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lets pick up jamarcus and trade bradford

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  • lets pick up jamarcus and trade bradford

    i dont know, just felt like being a guys can ignore this post..

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  • AvengerRam_old
    Would you trade Sam Bradford for...?
    by AvengerRam_old
    I'm curious to see where the Clan's view of Sam currently is.

    The question for this (multiple choice) poll is:

    Would you trade Sam Bradford for any of the QBs listed?

    Assume that the contracts are identical (same # of years, same $).

    Matt Ryan
    Joe Flacco
    Matthew Stafford
    Mark Sanchez
    Josh Freeman
    Tim Tebow
    Cam Newton
    I would not trade Sam for any of these QBs.
    -11-18-2011, 03:29 PM
  • AvengerRam_old
    If the Rams trade the first pick, it will go down like this...
    by AvengerRam_old
    I don't know if the Rams will trade the first pick. While they may wish to, there's no guarantee that any team will offer fair trade value.

    That said, if it does happens, there are two things I am confident about:

    1. It won't happen before draft day; and

    2. We'll know its coming before draft day.

    Here's what I'm thinking. If the Rams want Ndamukong Suh, they will almost certainly sign him before draft day. That is one very big advantage of having the first pick, after all, as you can sign your choice in advance and eliminate any concern over a holdout.

    If draft day arrives and the Rams have not signed anyone, then I think that will be a clear sign that a trade is on the table. The way I see it, the Rams are most likely to entertain a trade if they wish to select Sam Bradford as their first pick. That stated, I don't think the Rams can make the trade in advance for that purpose. Here's why:

    Detroit, who holds the No. 2 pick, is an unlikely trade partner. In all likelihood, they will simply take Gerald McCoy, rather than giving up draft picks to get Suh.

    Tampa, who holds the No. 3 pick, is a likely trade partner. They, in all likelihood, covet a player like Suh (who could become their next Warren Sapp, without the pot cloud over his head), and have an extra second round pick to offer as part of a trade.

    The Rams, however, can't afford to make a pre-draft trade with the Bucs. The reason: Washington. There are reports that Washington is very interested in Bradford, and I have little doubt that Dan Snyder would trade up to No. 2 if he thinks the Rams are planning to take Bradford at No. 3.

    So, if draft day arrives and the Rams have not made a trade or signed a player, it is likely that the reason would be that Rams have worked out a trade with Tampa that is contingent on Bradford still being on the board at No. 3 (i.e. the Redskins don't trade up in anticipation of a St. Louis/Tampa deal). If he's not, the Rams keep either keep Suh (but, of course, lose the opportunity to sign him in advance), or complete the trade and select someone else at No. 3 (G.McCoy, J.Clausen, D.Bryant, C.J.Spiller, E.Berry are all possibilities under that scenario).

    Of course, there is another possibility. Washington could work out a trade with Detriot before the draft, and thereby force the Rams to either select Bradford at No. 1 or let him go to the Skins. Such a move, however, would be risky for the Redskins, because, assuming the Rams "fall in love" with Bradford in the next two months, they might just take him at No. 1.

    In the end, there could be some drama on draft night....
    -02-09-2010, 08:16 AM
    The Sam Bradford Trade
    by SWFCRAM
    I have probably missed the answer to this question. If the Eagles trade Sam Bradford, then what happens with regard to the conditional pick next year?

    The terms from what I remember were (very loosely) that we got the Eagles second round pick and they got one of ours, depending on how many starts Sam makes.

    I'm just wondering if the number of starts counts whichever team he plays for, or is it only appearances for the Eagles. If so, we could end up giving a higher draft pick even if SB plays all season.

    Can anybody clarify this for me please?
    -04-30-2015, 10:36 AM
  • 1980RAMS
    Trade bradford draft luck
    by 1980RAMS
    Trade bradford draft luck please front office please
    -12-12-2011, 09:18 PM
  • Nick
    Sam Bradford requests trade after Eagles trade up for second overall pick
    by Nick

    Adam Schefter also reported that Bradford was pretty upset by the trade up, so we'll see how this plays out. Would be very interesting to see Bradford in Denver with arguably the best supporting cast he's ever had....
    -04-21-2016, 02:23 PM