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Johnny Manziel cements his status as franchise quarterback

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    Re: Johnny Manziel cements his status as franchise quarterback

    Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
    Vinnie, I agree with everything you said in your post except this part. Unless he magically had a growth spurt in the past month, he isn't breaking 6'0. I'd say he's a strong 5'10, maybe 5'11.
    Every website I've checked has him listed at 6-1, so I'm just going with what I've read. Maybe his height is exaggerated though, we'll find out the truth at the Combine


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    • Rambos
      Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel enters NFL draft
      by Rambos
      USA TODAY Sports

      In his two years at Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel accounted for 93 total touchdowns. Now he'll see how the Johnny Football Show will play at the next level.

      Manziel wrote a thank you letter to Texas A&M fans for his two years in College Station while announcing his intent to enter the 2014 NFL draft Wednesday. "The decision was not an easy one," he wrote. and ESPN first reported Manziel's decision to enter the draft.

      In 2013, Manziel completed 69.9% of his passes for 4,114 yards and 37 touchdowns. He also rushed for 759 yards and nine touchdowns. In 2012, his Heisman year, Manziel rushed for 1,410 yards and 21 touchdowns.

      His career totals: 7,820 yards passing and 63 touchdowns with 22 interceptions, and 2,169 yards rushing and 30 touchdowns.

      The Aggies finished the 2013 season 9-4.

      "The sky's the limit for Johnny Manziel," said Florida State QB Jameis Winston, who became the second freshman, after Manziel, to win the Heisman. "He's an amazing person and amazing player on the field.

      "The things he does with the ball in his hands, people always have faith in Johnny. His teammates are going to love him, because they know anything is possible with Johhny Football."

      Most of the questions about Manziel's passing ability were answered this season, leaving only the bigger-picture arguments about his final legacy and where his two-year run puts him in the pantheon of great college quarterbacks.

      "It's pretty incredible when you look at his two-year totals and numbers he's been able to put together," Duke coach David Cutcliffe said in the days before losing to Manziel and the Aggies in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. "The excitement meter in the way he plays takes it through the roof. To become somewhat legendary in one year puts you right at the top of the ladder in the historical sense of what an individual player has meant to college football."

      Manziel also will leave, as Cutcliffe noted, with the distinction of being the first pop culture phenomenon from college football in the era of social media, making him the most talked-about, Tweeted-about, Instragrammed player the sport has ever seen.
      2013-12-29 johnny manziel presser

      At the intersection of fame and immaturity, Manziel admittedly struggled at times to reconcile living life on his terms with the

      responsibility of being a Heisman Trophy winner and legitimate celebrity.

      When he was accused in August of receiving payments from memorabilia brokers to sign autographs — which led to an NCAA investigation and ultimately a suspension for the first half of Texas A&M's opener, it seemed the NCAA's amateurism rules would be as big a factor as anything in driving him to the NFL after this season....
      -01-08-2014, 06:51 PM
    • AvengerRam_old
      I'm not saying Johnny Manziel is overhyped, but _________ (finish the joke!)
      by AvengerRam_old
      I'm not saying Johnny Manziel is overhyped, but Pro Football Focus has already rated him as the No. 4 QB in the NFL for 2014.
      -05-05-2014, 12:39 PM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Haslam To Johnny Manziel: 'This Isn't Hollywood'
      by r8rh8rmike
      Haslam to Johnny Manziel: 'This isn't Hollywood'

      By Kevin Patra
      Around the League writer
      Published: May 12, 2014 at 03:43 p.m.

      Johnny Manziel entered Cleveland drenched in celebrity and immediately became the most popular man on the team. His selection provided a suffering fan base with brief euphoria -- some went a bit loco.

      The team, however, plans on reining in Johnny Football's expectations.

      Owner Jimmy Haslam said Monday that the team told Manziel to act "like a backup quarterback," per

      "We were frank with (Manziel) on Friday that's the expectation, you're the backup quarterback," Haslam said while speaking at a Pro Football Hall of Fame luncheon in Canton, Ohio, per The Plain Dealer. "This is a hard-working, blue-collar town, this isn't Hollywood. We want you to come in and go to work."

