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  • Bradford statement

    I think all Rams fans should be extremly happy today. Many Ram fans are saying, "Clausen and McCoy are both available and we should have taken Suh or traded out of the #1 slot."

    I personal think that is not the right way to look at this.

    I think all Rams fans should be even happier with their selection of Bradford. If no team wanted to trade up to get Clausen or McCoy at the end of round 1, it just greater confirmed the disparity between Bradford and the rest of the QB's.

    I myself wanted Suh and Vick, Pike, or even McCoy but after seeing Clausen and McCoy not present in round 1 and that a team would actually take Teabow over the aforementioned just greater confirmed the franchise's selection in SAM BRADFORD.

    I know if we took Clausen #1 overall there is no way he would have made it out of the first round or even past the top 12 picks. And definately Teabow wouldn't be selected over Bradford.

    So, after greater analysis, I hope the Ram Nation can see that this is the best pick for our franchise.

    Don't be the gambler that roots against his selections because he couldn't get his bets in to his bookie/vegas. You should want to win and we won with our selection and the #1 pick.

    I myself understand this being a Suh fan, Vick promoter, and Tony Pike hyper....

    But yet I know we made the best pick at #1 and hopefully go :

    G. Tate / A. Benn Round #2 <---this is the pick we can fight over ..offensive, denfensive, trade....

    but NOT Sam Bradford !!



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    Re: Bradford statement

    Good stuff Richtree. Agreed.


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      Re: Bradford statement

      Good post richtree, and as one of those "We shoulda taken Suh because Clausen/McCoy are there at 33" people, I am glad that we took Bradford, because yes, it does show that he's by far the top QB in this draft. The fact that a QB developer like Holmgren wanted him badly shows that he's a good prospect. I just hope now that we give him the tools so that he can succeed.
      I believe!:ram:


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        Re: Bradford statement

        Originally posted by TekeRam View Post
        Good post richtree, and as one of those "We shoulda taken Suh because Clausen/McCoy are there at 33" people, I am glad that we took Bradford, because yes, it does show that he's by far the top QB in this draft. The fact that a QB developer like Holmgren wanted him badly shows that he's a good prospect. I just hope now that we give him the tools so that he can succeed.
        Agreed. With Avery's, and the rest of our WR core, being injury plagued and inexperienced I think taking a WR in Round 2 is a must.

        I think Tate or Benn. Tate can do it all and provided the athleticism that Billy D was talking about all off-season.

        Don't discount Benn as he is super-phsical to compliement our running game as a blocker and bring some swagger that our offense is lacking.

        We should also consider TE in round 3 as well. I know we could use a DE/CB but we have to give our 50 million dollar man help first with some weapons.


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          McCoy > Bradford?
          by Guest
          as per another thread..

          Originally Posted by GROUND DOG 39
          Listening to 101 ESPN St Louis Radio and Trent Dilfer was giving his opinion on this years QB's in the draft. He has watched every snap of Bradford, Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen. In fact he has watched all Bradford's career three times.
          He believes the Rams are making a grave mistake, if they draft Bradford.
          Colt McCoy is much the better prospect in his eyes, showing the skills, which will much better to translate to the NFL. He believes Bradford will struggle with pressure, be unable to keep plays alive, and struggle with the mental side.
          He said he is very worried for the Rams and was quite convincing with his points.
          Is anyone in the same mindset?...

          Yes 100%. McCoy will be a better NFL QB than Bradford will be. I'm sorry if you are on the Bradford band wagon and put your future Rams success and hopes already in Bradford, but the media and whoever else has blown up Bradford.

          Why is it when they were playing football still SUH was the number one draft pick hands down? Because he was the best college football player that was playing that had a impact on his team. Now Bradford is? what has changed? Nothing! Media blows things up and changes so many things that it changes peoples mindsets.

