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Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

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  • Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    As the draft heads up I'd go defense on 3 of the 1st 4 picks. Even as bad as things were, the Rams offense can figure out ways to score, but can't stop people on D.

    I'd go best LB/CB with 1st pick (even if LL isn't available I think Hargrove plus a signed Fisher would do, if Fisher leaves and LL is not around then DE goes here also).

    2nd pick I'd go best OT/OG on the board

    Two 3rd picks I'd go with the LB/CB/DE not chosen in the first round.

    So my preference would be:

    1. CB
    2. OT/OG
    3. LB (and assume a vet LB is also signed)
    4. DE

    The other upside of going CB in the 1st is that you assume that person can play special teams at a high level.

    Low picks I'd go back to offense (TE, OG/C) with maybe a DT thrown in.
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    Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    Not too bad. I'd pick offensive tackle in the first round if Barron or Brown are available. If not, best CB/LB available. In Round Two, I think we can get good OT/G value there as well, and then whichever defensive position we didn't address in the first round, take with the first third round pick. Good strategy, ramhard.


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      Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

      I like your thinking ramhard. You have nailed the priorities of this Rams team and, at this point, your list makes good sense. Of course free agency, Little's legal problems and a host of other factors will weigh in before Draft day; but, as of now, this is the way the Rams should go.

      WHAT SAY YE?


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        Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

        Perfect approach!! Hopefully we'll see this happen on April 23rd & 24th!


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          Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

          ok lets get real guys here is how the rams are going to draft...i guarnetee it...

          1- te
          2- lb
          3- qb ( to convert to a cb)
          3 - k
          4 - og
          5- ot
          6 - cb


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          • Bar-bq
            Round 2: Bang for your buck?
            by Bar-bq
            It appears concensus that the Rams will try to fill one of two holes with their first round pick. Those are offensive line (via Jake Long) or defensive end (Via Chris Long or Vernon Gholston). I've been pondering strategy for round two since the release of Isaac Bruce, and the apparent release of Brandon Chillar, and what's occured to me is this.

            We will still have three significant areas of need at pick number 33. They are SLB, WR and either OT/DE. Kinda obvious, huh?

            But where it gets complicated is finding "bang for your buck". That is, a player who fills a need with value that co-incides with where you're picking. And it appears we may be spoilt for choice.

            So my question is this; depending on how we choose in round 1, where do your priorities lay in round 2? That is, in order, what positions do you want drafted according to who is projected to be available?

            If we choose OT, we still have a glaring need at DE, which has to skyrocket to the top of the round 2 priority list, IMO. We could still find a decent player available then and there with a guy like Ellis, Groves, or Jackson. Then you have to look at the strong likelihood that there's a solid wideout avialable, and our lack of depth in the slot. A guy like Tavares Gooden has been mentioned a bit as a candidate in the Pro Day thread, and he could find himself a candidate to replace Chillar here, too- though Devaney has reported to be high on Culberson.

            However, if CL or Vernon Gholston ends up a Ram, then you have a whole new ballgame to play. The wealth available at WR may be the best option, but it's neck and neck with insurace at OT, IMO. Again, Gooden remains a posibility.

            So my positional big board for round 2, as of today, looks like this, depending on the player we draft in round 1.

            If we draft OT, in round 1, my preference is as follows.


            If we look at DE in round 1....


            Your thoughts?
            -03-06-2008, 11:16 PM
          • ramhard
            Things are breaking nicely so far
            by ramhard
            I like how the offseason is shaping up so far. The importance of signing 2 starting LBs is that this years LB crop in the draft is weak (outside of Derrick Johnson) and now they don't have to reach with the 1st pick. If someone like Channing drops way own in the 2nd they can consider, but only as the best pick.

            OL is strong this year, stronger at the OG, weaker at the OT but with some depth, so going OT in the first is okay. Several teams are signing vet OT in FA so that might mean that Brown/Barnes are more likely to be around at 19.

            The DB crop is also strong this year. I wouldn't be surprised if they go back to back DB picks with the 2nd and 1st 3rd.