      The Browns open rookie minicamp Saturday, with organized team activities to follow next week. Haslam said the team plans to begin with Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback.

      "It's his job to lose," Haslam said of Hoyer.

      Manziel's teammates said before the team's annual charity golf outing that the rookie wouldn't be automatically granted the job.

      "I think good old Johnny Football is going to be a good addition to Cleveland," center Alex Mack said Monday. "Don't know who the starter is going to be, though."

      That is the man snapping you the ball, Johnny.

      "There's no handing over the job," tight end Jordan Cameron added.

      At the end of the day, the players acknowledged that Manziel's off-field popularity is meaningless as long as the team wins.

      "New England is probably the most secretive of any NFL program, and they still have Tom Brady doing Ugg commercials," offensive tackle Joe Thomas said. "He has TMZ following him everywhere he goes. It's just a matter of how the player handles it."
      -05-12-2014, 06:36 PM
    • turbofargo
      Merril Hoge not liking Johnny Manziel
      by turbofargo
      Just saw something over on espn where Merril Hoge broke down some play of Johnny Manziel. Had some not nice words about the kid, in fact said there could be serious bust potential. He made some good points showing a couple "tape" plays.

      If teams tend to agree is that is going to effect chances to trade, more or less. If Houston takes Bortles, teams are weary of a bad pro day by Bridgewater, and watch clips like the one mentioned that teams might scramble to get the other players, Watkins, the OTs, Mack and Clowney.

      Interesting watch, I know we can't post links, but the clip is from sportscenter. Its the second clip right now if you go to the vid section.
      -03-19-2014, 03:51 PM
    • r8rh8rmike
      Tipsheet: Manziel Draft Stock Dipping
      by r8rh8rmike
      Tipsheet: Manziel draft stock dipping

      14 hours ago • By Jeff Gordon [email protected]

      NFL Draft stocks soar and plummet long after college players quit playing games.

      Team executives, coaches and scouts start talking themselves into or out of drafting certain players. So far this year, the scuttlebutt has Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel taking a big hit.

      That is not ideal for the Rams, a team seeking to maximize the value of the second overall pick. Jeff Fisher, Les Snead and Co. want all the top prospects to trend up so that multiple teams bid on the No. 2 slot.

      The best possible scenario had Manziel going to his home state Texans with the first overall pick. But that seems increasingly unlikely to occur.

      Here are some of the early takes on “Johnny Football” and some of the high draft pick candidates:

      Kevin Seifert, “Russell Wilson's success is the worst thing that could have happened to the 2014 draft debate. Suddenly, no one thinks twice about projecting an exciting but undersized quarterback prospect as the No. 1 overall pick. Here is the problem: Johnny Manziel is no Russell Wilson, who proved off the charts in every way except height in 2012 -- and still lasted until the Seattle Seahawks drafted him in the third round. There seems little doubt that someone will make Manziel a first-round draft choice this spring, but the Houston Texans would be wrong to do it at No. 1 overall. The best parts of his college game will be less effective in the NFL, and there are at least four players in this draft -- including two quarterbacks -- who would make more sense at No. 1 . . . If the Texans want a fresh start at quarterback to begin the Bill O'Brien Era, which makes perfect sense, they would be better off with Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater. If they are concerned about Bridgewater's stature or 'upside,' O'Brien's background as a quarterback guru would justify the selection of Central Florida's Blake Bortles, who probably needs some development time. Should O'Brien desire a lower-round quarterback to develop, Auburn left tackle Greg Robinson is worthy of the No. 1 overall pick. And if the Texans are willing to take a risk in exchange for perhaps the biggest reward of the 2014 draft, South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney would look awfully imposing on the same defense with All-Pro defensive lineman J.J. Watt.”

      Peter King, “Last week, former quarterbacks and current tape students Ron Jaworski and Phil Simms both came out as skeptics of Johnny Manziel. I liked it. If you’re an analyst and don’t voice your real opinion, what good are you? And there is much work to be done by the teams in the top eight that need a quarterback (Houston, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Oakland, Minnesota and maybe Tampa Bay). Last week, Manziel’s quarterback coach, George Whitfield, said they are focusing on Manziel’s throwing...
      -03-04-2014, 05:55 PM