          McCoy and Bradford have both had bad games like any human being has bad games or times, thats a none issue. But what McCoy has to offer has far more upside, he doesn't have that media storm to build up his stock. The people who think he has this great potential aren't saying anything because they want everyone to think he will slip to the 2nd round. Those same people will take him sometime in the mid 1st round.

          I pray and hope we take BPA SUH as our no.1 pick and we trade up and take McCoy in the first. We get a generation DT and our QB of the future. With great leadership and a will to be the best.

          Before you respond in negative please open your mind up and think about
          -04-03-2010, 04:08 PM
        • smitheRAM
          Second quess
          by smitheRAM
          So we picked Bradford, but what if we could of picked Suh and now Clausen. Would you have rather done have them?
          -04-22-2010, 08:00 PM
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          Just Curious
          by Guest
          Hey guys. I'm just curious to know what the Rams are doing with their pick. I trust you guys would know the situation better than anybody right? I know it started with Clausen, then Suh, now Bradford?
          Honestly I think Bradford/Clausen would fall apart starting for you guys on day one, (no disrespect) and am curious to know what you guys think?
          Any talk on Jason Campbell?
          -03-30-2010, 12:53 PM
        • AvengerRam_old
          How would you handicap the first pick?
          by AvengerRam_old
          If you were a Vegas oddsmaker, how would you handicap the Rams' first pick? In anwering, DO NOT PROVIDE ODDS OF RAMS MAKING A TRADE! Just provide your odds of who you think the Rams will take IF THEY STAY AT PICK #1.

          Here are the current odds from the AvengerRam Sports Book of Central Florida:

          Ndamukong Suh: EVEN MONEY
          Sam Bradford: 3-1
          Gerald McCoy: 4-1
          Jimmy Clausen: 25-1
          "The Field": 500-1
          -02-25-2010, 07:46 AM
        • sakl18
          Suh or Clausen/Bradford?
          by sakl18
          The main debate for the upcoming draft is if the Rams will take Suh or a QB, with Clausen currently having the edge over Bradford. Although Suh would improve the defense, you can't win in this league without a solid or elite QB. Here are the top teams from 2009 and their QB's.

          1) Indianapolis - Peyton Manning
          2) New Orleans - Drew Brees
          3) San Diego - Phillip Rivers
          4) Minnesota - Brett Favre
          5) Dallas - Tony Romo
          6) Green Bay - Aaron Rodgers
          7) Philadelphia - Donovan McNabb
          8) Arizona - Kurt Warner
          9) Cincinnati - Carson Palmer
          10) New England - Tom Brady

          As you can see, the top 10 teams have arguably the top 10 Quarterback's in the league. As it has been posted before, our defense can compete in this league. However, our offense can't. If we take Suh, we will be looking at another top 5 pick again next year. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see the Rams have a player like Suh. But if we grab him, we would lose a shot at a franchise QB like Clausen. Having Clausen would take a lot of pressure off of Jackson as teams wouldn't be able to consistantly stack the box against him. Not only that, but Clausen spent three years in a pro-style offense under Charlie Weiss, who has been a successful OC in the NFL.

          If you look at the numbers that Clausen put up, they are spectacular. He finished the year with a 68% completion percentage, 3722 yards, 28 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. He did all of that with a terrible offensive line (he's already starting to fit in!) and virtually no running game (which he will have with the Rams).

          The two biggest flaws that people seem to pick out in him are his attitude and his carrer record (13-18). when you look at the win loss record, it is no fault of his own. During his time in Notre Dame, he was playing with no defense. With the points he put up and the level he played at, the losses were not his fault. His character is the other issue. Although he is cocky and abrassive, can't the same be said in Phillip Rivers?

          IMO, Spags and Devaney need to take Clausen to move this team forward. In the NFL you can't win without a QB, and I guarantee you that the front office is aware of it (they did spend a year with Bulger, Boller and Null* starting at QB).

          *This isn't a shot at Null, I realize that he was a rookie, and I have high hopes for him as the future backup of the Rams.
          -01-21-2010, 09:38 AM