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  • Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

    Thought I'd give my two cents!

    1st Round. 16th Selection:

    Johnathan Cooper
    Pair him up next to Jake Long, and that's the last time Sam the man Bradford ever has to worry about his blindside again. Warmack will most likely be gone, and despite the fact Fisher has never selected a first round Offensive lineman, I think this is the year he breaks the trend. Snead's adding talent on both sides of the line, I'll tell you what. Cooper is a great selection here.

    1st Round. 22nd Selection:

    Tavon Austin

    Probably one of the most overrated ideas in football is size. Austin overcomes this with his play making ability, and becomes the WR we should of got in Desean Jackson a few years back. (Donnie Avery can play?) Austin instantly makes an impact all over the field.

    2nd Round.

    Matt Elam
    Around the same last in the draft last year, the Rams took a chance on a former DB from Florida. This year, they pair Elam with JJ. and we upgrade at the Safety position. Elam has alot of room to grow, but is a natural ballhawk who always finds his way around the football. compares Elam to none other than: Quinten Mikell. I'll take Matt at a bargrain price with a higher upside.

    3rd Round.

    Johnathan Franklin
    the UCLA product is quick out of the backfield and runs north and south with little hesitation whatsoever. I'm not sold Richardson can carry the load fulltime, and Isaiah Pead still needs to find his role. Franklin will enter camp and compete, making a case to start on day one. Also has good hands as a receiver out of the backfield.

    4th Round.

    Ricky Wagner
    Nice Value Pick here in the 4th round. Could be used as insurance policy if Saffold wants out with a potential Jake Long signing, or could compete at any Guard or Tackle position. you can never have too many solid offensive lineman. Wagner has experience starting at LT for Wisconsin.

    5th Round.

    Johnny Adams
    a Solid CB for a michigan state defense."Reconsider me!"(Nice tune) johnny adams..

    6th Round.

    Michael Clay
    Probably one pick I'll be rooting for on draft day. Playing alongside Matthews and Dion Jordan throughout his career on defense, Clay didn't get much of the credit he deserved. at 5'11 and 232 pounds, he didn't even get invited to the combine. I could see him playing weakside LB free off the line next to Laurinaitis, and definitely making plays with a chip on his shoulder.

    7th Round.

    Marquess Wilson
    6'3 WR with great hands, needs to bulk up at the next level and generate better separation.

    Thanks for checking it out brothas! Feedback would be much appreciated,
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    Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

    I really like the first three picks, but after that you kind of lost me. I feel like the Rams should draft a LB higher than the 6th round, not to say that a starter couldn't be found that deep into the draft. The Rams D was solid last year, and is only an upgrade at S and LB from being top 5-10 defense. I like Ricky Wagner alot, but I don't think the Rams should pick another OL that high after getting Long and then drafting Cooper like you predict. Obviously, depth on the OL can not be overlooked, and given the quotes from Saffold's agent I can see why you would suggest that pick though. I wouldn't be disappointed if the draft came out like this though.


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      Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

      If the first three picks fall like that I'll be ecstatic.


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        Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

        Originally posted by RamBamThankYouMam View Post
        I really like the first three picks, but after that you kind of lost me. I feel like the Rams should draft a LB higher than the 6th round, not to say that a starter couldn't be found that deep into the draft. The Rams D was solid last year, and is only an upgrade at S and LB from being top 5-10 defense. I like Ricky Wagner alot, but I don't think the Rams should pick another OL that high after getting Long and then drafting Cooper like you predict. Obviously, depth on the OL can not be overlooked, and given the quotes from Saffold's agent I can see why you would suggest that pick though. I wouldn't be disappointed if the draft came out like this though.
        I agree, I believe an ideal situation would be for us to pick our own LB prospect, yet not many show great value entering the 3rd round and beyond. Clay I believe slides down the draft board, and in the 6th round I wouldn't hesitate to take a chance on him. I feel the Rams will pick up another FA LB when it's all said and done, McIntosh just didn't make enough plays.


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          Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

          Nice Job Eric! Really enjoyed to see your thoughts and opinions on this upcoming draft. I could be happy with this, even though I do love me some Eric Reid at Safety, still Elam is very active and that is what we need. So excited to see how this draft plays out... Last year Fish/Snead and the team were incrediable at manipulating the draft board! If they can do half as well I will be stoked... (I am sure they will too)


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            Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

            Originally posted by Randart View Post
            Last year Fish/Snead and the team were incrediable at manipulating the draft board! If they can do half as well I will be stoked... (I am sure they will too)
            Appreciate that Randart! I hear you this org. is not reaching on any prospects just yet, and I believe Snead has an eye for best player available and what fits this team long term! Keep calm and Snead on..


