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Rams acquire a new safety

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  • Rams acquire a new safety

    Rams traded and undisclosed draft pick for Kevin Payne safety from the bears

    Could this mean we're gonna let OJ walk???

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    Re: Rams acquire a new safety

    No, it could be a depth sign.

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      Re: Rams acquire a new safety

      No way in Hellz should we let OJ walk.. you kiddin me? Honestly I've supported everything with DeSpags up to now but I don't think this would be a wise decision... the boy can play and still has some left in him:helmet:


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        Re: Rams acquire a new safety

        Payne is more an up in the box strong safety, rather than a free safety like Atogwe. I think its just a depth move.


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          Re: Rams acquire a new safety

          we have dahl, butler and oj. I am highly skeptical that we would give up a draft pick, given the rebuilding nature of our team, for a #4 safety. Lots of guys for depth are going to hit waivers at one point or another. Is this guy that good that he is really worth giving up a pick for just for depth as a #4?

          Personally, i think this is another sign that the rams believe that there is a real liklihood that they are going to lose oj. Its not out of the question that spags could see moving butler to the fs position.

          I dont think this is a sure sign that oj is gone, but its certainly in my view not a move that can be dismissed as having nothing to do with the oj situation.

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            Re: Rams acquire a new safety

            If he's more of an up in the box safety, then it does not have anything to do with OJ in my mind, because he's certainly going to play the strong side rather than free safety. If he's better than Butler, then all the power to him, but this is either a trade for our 2nd SS or for our starting SS.
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              Re: Rams acquire a new safety

              I hear you teke, but what about butler moving to free safety, with dahl as the backup.

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                Re: Rams acquire a new safety

                Atogwe is a goner. The money the RAMS would have to pay to keep him makes him the odd man out.
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                  Re: Rams acquire a new safety

                  Atogwe has been the only bright spot in the secondary. I hope the Rams don't get rid of him or let him go.

                  I hope they don't let another good player leave. K. Greene, Pickett and so on and on and on. They have to pay sometimes.


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                    Re: Rams acquire a new safety

                    How is the Only FS on the roster a goner. Dahl, Payne, Butler all good against the run, but have deficiencies in coverage. I think it is more likely Payne is Butler's competition not OJs replacement.


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                      Re: Rams acquire a new safety

                      You guys forget that Jerome Murphy could be moved to FS. He has played every corner position as well as FS. The guy is a physical guy who's good in coverage and always comes to bring the "Payne". I had to work that in there some where.....

                      Apparently (according to a Bears forum) its a conditional 7th round pick. If he makes the team its a seventh to the Bears. Not losing much of anything here.


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                        Re: Rams acquire a new safety

                        My thought is that Jerome Murphey may be the new FS and Bradley Fletcher starts at CB. Cuz it doesnt make sense to have two 3rd rounders competing for the same position.

                        Originally posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
                        Apparently (according to a Bears forum) its a conditional 7th round pick. If he makes the team its a seventh to the Bears. Not losing much of anything here.
                        Kevin Payne is probably a situational SS we move up into the box or use to blitz the QB. But if he makes the team, it's definitely worth a 7th round pick.
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                          Re: Rams acquire a new safety

                          Last night, I watched the first half of last season's Chicago game. Payne made some plays, inc a pass break-up to deny Avery a TD ( underthrown by Boller but that's another so he can play coverage. He also took down SJ a couple of times so he can tackle.

                          Dunno what it means, if anything, to the OJ situation but I think he's a pretty good player with quite a bit of starting experience to pick up for a late draft choice.


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                            Re: Rams acquire a new safety

                            Originally posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
                            You guys forget that Jerome Murphy could be moved to FS. He has played every corner position as well as FS. The guy is a physical guy who's good in coverage and always comes to bring the "Payne". I had to work that in there some where.....

                            Apparently (according to a Bears forum) its a conditional 7th round pick. If he makes the team its a seventh to the Bears. Not losing much of anything here.
                            I dont think there is no way We use Murphy as a safety, To much need of him as a corner.


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                              Re: Rams acquire a new safety

                              OJ's RFA tender is like 6.7 million dollars, and we put him out there with no tender, meaning if someone offered him a deal and we didn't match it we would have received nothing in return.

                              What is odd is that he didn't receive any bites. No one went after him, and all of us thought it was crazy that we didn't put a 2nd or 3rd round tender on him.

                              I think the Rams know something we don't, otherwise we'd have this guy under contract and wouldn't be trading for another safety.

                              Secondly, we don't trade away draft picks for guys we don't think will make the team. There is a reason behind this, and safety is not a spot where you need a whole lot of depth. Safeties don't shuffle in and out with one another like a RB or WR might.


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                              • Nick
                                PFW: Rams feel good about personnel at safety
                                by Nick
                                From Pro Football Weekly...

