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  • T.O To the STL?

    just love to have t.o on the team,would def help out bradford in his 1st year with us to have a proven wr to pair up with avery

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    Re: T.O To the STL?

    Yes. Nothing helps out a rookie qb more than a loud mouth prima donna in the huddle constantly demanding that he should get the ball. ;)

    TO is probably the most talented, gifted and fit athlete that I would never want on my team.

    Thanks but no thanks.


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      Re: T.O To the STL?

      Originally posted by Rambunctious View Post
      TO is probably the most talented, gifted and fit athlete that I would never want on my team.

      Thanks but no thanks.
      Well put. Plus, he's 36 years old. The only thing worse than a loud-mouthed, back-stabbing prima donna receiver is a washed-up loud-mouthed, back-stabbing prima donna receiver.


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        Re: T.O To the STL?

        He's worn out his welcome everywhere he's been and as others have mentioned, he torments his quarterbacks and isn't close to the player he once was. There is no way I'd want him anywhere near Bradford. I'll take a BIG pass on T.O.


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          Re: T.O To the STL?

          There is no bigger fan of T.O then me. But on a young team with a QB that doesnt yet have a dominant pressence in the locker room then he would be to much of a distraction.


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            Re: T.O To the STL?

            hmm i havnt heard t.o run his mouth much last year lol oh well guess its time for him to retire now anyway


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              Re: T.O To the STL?

              we have good enough receivers already. we don't need him.
              LA RAMMER

              It's Jim not Chris


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                Re: T.O To the STL?

                good wrs? the only good reciever ive seen on the team is donnie avery


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                  Re: T.O To the STL?

                  Originally posted by Servox28 View Post
                  good wrs? the only good reciever ive seen on the team is donnie avery
                  are you even real? did you fill out that captcha before posting? you're a freakin robot aren't you?!?!


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                    Re: T.O To the STL?

                    Originally posted by Servox28 View Post
                    good wrs? the only good reciever ive seen on the team is donnie avery

                    Still watching them Houston Cougars games eh?


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                      Re: T.O To the STL?

                      like ive said beafore i just started watching the rams again.only receiver ive heard of is avery


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                        Re: T.O To the STL?

                        To be fair, our starting duo seemed to change about every 3 games last season because of injuries.


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                          Re: T.O To the STL?

                 wonder i havnt heard of anyone lol


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                            Re: T.O To the STL?

                            I think t.o. would make a good addition he didn't say anything last year and was on his best behavior. I think he is past his give me the ball or I'm gonna cry phase he seems like he just wants to prove he can still do it. You guys probally think I'm crazy but I think it would make our wr core set if he was here. Look at the numbers he puts up for being as old as he is he still has some gas.


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                              Re: T.O To the STL?

                              Originally posted by 01d 0rd3r View Post
                              There is no bigger fan of T.O then me. But on a young team with a QB that doesnt yet have a dominant pressence in the locker room then he would be to much of a distraction.
                              Agreed I am a HUGE T.O. Fan..but no need for him on our team


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                              • BEER
                                Blog: Why Sam Bradford will be a bust.
                                by BEER
                                Wrote by some guy named Chris Cipriano.