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              Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

              Hmm Not bad at all Eric, I especially like the first 3 picks as well but after that I think we'll go a bit different direction myself. I think we do take a runningback in the 3rd but it will be a big bruising back that can take many carries and be similar to what SJ was. I see Bell from Michigan State and Ball from Wisconsin being a target for us. After the 3rd it's kinda hard to get a handle on where we will go with all the others teams trying to swipe talent but not a bad draft.


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                Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

                I certainly would be happy with the first four picks. After that, I think I'd be looking for a LB a bit sooner.

                Nice job.


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                  Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

                  I'll go in a different direction from other and suggest that a 6th round value at LB could actually be very good for us, as long as he pans out. In any case, I think that a WLB is the direction to go. We have two good LB starters now in JLau and Dunbar. But Dunbar was good at rushing the passe and in run stuffing, but was a liability in coverage. If we could start reducing his snaps in nickel packages to a more rush oriented role, then I think that we'll be a lot more solid. As such, we should think about considering him more of a Sam than a Will, and should be looking for a Will in free agency or the draft.

                  Speaking of free agency, I think that we should certainly be able to find another stop gap is we need to, and so a 6th round pick whom we can play at spots this year isn't the end of the world. The question is: do we need a 3rd LB, 4th CB, OG/OT, or 3rd S more? That's your 4th round pick.
                  I believe!:ram:


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                    Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

                    I would love to pick up Franklin in the 3rd. From what i hear the guy is a true leader. He would be a great replacement for Jackson.

                    Good job.


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                      Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

                      I like it ... Thanks for the insights. If someone like Arthur Brown fell to the rams in the 2nd round, he might be a good pick up. I think some people have him as a 1st rounder though. Dont mind if we dont go WR in the early rounds. if we could adress G,S & LB in the top 3 picks, i guess only if the board falls right. and might have to wait maybe until the 4/5th round to take a LB.

                      Eric2810's assesment that the OLB class can thin out after the 2nd rounds looks about right though, so if one of those 1-2 prospects falls to the Rams, would love me a LB in the 2nd. Otherwise its BPA at that point.

                      1. Varraco, 2. Cooper might be still be there at 21. and someone like Brown or Greene in the 2nd.

                      Havent had much time to look deep into the draft depth charts but if the draft turned out Eric's way, i'd call it a win.


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                        Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

                        I'd be beside myself if we were that fortunate with just the 1st round.

                        The first 4 picks would rival last years draft, and last year's draft was excellent IMO.

                        The best OLB available or a playmaker like Ryan Swope (though it's doubtful he'll be there this late), would probably be a better pick in the fourth than another O-lineman.


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                          Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

                          Originally posted by TekeRam View Post
                          The question is: do we need a 3rd LB, 4th CB, OG/OT, or 3rd S more? That's your 4th round pick.
                          Well said Teke! The player that will get the opportunity to provide that "6th" man relief for his position, or can see starter minutes during the course of the season. In my opinion I went with Wagner do to the revolving door our offensive line has been throughout the years. With Wagner, think "Adam Goldberg" whom picked up the slack in the trenches. Let's say a Phillip Thomas lasts til the 4th? Well, his style compliments a Matt Elam's aggressive nature, and that would build one of the youngest, ambitious DB group we've had in years. I'm sure Fisher takes a long look at that decision as well, the middle of the draft is where he makes his money.


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                            Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

                            Originally posted by ZiaRam View Post
                            I think we do take a runningback in the 3rd but it will be a big bruising back that can take many carries and be similar to what SJ was. I see Bell from Michigan State and Ball from Wisconsin being a target for us.
                            I would agree. Despite the fact we made an early choice for Isaiah Pead last year, it could take up to 3 backs to compensate for the production/versatility we'll miss from "Action" Jackson. Daryl and Isaiah could give us screen plays, outside runs, and hand-offs out the shotgun formation for a nice change of pace. The idea of bringing in a big back would be a reminder of the Jets trio with an aging LT, Shonn Greene, and an underrated McKnight. Michigan State's Bell would be another RB that could be used in pass protection, which is the ultimate goal this year for the Rams, along with adding at least two more threats on offense.


