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O.J. Atogwe anyone?

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  • O.J. Atogwe anyone?

    Why is no one talking about O.J. He was the best player on the defense last year and no one cares that we are going to lose him. Also, we have no one to replace him if/when he leaves. Does this concern anyone else?!?!?!

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    Re: O.J. Atogwe anyone?

    Yes it concerns us all, there are plenty of articles on ram talk, if you care to look!!

    Nothing we can do about it anyway, keep your hair on


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      Re: O.J. Atogwe anyone?

      Originally posted by Dave2oo2 View Post
      Why is no one talking about O.J. He was the best player on the defense last year and no one cares that we are going to lose him. Also, we have no one to replace him if/when he leaves. Does this concern anyone else?!?!?!
      There are 3-4 different threads on OJ in the Rams Talk section.


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        Re: O.J. Atogwe anyone?

        I thought this was going to be a clever "why isn't the FO going after this guy?!" thread like the ones that pop up whenever any player hits the market/is upset with his contract/wants to be traded/is a RFA/forgets to tie his shoes...

        That would have been funny. Oh well, back to the drawing board.


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          Re: O.J. Atogwe anyone?

          It's looking more and more like the Ram's personel department are right. That's the feeling Im getting anyway, the fact is he is not worth talking about.?


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            Re: O.J. Atogwe anyone?

            Personally I don't think he was the best player on Defense last year. He was the best DB but certainly not the best player on Defense. At least not according to stats.


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              Re: O.J. Atogwe anyone?

              oj was good but wasnt james laurinaitis the best player on defense last year?


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                Re: O.J. Atogwe anyone?

                Well it doesn't HAVE to be this way.... We can call up Shaw and Zygmunt and go back to overpaying for players. That seemed to work really well. i mean, if a player thinks he should be paid 7 mil, who are the Rams to disagree?


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                • Milan
                  OJ Atogwe
                  by Milan
                  We'd better re-sign this guy when the time comes (Is it this offseason?) He's been my favorite player for over a year now. This guy is top 10 in almost every D category for a FS.
                  -12-02-2007, 02:20 PM
                • Lesson
                  Your gut feeling about O.J. Atogwe
                  by Lesson
                  I think the Rams either increase his salary by 110% or sign him to a long term deal, what do you think?
                  -06-01-2010, 08:40 PM
                • RamsInfiniti
                  O.J. Atogwe is just not one of the league's top safeties ...
                  by RamsInfiniti
                  He's one of the leagues top defensive players, PERIOD. Enough said. He's adapted to this system, and now you see his true value ...

                  He does it all period, for all angles ...

                  He is clearly Spags right hand man, he's always talking to O.J. ....

                  Most impressive, O.J. is always tutoring this team's OFFENSIVE players ....

                  Incredible man, incredible player ....

                  We are blessed!
                  -12-05-2010, 07:32 PM
                • Judaxi
                  Why no love for OJ?
                  by Judaxi
                  On this site and alot of other sites I see alot of people saying we should draft Berry, or not to resign Atogwe. I even saw someone suggest moving Quincy Butler to FS. I don't understand where all the love for Atogwe is. This is a Ball Hawking saftey who creates alot of opportunity. The one bright spot on our defense for a while, and has an amazing attitude. Not to mention he has been snubbed out of a long term contract for the past two years even though statistacly he is the best FS in the NFL the past 4 years. Yeah he got injured this year, but that doesn't happen to him that often. This guy has gone to war for us many times and come out succesfull, I say we give him the contract he deserves and watch him pick passes and strip ball carriers like a mad man.
                  -01-14-2010, 05:45 AM
                • AvengerRam_old
                  Atogwe: How did we get here?
                  by AvengerRam_old
                  O.J. Atogwe has never come out and publicly complained about his contract. That does not, however, mean he has been reasonable in his demands.

                  Let's review...

                  Atogwe's first contract was a three-year deal signed after he was drafted in Round 3 of the 2005.

                  In 2007, his rookie contract expired. At that point, Atogwe had become a very productive starter, having finished 2007 with 75 tackles and 8 interceptions. The Rams retained him with an RFA tender of about $2M. They likely did not push too had for a long term deal, given that they were negotiating with Steven Jackson at that time (signed just before the 2008 season).

                  Last year, Atogwe became a UFA. Again, Atogwe was coming off a fine seaso (85 tackles, 5 interceptions,6 forced fumbles). The Rams tried to sign him to a long-term deal, even before the season ended. Ultimately, the Rams retained him with the franchise tag and paid Atogwe nearly $7M.

                  I think its fair to say that, at that point, both sides were gambling. Had Atogwe accumulated similar stats in 2009 to those he had in 2007 and 2008, he might have made the Pro Bowl, and he'd clearly command elite FS money.

                  Instead, Atogwe had a somewhat down season, and finished the year on injured reserve. He is now coming off two offseason surgeries.

                  Given these circumstances, the Rams did no wish to tender Atogwe a sum that would lock him in, as doing so could result in paying $7M to a player who might not even be 100% healthy. Instead, the Rams made a low tender and retained a right of first refusal, hoping to sign Atogwe to a long term deal.

                  Those efforts have, at this point, failed, and Atogwe is now a UFA.

                  So... who's to blame?

                  I'd say, nobody is. Both sides have behaved in a rational manner, applying varying degrees of risk aversion.

                  In hindsight, I think one could argue that Atogwe waited too long. He should have signed a long-term deal in 2009 when his value was at its highest. Now, if he is seeking the kind of money he would have received then, he might not only be pricing himself out of the Rams' market, he might also be eliminating several other teams.

                  I do think there is a reasnable middle ground that makes sense for both sides, but I don't know if they'll meet there. If not, I'm not going to blame anyone. I'll just wish Atogwe luck and hope the Rams find their answer at FS on the current roster or among the remaining FAs.
                  -06-02-2010, 09:25 AM