idea if there's truth to this clear-cut rumor. It would have to interest St. Louis, though, particularly if the Skins threw in Jason Campbell with the Rams perhaps adding in a late-round pick. Haynesworth remains a difference-making pass rusher, and Landry is not without top-10 or 15 safety talent. St. Louis would also have to be high on Jimmy Clausen.
    Source: Charlotte Observer"
    Also if this ever happened, I would go consider going OT at #4 if the DT's are both gone. Might be a good replacement for Barron.
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    Re: Ridiculous, but awesome, trade rumor

    Sounds good to me. About as realistic as the trades I've seen thrown around here that were always something like "Carriker + Barron + 5th rounder for [good player]."


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      Re: Ridiculous, but awesome, trade rumor

      Albert, landry, Okung OR Bradford


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        Re: Ridiculous, but awesome, trade rumor

        i have to say it would be nice to come out with a top-notch dt and a qb of the future in the first round, although i don't really like landry, maybe he would be ok on the strong side.


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          Re: Ridiculous, but awesome, trade rumor

          Than we would just need Detroit to take an OT so that we could get Suh or McCoy and we would have an IMBA defence

          Well we can still dream for a few hours and then we can begin supporting Bradford.


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            Re: Ridiculous, but awesome, trade rumor

            So the Redskins would trade up for Bradford? I don't see it. They lose two playmakers on defense, a probable starter on the o line, for someone who is going to sit the bench for two or three years? Its nice in theory for us, but I'm just not seeing it. Also that's a LOT of cash floating around. (That is if Madden contracts are correct, then Landry is like the highest paid safety in the league iirc ;) ) Now, if they want King Kong, since they are offloading Fat Albert to us, then we get Bradford, Haynesworth, and Landry, ooh la la.


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              Re: Ridiculous, but awesome, trade rumor

              And if we all want to keep playing Madden... lets resign OJ, trade our fourth rounder for Osi, sign TO, grab Jermaine Gresham in the second, and a quick runningback in the third.


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                Re: Ridiculous, but awesome, trade rumor

                The Redskins would probably trade you Albert for next to nothing just to get rid of that idiotic contract.


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                  Think it through guys. No combine. No pro days. No interviews. No workouts. No medicals.

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                  Well, how do you know, HUb?

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