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                              Re: Eric2810's Full Ram's Mock Draft

                              One of the best mocks I've seen so far, in fact my dream draft scenario is the Rams getting both Cooper and Austin in the 1st round. Love the Elam pick in the 2nd, he's a bit undersized but he has that hard-hitting Bob Sanders mentality and I think he'll thrive in the NFL. I'd be really happy if Johnathan Franklin fell to us in the 3rd round; I doubt he'll be there when we pick but him and Le'Veon Bell are the two RB's I'd most like to see in a Rams uniform. I'd prefer to see us target another Safety or LB with our 4th and 5th round pick, hopefully they'll still be some good prospects left on the board. Another idea I'd like the Rams to entertain is drafting Marcus Lattimore with one of our mid-round picks. Let him take the year off to fully recover, play a year with Richardson/Pead in the backfield (which I'd honestly be comfortable doing), and then let Lattimore run the show in 2014. With the way ML was playing before his injury, it'd almost be like the Rams would have three 1st round draft picks in 2014.


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                              • eric2810
                                Eric2810's Final Rams Mock Draft
                                by eric2810
                                My view on where the Rams could be headed this upcoming draft,

                                Round 1:

                                Tavon Austin

                                With the potential of becoming the best offensive player out of the 2013 NFL draft, the Rams won't hesitate to pull the trigger. Les Snead and Jeff Fisher know this team needs to score pts and get Sam Bradford some weapons.

                                Round 1:
                                Arthur Brown

                                Warmack, Cooper, Vacarro could all be gone by the 22nd pick. Arthur Brown has the best instincts of the whole LB group. Fills gaps quickly, and alongside James Laurinaitis and this front 4, could be a great playmaker at the weakside linebacker position. Ogletree (heck, the whole georgia defense) is overrated in my opinion. The fact the Rams haven't made Safety a priority with pre-draft visits could be smokescreen, and demonstrates just how deep the class is. Brown makes the team better against the run.

                                Round 2:
                                Larry Warford

                                At the top of the 2nd round, we could see a run on CB. With that in mind, Warford could easily be available in the 2nd round. Could fill in at RG or LG, giving the Rams a legit starter at the position. Rarely gets beat in pass coverage, yet can get lost at times on running plays. On a talent level, he's up there with Warmack and Cooper.

                                3rd Round:
                                Dj Swearinger

                                The Rams address their need at Safety here. Although he looks and hits like a Linebacker at times, He plays the deep pass fairly well. Disciplined in that regard, yet always goes for the big hit. Stewart got paid so the Rams are hoping he returns to form, while Swearinger is a nice all-around safety that could compliment the defense.

                                4th Round:
                                David Quessenberry

                                Protecting the quarterback is the only way we're going to get the football downfield. The Saffold situation could end up resolving itself next off-season, while bringing back Williams on no guarentees through training camp could also thin out the OT position. Quessenberry played well at the senior bowl and really opened some eyes, he finds a way to keep DE's infront of him.

                                5th Round:
                                Mike Gillislee

                                Another RB gem in the later rounds for the Rams, Gillislee never got the opportunity to carry the workload at Florida behind Demps and Rainy. Richardson was serviceable last season and shows some promise. Pead is another running back that should play a lot more, while Gillislee could become the offense's "Joe McKnight" like Schotty had in NY.

                                6th Round:
                                Michael Clay

                                Leader of the Oregon defense, played out of position at MLB for the Oregon Ducks. Sometimes finds himself getting pushed around by offensive lineman, still battled and made plays. Special teams player.

                                7th Round:
                                David Bass

                                Very productive defensive end at the DII level, posting...
                                -04-15-2013, 12:55 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Av's Rams 7 Round Mock (3/20/13)
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Here's my current projection, based upon who I think could be available, who I believe the Rams might be targeting, and who I hope they select:

                                Round 1 (#16): Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
                                I'm about 50/50 on whether Warmack will make it this far, but he is, in my opinion, too good a prospect to pass up. He'd be an immediate starter and, along with the addition of Jake Long, would give the Rams the most talented OL its had in years.

                                Round 1 (#22): Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia
                                There are two things that Les Snead has said that make me think Austin could be the pick here. First, he has repeatedly stressed the need to acquire playmakers. Second, when asked about Mike Wallace, he stated "we already have that guy" (referring to Chris Givens). Well... we certainly don't have a guy like Austin.

                                Round 2 (#46): Eric Reid, S, LSU
                                I love the idea of Reid at this spot. Another immediate starter and, in my opinion, a player who has been downgraded more than he should have been. Plus, he has the same type of physical attidude as Finnegan, Jenkins and Johnson.

                                Round 3 (#78): Sio Moore, OLB, UConn
                                My top sleeper (though his workouts have caused more and more people to notice him). Moore has the reputation of being very disciplined and has the ability to play both the strong and weak side. Also has some pass rush skills, which could be utilized in blitz packages.