            My wildcard is TE. I have a feeling that one of the two top TE's will be available at 19 (Miller and Smith) and the Rams will think seriously about pulling the trigger. If there is a run on OT and Barron/Brown/Barnes (hey all B's) are gone by #19 then I bet they go TE, followed-up with OT/OG in the 2nd and then go DB.
            -03-04-2005, 11:50 AM
          • harrydog
            Anthony Spencer, Purdue
            by harrydog
            I haven't seen much mention of Anthony Spencer on these boards even though some analysts have him rated higher than Crowder or Woodley. If we don't grab a DE with our 1st pick, he might be a good choice in the 2nd round.
            It's unlikely he'll be there in the 3rd.
            -04-10-2007, 06:02 AM
          • richardl72
            An English Rams fans 7 round perspective....
            by richardl72
            Hi guys...
            First ever post on here so bear with me!!! Just thought i'd share my thoughts on the upcoming draft...
            Round 1 - In a dream world either Hawk, Davis or Huff drops to us...However in the real world this ain't gonna happen...My big worry for this defense is our inability to stop the run...we have quick, undersized LB's...So my pick here would be DT Haloti Ngata. Failing this i hope we trade down and pick up either Greenway or Lawson....He may only play the first 2 downs but i'm guessing Witherspoon would just love to line up behind Ngata...and we are very light at DT
            Round 2 - If OLB Thomas Howard drops here i say we spend about 30 secs on the clock!! Otherwise OLB Roger Mcintosh a quick playmaker who is smart and a leader
            Round 3 - DE Parys Haralson a great pass rusher who could cover if Hargrove fails to step up or be groomed to replace Little.....
            Round 4 - TE time and i like the look of TE Tim Day here or TE David Thomas. Either one of these will be a threat in the red zone...something we badly need...bye bye Manumaleuna!!!
            Round 5 - If ILB Kai Parham drops this far he is excellent vaue here but that is unlikely...Failing that S Greg Blue will do me nicely here as backup to Atogwe and Chavous...
            Round 6 - OG Willie Colon...A sleeper and good value with this us more depth and another project on the interior of our line...
            Round 7 - CB Jay McCareins a guy with good size who can make plays...not much in run support but he will be a dangerous KR/PR something the Rams badly need...
            O/G Tony Tella Another project to develop to hopefully stiiffen up the inside of the OL when the doghnut brothers retire...
            Round 7 - OT Joe Toledo plenty of tools to work on but value here....Only played the position 1 year but has the intangibles...A project

            So to sum up my Rams draft is:
            1 - DT Haloti Ngata
            2 - OLB Thomas Howard
            3 - DE Parys Haralson
            4 - TE Tim Day/David Thomas
            5 - S Greg Blue
            6 - OG Willie Colon
            7 - CB Jay McCareins
            7 - OG Tony Tella
            7 - OT Joe Toledo

            Undrafted rookies i would want to see the TE Jai Lewis picked up, a project RB who is quick, to compliment Jackson and Fisher and who can learn from Faulk and another ILB to compete in camp with Trev Faulk et al plus another WR....I think we're set at QB this year despite all Linehans smokescreen talk....

            Comments you guys???? am i doing ok or is this English guy talking out of his arse???
            -04-24-2006, 04:57 AM
          • Barry Waller
            Top 40 in Draft Getting Clearer
            by Barry Waller
            While endless mock drafts may be quite useless, with teams probably dealing up and down and the fact that even one surprise can lead to a totallly changed first round, it's getting clearer who will be surefire top 15 and first rounders.

            It's also making it clearer who the players might be that the Rams will have to choose from in round two, and which of those fit obvious needs.

            In my mind here are the guys who won't last past the first half of round one.

            QB Matt Stafford
            QB Mark Sanchez
            RB Beanie Wells
            RB Knowshon Johnson
            WR Michael Crabtree
            WR Jeremy Macklin
            OT Eugene Monroe
            OT Jason Smith
            DE Brian Orakpo
            DE Aaron Maybin
            DE Everette Brown
            DT BJ Raji
            LB Rey Maualuga
            LB Aaron Curry

            WR Percy Harvin
            WR Darrius Heyward Bey
            TE Brandon Pettitgrew
            OT Andre Smith
            OT Michael Oher
            DE Larry English
            DE Tyson Jackson
            DT Peria Jerry
            LB Brian Cushing
            LB Clay Mathews
            LB James Laurenaitis
            DB Malcolm Jenkins
            CB Vontae Davis
            C Alex Mack

            That's 28 guys.

            Here are my "bubble players" who should go the next 10-13 picks and could among the four who get into round one.

            RB LeSean McCoy
            OT Eben Britton
            WR Kenny Britt
            WR Hakeem Nicks
            DE Michael Johnson
            DT Ziggy Hood
            DE Robert Ayers
            CB Alphonso Smith
            CB DJ Moore
            CB Darius Butler
            LB Clint Sintim
            RB Don Brown
            G Duke Robinson

            That means the Rams, if they do take an OT in round one, will be left hoping that one of the two wide receivers with #1 ability drop to them.

            If they don't, there is just one linebacker, Sintim, who would warrant the 65th pick, and they would be looking at moving him inside.

            They probably wouldn't go CB or RB or G, so you hope those are the guys who end up going in late round one, along with OT Britton.

            The Rams do need defensive ends, and it could be that the best choice left may be Ayers or Johnson if the WR and LB are gone. The drop off after Nicks and Sintim in a full round talent wise, unless you like the potential of Ohio State WR Brian Robsikie.

            The only other option could be a big run stuffer, Boston College's DT Ron Brace, who some like more than others.
            -03-15-2009, 11:22 AM