                                It’s obvious the Rams will be concentrating on bolstering their defense this offseason, but one position we hear they feel pretty good about is safety, where they believe second-year pro O.J. Atogwe and veteran Corey Chavous performed well for the most part this season at free safety and strong safety, respectively. After playing primarily on special teams his rookie season, Atogwe has shown steady development and impressive playmaking skills with six forced fumbles and three interceptions. As expected, Chavous, a serious student of the game, has done a solid job directing traffic in an otherwise very young secondary and providing leadership, both on and off the field. Team insiders believe an intriguing third piece of the safety puzzle could be third-round ’06 rookie Jon Alston, whose strength and speed make him a nice potential fit as a “box safety” backup to Chavous next season.
                                -01-02-2007, 04:09 PM
                              • 39thebeast
                                Are we content with the Safety situation?
                                by 39thebeast
                                Many opportunities have come up for the Rams to get another safety we haven't really taken advantage of these opportunities. They haven't been great options, but their have been solid options like Greg Wesley. Now I see an opportunity we can't pass up John Lynch. He has always been a heavy hitting FS so I think he can play SS and be the perfect compliment and mentor to OJ. He is the exact type of safety we need. He could play more of the running downs and Chavous would play the passing downs giving us a perfect vet rotation for our situation taking advantage of both players strengths, but at the same time not playing them too much at their age.

                                What do you guys think?
                                -07-31-2008, 09:30 AM
                              • CRAZYHORNS
                                Safety concerns
                                by CRAZYHORNS
                                How many Rams fans are concern about the Safety position.

                                The Rams did very little with in the draft or during free agency to address this position?

                                Should the Rams have tried to upgrade the safety position OR do you believe the Rams have the right personnel for the DC system.

                                GO RAMS
                                -06-27-2007, 09:07 PM
                              • RamWraith
                                Atogwe Hopes to Make the Grade at Safety
                                by RamWraith
                                Wednesday, June 22, 2005

                                By Nick R.K. Wagoner
                                Staff Writer

                                It didn’t take long for Oshiomogho Atogwe to begin doing research after hearing his name called in the third round of the NFL Draft.

                                Although he didn’t quite have his Rams’ defensive playbook yet, the young safety out of Stanford took it upon himself to see where he would fit in once he received said playbook.

                                “I was aware that they were in need of safeties, but I didn’t know to what extent until after they had drafted me and I really started to research, checking the website,” Atogwe said. “After they drafted me, I checked out who they had and who they didn’t have. When I looked at the roster, there was only one active safety on the roster in (Adam) Archuleta, so I knew they needed someone to come in and play early and I have my goals set on that.”

                                Leave it to the player from Stanford to do some extra studying. It is that kind of dedication and cerebral approach to the game that landed Atogwe in St. Louis with the second pick of the third round, No. 66 overall.

                                With a situation at safety that could be described as nothing short of dire heading into this offseason, the Rams opted to add a plethora of possibilities for the position in hopes that at least a few of them could step to the forefront and claim a spot.

                                As it stands, Archuleta is the only returning safety and should be a starter. Archuleta is recovering nicely after a back injury severely limited him last season. That leaves the other safety spot open for one of the many competitors.
                                Joining Atogwe in what should be the most heated training camp competition are Michael Stone, Michael Hawthorne, Mike Furrey, Jerome Carter and perhaps cornerback Ronald Bartell.

                                Although he is a rookie, Atogwe is starting new with the Rams just like his competition, meaning that there probably isn’t a clear favorite to win the job. It’s that open possibility that has Atogwe excited about the start of training camp.
                                “I feel like they brought in a lot of DB’s for a reason,” Atogwe said. “Competition will end up bringing out the best players with whoever can stand the heat. I feel like it’s good for the team.”

                                Atogwe became accustomed to competition in the camps and workouts leading up to the draft. It was there that he jockeyed against the likes of Carter and Bartell for draft position.

                                Now, that competition is done and those three are teammates, but, as life in the NFL dictates, the competition never ends.

                                “It’s definitely easier, that stress is gone, but now you are competing for a job so there is a little stress there,” Atogwe said. “It’s just a little competition amongst friends, that’s all.”

                                That competition probably won’t be settled until training camp concludes. There are a number of things that could set one safety apart from another. Each players...
                                -06-22-2005, 03:17 PM
                              • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                                Rams Looking to Get More Physical at Safety?
                                by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                                Per Steve Wyche from the article "Newton makes headlines; Gabbert garners teams' attention"

                                St. Louis let safety O.J. Atogwe's contract expire, making him a free agent. Even though there is talk about bringing him back, that isn't the Rams' first choice, a league source said. They really like Atogwe and think he is a nice player, but they are trying to get more physical at the position and might try to find more of a thumper and playmaker. That said, look for St. Louis to consider outside linebackers with some of their early picks in the draft.

                                This, coupled with some of the vague noncommital statements about bringing Atogwe back makes me think this is actually true. It makes sense given Spags style of defensive play and it falls in line with what we've been doing.

                                Atogwe is not fast, isn't great i coverage, and isn't known as a thumper but he can still make plays.

                                Given the fact that he was due a lot of money, especially for a safety, I wouldn't hold my breath about Atogwe coming back.

                                I like Atogwe and would love him back for a reasonable contract but I'm not of the opinion that the Rams will implode on defense without him (not in the slightest) and would not mind a change of heart at the position if indeed it came down to that.
                                -03-02-2011, 06:17 AM