                                Round 4 (#113): Mike Gillislee, RB, Florida
                                My top RB, Le'Veon Bell, should be long gone by this point, but the Rams get another young back for their stable here. Gillislee can run between the tackles, and has enough speed to break a big play. He'd compliment Richardson and Pead well, I believe.

                                Round 5 (#149): Earl Wolff, S, North Carolina State
                                Similar to last year, when the Rams took two WRs and two RBs in the draft, the Rams go back to the well at safety. Wolff is an underrated prospect. He may not be a superstar, but he does everything well and has the speed (4.44 at the Combine) to guard against big plays.

                                Round 6 (#184): Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern State
                                Williams is a monster sized (6'2, 325) small school prospect. He turned some heads during Senior Bowl week, and could be a valuable addition to the Rams DL rotation.

                                Round 7 (#222): Rod Sweeting, CB, Georgia Tech
                                You can never have too many CBs. Sweeting is a smart player who surprised with at 4.42 forty at the Combine. I like his potential as a special teams player and as depth in the DB.
                                -03-20-2013, 09:42 AM
                              • Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                                Bralidore's MOCK DRAFT: The Rough Draft
                                by Bralidore(RAMMODE)
                                Round 1: Ndamukong Suh DT: The House of Spears, will improve the entire defense if he can live up to even half of the hype he has garnered. Excellent strength that can increase, intelligent, uses hands very well, playmaker at DT.

                                Round 2: Sean Weatherspoon OLB: Side line to Sideline defender, can make things happen, can come in and start immediately and compliment JLau tremendously.

                                Round 3: Dexter Mccluster RB/WR: PLAYMAKER, I'd consider trading back up into the second round to acquire this guy... is one of those guys that can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball, excellent agility and quickness, sick juking moves and change of direction skills, can be utilized at receiver, runningback, and special teams. Could be the Rams utility man. WARNING: Stock on the rise after performing excellent so far at Senior Bowl, could very likely go higher.

                                Round 4: George Selvie DE: Once considered one of the best pass rushers in college football, he has taken a fall from grace after greatly under performing this past season. Great Size and burst off the edge with good speed. Likely a steal this low and could quite possibly go higher.

                                Round 5 #1: Jimmy Graham TE: About as tall as it gets in the NFL. Converted basketball player with potential off the freakin' charts. Fast, Quick, Agile due to all that basketball learnin'. Good ball skills and run after the catch ability. Would be a project at Tight End but Daniel Fells can be serviceable in the meantime and If this guy can reach his potential we have Kellen Winslow/Antonio Gates Hybrid on our hands that's taller. If he's there TAKE HIM.

                                Round 5 #2: Danario Alexander WR: Great Size, outstanding leaper, very productive with run after the catch ability. Plays stiff sometimes and apparently has trouble getting in and out of his cuts. Doesn't seem to ahve the acceleration wanted for the position. could be a great Red zone threat and legit receiver with some more coaching. Injury History.

                                Round 6: Ciron Black RG/RT: Was highly touted before this season. Was a highly durable 4 year anchor on the line for LSU. Big (6'5 322) with good strength and a great run blocker. I'd move him inside as he has trouble with speed rushers and his strength is not at the tackle position IMO. Was seen by some to have been a first second round pick but has watched his stock plummet after under achieving and could possibly fall to us here. Would be great value at a position of need.

                                Round 7 #1: Legarrette Blount RB: Physical Downhill punisher, Has good speed to break one. Draft stock plummeted due to Boise State incident and character concerns. Physical Specimen with great size. Has steal written all over him.

                                Round 7 #2: BPA

                                Now of course this an ideal draft with an outside chance of happening. Will update accordingly. This is all assuming the Rams stay with the picks they have now and don't gain any additional o...
                                -01-27-2010, 10:17 PM
                              • QUINNtessentialTruth
                                Mock Top 1st Half Rams Draft / Rest of the off-season
                                by QUINNtessentialTruth
                                I don't have the time to analyze all the players in draft or am I that good. As usual, since the Superbowl I have been looking, watching highlights, following and researching around the top 100 players. So, after looking at who belongs where, who will be taken by whom, and who will fit the Rams very well. Here is who I think the Rams should draft in the first 3 rounds and our projected starting lineup next year.