                                The NFL Draft is the ultimate crap-shoot.
                                No matter how much scouting is done, there are bound to be busts.
                                From the first pick to the last pick, there is no guarantee that any player will live up to expectations.
                                Now earlier, I touched on which players from the 2010 NFL Draft I thought would be busts , but I left one player out.
                                I did this because this player is bigger than the rest. He has the most expectations of any other player in the draft. He was the number one overall pick. He is Sam Bradford, and he will be a bust in the NFL.
                                Now I’m not saying he will be on the JaMarcus Russell or Tim Couch level, but yet he won’t be on the Payton Manning level either. I see him more alike to David Carr or Alex Smith.
                                He simply has too many questions marks and too many things have to go right for him to be an elite NFL quarterback.
                                The first and most worrisome concern about Bradford is his durability. He hurt his throwing shoulder twice last season and needed surgery on it after he re-injured it.
                                Dr. James Andrews, who operated on Bradford, said his shoulder will be fine, but really what is he supposed to say? If he says he may be more vulnerable to further injury or it may never be as strong he will cost Bradford millions.
                                Even if it is fine, I’m sure Bradford will think twice before stepping up in the pocket to deliver that throw knowing his shoulder will be exposed to a possible injury.
                                Another concern is how we will transition from the spread offense he ran while at Oklahoma. Bradford rarely had to read defenses and coverage’s and seldom went through more than read on each throw. And when he did go to his secondary reads his primary strength, his accuracy, dipped dramatically.
                                We have seen plenty of quarterbacks excel in the spread at Oklahoma and then go on to do nothing in the NFL (Jason White, Josh Huepel). White even won a Heisman like Bradford, and granted Bradford has an edge in psychical tools, but history isn’t on his side.
                                I also have worries about the situation he is going into. While at Oklahoma, he was surrounded by NFL talent at all positions. In St. Louis, he is going to a team that has won six games in the past three seasons combined.
                                In college his offensive line was tremendous. He rarely faced pressure in face and he could stay back in the pocket and wait for his receivers to get open. He won’t have that luxury in St. Louis.
                                The Rams offensive line leaves a lot to be desired. They surrendered 44 sacks last season. Bradford doesn’t have a good feel for pressure and I fear when he faces a NFL pass rush he’ll panic and he never showed much ability to throw on the run and make plays with his feet. I’m afraid this could turn into a David Carr situation, where Bradford gets sacked so much his psyche is messed with.
                                Speaking of David...
                                -05-27-2010, 03:36 PM
                              • Nick
                                Burwell: Bradford shows he's ready to go
                                by Nick
                                Burwell: Bradford shows he's ready to go
                                BY BRYAN BURWELL • Posted: Friday, August 27, 2010 12:15 am

                                Relevance, people. I do believe at long last we might now have relevance. It has taken awhile for anyone to believe this about the St. Louis Rams as they went on a decade-long wild slide from the NFL penthouse all the way down to its most wretched depths. Once the best team in football — and without question the most exciting — the Rams have spent the last five or six seasons far off the NFL grid.

                                But now there is tantalizing evidence, albeit a small sample size, that should give hope that those irrelevant days are numbered.

                                It really does look like the Rams have themselves a franchise quarterback.

                                In only his third NFL game and the first start of his pro career, rookie Sam Bradford has done more than enough to make us believe that he's going to be worth the money. In the demanding world of pro football, all roads to relevance begin with a franchise quarterback. And now it sure does look like the Rams have the genuine article.

                                I'm sure there are going to be a lot of rough days and long, uncomfortable moments for the Rams' No.1 overall draft pick as he works his way through his first year in the NFL. But over the course of training camp, he has steadily compiled a portfolio that merits recognition. And now in his first stint as a starter, what Bradford did in Thursday night's third exhibition game against the New England Patriots was more than enough to show that the kid deserves to be given a chance to open the regular season as the team's starting quarterback.

                                In a 36-35 victory over the New England Patriots, Bradford was outstanding, completing 15 of 22 passes for 189 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions in only one half of work. Bradford led the Rams to two touchdowns, two field goals and a 20-14 halftime lead.

                                Any questions?

                                Get him ready for the regular-season opener against Arizona. No need to continue with the conservative approach to his development, because Bradford keeps proving he's a quick study. Some people will say that he had to be in the lineup because the Rams were paying him so much money as the No.1 overall pick in the 2010 draft.

                                But this has never been about the money to me. It's only been about whether or not Bradford could prove on the field and in the classroom that the Rams could trust him running the show, that his veteran teammates believed that they had a chance to win with him under center.