                                One point of note. I think there is a great chance both Cooper and Womack will be available at our 16th pick. However with Long and Saffolds at Tackles and Wells and Dahl being solid. I have a very strong feeling that we will not draft a Guard in the first round. I think Fisher would rather draft someone later and then have a great battle for that LG position. And over the next year use the rest to build someone up to be the eventual replacements for Dahl and Wells. I can easily see someone we draft being a LG next year and Rok replacing Dahl in a couple of years. Or vice-versa. Guard is something you can work at, you can make tackles into guards, you can build a guard out of any random offensive linemen. Combine that with Fishers track record, I have a hard time believing we will draft an OG at 16. If we didn't pick up Long then for sure an OT or OG, but I don't think so anymore.

                                Round 1, Pick 16:
                                Tavon Austin - WR

                                About a month ago, if you told me which WR I would be interested in. I would have four WRs in front of Tavon (including Terrance Williams). However, over the last month I am convinced Tavon is the perfect fit for our team. His physical skills bring something to this team that is much needed, speed and agility. We have a big physical receiver in Quick, Burner in Givens, Clutch target if needed in Pettis, and of course Big Fast TE who will probably become Sam's security blanket in Cook. Throw in Kendricks as a great 2nd TE. All we are missing is that slot receiver that is quick and throws defenses off their game. They will go mad covering him, and when they do it will leave someone else open. There is also no question in my mind that Tavon Austin will come in and automatically take over the PR/KR duties. He will also do something in his rookie year what Amendola never has, return a TD. I think there is no point in drafting someone like Patterson and pretty much expecting him nothing from him for a year. We had that in Quick. I would love to see Bradford get that extra second or 2 in this new OL and have to decide to throw between Quick, Givens, Austin, Cook and Kendricks.

                                Round 1, Pick 22:
                                John Cyprien - S

                                After going through the top 5 safeties and researching deeply. I have a really good feeling that Cyprien might be the best Safety in the class. Not only do I love what he brings to the football field in his skills, but I also love his personality. I think it is a great fit for Fisher, and he will take on Fisher/Finnegan persona...
                                -03-28-2013, 08:56 AM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Av's Senior Bowl Week Rams 7 Round Mock Draft (Version 3.0)
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Time for another update!

                                As always, I'm not projecting any trades.

                                I'm also adding a 7th round pick from the Colts for the Josh Gordy trade (though the pick, as far as I know, remains undisclosed).

                                Round 1(2): Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M (no change)
                                I'm still going with Matthews with the Rams' first selection. He provides the Rams with leverage against Rodger Saffold's agent, and insurance for Jake Long. I also like the fact that, with Matthews, you don't need to use the words "upside" or "potential." By stayin in school one year longer than he had to, he's demonstrated that his game is developed and ready for the NFL.

                                Round 1(13): Hasean Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama (Prior Selection: Justin Gilbert)
                                The Rams need a "center fielder" for their defense. Clinton-Dix is a player who can fill that role as a rookie. Sometimes, we over-think and over-analyze prospects, instead of just trusting what we see on the field. I remember watching the 2013 BCS Championship game, which featured several future NFL defenders, and thinking "that Clinton-Dix guy is the best defensive player in this game."

                                Round 2: Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska (Prior Selection: Gabe Jackson)
                                From sleeper to keeper! In today's NFL, you need (at least) three starting-quality CBs. Jean-Baptiste, who is getting rave reviews at the Senior Bowl practices, would provide a unique size and skill package that is needed against the big WRs and TEs that the Rams will face. He also will enhance the run defense with his physicality.

                                Round 3: Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi (Prior Selection: Denzel Perryman)
                                Perryman is returning to school, and I think that Jackson may last to the 3rd round. If he does, the Rams would be able to add a mauler for the run game who could help counter the NFC West's tough front 7s. While Jackson is not known to be a nimble pass blocker, he should be fairly immune to the bull rush.

                                Round 4: Christian Jones, LB, Florida State (Prior Selection: Jimmy Garoppolo)
                                Garoppolo will likely be long gone by this point, so I had to go in another direction. Jones could jump in and start at SLB, while also providing depth at the other two LB spots. He has good range and should test well at the Combine.

                                Round 5: Antonio Andrews, RB, Western Kentucky (Prior Selection: Max Bullough)
                                Andrews was my selection at this point in my Version 1.0 Mock, and I'm going back to him. He was extremely productive, both as a runner and a receiver. He has a "bowling ball" type build (5'10, 225), much like Zac Stacy. I'm also happy to hear that he has done well picking up the blitz in Senior Bowl practices.

                                Round 6: Jeff Matthews, QB, Cornell (Prior Selection: Deandre Coleman)
                                Here's a developmental QB who is more in the Rams' price range. Matthews opened some eyes at the East-West
                                -01-23-2014, 03:15 PM