                                You don't make football decisions (at least smart ones) based on the number of zeroes on a guy's paycheck. Bradford belongs in the starting lineup because he is ready to take on the job. All night long as he dropped back calmly in the pocket before a near-sellout crowd at Gillette Stadium, the kid looked as poised as could be. He threw it well under pressure of the pass...
                                -08-27-2010, 08:07 AM
                              • RockinRam
                                Rams’ Bradford prepares for first big test
                                by RockinRam
                                Posted Aug. 13, 2010 @ 10:14 a.m. ET
                                By Eric Edholm

                                ST. LOUIS — The rookie quarterback who has enough money to buy a chunk of his new team isn’t above running a lap when the offense makes a mistake.

                                Meet Sam Bradford — $50 million man and football junkie.

                                The top pick in April’s draft has been charged with turning around the state of a 1-15 Rams franchise that last season bottomed out after setting the league on fire at times during the glory days of 1999 to the middle of the next decade. Playing at a first-rate program like Oklahoma prepared him for a lot, but the biggest hurdle of his football life lies ahead of him.

                                Right now, Bradford knows his place. He’s the second-string quarterback behind A.J. Feeley, just trying his best to find a place on this team in transition without attracting too much extra attention to himself. If you ask Bradford, he’d try to tell you he’s just one of 80 players in camp trying to carve out a role.

                                “We ask everyone on the team that,” Bradford said of his penalty lap. “If you mess up, to take a lap. I messed up, took a lap, and that’s part of it.

                                “It keeps everyone accountable for their actions. It makes sure everyone is on the same page.”

                                Everyone watching Bradford thus far is on this page: He really can throw the football.

                                After his breakout performance of camp, a scrimmage at nearby Lindenwood University last week in which Bradford barely let a ball hit the ground, the stakes have risen even more. There hasn’t been this much anticipation for a preseason opening game in St. Louis in a long time. Bradford will make his debut Saturday against the Vikings. Although Feeley will start, head coach Steve Spagnuolo said Bradford would get time with the first team.

                                “Everybody should have an opinion (on when Bradford should start),” Spagnuolo said. “We’ll do what we think is right and we’ll do it based on what’s (happening) on the field.”

                                It’s only a matter of time before Bradford takes over the starting role for good. Usually the concern with a rookie quarterback is that coaches don’t want to crush a kid’s confidence by throwing him to the wolves before he’s ready. But with Bradford, he looks mature beyond his years and in control of the action, even when things don’t go perfectly.

                                “He’s definitely more than capable, mentally and physically, of handling it,” C Jason Brown said. “The work ethic, discipline, toughness, responsibility, ability … the kid has it all.”

                                Spagnuolo said that Bradford has more than met his expectations in most areas of his game, and in some cases exceeded them.

                                “He sees the field really well,” Spagnuolo said. Things are starting to … the game is slowing down. (But) this is practice now. I should say, the practice is slowing down for him. We’ve...
                                -08-13-2010, 10:28 AM
                              • NJ Ramsfan1
                                Quarterback Criticism
                                by NJ Ramsfan1
                                There have been numerous threads pertaining to Sam Bradford since his arrival in St. Louis. Fans have many times commented passionately- some staunchly defending Bradford while others have maligned his short tenure with the Rams. I think it's important to recognize some basic facts that fair or unfair will always be present when Sam Bradford is discussed.

                                1) Disenchantment with one's QB is hardly anything new. Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez and Michael Vick are among the more prominent guys who have been roasted by their team's fan base. Each has had his share of successes and failures as a player. Eli Manning, who has won two Super Bowls, was ripped for several years before his fortunes turned. For the duration of what we hope is an excellent career, Sam Bradford will endure the same questioning and the same second guessing.

                                2) Feeling compelled to refute EVERY negative Bradford post is petty and a waste of energy. Recognize that fans are fickle- and that will never change. Ask Cam Newton- who was "great" last year but now "sucks and can't play".

                                3) A QB will always get more credit than he deserves when they win and more blame than they deserve when they lose. As a number 1 overall pick,and as a guy many fans were sold on being "the face of the franchise for years to come" Bradford will be scrutinized heavier than most. Expect it.

                                4) Stats must be taken in their proper context when defending or supporting a guy. They can be misleading in many ways and can be twisted to support your own argument or refute the other guy's. You can talk about "dropped passes" for instance, but fail to mention spectacular grabs by those same receivers. Or neglect to mention "poorly thrown incompletions to wide open receivers". Things tend to even out over the long term. And one must attempt to be balanced when assessing a guy's performance or body of work.

                                5) I am truly convinced Sam Bradford is a winning player. Because he is not Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger does not mean he isn't any good. He has shown me enough over the course of about two full seasons that given proper support he can be a guy ranked in the top third in the NFL at his position.

                                6) CONSISTENT WINNING is the only thing that ultimately will mollify fans. The intelligent fan recognizes his team's inadequacies, but at the end of the day is uninterested in excuses or reasons why a guy can't get the job done. Shortcomings on the line or at the WR position can only be talked about for so long before we start becoming apologists for bad QB play.

                                Some might not agree, but I think that the end of NEXT season would be the time to make a definitive judgment on Bradford. He will have had 2 years in the same system with the same head coach and a young and improving corps of receivers. It will be more than fair by then.
                                -11-09-2012, 02:20 PM
                              • GroundDog39
                                Sam Bradford's development.?
                                by GroundDog39
                                After Sam Bradford's stellar rookie campaign, and with all the attributes he shown last year, in the WCO? I think the majority of us fan's, just took it for granted, that Bradford would take that next step, and be that true franchise QB, without to many problems? When in reality, it was a massive oversight.? To go from the QB friendly WCO, to one of the most complicated offensive system's in the whole league, with the lockout as well. It was simply too much, too soon for Bradford.? Its not been a total waste though, as Sam has gained valuable experience this year, and now should have a much better perspective, of what playing QB in the NFL is all about.? In most cases, QB's take their lumps in their rookie year, but not Bradford.? Last season, a huge emphasis was put in, to make sure this young team protected their $80 million investment, whilst his shoulder strengthened. The WCO was a great fit for Bradford,
                                I think it fit with his game, and his mentality.?
                                The McD offense is another story. Bradford isnt as comfortable as YET, which is to be expected. I think the poise he had in the WCO, it just isnt their with the new offense.
                                He looked very flustered to me in the first four games, waiting for the deeper routes to break. The big difference is in the amount of pressure that Bradford is under, compared to last year, its night and day. Then their is all the new responsibilities he has taken on this year, which only makes it harder still. I think his head has nearly exploded a few times out there this season. For Bradford to play well, he is the type of QB who needs to get in a rhythm. Getting the rhythm going in Mcd's O, Bradford really needs to develop his game, his accuracy on the long and intermediate passes just hasnt been as consistent as advertised. Its still very good though at times. I think Bradford needs to change up the way he delivers the ball sometimes, using a bit more touch, instead of flat out slinging it every down.? Bradford's release and ball trajectory is too low for the intermediate passes he throws as well. It seems like every week someone has a near interception at the line of scrimmage or the ball gets batted up in the air, close to the LOS. When the better pass, would have been to arc a slower ball to the WR, either over or away from the defender.?

                                The main areas Bradford needs to work on in my opinion are: in no particular order:

                                1. Vision down field (latching onto primary receiver too much.)
                                2. Going through his progressions (Not looking people off at all.)
                                3. Pump fakes or lack of.
                                4. Better pocket presence (under duress)
                                5. Accuracy issues on long ball
                                6. Lack of variation on throws.

                                Ill be very interested to see, how others feel about Bradford.?
                                -11-16-2011, 02:24 PM